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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Terror in Pantanal, Nayarit

Four more deaths in Mexico’s drug war were counted Friday morning after a clash between rival criminal gangs occurred between 6:30 and 8:00 AM this Friday in the town of Pantanal, located in the municipality of Xalisco, Nayarit.

After the battle had ended and authorities had arrived, the bodies of the four gunmen were located inside a heavily damaged kindergarden compound. Due to the early hour of the fighting the school was empty and there were no innocent victims.

A nearby estate was being used as a safehouse by one group of gunmen and was the apparent target of the early morning attack by a rival gang. During the hour long firefight before police authorities and the army arrived the fighting had spread to the kindergarden.

A cache of 8 rifles, 11 grenades, a grenade launcher and 87 magazines, in addition to 7 vehicles that had previously been reported stolen from the nearby city of Tepic, were recovered from the safehouse and the kindergarden.

A confrontation between gunmen and army troops was also reported when a military unit reached the scene of the fighting. According to a statement from Sedena (Mexico’s defence department) the four gunmen were killed by the military.

Terrified residents of this community close to the state capitol of Tepic closed shops, suspended classes and those who could fled to the capitol.

Source articles:
Deja tiroteo en kinder de Nayarit…..

Terror en Pantanal


  1. Did anybody get arrested? Or did everybody manage to escape after the military killed the 4 dudes? I wonder what 2 groups were going at each other?...

  2. Those are staged pictures. Those guns were placed in thier hands to make it look like they were carrying them.
    Notice how "neatly" they are placed. One would assume that if they were shot dead those rifes would have separated from thier grip, surely the fall would have displaced the guns. Who knows who these people are and what thier role was that got them killed.
    These are Staged pictures.

  3. Those guns look planted to me

  4. Look at the pics of the dead gunmen. Those guns were planted there.

  5. Its hard to say without firsthand knowledge whether or not those guns were planted.

  6. yea, what are the odds that these 3 guys died with their guns still in their hands? too weird...

  7. Read the life of a sicario;
    Sorry this is a bit off topic, but I am adding the text to Charles Bowden's interview
    with a Juarez Sicario. I found it riveting. The is a documentary just released titled "Sciario in Room 164"
    it was released in Nov and Dec and is available with English sub-titles you can see trailers on the net, but also download on AJAX or other net vendors...but here is the text interview..

  8. Are missing the point, by the grace of God there were no children in the school.

  9. These guys whoever they are were executed and the guns were placed in thier hands- sure hope they were the bad guys or at least worst than the guys who shot them and placed the guns in thier hands.

  10. I suppose I agree that its unlikely all three would fall dead with automatic rifles in the palm of their hands, if we want to C.S.I. these pictures.

    But again, its armchair speculation.

  11. You're right Smurf, of course - but I must admit that was my first reaction as well to these pictures. The armchair speculation is a reflection of the (understandable) mistrust of all involved in this war. Not even the army is above suspicion - and Mexico will not truly begin to emerge from this struggle unless and until corruption at all levels is addressed and the government and public authorities are seen to be credible and worthy of the public's trust.

  12. either way...4 less pricks to contend with, good riddance!

  13. Ive always thought a lot of those pics were planted like that,but u have to think by the time the photographers take the pics they've been analyzed by the policia,and authorities,either way,what I wanna know is what cartels they are,and I find it very interesting how they cartels don't do the tattoo thing like the Mexican mafia... that'd be crazy is the cartels got hold of the blackhawks. Lol sorry had to say that

  14. No, it is not just 'speculation', Smurf to think that these picture were staged. The Mexican police and military do that all the time in Mexico and it would be strangely weird to find a situation where they haven't actually done it, since it's there customary manner to stage choreograph photo shots by the Mexican press. Every single semi educated or better Mexican citizen knows this already.

    Just as an aside, the Egyptian people know these sorts of thing about their dictatorship's police, too. So let the dominoes tumble of all those US propped up Arab dictatorships.... Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and so on down the line. Share the joy, Smurf!

  15. @Buela

    That was an extremely interesting article you posted the limk for. Do you have more like that? Where can one find more stories similar to that one?

    As for the staging of the's done all the time in mexico. Just look at the elaborate sets the construct when thay present a captured member to the press.

  16. they probably are "staged"arranged photos

    so what ..

    the point is if these guys were actually shooting or not ..and nobody contests that they were

    so what does it matter if the army guys kicked their guns back over to where they lay

    artistic license

  17. I go through apx 100 per day that I have tagged for certain topics, they are emailed to me from places like google or word press..and If I find interest in one I take that and rearch futher.

    To BB: it would be great to have a spot we can share these links, I am hard pressed to connect a good link to anything on topic. I have one now that is excellent..

