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Sunday, January 9, 2011

La Familia Michoacana and their U.S. contacts

Protected witnesses reveal the names of contacts in the U.S. that aid LFM in the receiving drug shipments, distributing the product and laundering illegal money.

Francisco Gómez | El Universal

According to information received by the PGR through witness testimony, California, New México, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Atlanta, North/South Carolina, Florida, are all important territories and centers of operation for 'La Familia Michoacana' in the United States, a fact that is also recognized by the DEA.

In one of the most recent cases, cartel operatives were arrested in less than 30 days in places such as Georgia, Illinois, and Washington D.C.

Authorities said they seized about 80 pounds of crystal meth with a street value of more than $3.5 million, by far the largest meth seizure in Washington’s history. The previous record was about two pounds. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says they also seized 10 gallons of liquid meth, more than 1,000 grams of cocaine, 11 pounds of marijuana, three guns and more than $35,000 in cash.

To date, La Familia Michoacana has its principal base of operations in California and Texas, two of the states that are seeing a major influx of immigrants from Michoacán. Often, the members of the criminal organization meet and discuss strategies on improving distribution and sale, as well as the topic of more effective ways to launder money.

A protected witness named "Emilio" gave details to SIEDO that “these meeting were for the discussion of logistical strategies related to the sale of drugs in the U.S. and to leave an understanding that those on the north side of the border needed to charge the correct amount, so all the accounts and figures would and up evenly on both sides," according to information exclusively obtained by EL UNIVERSAL.

At the meetings arranged by Nazario Moreno González, El Chayo (deceased), and the actual leader of his cartel, Jesús Méndez, El Chango Méndez, “they would go over the figures of the money that was collected by their collectors who dealt with the money coming in from the United States. They would also name the people who would be in charge of overseeing the drug shipments that were marked for Texas and California. Every detail was discussed, from the methods of distribution, to the amounts charged as the package would be broken down by retail suppliers.," assured the witness.

"Carlos", another protected witness for the PGR, said that La Familia Michoacana dealt mostly with crystal meth and cocaine in the U.S., and they had a fairly strong foothold in the state of California.

He said that the cocaine the cartel bought came from Colombia and would arrive in the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán. From there is was transported tot he town of Apatzingán, where it was packed into trailers headed to Tijuana, Baja California, and then on to California and the rest of the U.S..

According to the witness testimony, El Chango Méndez has a pact with the head of the Tijuana cartel, Fernando Sánchez Arellano, El Ingeniero, that allows La Familia Michoacana to use their smuggling routes. “Cooperation is the way that these large quantities of drugs are reaching the U.S. on a weekly basis."

The Accomplices

These testimonies reveal the extensive cooperation that La Familia Michoacana requires from their connection in the U.S. to receive and distribute the product and launder money so that it makes its way back to the cartel leaders in Mexico.

In Georgia, a representative of La Familia Michoacana was a man known as El Boricua because of his South American origin; however according to witnesses, La Familia prefers to have its own people Michoacán handle the product. In Austin, Texas, the Cornejo brothers were in charge of the operation, and they also controlled the drug trade in certain parts of California. Another man of Michoacan origin was El Nacho who was their representative in Chicago.

In Texas, a man named El Pachichi or El Tapachichi, is the person who received many of the crystal, cocaine, and marijuana shipments for LFM. Annel Noriega, La Bonita was the liasson to Los Ángeles for the cartel in regards to their money and drug shipment logistics.

Others who conspired to receive large shipments of drugs and oversaw the distribution were the Martínez Espinosa brothers, Samuel and Martín, who are originally from Pilón Chico, a municipality of Tuzantla, Michoacán. According to Emilio, in 2007 the two brothers, along with El Chango Méndez coordinated drug shipments of marijuana and crystal meth that would make its first stop in Texas and was received by Antonio Avilés, (a) La Pelusa, who has apparently since been murdered. La Pelusa oversaw retail drug sales in Atlanta and his base of operations was a club called Padrinos Night Club, although he maintained several residences and businesses.

Another U.S. operator was Salvador García, originally from Ranchito or Francisco Villa, municipalities of Tuzantla, Michoacán. He received drug shipments in Gaiville, Nort Crosse and in Doraville. “This person would break down the large packages nd distribute them to mid leval dealers for La Familia Michoacana”.

In Athens Teódulo Valdez is the person in charge for LFM, he is responsible for the sale of drugs in the Carolina's and parts of Florida. He also runs money laundering schemes that use local car dealerships and small stores to clean the illicit cash. Both Valdez and Garcia report directly to Annel Noriega Ríos,(a) La Bonita or La Chula.

Others involved in the U.S. side of LFM are two men known only as Osmar and El Güero, who specialize in bringing the illegal cash back to Michoacán.

In regards to the two brothers Claudio and Chava Cornejo, the first one is the nickname of Salón Centenario who resides in Austin, Texas, and he also launders money for La Familia Michoacana, through nightclubs that specifically carry live music. As for Chava Cornejo, operator in Los Ángeles California, he was executed.

Anther member of the U.S. side of the organization if Irineo Silva, (a) La Tripa, originally from El Salitre, she controls all the crystal meth, cocaíne a marijuana that is introduced to Texas, New mexico, by way of California. The same is also said of La Bonita, who also oversees drug shipments that arrive in the U.S. and she alone decides which dealers receive packages and how much product they each get.

In Dallas, Texas, another big name drug courrier is Omar, (a) La Foca, originally from Parácuaro, Michoacán, 22 or 25 years old, “he is a bigtime operator for La Familia Michoacana in Dallas and he answers directly to La Tripa”.



