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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

28 more are given a burial.

Today 28 more unidentified and or unclaimed bodies were given a pauper's burial in Cd. Juarez.  Each one of the deceased had been at the Medical Forensic Service facility more then three months.

None of them had any way of being identified on their person nor had a relative come forward and claim them. It could very well be that their own families do not know about their whereabouts and or simply didn't have the money to give them a proper burial.

Their bodies were buried in individualized graves with the hopes that at some point their relatives will come forward and give them their proper burials. 

With these 28 bodies, there have been a total of 359 people buried in temporary graves since the 2008. The Attorney General's office said that this was unprecedented in the city's history.

The increase in the number of violent crimes that are currently overwhelming the Medical Forensics Services and devastating the city, has also caused an alarming number of bodies to go unidentified or unclaimed. 

For comparison there were only 24 people given pauper's burial San Rafael Cemetery in 2008, 22 males and 2 females.

In 2009 the number grew seven fold registering183 burials.

Last year the total number of corpses that were buried in the individualized pauper's graves were 124, a few destitute ones and the majority attributed to violence according to statistics given by the city's Medical Forensic Service.

Today they buried 28 corpses, all males. Of the 359 bodies buried to date at San Rafael, 18 of them belonged to woman that were assassinated in the past few months and that were never identified.

All the corpses buried today belonged to male victims who died under violent circumstances in and around the city.

Their burials took place only after the SEMEFO had concluded their formal processes, which included obtaining of their genetic profiles.

"The Forensic Science  Service and the Directorate of Logistics of the Attorney General's Office completed the classification and genetic profiling and these 28 bodies and they all will have reached their final destination with their respective burials", commented Sandoval Figón.

The official further stated that the necessary genetic profile will be safeguarded at the Medical Forensic Service's facility indefintely and the individual graves have been identified according to the traits and characteristics that each corpse presented/displayed at the time of their death.

This will allow for accurate dissemination of information in the event a loved one wishes to claim the body of a loved one or simply wants to know where their relative was buried.

Sources - El Diario de Juarez

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  1. How many unfortunate unknowns have lost their lives along The Border through the years? All because the rich get papers and the poor get murdered.


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