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Monday, February 7, 2011

11 original Zetas remain at large

El Universal
Francisco Gomez

For the degree of violence and criminality and the seemingly expanding presence of Los Zetas (also known as La Letra or La Compania) in Mexico, much of their structure and operations remain clouded in mystery.

Its presence has been detected to varying degrees, according to the PGR, in Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Sonora, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Tabasco, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Guerrero, Michoacán, Puebla, Oaxaca, Mexico State and DF. (and we can certainly add the states of Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Jalisco, the Lagunera region of Durango and Central America, especially Guatemala)

All these states have or have had problems of insecurity due to the presence of Los Zetas, ranging from official corruption to infiltration of government institutions (especially at the municipal and state level), high levels of violence, killings and executions, extortions, disappearances, kidnappings, money laundering, petroleum theft and black market sales and commercial piracy.

In recent months, federal authorities and military leaders have denounced the entry of Los Zetas into the business of illegal migrant trafficking after the massacre of 72 Central and South Americans in Tamaulipas and recent mass kidnappings of migrants in Tabasco and Chiapas.

Many Central American migrants are also forcibly recruited into Los Zeta ranks.

The Army and the Attorney General's Office (PGR) consider Los Zetas the most dangerous cartel.

According to official reports of both Mexican federal agencies, since its first public appearances a decade ago in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, only 11 of the 34 former special forces soldiers and deserters who comprised the original Los Zetas (also known as Zetas Viejos) remain at large and active. The cartel is named after this original group.

The other 23 original Zetas have been detained or killed.

However, although only a third of the original group still remains at large, its operations have expanded over more than 10 years as they recruit entire gangs and hundreds of members, including many more ex-military and police officers, both Mexican and Guatemalan (kaibiles), and deserters.

The Zetas Viejos that still remain active and at large are:

Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, el Lazca, el Verdugo or Z-3
Carlos Vera Calva, el Vera, Z-7
Daniel Enrique Marquez Aguilar, el Chocotorro
Galdino Mellado Cruz, el Mellado, Z-9
Gonzalo Geresano Escribano, el Cuije, Z-18
Jesus Enrique Rejon, el Mamito, Z-8
Lucio Hernandez Lechuga, el Lucky, Z-16
Rogelio Guerra Ramirez, el Guerra,
Prisciliano Ybarra Yepis
Eduardo Estrada Gonzalez
Jorge Lopez, el Chuta

Deceased Zetas Viejos:

Among the nine members of Los Zetas that have been killed are its first leader and founder, Arturo Guzman Decena, Z-1,
Gustavo González Castro, el Erotico
Luis Alberto Guerrero Reyes, El Guerrero,
Efraín Teodoro Torres, el Efra, la Chispa, Z-14
Braulio Arellano Dominguez, El Gonzo, Z-20
Oscar Guerrero Silva, El Winnie Pooh,
Alberto Trejo Benavides, el Alvin,
Ernesto Zatarín Beliz, el Traca
Victor Nazario Castrejón Peña

Zetas Viejos in custody:

The detainees total 14 men and they are

Flavio Mendez Santiago, el Amarillo
Miguel Angel Soto Parra, El Parra
Sergio Enrique Ruiz Tlapanco, el Tlapa, Z-44
José Ramón Dávila, el Cholo
Omar Lormendez Pitalúa, el Pita, Z-10
Jaime Gonzalez Duran, el Hummer
Mateo Díaz López, Comandante Mateo
Eduardo Salvador López Lara, el Chavita, Z-48
Isidro Lara Flores, el Colchon
Alfonso Lechuga Licona, el Cañas, Z-27
Nabor Vargas García, El Debora
Luis Reyes Enriquez, el Rex, Z-12
German Torres Jiménez, el Tatanka, Z-25
Daniel Perez Rojas, el Cachetes

The Zetas Viejos were initially recruited by Osiel Cardenas Guillen to serve as his bodyguards, paramilitary force and execution squad for the Gulf cartel in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

The late Arturo Guzman Decena, Z-1 and the current head of the criminal group, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, El Lazca were placed in leadership positions early on by Cardenas Guillen.

Since early 2010 the Los Zetas organization, now numbering in the thousands, split off from the Gulf cartel and are now locked in a bloody struggle with the Gulf, Sinaloa and La Familia for control of drug trafficking and other criminal activities in the states where they have presence.

Los Zetas Viejos were first recruited from a core of former soldiers and deserters who belonged to the Mexican army’s first Special Forces Airmobile Group (GAFES) that was transferred to a unit in the Attorney Generals office (PGR) for use in counternarcotics operations.

The advanced military training that most of these ex-soldiers received gave them a common identity and bond. To this day code designations with a Z are usually reserved for ex-military members of the organization.

Currently, a protected witness identified as Paco has testified that there are now several generations of Zetas that operate in different states of Mexico, where they are trained and climb up the hierarchy depending on the skills that they possess.


  1. All this national pride, que viva mexico. And these cockroaches are killing children, women, elderly or anything that is inocent. How do these psychopaths sleep at night after they behead another human being?? They are killing their own people. The mexican government needs to hurry up and change their laws so that they can start catagories these cartels as terrorist groups. Then the world can start opening up a big ass can of whoop ass on them.