  18. I have this link that pretty much confirms the story the former Los Angeles gang intelligence guy told us on the video I posted, about Mx cartels already established in Los Angles..extortion, politics, gambling etc he is a new article and I will repost the video. view the video to the end...


  19. Remember when Beltran Leyva was killed? 1 pic was with his pants down and one with them on. 3 officers and a photographer were fired. They always stage crime scenes in Mexico.

  20. @ Brito

    'the point is if these guys were actually shooting or not ..and nobody contests that they were so what does it matter if the army guys kicked their guns back over to where they lay artistic license'

    It matters, Brito, because 'kicking their guns back over' is not the only thing that the police in Mexico stage. Too hard for you too figure that simply matter out?

  21. Where's the brass? Dust cover is closed on the guy gun that is in the red and white jacket laying on his back. How did the blood get on the white stripe of the guy laying face down?

  22. @JAN 30 6:07 pm
    Gee i don't know detective. Gather up your evidence and take it to your Local Mexican Federalre office and tell them something seems real fishy here and that you'd like to help get to the bottom of all of this and tell them what you know. Good Luck- God Bless your soul!!!
    Juan Pablo Smith

  23. John Pablo...
    ditto from me

  24. Just let the cartels kill each other.

  25. The problem with a staging of a crime scene is that all credibility by the police/military is destroyed.
    There are 2 versions to the killings:
    a-the bodies were already there when authorities
    b-Sedena, in its press release, saying they
    killed the 4 men.

    Who is right? Is the army stealing 4 trophies for their body count? if the army killed them why stage the scene? were the men executed by the army, and if so isn't this also murder?

    So is this complete ignorance or indifference to proper evidentiary procedures, or is this a cover-up of an extrajudicial execution, or only a bit of ignorant showmanship?

    soldiers who pull this sort of shit are those most likely to become Zetas nuevos themselves.

  26. this only undermines mexico's ability to properly investigate crime scenes and also shows a lack of respect to their judicial system. even if these staged photos were meant to send a deliberate message, they only reveal mexico's inadequacies towards their police department.

    damn shame

  27. like i say all that matters is if these guy were shooting or not

  28. the article said, "According to a statement from Sedena (Mexico’s defence department) the four gunmen were killed by the military."

    ...but according to other news sources, the confrontation was between rivals and those 4 mans were death before the military arrived at the scene.


  29. I disagree lito'brito...the fact that the authorities obviously stage pictures does nothing but instill more distrust in the public which only leads to more paranoia and FEAR.

  30. Of course these are staged shots no one dies after being shot with the smoking gun still in there hands unless they are slouched in a corner also these are Mexican military weapons ar 15 sp1 with a grenade launcher ak 47's are the proffered weapon of the sicarios. Also what are the chances of them all having the same weapon. What was the line
    "Dead Men Don't Talk"

  31. Hello All, this is El Nayarita213. The BELTRAN-LEYVA's and CHAPO have been disputing this territory.


  33. Your totally right smurf, "its armchair speculation" its funny how all these little pricks make it seem like they have shot a person first hand and know that the weapon doesn't fall next to the suspect. Don't believe everything you see on TV its bad for you!!

    And @January 31, 2011 11:02 AM
    If you knew anything about Mexico and its army it would be that they don't use the "ar 15 sp1 with a grenade launcher" they use the FX-05 a G36 knockoff and yeah ak 47's are the proffered weapon of the sicarios but they also use .50 cals, AR-15 and the list goes on moron.

  34. Okay to all of you guys that keep commenting that the weapons these alleged "sicarios" or gunmen are Mexican military:

    All the times I've gone to Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo, I've never seen a Mexican soldier carry a M-16 or AR-15 rifle. Mexican soldiers carry the G3 battle rifle made in Belgium, Germany. Sicarios usually carry the AK-47 and sometimes the M-16 or AR-15 with grenades launchers or not. Also BB we don't care if you copy/translate other Blog's or News stories we just want as much info as possible like the post above me said. If you guys need helpers, maybe you should held a contest to help you guys out. I'm personally up for it.

  35. cynical i me if they were shooting it out and got killed , it dosen't matter how the body/guns land/or arranged

    and as far as faith in the police ...none

  36. The only thing that made me raise an eyebrow was the wear on the guns themselves. Being former military (US) I've seen weapons that have been in service for a long time and they also showed "wear" on raised parts of the recievers, barrels,etc. Those weapons appear well worn, more than likely military issue. But anyways, come on Mexican brother Warriors, if it was a good shoot, show it as it was, no need to convince or justify to anybody that these guys were really shooting at ya'll or show the sophistication of cartel weaponry. They could have been shooting at you with a 22 and ya'll are justified in taking them down all the same.

  37. the guns were planted, if these guys were real sicarios they would of had the straps on


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