  1. these culeros are gonna hit a wall when they encounter some of the good 'ol cornbread mafia boys ...they have their own meth labs ...and don't need any chiles gettin in on it ...

    como se dice en espanol? shore got a purty mouth.. now squeel like a pig boy

  2. plus ..when they try their take over and shoot up the town shit...


    most of the good 'ol boys are real good shots and have been waiting all their lives to get to do some killing...Americans are not Mexicans...they are armed to the teeth, and think totally different than Mexicans you really think narcobloques would be tolerated...jajjaja....

    plus American police are some deadly pinche madres ...fuck with them and cant just "run away" and be forgotten ...

    I am an American ..i have owned a gun since i was 8 years old that time i could shoot birds out of the sky...sharpen a knife like a razor ..throw it and stick it ..could throw a hatchet as well...could stay out in the woods and set traps fires ..make camps..and so on... and i am not the only one, many young American kids are taught at an early age to do the same ...

    for better of worse we are raised in a culture that adores violence, we admire military service, we still believe that it is honorable to die defending our homes and might laugh and call us stupid , redneck, or whatever ...but you can still live in relative security.. we like our country, we like our guns , we like the security to not live behind barred windows, we like being able to drive the roads at any hour day or night, we like being able to openly critisize the police and government...we like being Americans ...this is an integral part of our national character, and wont soon change..

    so if you are some culero sitting in Mexico thinking you are gonna turn the USA into your little playground like you have done to Mexico...think again will die ...and be only remembered as some stupid assholes who were foolish enough to underestimate us

    you want to come here and play with guns? have come to the right we say might run in, but you will be carried out..

    and for the inevitable turd who is gonna say some disparaging remark about the things i have said here ...

    i say in advance ...yeah, right on asshole just keep right on moving along

  3. you do realize this cornbread boys will be going up against multibillion dollar enterprises, who do you think will win if they went up against each other. Mexicos drug war give insight into what would happen if a fortune 500 company would go to war against its host government when felt threaten. To some in the ivory tower whats playing out down south is just a preview if say Windows decided to take up arms

  4. I get a kick out of the typical American tough guy who talks like he is going to take on the Cartels in the USA. Why haven't you done it up until now? Do you think this is a new developement, the cartels working in the USA? This is as old as the hills. Do you think the redneck who is gaurding the backwoods meth lab stands a chance against a ruthless, armed to the teeth cartel member?

    I am an American too, living in Mexico. All this tough talk on the internet is laughable.

  5. Mexico's poor undocumented, doing the work Americans won't do.

  6. Great, turn it into a race war. What are you guys? fucking 12 years old again?

    On topic, I'm surprised how far the hand of La Familia has reached into the U.S.

  7. @ lito

    dude who are you? Where do you get these warped opinons of Mexicans and Americans? I have red your posts and truly wonder if you re't a European just trying to cause conflict here. I think I read somewhere that you were in the Navy. How does this equate to "we" and "carrying out". You don't see combat. You have never seen combat. I question if you have seen Mexico from some of the disparaging things that have come from your mouth. I honestly don't understand this behaviour and I am am clinically trained to recognize and develope treatment plans for those whose capacities have been compromised. I wish you the best of luck. I am genuinely concerned for you.

  8. what do you call combat ?...does seeing my dad shoot it out with a bunch of guys who were shooting into our house when i was 4 years old qualify...does seeing a man kill another man with a knife when i was 7 years old qualify...does owning a gun since i was 8 years old qualify...does seeing one of my uncles beat some guys he caught stealing from us half to death with a 2 by 6 when i was 9 or ten years old qualify?... does being beaten half to death and kept in jail for a week till i could walk for speeding by six county cops when i was 17 qualify ...and there is lots more ...but you you tell me...ok?

    maybe you grew up in a nice safe little suburb...but i didn't ...and don't worry about me cabrone...i am a survivor...

    and i am in Mexico right now...and i can walk one block away and see dried human blood on the just tell me all about it... ok?

    who said race war...oh yeah ..YOU DID ..not me..

    MIRA .i am not talking about race ...i am talking about letting criminals take over

    so you think your almighty cartels are gonna rule the USA...sounds like you are doing some wishful thinking...we ain't all just gonna roll over ..

    it really bothers some of you when some people intend to resist dosen't it ...why because you are afraid to ?

    and guess what ...a million dollars can change hands quick budrow ...with a single bullet


  9. and i really don't care what you think i know the life i have lived

    you should support what i am saying instead of making stupid comments trying to tear it down

  10. i don't know buddy ...a few days ago a ruthless backwoods meth head beat another guy to death with a rock right in the road ...

    he didn't even need a gun ...or fifty guys to back him up...

    you guys give these narcos too much credit...

    maybe some of you should go other places in the USA than southern Texas

    why are you so afraid of these narcoculeros?... i can see it when you are in Mexico...where they rule ... i am afraid of when i am in Mexico as well...but to fear them in the USA is absurd

    it is almost like some of you want it to happen...why?... are you some kind of 5th column ..trying to use psych ops to soften Americans up to some inevitable conquest by them...

    i am really worried about you ...

  11. I call combat 5 tours in 12 years.....almost having my right arm taken off by an RPG blast. Seeing others commit violence DOES NOT qualify you as seeing combat. You were trying to imply you had all this experience and in reality you are are just what the other guy said. A sailor. Nothing more. These dillusions of granduer must be corrected young man. You are going to make your life much harder than it has to be. You are not a combat vet, a gangster, or a member of any of these groups you claim to "know". Get over it. I have seen nothing but negativity spewing from your mouth and it has been addressed at BOTH sides. I am glad you are no longer a member of the military. Your judgement could be held as questionable at best. You have repeatedly flamed this forum as though it is your personal playground. You have insulted people who have come to to give information. You have doneso because of your own personal insecurities and baggage. I only wish I could be able to paint the entire with one paintbrush like you can. It must be a miserable existence though. I can not forsee you finding happiness or providing a positive influnence on anyone until these problems you are facing hve manifested themselves and you have agreed to become the person you really are. I am sorry if this comes as a coarse or abrasive. Sometimes people really just need to hear the truth because they can see their own reflection even in a mirror.

