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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Record Breaking Month for Murders in Jalisco

The settling of accounts between elements of organized crime have reached never before seen levels in the state of Jalisco, in the last year alone there were 1,001 violent deaths, 85% of them related to the settling of accounts between elements of organized crime, or related to the control of drug dealing, according to information provided by the PGJE of the state of Jalisco.

If last year was the most violent seen in this region, 2011 has begun in an even more aggressive fashion considering that 26 executions having a nexus with the drug trade have taken place in just the first nine days of the year.

In January of last year by the 31st of the month 29 violent deaths were recorded having to do with everything from gang problems, disputes and random settling of accounts, that translated to 60 percent of those crimes being related to mafia turf wars. In the metropolitan area in the middle of the state, in the first nine days of the month 26 people have already been murdered, and if this pace is maintained the number of violent murders in Jalisco will easily surpass that of last year.

Furthermore, according to data maintained by news agencies, 80% of the executions occurred within the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

The turf war began with a fierceness with the capture and incarceration of the brothers Juan Carlos and Oscar Orlando Nava Valencia last Februrary in Tlajamuco de Zuñíga. As a result the criminal cell they led fractured in two. Each faction was supported by a different mafia, between the Sinaloan Cartel and the armed faction of the Familía Michoacana, La Resistencía. After the capture of the Brothers Valencia, the dispute turned to all out war. According to authorities, this is what is responsible for the crime wave in Jalisco which has spread to Colima.

Later came the fall of Ignacio Nacho Coronel Villarreal which led to a loosening of his grip on the turf of the Cártel del Pácifico. The situation was further aggravated when a group allied with Los Beltrán Leyva and Los Zetas kidnapped Alejandro Coronel, Nacho Cornel’s son, in the first week of April of 2010.

According to government data, it was the 27th of May of 2010 when in Jalisco the bodies began to appear inside black bags, in blankets, dismembered, decapitated or hanging from bridges, where the factions of organized crime such as Los Valencia, Cártel de Sinaola and La Familía Michoacana, amongst others, began to heat up the turf or “calentar la plaza.”

Torture is one of the commonalities of the bodies found in different parts of the city. The methods of torture employed range from beatings, to electric shock to the extremities, to mutilations. This last method of torture is known as “Chinese Torture,” which consists of tying a wire to the extremities of the victim. Little by little the wire is tightened and twisted, causing great pain to the victim, cutting of the flow of blood, until eventually the extremity is severed.

But this torture does not end with the mutilation of just one body part, in some cases victims suffer the amputation of two or more extremities, including the genitals.

Translated and submitted by BB collaborator



  2. The thing that I found incredulous is that Armando Villareal Heredia "El Gordo" has moved operations to Zapopan. Los Valencia or the Milenio Cartel run Zapopan under the CDS flag. How is it possible he would relocate to Zapopan? Nacho got killed about 6-7 months ago. El Tigre (Margarito Soto Reyes) was captured about 3 months ago. The promomotion of El Tigre resulted in the Pacifico Sur route being taken over by El Tigre. El Tigre was basically shipping only base chemicals. There has been an expotential increase in the killings in Zapopan over the last 12 months. They are finding bodies in the Primavera almost daily now it seems. There are different factions fighting there now. I am almost convinced now that El Gordo's retreat to Zapopan was a strategic retreat. I believe that his organization FSO, Los Zeta's, are invading territory that has aways been control by the CDS. The Colima and Milenio Cartels are in cohorts with CDS now as are the FM (which is in almost disarray). This could turn out to be interesting to say the least. My expectations are this. FSO is in Zapopan to stir things up and bring out the others. A lot of the guys in Zapopan are in Acapulco at the moment. As Acapulco calms down because of larger policing, expect Zapopan to become the next big battleground. It makes sense that the best strategic move is to draw the CDS away from what they have held as theirs forever. They think it would always be there to return to. The strategy bding to slip in the back door, create a foothold while lots of the guys are away, and hammer away on them when they return. This woud force Chapo to re-examine his control of an area that has NEVER been threatened. In my honest opinion, Zapopan/Guadalajara is about to explode this year. We will see as time passes.

    El Gringo

  3. lol @ DFL... There is no need for these fucks to get ideas from Borderland Beat readers and posters... lol I am sure they have their plan and tactics already planned out and don't need people on here to guide their Cartel so chill out... lol


  5. so what is going in in Chapala..i never hear anything about it ...the reason i am wondering is because i have some friends who want to come to will be their first time ...and i would like to take them there ...they are not really beach people or jungle lovers ...and speak not one word of spanish...Chapala would be just exotic enough...any body got any news

  6. yeah they seem creative enough on their own...

    all the chopping and skinning is kinda stupid to me ...what is the point? scare people...i guess...but dead is dead already ... lot of extra work for nothing...seems like it would be more efficient to just kill them and leave them laying...maybe they are just bored with the mundane, everyday business of murder

  7. @ Brito.

