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Friday, February 25, 2011

3 young girls killed in Juarez drive-by shooting

Gunmen opened fire on six children playing in the yard of a home in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, killing three girls aged 12, 14 and 15, prosecutors said Thursday.

Three other children in the yard were not hit by the bullets in the Wednesday attack. Some were as young as 8.

Ciudad Juarez, in northern Chihuahua state across the border from El Paso, Texas, has been the scene of bloody drug cartel turf battles that have killed more than 6,000 people the past two years. In several instances, youths have been killed just because they were in the same home as the gunmen's intended targets.

The Chihuahua state prosecutors' office said in a statement that the gunmen in the Wednesday attack were apparently targeting the father of two of the dead girls in a dispute that may have involved low-level drug dealing.

Two of the dead girls were sisters, and the third victim was their friend.

Mexico's human rights commission said Thursday it had launched an investigation into the shootings.


  1. Isn't this the one where they were look for the father?? Dumb bastards!!

  2. This is what happens when you have no DEATH PENALTY! This is just getting ridiculous and I can not believe how utterly stupid the Mex government is! HELLO! There should be an IMMEDIATE DEATH PENALTY for ALL POLICE, MILITARY, WOMEN, CHILDREN and INNOCENT CIVILIAN killings! They should take them to the town square and hang them and leave them hanging for 24 hours! The Mex justice system is a complete JOKE so its no wonder they have these problems, they are way, way, way to soft on criminals! They live like kings in prison! It would be like that in the U.S. if we had the same type justice system! In some instances getting caught gives them a BETTER life than they had before! Its pathetic!

  3. If Mexico wants to solve these types of crimes invite in the F.B.I.
    They for sure would get to this bottom of this pathic shit.
    These worthless scumbags are real terrorists and should be treated as such and targeted more directly. The U.S has all of the resources necessary for the task, all they need is the invite into the madness.

  4. WTF do kids have to do with this, sorry piece of sh!t MF'S? These serial killers are running around Juarez which is a hop, skip, and a jump away from El Paso. Will Mr. Calderon address the nation and have a moment of silence for these kids. Even if you don't like Obama you would have to agree that this would be the proper thing to do, if that happened here, right? Or will he hop, skip, and a jump around saying "We're winning the War!!!!!!!!" If that is the case then we know who Mr. Calderon is really looking out for by not asking for (((HELP!))).


  5. @"death penalty now" .. let me get this straight, you wish the state to take the life of someone merely for being accused and tried with evidence presented by lying, inept and corrupt Mexican Police locals? The same local cops that are arrested every day as being Zetas, on narco payrolls, involved in contract murders, rapes, extortion(cobro de plaza, and mordidas) and staffing kidnapping rings throughout the country? On the say-so of local corrupt cops whom even Calderon is now legislating the total firing of and banning of their authority, and replacing by levels of, at the minimum, federal and state police? We jail people for life, not kill them, not because we are soft on crime, but solely based on the agreement of society that plainly we can't trust our well-meaning but corrupt, uneducated, underpaid and incompetant law enforcement personal. If you've never had a joint thrown into the back seat of your car to be "found", never got an undeserved speeding ticket to meet a quota, never forced to pay a mordida, or been pulled over merely because you're beautiful woman, then count yourself naive and very lucky so far. Those are just the tip of the iceberg, insofar as proving it's not just a few bad apples, but most of the barrel is rotten. Based on that premise, it's impossible to justify your lynching approach to these admittedly reprehensible criminals, however I bet most of these scum would prefer being killed quickly by the State as opposed to spending the rest of their life in a prison hellhole. When the punishment drags on and on for life, with no quick and easy respite for them, in the end is more of a deterrant and realistically the harsher punishment that they deserve. The downfall in most of the States and Canada is not capital punishment, but letting these criminals out too soon.

  6. Mexico has a HUMAN RIGHTS commission?
    I wonder which commissioner will go to Juarez and where his headless body will be found a few days later. Mexico HAS a death penalty. Sorta . . .

  7. All of u r right. There is no justice n these innocent children r the ones that r paying for it. god bless the innocent people of mexico.

  8. I think you citizens of Mexico better get serious quit praying to idols and start praying to God for mercy..Only God can keep you safe from this evil plague of cartel demons...

  9. and here come the jesus freaks.....

  10. I dont really understand these death penalty now!!11 people.

    Cartel members are dying by the thousands every year, do you honestly think that they are afraid of dying?

    What about countries in Asia where you can get death penalty for even very minor amount of drugs? Do you think that people are too afraid to use drugs there?

    I am not saying that pat captured criminals in back and release them but death penalty sure is not the answer.

  11. @death penalty now

    its a good idea if its used correctly like anyone caught with an assualt rifle is shot on the spot.

    Taliban would shoot you on the spot if they caught you drinking and driving

  12. @do we really think cartel members are afriand of dying

    yea i do think they are afraid of dying very very afraid.

    not the little chumps that are street soldiers and really dont make shit.

    but once you rise up and become rich and live the life with mansions and nice cars and everything when and how you want. yea i think they scared to die now that they made it to the good life. but what scares them more then death is USA prisons where they would be burried alive in a 8x6 cell with nasty food for the next 40 years

  13. Why is it you make a simple statement about praying and all of a sudden your a Jesus freak? THE REAL FREAKS ARE PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT ARE SCARED OF THE PEOPLE THAT WOULD NEVER HARM YOU AND WANT TO SEE THE BEST OF LIFE FOR YOU..GROW UP..

  14. poor children, that's despicable! this is what drugs do to people, they forget who is who and do not care who they damage. it is totally horrible...children should not be subjected to abuse, whether verbally, physical, mental, sexual or any other kind of abuse...



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