  12. I think this kid is living in some dreamed up fantasy world. Beaten and held for a week in a county jail? By six cops? At 17? You must be the size of King Kong and have twice his stength. There is no way it would take six cops to whip one ass when one nightstick can do the job. You need help kid. Serious help.

  13. Pendejo Tito-Pito,
    the Cartels are already here, and all this time youve been Blowing-ur mouth and not doing anything.
    tough guy.

  14. FREE-WILL is something that God won't interfere with, in a persons life. My aunt said once that's 'wars' use to end faster because people would gather in groups and 'pray to God'. Today people have lost their faith in God for one reason or another, and many don't believe in His excistance. But if you look around, He's presence is every-where. (blind and deaf and spirtually dead are people] Ever wonder why you have no joy or peace in your life???!!! your money can't buy you that.!!! Power in numbers is the key. Today, we have more people who tend to turn to evil than good. Giving themselves a reason or justification for doing what they do is enough for them to delude themselves to 'make it okay'. Everything has a beginning and an end, and we are coming to the conclusion and end of these 'world age'. The book of 'revelation', talks about how the 'merchants' are crying because of their wealth is no more. Their end is fast approaching and their idiotic notion that their money can purchase anything and anyone, will be replaced with the wrath of "God". I realize that theirs many people whose beliefs and understanding are different, and would prefer to believe something different. Believe me, we are fast approaching 'the end', and my only reason to get in these discussions because I have an obligation to 'blow the trumpet', so to speak. The god-father of the Italian mafia, towards the end of his life tried to redeem himself by giving the Catholic Church money in exchange for some redemption. You can't con, or bribe GoD. He's knows you better than you know yourself. But if your free will thinking decides your smarter than the CREATOR, then by all means carry-on drug dealers, and haters of human life (GOD'S CREATION] for your time will sooon come to an end!!!!

  15. If he has military experience and lives in mexico as well, why doesn't he join the police and fight the zeta's cartel? He talk real tough. He understands english and spanish. I think he is a kid just here to troll the websie.

  16. I bet this guy rides around the US blasting narcocorridos and leaning to the side and bragging about being "connected". When he hits the border I bet he changes to christian music. You can tell by all the posting and the personal attacks that he is a poser......Please let him stay here. This is better than Jerry Springer. You can't find people like this even with an ad on the internet.

  17. so when did say it took six would have taken only one...i was 17...weighed about 130 lbs...but the others were in it for the fun

    you people think i am making it up...ok by me ...

    i got a question for all you assholes who are ganging up on me now

    what is the opposite of a tough talking American

    do de do de ..answer ..a weak talking american

    so you were in the war..then you should be on the right side against the cartels

    and so what ...what is the difference between you as a grown man seeing combat and me as a child seeing combat...death is death buddy...or do you feel superior some how because you seen it at an older age ...most of the little boys i went to school with are either dead or in prison...if that ain't war ..what is ..

    why do some of you take it so personally when i talk about my fucked up life.....i never say i am gonna take them on all alone...i never say any rascist shit...i say that because hopefully we as Americans will fight them they wont be able to do to this country what they have done to Mexico...

    what do you want me to say ...ooooo!!! afraid ...

    so go ahead ..promote a weak knee ...but let me express my opinion with out your stupid personal attacks

  18. Yeah, these childish revenge fantasies are pretty tiresome, then of course, the first person anecdotal evidence of toughness. Cmon, Rooster Cogburn, give it a rest.

    Interesting article, surprised/but not surprised to see La Familia has an agreement with Ingeniero, maybe more evidence of a business relationship with Sinaloa as well. I don't think you can count out La Familia just yet, as it seems their US distribution is solid.

  19. LFM practically owns Atlanta

  20. You said you were held until you could walk. That in itself violates habeus corpus. I thought for a while you had litle bit of credibility. You have lost every bit of that. Of course when he gets called on his talk everyone become "assholes". He said he bows his head when police are looking at him yet he curses at the zeta cartel. I am sorry but this is confusing. How many people here have the same name?

  21. obviously some of you people either don' tread what i say ...jump to conclusions ...or cant read too well...whatever ...either way i don't give a damn...if you want to run scared ..go ahead

  22. @ Lito brito


    I can't stand people who always defend the cartels. These same mexican scum have existed in the southwest for years already. In the california and texas prisons they call them border brothers. They are looked down upon by the chicano gangs and usually get the bad tables on the yard. The tables that are next to the bathrooms.

    In the U.S. they are no more special than the other gangs in cali or texas. Look what happened to the aztecas in el paso. City gov. with the help of the FBI Took 'em out. Raided their homes and dismembered them. They no longer have have much power on the streets, just in the jails. But in juarez, they still terrorize the streets, killing innocent people.

    When im in mexico, I respect them because im in their territory. I've even known narcos that were cool people but they would never be given the privilege in the U.S. to force road blocks in los angeles or to have all out wars in tucson the way they do in tamaulipas. The U.S. gov. Would crush them like a tick.

    They only have their power because the mexican gov. Is incompetent. So the cartels are given the privelege to terrorize their own country by the mexican gov.. A gov. that just does'nt give a shit.

