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Friday, February 11, 2011

13 Gunmen Killed in Tamaulipas

In three different clashes last week, left a balance of 13 alleged gunmen dead said the military, in actions undertaken in the municipalities of San Fernando, Valle Hermoso and Nuevo Laredo.

The Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) through the Command of the IV Military Region, reported that the first clash was carried out when personnel conducted surveillance in the town of San German, municipality of San Fernando

It referred that military personnel was attacked with gunfire by a group of armed people, so in defense of their physical integrity and the local population, repelled the attack.

At the scene six gunmen lay dead, seized two vehicles, one them bullet proof, three grenade launchers, a grenade, eight weapons, and 79 magazines.

Furthermore, The IV Military Region related that military personnel was attacked by gunfire, while conducting reconnaissance in the village of Santa Apolonia, municipality of Valle Hermoso.

It indicated that after responding to the gunfire, at least six of the aggressors died and the military personnel secured four vehicles, seven rifles, one handgun and 85 magazines.

The third attack, military personnel received while conducting surveillance in the municipality of Nuevo Laredo, where one of the attackers died.

In addition, they detained one of the aggressors, a vehicle was secured and four weapons. They said these events were credited by the agents of the Public Ministry of the Federation pertaining to each municipality, 13 dead as a whole, as well as of the detention of one gunmen, the firearms, magazines and cartridges.



  1. Good job they do not need to put guns in the hands of the corpses or claim they were fired on first in my book,its great that the body count is going up,the crooked court system has been short circuited,stay the course.

  2. Come on BB. If you are going to put it out there take the time to proofread it. This reads like a Google translation. Is it?

  3. Pobre "Maruchaneros"
    se los chingan cada dia de a 10 por toston


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