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Thursday, January 6, 2011

State Prisons Chief Slain in Sonora


The recently appointed head of the prison service in the northern Mexican state of Sonora was murdered, sources in the state government said Tuesday.

Erasto Ortiz Valencia was killed by three men who burst into his home and shot him at point-blank range, the state government press office said in a statement.

The official died later at a hospital in Hermosillo, Sonora’s capital.

Ortiz took over responsibility for the state’s 15 prisons just 12 days ago, after his predecessor was ousted for alleged misconduct.

Sonora Public Safety Secretary Ernesto Munro sees the murder of Ortiz as “a response to the state’s determination to end corruption,” his office said in a statement.

Separately, the deputy police chief in Empalme, Sonora, was slain Tuesday while driving to work.

Miguel Acosta Garcia, 32, was shot by assailants armed with AK-47 assault rifles after leaving his wife and children at the home of his mother-in-law, state authorities said.


  1. Another example of criminal influence and the utter lack of law order or security the new prison director did not please the local underworld boss.It strikes me that most of the murders,assasinations in Mexico are unopposed i.e.the criminals have a free shot at the victims,nobody is shooting back,the police come take pictures of the dead ,done deal. The people of Mexico have a right to security and defense what has happened that western govts are opposed to an armed public??

  2. In the US it is our constitutional right to keep and bear arms and this law, this right, has been part of the reason why drug violence has been kept down. We have our problems with gangs and murderers to be sure, but the citizens' ability to possess arms combined with strong law enforcement keeps these problems from getting out of hand.

    I would suspect that in 90% of the cases where someone has been gunned down or kidnapped in Mexico, the individuals had no arms to protect themselves. It's a shame. If Mexico really wants to get serious about ridding themselves of kidnappers and sicarios, its time to put into place laws that will allow citizens to buy, train, and keep arms for self protection. This arming of the citizenry will take time, but why keep putting it off?

    Could it be that Mexico's elite are afraid of an armed public? What could they possibly do that would be any worse than what's happening now? Most importantly, what would law abiding citizens, who are now trained and armed, be able to do to combat this slaughter they now face?

  3. Don't you think it should be about time that lawful Mexican Citizens be allowed to own firearms for their own protection ? A lot of this violence does not occur in Estados Unidos because the citizens are armed.Our corruption is minor compared to Mexico,and most over here do not want to be involved with the Cartels.

  4. it is the truth that the ricos fear an armed citizenry....

    they are the least affected by the violencia, because they are all making bank fron the drugs, one way or another

    so they don't care

    mostly they care about keeping the boot on the head of the rest of Mexico....

    Mexicans are fed a steady diet of goofy clown shows on tv to keep their minds off of it

    that plus the everyday struggle for existence keeps people busy

    also the fear factor ...better watch what you say ..if you valor tu salud

    armed independence is a foreign concept

    fear,beer, drugs , clown shows, whore houses ,ed hardy ...economic struggle

    it works really good

    tall white .. it 's all right

    small brown ..keep em down

  5. the man that's now in charge of the penitentiary system in sonora just quit his job as the chief of public transportion, where he had a big trouble with the drivers syndicate, so, let's see what happens now with that funny man in his new job.

  6. One of the greatest weapons given to the EVERYDAY CITIZEN in the U.S. was the passage of CCP(Concealed Carry Permit)laws in many states. Carjackings dropped dramatically. The criminals now have to take into account that they can get a face full of lead by doing nothing more than approaching someone who may or may not have a weapon. The question of, do they or don't they?, did a WONDERFUL job of increasing security within these states.


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