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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mexican gunmen fire across border at U.S. highway workers

By Adriana Gómez Licón / El Paso Times

Mexican gunmen opened fire on U.S. road workers 25 miles east of Fort Hancock, Texas, about 10:30 a.m., said Arvin West, sheriff of Hudspeth County.
County employees were working on the Indian Hot Springs Road, a county road that runs almost adjacent to the western Texas-Mexico border.

They heard three to four rounds of shots coming from the Mexican side and departed the area.

West did not say how many workers were there, but he said they were not injured. The Texas Department of Public Safety said troopers escorted the workers and their equipment out of the shooting scene with no injuries. They did not know how many road workers were repairing the Indian Hot Springs Road at the time.

West said his sheriff's office and the Texas Ranger Division were investigating the shooting. West said drug smugglers use that area to traffic narcotics and appeared to have fired their guns to scare the road workers away.

No Hudspeth County officials, beside Sheriff Arvin West, are commenting on the cross-border gunfire. Border Patrol officials in the Marfa, Texas, sector said the Texas Department of Public Safety spotted a vehicle on the Mexican side.

"We did respond after we were notified by DPS," said spokesman Bill Brooks. But Border Patrol is not investigating.

"There is no beefing up anyway," he said.


  1. Please keep shooting on to our side and harassing us and invading our territory. Push us to the limit so our soldiers from FORT BLISS go to your country and whoop your asses! Our soldiers are not weak and corrupt like yours. They WILL take care of business. They don't mess around!

  2. Like we take care a Iraq? or like we take care at Afghanistan? Yeah we are so machos that we lost every war since WWII.I see how the "narcos" are taking our country and nobody care, just like the Mexicans very patriots and machos, but only from teeth outside.

  3. im with ajulio. keep on & we will be over there kicking some zetas butts

  4. yeap.. bootz in assez ya

  5. We would not even need to invade,just put some Professional Marine,Army,and LEO Snipers on the Border with a good field of fire.You never see the Cartel/Narco Puto's with anything that has LR capabilities,or that they would know how to use anyway.

    Takes more than just equipment to make a good marksman let alone someone that earns the Title of "Sniper".Takes Discipline and lots of Practice.

  6. headz on fencesz...

  7. LEO's are not snipers. Half of those fat asses could not make it through the physucal requirements of SS school. I did see a thing on TV where Miami/Dade S.W.A.T. are now calling themselves "operators". What a joke.

  8. It's a lie, they're trying to profit from the criminal activity, not financially, of course. They wanted an extra day off because it has been really cold to be working outside.

  9. this is already the second time they have shot from across the border in juarez towards the el paso side this year. the first time they hit an el paso city government building. wether it's an accident or not, it better stop or else the U.S. will be forced to take actions.

  10. All the great ..uh..patriots posting here? And all of em seemingly getting a hard on at the thought of the US invading Chihuahua from Fort Bliss! Ay Chihuahua

    There's no doubt about it...BB 'discussion' is now getting funnier by the segundo. In fact, I can't hardly stand to wait for yet more from our Beetle Bailey Land!

    And is it no wonder the US military is getting spun around in circles in Afghanistan? Reminds me of a book I once read called .... Confederacy of Dunces. ...Part Two.

    'You never see the Cartel/Narco Puto's with anything that has LR capabilities.'

    ...until perhaps now, Tom. I'm learning a lot of really new Spanish here at BB, as our e-soldiers nobly fight the 'Narco Putos'!


  11. @ Ajulio...

    Like what?

    'ajulio said...
    this is already the second time they have shot from across the border in juarez towards the el paso side this year. the first time they hit an el paso city government building. wether it's an accident or not, it better stop or else the U.S. will be forced to take actions.'

    Sarah Palin will blow her nose at them? I love this Cracker Talk you guys are coming up with!


  12. Tom, just in case you need a lesson in international law, troops firing across an international border constitutes an act of war. The ONLY, repeat ONLY way we could go in is if we are invited. If we invaded, we would have the wrath of the entire world upon us.

    With that said, I could only hope we DO get invited in to help Mexico. Curfews, house to house searches and maybe we could make a dent.

