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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Payback for the Death of Two Assassins

60 Hooded Individuals Burn 37 Houses and 27 Vehicles as Payback for the Death of Two Assassins (Sicarios).
State attorney general, Ramiro Ortize Aguirre, confirmed that a group of criminals torched the indigenous community of Tierra Colorada in the municipality of Mezquital, Durango as revenge for the death of two assassins (sicarios) killed the 26th of December.

Aguirre indicated that it was a couple of days ago that the criminal group of approximately 60 hooded individuals arrived at the indigenous community and set fire to 37 houses and approximately 27 vehicles. There were no reported fatalities.

According to the preliminary investigation, residents of the region, seeing the criminal group arrive, took refuge in the nearby mountains.

In addition to the burnt out houses, schools and a clinic were also damaged.

Ortiz Aguirre said that information was late in coming due to the remote location of the municipality and furthermore there is no radio (cell phone) service in the area.

Health and Social services (Sedesol) as well as representatives from the State Attorney General’s office have arrived on the scene.

Aguirre stated that in keeping with instructions from the governor, reinforcements from the Mexican Army have been sent to the entity as well as additional state and federal police.

Translated and submitted by BB collaborator


  1. Lol wasnt that the gente nueva?the people that dont do anything wrong to people

  2. jaysus ...can anyone say failed state ...

    i am saying that the state has failed the people a long time ago

    i don't think Mexico will fail in it will cease to be a nation ..i don't think the people of Mexico will ever fail...i think the people will fail the state in that they have no confidence in the state as an institution

    but the people will be there ..and so will the state...but they will exist as two separate entitys..mostly pitted against each other...

  3. It reminds you of the days after the US Civil War when outlaw groups roamed the country there was almost no law enforcment, but at least the US govt back then did not prohibit the people from posessing firearms to defend themselves. Whats up with this resistance from the govt about guns? I guess they are waiting for their bribe to allow the public to have a gun.

  4. i don't think there is much desire among the population to own guns...i am not sure if people would take them if you gave them away...maybe to sell them ...but i just don't sense the outrage necessary to take up arms as a population

    i get more of a city state /fortress mentality...keep your shit behind your walls , and don't invest in what ever happens to the castle next door

    it is erroneous to try to apply American thought processes to Mexico

  5. @ lito

    please do not use words you do not understand. Erroneous is an adjective. It can not stand alone or support itself in a sentence. Come on guy impress us some more with your broad knowledge base. This is shit you can learn from watching I am smarter than a 5th grader. Did you make it that far?

  6. and thanks for the constructive input...error on e us

  7. the sinaloa cartel is even worse,they do kill innocents,extort,rape and that .your day is coming you faggot chapo cuzman


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