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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Police Investigator Decapitated in Tabasco

This is the same Sicario crew that killed two military officers and painted them in clown make-up.

A local police investigator had become the fourth homicide victim of the year in Tabasco. His body was found early Tuesday morning. It was confirmed that he had been decapitated in a ranch called Aguileras, and he had been reported missing only a few days ago.

The local attorney general (PGJ), was not able to initially identify the cadaver that was found on the night of January 3rd on the Cárdenas higway. They kept searching for Martín Fernando Cornelio León, better known as “Martín Pistolita”, who was still considered missing at that time.

It was the family who went and identified the victim yesterday at the office of the PGJ, and it was indeed the body of comandante Martín Fernando, who had served three years as the head of the criminal investigations department.

Cornelio León, was once suspended for insubordination for arguing during with a superior officer during a police operation.

During the time he was away from the service, he helped manage a successful seafood restaurant and maintained an administrative position while he awaited re-assignment, which finally came at the end of 2007. He worked his way up from a field officer in the department of apprehensions (SWAT team) until finally being promoted to head the Criminal Investigations Department.

It is believed he knew his assassins

One of the lines of investigation if that Cornelio León was not kidnapped or otherwise taken by force because his truck was found in a parking lot in Sams Carrizal, and it had no signs of a struggle.

This version is being supported unofficially with surveillance video taken from various commercial centers near the place where the truck was found. Investigators also say that these killers are also the same ones that killed the two military officers and dress them as clowns in the municipality of Cárdenas, this is confirmed through narco message found at the scene.

This happened to me for being a loudmouth and sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. Watch Yourselves Friends, Atte FEZ

In 4 years at least 49 police officers have been murdered in Tabasco, most of them between 2008 and 2009.

This is only one of the collateral damages in the war between narcotraffickers and the federal government. The death toll rises among the state and municipal police officials who attempt to guarantee public safety, and it is them and their families who are the most vulnerable.

Another incident that remains in the memory of the locals is when a police officer was brutally murdered the day the new government took office in 2006 and declared a war against the cartels. The violence began anew in Tabasco.

In 2010, Tabasco authorities thought they had delivered heavy blows to the cartels in the area because the violence had subsided for a while. but with these recent killings and the obvious presence of a new sicario cell working in the area, this may be the resurgence of the war that raged here only a year ago.

There has also been an increase of drive-by shootings at police stations, it is believed this is in retaliation to a recent purge of corrupt officers that led to the incarceration of of 120 officials.

Last year, at least 8 police officers were murdered at the hands of criminals. only day into 2011 and already 4 police officers have been executed, at least three in a very grotesque manner.

Article by: Tabasco de Hoy

Graphic Images: Viewer Discretion Advised.


  1. There is an very, very dark, satanic presence in Mexico that keeps rearing its evil serpen head. Its an army of satans black angels, the forces of putrid , and all that is ill and posioned. This satanic surge MUST BE STOPPED at any expense. The sanity of a nation demands it!!!
    Rise up Mexican citizens and join the Army,Set up Neighbor hood watch and patrols inform and join The Police, and STAND FOR YOUR COUNTRY, YOUR FAMILIES AND YOUR DIGNITY and Reclaim what is yours and send those worthless sons of Satan to the pits of hell!!

    1. This very dark satanic presence in Mexico is all being fueled by the illegal drug consumers in the USA and Europe. People have to understand that the war against drugs is being fought the wrong way. Billions of dollars have been spent without any progress at all. As long as there is demand of illegal drugs there will always be a supplier. It's like any other business. If there wasn't any demand there wouldn't be anyone risking their lives to supply something that won't leave any earnings. The use of illegal drugs should have a greater criminal punishment. A punishment that will make the use of any illegal drug to not be worth a risk to take. Along with more education about the consequences of the use of drugs. As we all can see these Z organization members were Mexican military elite special a forces members that were trained by the USA special forces and CIA to combat and exterminate the Mexican native Americans rising to demand a better life. Now this evil group of trained war machines turn around and create chaos. Remember that this group was also responsible for the killing of two USA federal agents in Mexico. Wr all need to learn from previous mistake and always have in mind that doing wrong will come back around and hunt us in the future. I recommend everyone to read the book La CIA, Camarena y Caro Quintero (banned in the USA by Oliver North as FOX news president). Reading that book will open your eyes and let you see how evil this war against drugs really is.

  2. Sometimes these guys get killed because they are doing their jobs and trying to take down cartels, and when they cannot be bought, they are killed. But nobody is defending the good mexicans because everybody assumes that if you get killed it´s because you were involved on the wrong side of this war. A small percentage of the good elements are receiving a tremendous amount of pressure to turn bad. It´s hard to swim against the tide, you either die of exhaustion, or you get swept away.

  3. Very true, for a police investigator you either cut a deal with one cartel or assume you are at your own risk. But then you might be caught in between not protecting the opposing cartel and investigating their crimes. Then the other cartel may or not protect you which you are in a lose-lose situation. It's one of the very worst jobs anyone would want to take not knowing when your day may come for doing your job or not doing your job. Where is it credible for someone to even be brave enough or stupid enough to take jobs for the government. So now you see how difficult it may be to investigate a death or multiple deaths. This fellow most likely did try to investigate something and was killed for it. I agree with both your comments as the devils deeds have been sent lose in Mexico and no end in sight. People in Mexico are caught between very evil people being the cartel members and the government . Their still do exist honest, hard working god fearing Mexicans and I pray they come out on top. The government has failed them and continues to fail them in the aspect they don't protect the people. The corruption exists on both sides and the greed has dictated a blood bath in Mexico.

  4. Are FEZ the Zetas?

  5. I think so, someone else posted in the article related to this one that

    (FEZ) Means:

  6. When does the Army demand martial law and get people off the streets at night except for authorized personal. I have been waiting for this call from calderon for two years now. Shut the towns down make them do everything in daylight.

  7. RE: FEZ we go again...looks TEZ to me..but for discussion sake lets say FEZ.Fuerzas Especiales ( speical forces) is usually connected to GAFE..or Special forces airmobile group...

    The GAFE has been used in both sides of the drug war. In the late 1990s, about 30 GAFE members, led by lieutenant Arturo Guzmán Decena, were recruited by the Gulf Cartel to work as the cartel's hired killers. They formed a group which became known as Los Zetas.

    However and honestly I have never heard of them being referred to as FEZ or TEZ for that matter. Does anyone else have documentation anywhere they can share with me? About the FEZ?


  8. they have no problem doing shit in daylight frente de hundreds of witnesses...they know they can just run away and it is all over

  9. To Buela, they could have come up with that last week for all we know. But, the moniker is common, as I mentioned, FEM was Muletas (CAF/El Teo) 'personal army', rumored to have had 200 members, which I don't know if I believe.

    But, these Z's are operating way down in Tabasco, different protocol, different ideas about how things work, different from Z's in Tamps, Nuevo Leon, etc.

  10. yeah they get bored with killing and chopping it is fun to play with names

  11. @ J

    fair enough..I was not saying it was not the acronym for that, simply I had never heard it referred to and I searched everywhere I could and came up empty. Actually it would make sense for the simply reason they once were special forces.

    I try to deal with facts, and the fact is how could a BB reader know something that no one else is aware of...including intelligence experts...?


  12. Sometimes these guys get killed because they are doing their jobs and trying to take down cartels, and when they cannot be bought, they are killed.

  13. Mexico is not bothered enough by all this to bring back the death penalty; so let Mexico be Mexico.


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