  23. 1:41 that was a good one

    Back to topic. Of course they (cartels) have been here. Maybe since Jimmy Hendrix was playing Woodstock. And they aren't any angels here on earth. So if anybody is delusional and claiming to be perfect or a model citizen think again. If you are Mexican American then you know or have someone in your family that is "connected". That is not the problem the problem is the killings. The dope will always be present. Whether Mexico gets it here or Colombia. Just hope they don't try and monopolize the drug trade here cause thats going a lil too far...

  24. Folks, I don't get the purpose of this heated debate. Why would the cartels want to create a mess in the US? This is their 1st market. If you are in business, you know you have to be nice to your customers and have plenty of distributors. Whether you sell soap or drugs. If a cartel or street gang becomes too visible here, the feds take them down. This country is all about moderation and good manners, and that's great.

    I guess LFM is growing fast as the meth market grows dramatically fast in the US. Sad when you know what the social damages are. Nothing to do with the gentle mota. But hey, it's Darwinism in action.

    @Anon 3:13PM, what competition do the cartels have in the US? As I understand, they are the only bulk supplier right now, they even control most of the illegal production of weed in California. Am I wrong? The competition here is between the retailers, the street dealers. The low-life gang members. Nothing to fear about.

  25. You already see the evidence that the hand of the cartels are here in the U>S<. In New
    Mexico there have been several deaths of Mexican-Americans who apparently were involved in drug-dealing. The cartels would be smart enough not to have the same massive killings that are happening in Mexico, for fear of outrage and cries of the Americans. Drug dealing is highly recommended by U.S, government because it's another way to take from the Americans in terms of [taxes}. There are major corperations that are highly profitting, the incarcerations of drug dealers, drug users, and people who commit crimes who are under the influence of drugs. Believe it or not, it's one cleaver conspiracy by the elites to eliminate people, and in the process, get rich. We are all pawns to the Elites and are used for their personal gain. Drug usage has been around since the documentation of excistence of 'man'. If the governments of the world were seriously interested in stopping the drug trade, and destroying it, they would be using the high-technolgy that can track people and the satelite systems that can zone in from thousands of miles from space, and use it to destroy the plants before they ever get to Mexico, or any where else. They would also stop the productions of the chemicals that are used for the meth.w/OUTdrugs, we wouldn't have as many jails, prisions, people like judges, polices officers, etc. etc. Alot of people directly and indirectly benefit from the drug trade. iT'S ONE SUPREME SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST OF THE DOG EAT DOG, AND THE RATS RACE IS ONE. "lito brito, I give you credit because with your voice,to make a stand against the cartels, and the rest that attack him, are probably getting high from the drugs of the cartels, and could give a damn shit just like like all the druggies whose only goal is to get high. You druggies don't really care about these people dying, not your problem right?



  27. ok pendejos

    lets have it your way..

    the cartels are gonna take over the USA ..kill or corrupt all our police ..alcaldes ...take out all the black gangs from the big cities....all the cornbread mafias from the rural areas...overcome our army and national guard ...disarm the whole population...set up narcobloques on any road that they want to...shoot up and take over any little town that they want to...and cower the whole 350 million US population ..and turn it into a bollilo Mexico....

    ok you happy now...

    good ...

    now...viete a la verga y callate tu boca sera cuntfaces

    laughing and shaking my head as i walk away...

  28. @ Ajulio

    thanks bro ...damn... i was getting over run by anonymous assholes...jajajaj

    i am getting my fat ass kicked on this topic for defending the USA ..and at the same time getting my ass kicked on another topic for defending Mexicans rights to enter the USA legally with dignity

    i love the anonymous crowd...they always got some funny shit to say

    i especially like the ones who call me "an American tough guy"....i have run like all hell before ..and got my ass kicked till i looked like a raccoon for a week or two

    but am still lookin good... got a straight nose and all my front teeth...knock on wood..jajaj

  29. El Ingeniero was Captured, so much for the Familia Michoacana and their so called Alliance!

  30. The parasites are not going to kill the host.

    In other words the cartels are not going to make trouble here in the USA like they do in Mexico.

    Why make problems with Big Clients?
    Kill the buyer??
    They will keep it quiet and nice in the USA.

  31. once you get out of the American southwest they stick out like a sore thumb...not so easy to hide among the fair skinned and or black Americans ...and harder to threaten to kill the family back in Mexico...if there is none...

    some any mouse types give them some kind of all powerful status...i guess they have never been to the rest of the USA...Texas New Mexico Arizona , and so Cal are only four of fifty states

    in Mexico i fear the hell out of them...but in the USA...i am not ready to concede defeat yet

  32. Two posts above me: when was Inge captured? Unless you were an arresting officer, or someone who would know, that guy has been low for years now.

    You mean El Ingeniero, Vicente Carillo Leyva, from Juarez, captured in 2009?

  33. how long before US politicians give in? or have they already?

  34. @ rose

    yeap ..big business all around...if the county police can bust a big pot field ..they get to keep the goodys...and maybe even get a helicopter for next year...and the legal system...whoopeee...judges ..lawyers ...private shows ..'GANGLAND"...
    yeap prohibition works...for the whole system to take a profit

    and a good time was had by all...except the good people who are victimized

    when a vote to legalize pot is held ... mostly two groups oppose it ...the dealers and the police....

    and lets not forget sr. Calderonz...why ? you tell me

  35. Naw, El Inge still at it, I looked around.

    Usually, you hear about an epic shootuout, followed by media claiming the death of a capo.

    Unless the pics surface, I think this is B.S.

  36. lil brito got ran over by el cartel de los anonimos!

    lol!!! bdn has el cartel del los primis.