    What makes you think the victims aren't alive when they are cutting off the genitals/skinning faces. These sickos get off on this shit and too many of these brutal killings include innocent people with no narco ties. Very sad time for the world and Mexico.

  8. @ DFL

    Whether BB reports or not, this is happening. They're not making it happen. Do you think if BB stops reporting this "will all go away"?

    BB is telling it like it is. The people of Mexico have a right for the world to know what's really happening to them.

    Do you prefer your news censored and sterilized? If so, go away and stick your head back in the sand.

  9. Man, beat me with a bat, electricute me, behead me, but don't mess with my frank and beans! Leave my huevos alone! That would be a nightmare!


  11. @ lilbrito, the reason they do beheadings,skinning and other grotesque murders is to intimidate,bring heat, or send messages. It's their propaganda game they play with each other and the people, it causes confusion and uncertainty to the population. It's really a great tactic in my opinion.

  12. @ sahid marquez

    it's really a great and fantastic tactic. you would'nt have said that if one of your children or parents were on the front page of a trashy newspaper with their bodies in pieces with the statement "OTRAS VICTIMAS DESMEMBRADOS"

    all it does is desensitizes people and causes even more hateful and morbid revenge crimes. from what i have seen since the war has started is that their has been an escalation in morbid killings and with that, an escalation in deaths. besides that, nothing has changed. the violence keeps intensifying. if these public displays of hate happened once in a while, they would be much more shocking but being that they happen almost everyday, they lose their shock value. all they do is scare the wrong people and create more hate towards the enemy and themselves.

    these killings have even gotten silly and cartoonish with the killers painting their victim's faces as clowns or as women. the cartels that seem to immerse themselves in these kinds of crimes are the cartels that are the most hated, not the most feared. these kinds of murders to me, show a hateful desperation.

    these are the types of crimes that are done by low-life street thugs with no class who over indulge in excessive violence becuase they live in a country with a weak government. they are just demonic bullies. they could learn a lot from la cosa nostra. less is more.

    murder is the ultimate sacrifice. any other excessive acts of hate should be considered sacrilege.

    in the end, these same dirty cartels are going to be the provocateurs of their own demise.

  13. ehrrrr!!!!i don't even want to think about it being done to people while they were alive ...TMI

  14. you feel me brito? every guy(young and old) who reads this, knows exactly what i'm talkin' about. DON'T MESS WITH A GUY'S JUNK! it'll give you a triple infinity sentence to hell! nimodo...

  15. @ ajulio Well the ones doing this kind of grotesque murders are just guys fighting for the scraps in the drug trade in Guerrero supported by the main cartels in Mexico. I think Jalisco right now is an open state waiting to be taken over by the large players in the Mexican underworld. The Mexican Cartels right now at turf war, what do you expect?? The cartels aren't just going to stand there and let their plazas get taken over or get bad press. They don't bring heat to their own plazas a rival does it. If the municipal and state police can't stop the invaders then the cartel's civilian gunmen will will have too and there's when you see the shootouts. As much as they use their civilian gunmen the cartels also use police and sometimes military forces, depending on the state or city. Fights between organized crime doesn't happen only in Mexico, it happened in Colombia, Russia and Italy. The Colombian, Russian and Italians are all equally as bad as their Mexican counterparts. Also La Costra Nostra is the Sicilian Mafia; the 'Ndrangheta, Sicilian Mafia, Camorra, Sacra Corona Unita etc. are all different Italian organized crime groups and they have different hierarchies. So what should the Mexicans Cartels learn from the Sicilian Mafia according to you??? What do you mean less is more???

  16. @ sahid marquez

    i don't care about russia, colombia or italy. you said that these grotesque murders or propaganda games that they play with each other were great tactics for the cartels. well i disagree with you. they are not great and they are stupid games that just make things worse for everyone. they are senseless but it is what it is. there is nothing that can be done about it. that's the mexican government's job and they ain't doin' shit. but having your life taken should be enough.

    we're all here becuase human beings have a curiosity for violence. as long as it exists, i'm gonna read about it. who's to say what is too violent? i undertsand you but to push the violence to the extreme does'nt make for great tactics. it just makes things worse but that's what these dirty stanky ass low-lifes want. they want a messy war and they're getting it. i say, let them kill each other off. less scum on the earth for me.

    i find this war very intersting but i can't wait for it to end. the day it ends, i'm going back to juarez to eat some delicious tacos de carne asada with salsita, cebolla, guacamole, and cilantro(becuase we all know that the best mexican food is actually made in mexico)with a large horchata with extra ice(yeah). then at night i'm gonna go to a bar to drink some tecates and a few shots of tequila with limon y sal while listening to some mariachis with my carnales and have a nice conversation with a pretty juarensita. can't wait...


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