  13. anonomous @ 10:08

    it seems you need the lesson. thugs do not constitute government troops. A sovereign country has the authority to control the citizens within its own borders. You could line the entire mexican population up on the border and they could shoot all day long. If the US invaded it would be a violation of Mexico's sovereign rights. We would not face the wrath of the world for an invasion. What wrath? By whom? To what degree? Do the words nuclear deterrent mean anything to you? No county has the balls or means to invade the US. Period. A couple have the means of causing the US to set the entire planet on fire. Not to invade us. The only wrath that we would face would be massive demonstrations against the invasion in the demonstrators own countries and then only because the stock market burped and some people lost money and are hungry. Wrath, don't even think about it. The US will NEVER be taken by any other country on this earth. Aliens perhaps, humans, no way it can or will happen. Invading the US is nothing short of destroying the planet. We would immediately use nulear arms against the invading country. As soon as our birds are in the air, auto-firing would commence in every other country with nuclear capability. The birds wold fly past each other in the night and the world would burn. Every square inch would burn.

    That being said, how about letting Mexico settle her own problems? If you want a change to the problems, do something about drug use in the US and Europe, which ironically uses more coke than the US does now. Go help drug addicts in your town. Join the police and arrest the people who are addicted. With nobody to buy the dope, the dope stops coming in. Go take a shit in your own back yard before you shit in someone elses.

    @ anon 8:35

    We have have not lost every war we have been in since WWII. We have not been in a war since 1945. In order to have a war, TWO (2) opposing countries much collectively agree to declare war upon each other and have their individual governments agree to such actions. Korea was a PEACEMAKING UN action. This is not to be confused with Bosnia, Somalia, Liberia, etc that were PEACEKEEPING. HUGE DIFFERENCE politically. Vietnam was unilateral invasion. First gulf war was a UN decision and the Ba'thist party did not sanction a war against the world. Afghanistan was a UN approved unilateral invasion. IRAQ was unilaterally approved as well. Notice these are not WARS. Learn your political science. Language is very important. For instance, during the 1973 OPEC oil embargo, former Secretary of State Henry was finally sent to Saudia Arabia to meet with the House of Saud. This was done after much frustration on the part of the US government with OPEC. While many people believe the embargo was lifted due to relieving tensions due to Israli troop presense in the Sinai. There was actually an agreement made by the US and Saudia Arabia that allowed the Saudis to maintain face and look like heroes to the Arab community by forcing Isralis out. This is not the case. Kissingers words were this: "The production of Arab oil is of vital interest to the the United States". To most of the world this meant nothing. To the uneducated it means oil is important. To a political scientist (those who advise kings and presidents on policy decisions) it meant the US told OPEC to produce oil or lose your country. "Vital means the same in politics as it does medicine. It means life is at stake.

    This was a free lesson provided to you by 100,000 dollars worth of higher education and given to those who have not gotten past the 6th grade yet. Please watch your words people. The world is watching.

  14. cracker is a racist slur..i though BB moderated such comments...

  15. even tho' i agree in spirit with Ajulio...and would enjoy seeing these almighty strutting narcos get the shit kicked out of them by Americans ...and do think that if it keeps up the war drums will start to sound....

    i just don't we need to get in the pen with a dogfight ...just guard our own borders adequately... and let Mexico fight it out amongst themselves...they don't want us there ...and any sane person wouldn't want to get involved..

    and before you jump to blame the American drug problem for Mexico's runaway crime problem ..remember the love of money drives the crime business in Mexico, and the fact that as a nation Mexico has for a long time shown no consideration for the USA , by allowing and participating in the transport of contraband through their long as they turn a buck hell with the gringos...right?