  37. @l any mouse January 10, 2011 2:12 PM

    ok i will try to help you understand

    first of all stupid thug cops who beat a kid up for speeding don't give a shit about your rights, and don't even know what a writ of habeas corpus is

    does it shock you that this could happen in the USA that incredible to you?... it was a long time ago

    and son zetas ..means the police ARE the zetas that incredible to you as well?

    wow you are really in a safe world huh?

    and yeah...when all i am trying to do is say the Americans hopefully will not let the narcos take over and share some of my personal life experiences ...i get attacked ...

    i never try to present my self as a "tough guy"...i am sitting in Mexico right now...and i don't feel very tough...more like controlled panic..

    i grew up with some pretty mean / tough guys...i am not trying to talk tuff...

    just trying to state what i hope is a fact ..that it wont happen here

    and yeah i get real mean real quick...why not... i didn't start it and i was trying to give the narcos hell really surprised me at the venom coming from anymouses,,,,maybe they are pro narco...i don't know... but don't start what you cant finish..and really I am not the one to start with ...i got a foul mouth and can match wits with any any mouses

    so now do you see it any clearer?

  38. @ Matanzas

    I hear what u saying. I know our police, dea, fbi will not allow that. But I'll tell you a personal experience. I was at a bar here in Houston one night. A guy walked up to me and asked me if I was holding. I answered no I don't do that. He insisted on me selling him something I didn't have, after asking me several times he finally let me know what was really on his mind. He said good cause only WE sell here and gave me a fuck'd up look. I didn't say nothing back or try to be tough guy cause I didn't know who "WE" was. My point is in the report here it says LFM has clubs where they distribute.

    Don't you think they can go out into the hoods next and start forcing people to sell their product too? They already have a bad rap. Don't you think they will use that to their advantage and try to scare folks into working for them? And if they say no. What's gonna happen?

  39. yeah they will try..especially on anyone they think might have family back in Mexico... or they think might be illegal...but that sort of drys up as you get farther from the border ..not many mainers have a family member from Mexico...

    soon as i get across that border an see that American flag ..i ant skeered no family in Mexico fukem

  40. 'soon as i get across that border an see that American flag ..i ant skeered no family in Mexico fukem'

    So, Birto, what were you doing in Monterrey this Christmas if you have no family there?


  41. The mexican cartels work with the mexican mafia and nuestra familia. The mexican mafia distribute their drugs in so. Cal and nuestra familia distribute their drugs in northern california, los bandidos and texas syndicate in texas. The cartels have some kind of connection to every big gang or mafia in the U.S.. That's what's scary. The cartels have way too much power. Their networks spread all over the U.S. now. It's a virus. But in the U.S. they are waaaaaaay more low key cuz they know better. The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is the biggest most powerful MAFIA in the world.

    That's why I say, legalize drugs before this shit starts to heat up in the U.S.. stop the cartels illegal distribution of all drugs to american ghettos, suburbs, prisons, schools, and stop world distribution.

  42. @ anon 7:18 PM,

    Your experience confirms what I believe happens here in the US, it's a retailer feud. Small dogs eating small dogs. Nothing to worry about, unless you're a retailer. If small dogs works for LFM, so be it. In an another city, there's a street gang working for CDS. That's just healthy competition, LFM has no monopoly. But they have an aggressive business model and will try to gain linear feet on the street, you're right. Still, I don't think it will affect in anyway the life of the average US citizen. You still can park your car on the street and drive below a bridge without seeing weird ornaments.

    Please understand my point: There is a major difference between securing plazas in MX and securing street corners in the US. The former result in civil warfare, the later in back alley brawls.

    I am really not concerned about cartel's business in the US. My fear is to witness MX drifting towards a failed state. Then, no one can tell what could happen next.

    @ ajulio,

    The cartels are businesses, they want a prosperous US with plenty of customers. They are not interested in changing anything, the current prohibition laws serve their business. They are not the Chicago mob planning the assassination of JFK ("kill the head, the tail -Bobby- will fall off" Hoffa said.) And no, the US govt is not a mafia. it's just politicians. Some good, some bad apples. You elect them, don't forget.

    The MX cartels dominate drug supply, so be it. I would be more wary of the Chinese, they have zero quality control.

  43. first and foremost thank you for this article . almost feel lost with out it. almost, if this was 7 or 8 months ago.

    yeah right.. down south hicks gonna spend 100 to build a lab when they can spend 50 to buy it made.. what ever.. cash is king.

    just because some snitches let loose on la familia dont think the other cartels arent doing the exact same thing

    as for your shitty child hood, thats just what it was, being combat no way jose!

    that dude with the 5 tours is combat.. a guy with 1 tour is combat
    what you went through is called life plain and simple (BET YOU DONT SPEED ANYMORE)

    as for taking over the USA .. na they just want their own pie..

    and thanks for the names in the dallas area.. ill have to check on that. seems to me this info is old that kid got done in some time ago and his new boss is actually incarcerated at the moment, but is due to be released with-in the next 2 years.

    i believe he goes by
    el guero pesao

    but what do i know

    @lil brito chill ax vato. come to my ranchito here in jalisco. i got you! theres no combat here we don't let that shit ride homie.


  44. la familia controls all the illegal grows in texas too .. and there is a buttload

    google dallas county . ellis county pot bust pot fields..

    them fellas are wild


  45. ernie 1...what?... do you think i would admit to a potential narco that i got any connection to anybody in Mexico...

  46. @ matanzas...

    that is a new one for me ...i have never heard of a chicago mob connection to the kennedy killing...elaborate.

