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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mexican Government Says Security Strategy Has Been Great Success


The Calderon administration’s security strategy of taking on Mexico’s organized crime groups directly has yielded “historic results” that have been “superior to the results achieved in past periods,” the Security Cabinet said.

The strategy should be expanded “with the participation of the state governments and municipalities,” the Government Secretariat, Defense Secretariat, Navy Secretariat, Public Safety Secretariat and Attorney General’s Office said in a joint statement released Sunday.

Operations launched by the government resulted in the seizure, as of Dec. 23, of 11.05 tons of poppy seeds, 21.8 tons of methamphetamine and nearly 61 million psychotropic drug tablets, more than during any other administration, the Security Cabinet said.

The operations carried out by federal forces, including the army and Federal Police, in Mexico’s most crime-ridden states hit “the operational and financial networks of organized crime groups in a systematic and forceful manner,” the Security Cabinet said.

Between Dec. 1, 2006, when Calderon took office, and Dec. 23, 2010, authorities seized 40,469 handguns, 55,269 rifles, 9.8 million rounds of ammunition and 7,516 grenades from criminals.

The Federal Police has gone from having 6,500 officers in 2006 to fielding 35,000 officers today who are “well trained and have passed loyalty tests,” the Security Cabinet said.

Calderon has made fighting crime a priority, but he has been unable to stem the wave of drug-related violence that has claimed the lives of 30,196 people, according to an AG’s office report released on Dec. 16, since he took office.

A record 12,456 people were murdered in Mexico during the first 11 months of 2010, the AG’s office said.


  1. Even "Baghdad Bob" couldn't have written that story with a straight face.

  2. Calderon must have investments in all the Coffin factories! He is making a Killing literally!

  3. if you have bad leadership, you will have bad followers. the leaders are to blame for the military soldiers who are murdering innocent people and raiding their homes and stealing possessions throughout mexico or the federales who are working with the cartels and are murdering for money. bad leadership.

    but i give props to all of the good soldiers and policia federales who do choose to do the right thing especially when the police got together in juarez to protest in defiance towards their corrupt captain. people in juarez have told me that the police are doing a better job now. they are posted everywhere throughout juarez and have checkpoints everywhere too. good job.

  4. once mexico is safer, commerce will strengthen again. charles bowden said that if the cartels collapsed, then so would the entire country of mexico. he believes that mexico makes a living off of drugs the way afghanistan makes a living off of heroin. i believe that this is partially true but the cartels cannot rule mexico if mexico wants to have a prosperous future.

  5. yeah i fell a lot safer ...and all the news is rosy...jajajajjaja

  6. It seems clear that the Security Cabinet is under the influence of massive doses of mind-altering drugs

  7. I wonder what a loyalty test means lol too many crooks on the take.

  8. while we are all celebrating a safer Mexico , don't get shot or slip and fall in the blood

  9. So let me get this straight...'A record 12,456 people were murdered in Mexico during the first 11 months of 2010,' and we're suppose to believe that 'the Calderon administration’s security strategy of taking on Mexico’s organized crime groups directly has yielded “historic results superior to the results achieved in past periods”? Yeah! Did they smoke some of that confiscated dope before making this statement? I mean, seizing such an astronomical amount of illegal drugs is great and all, but until this "security strategy" can curb the record number of killings and protect terrified residents of Mexico who are often fearful of venturing outside their own homes (at certain times) due to promises of violence on the streets, this administration has no business trying to act like they've achieved any SORT of security for the Mexican people. The truth of the matter is that drug cartels control certain areas of Mexico. Calderon and his administration can try and paint a different picture of things, but their lies only serve to ridicule them.

  10. seized and resold ....

  11. Remember Presidente Carlos Salinas di Gortari?...well somehow I have a feeling that his circus just got a different manager ("Mexico under new management").The President named above lives in Sweden where ALL retired MEXICAN PRESIDENTS LIVE,wealthy thanks to his ruling and "war against crime" at the end of his term,it comes out to be the biggest drug czar Mexico has ever had,it too "cleaned his enemies out of his way, sized drugs and weapons to his own benefit,it cleared his own way to Ciudad Juarez and delivered his drugs on Government vehicles escorted with his own army"...This inept Mexican ruler is not different that of past rulers and it will never going to the end of the day they are running their own business and insuring a happy place in Sweden.That is why the biggest cartel in Mexico is still active,because that is his own cartel.Mexico will NEVER have peace or prosperity unless it becomes a property of the United States of America and be ruled by THE AMERICAN PEOPLE...Because the Spaniards who are ripping the country off and killing true Mexicans are the rulers now.To date ONLY ONE TRUE MEXICAN PRESIDENT HAS BEEN ASSIGNED TO OFFICE.Lic.Benito Juarez was his name.


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