  2. I got a question! Where s el 40? Isnt he the one of the original Zetas?

  3. The Commander of the Arizona Militia is seeking militia units to assist them during a rotation period that will transpire very soon. Militia members and patriots are urged to contact the ACM for further instructions on pre-deployment rally points, and critical strategic planning.

    However–ACM is NOT looking for individuals that want to operate outside of their command structure, as this would pose a serious and grave risk to everyone concerned. This is a war with drug cartels that have in the past, engaged Mexican police and military units, sometimes gaining victory through superior numbers and firepower. The bottom line is; if you want to help the ACM, then you must be prepared to allow ACM full operational control of the situation, or if you are an established militia unit, share in the command structure with ACM.

  4. Seriously, is ACM joking? I admire the patriotism. But what does ACM really they think they are going to be able to do? If the cartels are going up the mexican military, what do you think will happen the minute militia men? Too much sun. Besides skin cancer is a real risk factor. Delusions of Grandose if you guys think you can go up against the cartels. Also, arizonans need to stop selling the cartels you're guns. If you guys stop selling the cartels your machine guns, then you might have a chance to be a patriot with your milita.... Americas lust for drugs and selling their guns to the cartels is the catalyst to the violence in mexico. So ACM your focus needs to be well thought out.

  5. Is there a similar organization here in southwest Texas? How could they be contacted?

  6. Patriots? ROFL
    i laugh at you racists.

  7. Cartels have no borders. They have law enforcment on both sides of the border. American milita leaders might even be on the cartels payroll. In the end the militia might be even helping out the cartels?? Who is funding the american militias? Like this hitman said, money buys every thing and everything is not what it seems like. So who can you really trust militia men????? So does militia in america really mean cartel in the undercover translation??? What really happens out their in the desert, because the drugs are still flowing into the states of america???

  8. The majority of the dead/detained original Zetas was when they were the official bodyguards and sicarios of Osiel Cardenas pre-Calderon war on drugs era. Calderon only has managed to detained or kill from the Zetas organization(not Los Zetas sicario gang when they were bodyguards of Osiel Cardenas)are:Mateo, Rex, Amarrillo, Parra, Tlapa, Pita, Hummer,(though I think he went to the Gulf Cartel side) and Tatanka. Taliban , Z-40 and among others have replaced the dead/arrested original members of the Zetas organization.

    Note:Los Zetas sicarios/bodyguard of Osiel Cardenas and the Los Zetas organization are two very different things.

  9. Angel Trevino y su carnal Alex son Lobos
    nunca fueron gafes ni soldados pero como tienen mandos altos los Z tuvieron que concedeles la letra

  10. @anon 9:522am

    Ah...exactly how are these Militias racist??

    Please backup your statements before you make ignorant blanket accusations.

    And I have no affiliations whatsoever with this or any Militia.

  11. kevin ,didn't you know anyone who is against any illegal activities by Mexican nationals is racist,
    you got to get up to speed
    only white people can be racist, you didn't know that ?

  12. How are these militias racist one of their fans seems to be asking us here????

    Here is my answer to that question in short then....

    All one has to do is go to the link to their site to see a White man chained to a White woman... and behind the White man in chains is a very dark looking Black man standing over him threateningly, with yet another of the Black mans's associates, also of dark complexion, too, mounted on a horse overseeing the march of White in appearance slaves.

    Do we now need to go farther into their ideology to see the links between their drawings on their website and what they advocate? I think it really is not that necessary even ...

  13. this is the t tribal nature of america the world is still as it was 10000 years ago

  14. ernst1 you are first made a fool and then you become a tool, your reply is incoherent,our enemy is the same as the common enemy of humanity who puts one race against the other,the same as puts class against class, puts religion against religion and rakes in the profit from the blood, war and misery in the background.i have read your comments,and you are halfway to the truth,but you still blame the tool not the power that moves it, read ,study, learn, the truth will set your mind free,struggle will set your body free,the war is for all humanity to live in equality safety and dignity,you have been blinded by propaganda,open you eyes and see

  15. These Zetas are not Soldiers, not Partisans, and not Militia. Under the Law of Land Warfare and the Geneva and Hague Conventions, they are Brigands,Terrorists, and Marauders, The following communication from the Pima County
    Arizona Citizens Militia group took place around the
    same time frame and may bear out the Zetas
    commander’s claims:

    0545 hours MST - 13 Jul 2010 - approx. 7 miles west of Ruby, AZ - six enemy, in uniform, carrying AK and SKS rifles - enemy were engaged by ACM forces as they tried to cross the international fence - two enemy KIA confirmed, unknown number of enemy WIA, no friendly

  16. Somethings I have to say twice or thrice to get them published, it seems. So here we go again...

    'ZOG', you fail as a 'rapper' with your schtick. Sad it is when a blog gives a guy calling himself 'ZOG' special protection.... Your chosen name says it all. Anybody at all can just google on the word "ZOG" to get a real good idea of just where your head is at. You got some schmucky online friends, too.