  47. @ matanzas

    you are wise and very funny but sometimes naive matanzas. but with all do respect, i will debate you:

    you exaggerate my comment just for the sake of disagreeing. i never attached the cartels to any conspiracy theories. i don't think that they are that sophisticated but they do possess guile...the mexican cartels are about business, power, AND terrorism and they will result in extreme acts of violence in order to WIN. they don't give a shit if the U.S. lives prosperously becuase they know that there will always be a high demand for drugs. ALWAYS. they already exist in the U.S. and are growing stronger in numbers with their connections to the mexican mafia, black guerilla family, barrio azteca, the texas syndicate and the aryan brotherhood, just to name a few. these organized mafias alone produce for thousands of street gangs under them(18 street, logan heights, ms-13, grape street crips, rollin 60's, bandidos, rollin 20' bloods, etc. etc.). they all buy and sell the cartels' drugs. this is just in the southwest alone and all of these gangs and organizations are responsible for most of the street crimes that happen in california and texas. this is an epidemic. it's not "just business". not to mention, many of these narcos are using drug money(blood money) to establish legitimate businesses throughout cali and texas for money laundering. i don't know about you but i don't want these cockroaches living next door to me. but you would probably invite them over to your house to have coffee and apple pie. not me! i'm liberal but i'm also a realist.

    definition of mafia: a secret criminal organization operating in the U.S. and engaged in illegal activities for money.

    the United States Government is a mafia...except they are not in the drug business. they are in the "black gold" business. dubya forced an unnecessary war with criminal incentives, against the U.N.'s disapproval, towards iraq, for oil and to make money from halliburton. then they made, a former member of unocal's board of directors, hamid karzai, the president of afghanistan. they are also responsible for the deaths of thousands of iraqis and american soldiers. no weapons of mass destruction were found. just the billions in arms that the U.S. government gave to iraq which saddam hussein used on thousands of persians. halliburton also contributed to dubya's fake election win scandal.

    shame on the senate and the president for kissing corporate america's ass and choosing bribes over the economy and health care and for allowing banks to create criminally deceptive mortgage contracts for families and then foreclosing their homes. also for manipulating the stock market and stealing from our treasury and destroying our social security. this is a's roots just come from white collar criminals, or politicians, some good some bad. same shit. but all rotten apples.

    and don't assume that i voted for dubya or obama. i don't vote becuase i don't believe in modern day politics. but if you did...i guess you got burned.

    so i believe that in order to end this senseless drug war, we should first legalize marijuana and eventually other narcotics in order to bring crime organizations to their knees. but first start with marijuana. i gotta go now, i'm staring to get the munchies. jeje

  48. Lil Brito @ Jan 10th 2011 11:15

    Yes you would brag that you are connected as per this previous post....

    January 8, 2011 10:41 AM
    ''lito'brito said...
    yeah... i have been to PV and just don't see some American setting up their own little empire...

    how much mordida do you pay?

    sounds like some high times imaginary bullshit to me

    the next time i go to PV we will see...cause i really do know some guys there

    I did not make this up. This is you claiming to be conncted on this website in a post documented with your name and the time/date you posted it.




  50. If the would legalize Marijuana in the state I came from I would return to the US and make MILLIONS. Literally. I could go 10 times on my production now AND get more money for it. Please, please, please legalize. I want to buy a Bentley. It is just so much easier to supply the tourists with little to no repercussions that you would find in Mexico. People here mind their business. They understand the violence and if they see something wrong they keep their mouth shut. It helps if you are accepted as a membr of the colonia you live in. This means spending your money in the local tiendas and not at Sam's. Buying the kids treats when you are at the store (they come running when they see me hit the street because I have been know to drop 500 pesos on ice cream for whoever is standing around when I go for a pack of cigarettes. I have my clothes done at the local lavanderia. I hire musicians (at 50 pesos a song) to play for my girls some evenings. This is the beauty of my life in Mexico. I was taught how to do this by someone who is deep in the game. If you give respect and love to your community while expecting nothng in return, the love and acceptance that is shown to you is remarkable. Street vendors come to my house because they know thy can depend on me when their sales are down. When we do not have room for flowers in our house, I pay for the flowers to be left outside the houses on my street and at the Virgin's shrine. I once dropped a 20 peso note at the tienda across the street from my house. The owners son was soon knocking on my door returning the money, which I promptly gave to him or being such an honest boy. I am surrounded by people who although at first did not trust me by any means, have come to ask me about how my day is and if there is anything they can help me with. These people know that I am not a threat to them or their families. Their children I am sure, report back to their parents after they have come in contact with me. What started as looks of distrust when I arrived here have changed to smiles everywhere I go. What I do is illegal. I know this. I am very good at what I do and if my own state woud make it legal I would not be down here doing it. This does not mean I am going to war over my mota business. It suppliments my retirement income and allows me the chance to experiment and develop new methods of production (currently working on building a supersonic dry fogging system that will use plasma lighting. While these experiments are much more costly in Mexico, the relative safety I operate in as far as police or government involvment makes it worthwhile. I expect to be judged as an animal because of th black eye that is given to anyone who is involved in shady dealings in this country. I do not agree with the meth and coke business. I dispise the white powder like no man I know. I do not believe my mota hurts anyone other than the tourist who thinks they are Godzilla and smoke too much of my bud and go to sleep on the beach for an afternoon. That is their problem for believing they are superman.

  51. @ lito brito

    Man Lito, the wolves are all out to get you tonight. Right now ur like a big crocodile swimming in a swamp full of pirhanas. Hang in there bro. These anonymous ones can be relentless sometimes but don't you just love being the center of attention? Ha ha

    @ 10:48 am

    Ha ha you want a bentley and I want a lamborghini. Weed is not bad. Its the only drug that doesn't make you violent. It can also make cancer patients eat food. They will legalize it one day and I hope that you do get your bentley.

  52. @ 10:45



    But yeah what if?? right?

  53. Jeeze...where did all the haters come from??
    But Briiito...hombre, you have been in war mode lately...since in Messico. what the hell is going on there, I think it is time to leave.