    ,American intervention in Mexico make instant patriots out of every American hater in Mexico... and just play into the hands of the cartels

    and for all the people who are so quick to point out Afghanistan...i agree it is a fiasco, we should not be there ..or any where like it gloat , or belittle the American soldier is going too far..some of you folks here really get your hackles up at the thought of an American being would make sense if you are not an American...but if you are makes no sense to hate your own disagree with the govt is one thing ...but to cheer on the "downfall" of your own country is moronic..

    we can walk away from Afghanistan, like every other country unfortunate enough to get involved there has done ..but Mexico is contigous to the USA and we have to deal with it one way or another , sooner or later...

    a realistic immigration policy and secure borders are my favorite answers

  16. 'Cracker Talk' is a racist slur???? How quaintly PC! I don't know about that though since in the new USA Cracker Talk is just as likely to come from a Black, Brown, or White person as anything ... 'Cracker Talk' is no longer really race specific for any of you very nice and sensitive folk out there who are talking it up so Rah Rah Rah for a US invasion of Mexico.

    I'll have to watch my tongue though in the future. If I were to use the word 'gringo' perhaps some of you might just faint and fall down and sprain your yourselves in utter dismay. Wouldn't want that to happen to such decent delicate people...


  17. Yeah this is probably not realistic, the U.S. securing mexicos border cities but who ever thought that september 11th would ever become a reality either. But the U.S. wont do anything until mexico poses a serious terrorist threat to the U.S..

  18. @ (;

    You got a point. I use the words nosey mexicans and ernest called that a racist remark but then he uses the word cracker which everyone knows is an offenseive word towards white people. Ernesto, I don't think that you are a racist either but you are definitely a hypocrite.

  19. Is cracker racist? I don't know I guess so, to be honest I never really met to many "gringo's" who take offense to the word, if anything its treated like a novelty. But if its a consensuses by the folks here than I think we can cut the word from now on, since most people feel this way.

    @ Ajulio "Metiche" is an adjective with no racist connotations that I know of.

    And its no news that E1 can be hypocritical, Brito is often bellicose, but whats new on BB?

  20. @ smurf

    gracias smurf. well one of the men from above said it and now it is done.

    @ ernesto

    i dare you to say cracker in a room full of white people and see what happens. white people are polite so they will probably just give a few looks but now say it in a room full of hells angels and cross your fingers. wet back or mojado are really not bad words either but say it in a room full of mexican bikers(bandidos or mongols)and see what happens to you. say it in a friendly way with a smile on your face and see what happens. same consequence.

    i'm mexican-american myself(chicano) and personally, these words don't bother me. it's the intention that makes it bad.

  21. gringo is a common phrase used by Mexicans and Americans alike to specify an mexicans use guero to say light skinned slur intended...and usually none taken

    but it is common knowledge that calling someone a cracker is like saying the N word to a black... it is usually used derogatorily to refer to a person from the southeast USA

    urny 1 knows that , and i suspect he uses these little devices to try to ferret out a little info as to a persons identity..he thinks by taunting someone enough they will break form and give something away

    by using it urny1 identifies himself as possibly being an urban black racist

  22. urny 1

    gag /// ignore

  23. @ ernest

    to call you a hypocrite is the same as calling george dubya bush an idiot. you're probably use to it anyway.

    your comment on white people being multi-grained crackers was stupid and only proves that you have the tendency to say things that are ridiculous(ask buela and brito).you have no reason to apologize if your intentions were never prejudiced to begin with but we will all accept your apology becuase we know that you have loose lips and sometimes you write before you think. so you are forgiven.

    and as far as our troops going into juarez...i believe that if the violence keeps spilling over from juarez, MY troops from FORT BLISS should defend themselves and kick some naco...umm...narco ass! they've already shot twice on to our side this year and there was already a shooting at a billiards place in el paso suspected to be by bad juarenses(no one was killed though). narcos already have businesses in el paso so let's wait to see what happens but i would'nt be surprised if the violence escalates. we cannot let these same bullies, who have destroyed their own country, now try to invade our country and let them bully US(not including you becuase you prefer being a loner for some reason). you have to fight back against these cartels or else they will kill you and your relatives without any remorse. they have no mercy and i know that you agree with me on this one ernesto. or maybe not?

    now that you have apologized to the multi-grained crackers, you can also apologize to the other bb readers(especially buela and brito)for being sexist, narrow-minded, rude to our soldiers, prejudiced, and also for being a very bad speller. jeje now i gotta go to my jiu-jitsu class. PEACE!

