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Thursday, February 10, 2011

8 gunmen dead in Zacatecas

The Secretary of National Defense also stated that during the confrontation that occurred early this morning in the town of Tabasco, Zacatecas, died a member of the armed forces and two others were wounded

The Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the clash between armed forces and a group of criminals in the town of Tabasco, Zacatecas, resulted in eight gunmen killed, but one soldier died and two more were injured.

In a statement, the Department of Defense said they received a report that indicated the presence of armed people in the municipality, personal assigned to the military zone 11 and 14 were assaulted with gun fire, reason why in defense of its integrity and the life of the inhabitants repelled the aggression, which began last night and continued this morning.

“At the scene eight gunmen lay dead, while securing six rifles, 35 magazines, 548 cartridges of various calibers, three radios, three cartridge belts and two bulletproof vests. "

According to the National Defense the bodies of the attackers, weapons and equipment were made available to the local authorities. In the statement, Sedena joined the condolences expressed by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, addressed to the families of our “comrade-in-arms” who was killed in the line of duty. He noted that the family of the soldier killed will be provided with appropriate support and benefits they are entitled.

According to local authorities, the municipality of Tabasco is immersed in heavy security, as elements of the military, federal and state police continue to search for suspected criminals who have hidden in houses.



  1. to bad this dead scumbags were not ZETAS. I understand they had just arrived into town to fight the Zetas.

  2. Good work ,sorry about the loss to the army personell, they are heros.

  3. Does it seem like Zacatecas is heating up? I've been hearing more about it lately? Who's fighting for control there?

  4. gulfo is fighting zetas for control of Zacatecas. This part of Zacatecas is control by dirty zetas.A so called Z-50 resides near Fresnillo Zac.

  5. Have family from Tabasco Zacatecas and heard that the dead guys were ZETAS.But also heard that members of another cartel arrived in Tabasco as well and confronted the ZETAS in front of a mansion and thats when the soldiers arrived to contront BOTH cartels.


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