    In the words of the infamous Rodney King "can't we all just get along?" jeje .. disagree, ok..but why make it personal? none of really knows any other folks on BB...I mean E1 still thinks I am a fraud even tho Ovemex stated he knows me and has helped my foundation. I think it really does not matter..just our opinions should be fair game..
    Just my dos centavos

  54. If E1 is acting up give him the boot BB. Is he giving brito n' buela a hard time?

    Who's he supposed to be Inspector Gadget?

  55. referring to the guy that had his stepdaughter kidnapped in mexico, when he stirred the pot, and went looking for her a little to much, didnt the fbi call him and tell him to get the hell out of his house, cause there was a convoy of cartel trucks heading towards him? This kid would crawl in a fetal position if he got that call, and that was on the Us side. The bottom line is, if someone is dangerous, they are dangerous, there is no reason to act like a tough guy when you seen a little violence.

  56. @ 1:03 pm

    You're talkin about the gangland episode of los zetas. The guys stepdaughter and her friend went to nuevo laredo mexico for a concert and were kidnapped by the policias and given as ransom to a cartel and were never found. The stepfather received a phonecall from someone who told him that a platoon of zetas were heading to his house to kill him and his family for investigating his daughters death. This was just across the border but it still hit home just like the shooting on falcon lake, also los zetas. LOS ZETAS ARE DIRTY ASS INDIOS.

  57. I gotta laugh, I really do. Here it is an this thread about La Familia Michoacana that already has 56 posts to it, and only one of them up to now is mine! The supposed details of the supposed doings of Carlos, Omar, Emilio et al just haven't interested me at all, but I was curious as to why this story had all these folk's comments following it? But I have been quiet and have not had a real thing to say about the three stooges mentioned above. Don't care about them really.

    I have not made a comment at all posted on this thread except to ask Brito why he was spending time at Christmas in Monterrey since he said he had no family there? My family went down there on Christmas BECAUSE they/ we do have family there. So I was just curious about a guy who is not Hispanic yet calls himself Lito Brito and then heads that way to NL? Heck, I have relatives in Monterrey, too, yet not even I went there with my immediate family. They traveled alone without me! I stayed in Texas with some other relatives.

    So why in the world does some 2:51 PM AnonyMous come up with a request to have me thrown off Borderland Beat here?!!!!!!????*&% for asking this rather innocent question of Brito? Are people really supposed to just shut up entirely when others themselves say all sorts of personal stuff about themselves, or are we to be allowed some curiosity about some of the strange stuff we are reading?

    Mr. Anonymous, Buela, Lito Brito.... I love all of you. I don't want any of you to be anything other than just the way you are. Please, too, just let E1 be just his own poor ol' hippie Chavista self without being in any way offended by any of it. Honest.

    Buela said... 'In the words of the infamous Rodney King "can't we all just get along?" jeje .. disagree, ok..but why make it personal?'

    Buela, Rodney King, and I are all of one opinion! Right On!

    sez Ernest1

  58. lol@brito and his stories if you hate mexico so much what are you doing there? sounds to me like someone thinks the tooth fairy comes around jajajaja

  59. OK-OK
    Because I am old I have a built in excuse for being a bit confused...I say that is one of the few perks of "the golden years"
    But I missed the part of Brito not being Latino..????
    and E1 you are not either??? Well neither am I..

    Just kidding.

    @Ajulio...and whoever
    look at this is a good account how cartels have infiltrated california to control city this with respect to Los ANgels county are absolutely correct about the gang affiliation with Mx DTOs
    but it goes deeper than that. the wheels have been turning in the US for many years. They also have affiliation with Indian reservations.

    @ Brito...never used the "C" word...ask your wife or daughter if she thinks its ok...I rest my case. BAD-BAD BRITO!

    @ jan 10 @ 5:32
    WHen did Inge's arrest supposedly happen? can you give me a link? there was a rumor a while back, but it turned out not true..

  60. Brito doesn't know what hes talking about . Just trying to impress the idiots that like to hear bs make believe stories . OH WOW ! you shoot birds when you were 8 who cares . You say you witnessed
    this and that . SO ? your point.your point to me is your full of it. you can kill birds and got beat up in jail for being an obnoxious drunk . Go take your tough talk down south buddy. Post something credible . you don't know about org. crime clearly . You don't bite the hand that feeds , the cartels aren't going to come over here and start a firefight because americans feed them fund them and give them firepower so why start a shitstorm here ? Stop watching american me lil puppet. your spanglish is annoying too makes mexicans sound like idiots. your part of the problem feeding the youth thinking its cool to sound like a vato loco then all of a sudden your american dogging these cartels taunting them to come try it here when you hide behind your laptop. go down there do something man . theyre bigger targets than birds . your a gangbanger pothead one minute then a navy seal army ranger the next . make up your mind . read up on org. crime maybe you can figure it out . its money , money , money . just plain ole economics this isn't blood n crip bs these are giant organization who own big corporations and have governors n police in their pockets not like crips n bloods spray painting on walls . get your story straight lil puppet.

  61. This reminds me of the movie Traffic when the guy is being interrogated and the officer tells him...

    "Are we on Larry King?"

  62. @ buelita

    i just saw the video. i knew about the cartels working their way up to the political level. that's crazy. we americans underestimate their intelligence. are you still trying to prove a point about the arizona immigration law? j/k. but he did say that arizona is where L.A. was 20 years ago. this guy knew what he was talking about. i'm a native of los angeles and lived close to hawaiian gardens. that city is ghetto. a weird and conspicuous city to place a casino. maybe you're right(no matter how much i hate to admit it), maybe arizona needs to start cleaning up their streets NOW.