  24. @ ajulio...

    I didn't call Whites multi grained Crackers at all! I called Whites Saltine Crackers, if anything. You misread and misinterpreted what I wrote altogether!

    Unfortunately the post is now removed so you can't look at it again, ajulio. That's the problem with 'redacting' and 'cleansing' web sites of controversy when it is done. The record of what was said by me is now just gone.

    'your comment on white people being multi-grained crackers was stupid and only proves that you have the tendency to say things that are ridiculous'

    I simply said that that 'Crackers' are not a White specific group in my book, which is the complete opposite of how you read what I said, ajulio. There is White, Brown, and Black in the new Multi-grained American Cracker.... and that's what I meant. Not so hard to figure out what I said actually.

    I even went into how much more nutritious and full of fiber the Multi Grained 'Crackers' had. Don't think I could have spelled this muti ethnic 'Cracker' out any more than I did? It's funny how you and Lito brito seemingly intentionally misread my words' meaning. It took a real effort on your part, YES it did, to see the opposite being said here by me than what I meant.

    So this makes lito brito's guessing attempts about me totally off the wall, too....

    Brito said... 'by using it urny1 identifies himself as possibly being an urban black racist'

    Not at all, whatever this wacky idea is that lito brito has of 'urban black racism'?????. It simply means that you and ajulio don't understand anything I say about 90% of the time. Kind of sad...

    And by the way, all this effort by essentially game playing Right Wing BB commentators to play pc games with me calling me racist and sexist is too comical really for words. It's like listening to Doctor Laura, Neil Boortz, or Rush Limbaugh a little, as they love to play the same game.... labeling liberals as being racists, sexist, and the like.

    We live in an utterly silly COWARDLY new world, and the anti abortionists in my local area, to give another example, claim that they are Nuevo MLKers and plan to head to Planned Parenthood tomorrow in the supposed name of Martin Luther!

    It is Bizarro World and this whole silliness around one tiny and innocuous use of the word 'Cracker' illustrates it. Meanwhile, we have people who think that Barack Obama is a socialist because ???? Why???? Just because he's Black? Some of these people probably are writing on BB this very day even.... calling me names as they go along.


  25. There's a major difference between defending our own border and battling overseas in other people's countries. We could easily defend the border if we really wanted to. Border security has been deliberately screwed up because someone at the top is making money off of all the illegal trade. There's no other rational explanation. The elites in both countries profit, and the average people pay the bills.

    Why aren't drones flying the border? Why haven't we mined it? Why don't we have a rotating border detail with full military sensors and weapons as part of military service? Because the drugs and labor are SUPPOSED to get through. And the sad thing about the right-wing is that they don't realize their own leaders are as responsible as those on the left, which I, as a lifelong democrat, am really not happy about. Not happy about NAFTA, not happy about letting these punks into our once-lawful nation just for stupid drugs.
    Not happy about Spanish-speaking propoganda.

    Oh well, we can either legalize or penalize Saudi Arabia style ( I prefer the former), but this half-measures approach is a joke.

  26. @anon

    yeap...SUPPOSED to happen...i agree...all part of the plan...nothing else makes any sense...use exploited labor to help weaken our economy...use the crime to further infringe on our civil rights...disarm us..drugs to ruin communities and alienate us from each other and the illegal gun and drug trade finances it all

    but the question is ..who is behind it ..i mean really who ..not the obvious culprits /politicians i suspect

  27. tell you president take care of you country not ours ,because this country is one of the big consumption drugs , how the drugs get here in this country because the corruption in you country everybody said Mexico is corrupt that is true ,but do not forget in this country is a lots corruption too

  28. what about the mexican army: can't fight,un-disaplinedand, corrupted,dosent know how to win a war and looks like the second shift from taco bell. on top of all that mexico really dosent have a real army. Just a gaggle of so called men that could't even beat the french. COME ON THE FRENCH!!! 12 YEAR OLD BOY SCOUTS WITH SLING SHOTS COULD BEAT THE FRENCH.


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