  17. Zionist Occupation Government
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Zionist Occupation Government or Zionist Occupied Government (abbreviated as ZOG) is an antisemitic conspiracy theory which holds that Jews secretly control a given country, while the formal government is a puppet regime.

    The expression is used by antisemitic groups such as white supremacists in the United States and Europe, ultra-nationalists such as Pamyat in Russia, and various far-right groups, including some in Poland.
    The word "Zionist" in "Zionist Occupation Government" is derived from the ideology of Zionism, the movement for support of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel. As the conspiracy theorists chiefly name countries outside that area, the usage of Zionist in this context is misleading, and intended to portray Jews as conspirators who aim to control the world, as in the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion....


  18. wikipedia defines zionism

    In 1975, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that designated Zionism as a "a form of racism and racial discrimination". The resolution was repealed in 1991. Within the context of the Arab–Israeli conflict, Zionism is viewed by critics as a system that fosters apartheid and racism.[8]

    i do not advocate any discrimination against any ethnic or racial group
    but any religion that teaches that all other people on earth are somehow lessor beings is wrong
    the problem is not with the people but with how they see the other people on this earth
    why don't you care about the Palestinian peoples rights to self determination
    how can one group of people claim to be favored more than others if there is only one god who claims to love all people equally
    either god is playing favorites, or somebody is lying
    it seems as though the only conspiracy you can believe in is one that makes the American people guilty
    other than that every one else is innocent
    thinking like that would hold the sicario guilty but excuse the men who supply the guns and pay them to kill
    much the same as the way you blame the USA but never hold any other country guilty for their crimes

  19. yeah it can't be the zionists can it uhrny...cause the USA already runs the world right?...maaannnn..i am sooo high


  20. ZOG man, this is not the place to carry your anti Jewish hatreds online here.

    'why don't you care about the Palestinian peoples rights to self determination how can one group of people claim to be favored more than others if there is only one god who claims to love all people equally'

    As the wikipedia definition of "ZOG' pointed out above there is a lot more ugly baggage about calling oneself 'ZOG' than there is in any supposed personal defense of Palestinian rights you think that you might be making.

    And, LB, try to limit your intake of marijuana some. ...for your own good. Wouldn't want others to begin to think of you as a clouded in smoke headed hippy from Bezerkley, now would we?

  21. ernst1 you need to read more think more and talk less
    i have led you to the door now you must continue on your own to learn
    i notice from your other comments that you have stopped at a certain level
    you have stagnated in your development
    no one can help you you must go on alone
    from you words i can tell you are a victim of the liberal propaganda of the 1960 era
    i will not continue on with you until i see that you have advanced in your thought process
    good luck to you and when i judge you worthy i will respond to you again

  22. you're projecting uhrn...thats you, not me..

    been there, done that ....grew up over it ...mebbe you should too

  23. ernest your taking a beating from a militiaman. hes got some good points u just dont listen. as soon as you think racist, you shut down. if a militia wants to protect our borders, so be it. ill deal with the race issue later. hell this whole country, and every country, was started by a bunch of racists.

  24. we all know for fact that all cartels are NO match for our militias your cartel buddys run like girls with skirts when confronted prove me wrong. arizona has now challenged the cartels any time anywhere were already on mex soil hunting your drug mules and taking them out befor they cross count the bodys pedro

  25. just what does happen when a cartel member is killed from a sniper firing across the river in the middle of the night the middle of nowhere...

    does Mexico drop everything and invistigate

    can a person be prosecuted in the USA without a body or identifiable victim?

    anybody know ?

  26. Anonymous said...

    " we all know for fact that all cartels are NO match for our militias your cartel buddys run like girls with skirts when confronted prove me wrong. arizona has now challenged the cartels any time anywhere were already on mex soil hunting your drug mules and taking them out befor they cross count the bodys pedro "

    Want to know something,the U.S MILITARY actually trained these original ZETAS at Fort Benning Georgia.......

  27. this is 2012 August,how many origional ZETAZ left at large from this listing from Jan2011? anyone know?

  28. There are 9 Original Zetas left
    Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, el Lazca, el Verdugo or Z-3
    Carlos Vera Calva, el Vera, Z-7
    Daniel Enrique Marquez Aguilar, el Chocotorro
    Galdino Mellado Cruz, el Mellado, Z-9
    Gonzalo Geresano Escribano, el Cuije, Z-18
    Rogelio Guerra Ramirez, el Guerra,
    Prisciliano Ybarra Yepis
    Eduardo Estrada Gonzalez
    Jorge Lopez, el Chuta

  29. Victor Nazario Castrejón Peña aint dead, so its like 10 O.G Zetas left, it could be more

  30. El chapo new president and he is cleaning up the country

  31. very funny, gustavo gonzalez castro el erotico very much alive check his wikipedia page, Victor Nazario Castrejón Peña never been, lazcano? neither.

  32. “The Zetas have become something of a myth like Pancho Villa…their origins are obscure, and no one knows how many there are.”

    – Howard Cambell Professor of Anthropology,
    University of Texas El Paso

  33. Z9 mellado Cruz dead ...

  34. So is lazca u tool lol this is an old article

  35. Time to update this list for 2017


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