  63. @ ajulio, I have nothing to add, I'm 100% in line with what you said. I was just kicked by the mafia/govt semantic association. I would say that a mafia is just a business. A govt is not, or shouldn't be. But you're right, this can be blurred. All right, time to get a beer.

    But cartels economic presence in the US is like global warming. No way we can stop it, we'll have to live with it. I think it's OK when the bucks are laundered in legit businesses. Ajulio, you can't re-do humanity, can you? The last ones who tried where the red Khmer, the soviets and the Nazis. No good references. Live and let live, that's all. We just have to stop the bloodbath and go back to the good clean ol'muchachos business.

    @'brito: do some research about the Outfit's Tony Accardo and check the interesting life of Mr Rubenstein. You didn't believe in Martian's or Castro's involvement in JFK assassination, did you?

  64. @Ajulio

    HAHA no really I wasn't trying to say anything about the Az law...But I thought it was a good overview for people to see these cartels are excellent businessman and approach everything as such. Yes Hawaiian Gardens, did you see what went down there this year? Jeeze, I couldn't believe the wages the city was paying themselves and they got too greedy, cartel money was not good enough, city atty was getting 1M. and you are correct about HG, I have always thought it should be renamed..."Hawaiin Garbage" or something.BTW...I grew up in LBC..

    Az will be harder to control, I think it is too late there also. For many reasons. Honestly if the feds did their job, there would be no need for the Az law. But that just isn't likely.

  65. @ buela

    hawaiian garbage lol. very funny. i'm sure that it was much nicer before until the white people moved out. i lived in another garbage city, bell garbage then i moved up to downey(home of karen carpenter)... you know, i did'nt know about what happened in hawaiian gardens. i had heard that this was happening in several cities including pico rivera. its hard to remember a time when politicians were so money hungry, more than what has happened to our sleezy politicians today. we are all to blame for this mess. can you believe they gave obama the nobel prize with 1 million dollars just nine months into his presidency. money is attached to everything nowadays but like you said buela you still gotta keep the hope or else, why keep living?

    @ matanzas matanzas matanzas

    all i have to say is one thing, "wow, i bet you are wearing a tea pot on your flat head with tea bags hanging from your big ears." ...that is one of the funniest things i've ever read.

    @ lito lito lito

    only you and buela can create this kind of commotion. but that's also becuase you two are the most recognized. i think it's more like a few anonymous that are messin' with you. not really as much as you think.

    i was checking out this new tool bar at the bottom and found it interesting. i was on with 95 other people. some were from okinawa japan, mazatlan mexico, united kingdom, australia, buenos aires, haiti, new zealand, singapore, alaska etc.. i was naive but i didn't really think that so many people from all around the world were getting on BB. for a minute, i forgot that this was universal.

  66. jajja...yeah i guess so...

    any more popular and i am gonna branch off and start my own blog...or radio show or

    i should get paid to reveal such depths of hate and ignorance

    i was gonna refute all the any mouses ...but ..when i think of all of them hopping around on one foot because they have the otra stuck in my ass makes me laugh so hard..i can't formulate a response...

    but i am gonna keep their feet as a souvenir of anymouse ignorance

    all but good 'ol ernie ...cause he barely has a leg to stand on anyway

  67. yeap the farther from the border they get..they go from busters to custers

    but it has got me to thinkin' about when i go back to the undisclosed place that i stay in the USA, that maybe i will go around to all the Mexican restaurants, throw a brick wrapped in corn bread through the window an start collecting a mordida...i mean with all this omnipotent cartel presence. some of those guys have got to be big narcos , right?

    viva el mafia de pan de elotes

    in the immortal words of el jefe de jefes george "chango chico" bush...

    bring it on anymouses

    laughing as i walk away on two good feet

  68. the Black Foot tribe controls the mota in Missoula Montana...native American grown...just hang out at the Oxford ..or the Top Hat ...or the POV house...and ask the first big Indian you see..and he maybe can hook you up

  69. @ Matanzas

    whoa...sheeiittt!!!.. thing i am sure of is that oswald didn't do it with a shitty carcano carbine....for a while these things were for sale in the shotgun times for 39.00 dollars...they are famous for being junk...not the top choice for a sniper

    what about JFK 's head being "missing"...i mean how do you lose his head?

  70. i do got to say something about "hiding behind a keyboard" i missing something ? there another way to post comments here?...snail mail...or telegram?...just exactly how is the pendejo posting these assinine comments?...not with a keyboard i guess?...maybe homing pigeon..

    so i am gonna go work on setting up my own blog...with a paypal button to charge ten cents to vent your spleen at me ...

    maybe that big house in Chile is not out of the question after all

  71. @ any mouse January 11, 2011 10:48 AM

    i just talked to my madre on the phone ..and she said it was on CNN that the Daniel Boone forest in Kentucky ...grew the best "erb in the USA this year..i guess them "ol cornbread boys ain't out of competition Mexico likes to play poor...maybe they like to play possum too...i bet they are scared to death of your cartels ...i think it gets pretty cold up there around this time of year...but yeah that big ol cowboy hat and pointy toed boots and big belt buckle will keep them pretty warm...and if it don't ..hell they can just bull right in and take over one of them hilbilly's house ..right?

  72. @ brito

    Why do you insist on insulting every subculture on this planet. Call someone a cornbread to their face around here and lose some teeth little boy. You are such a coward.

  73. f--k the cartels they kill women and children real tough guys plus there getting there a-s kick all over the place i really like what arizonas doing with them its a big turkey shoot plus they are not protected by any us laws so its shoot to kill and you will see mass deportation ,dream act shot down sb1070 no anker babies jan brewer.rick perry congress now tea party GOOD LUCK MEXICO your going to need it

  74. jesus gawd, this is just like the dumass 'political' and religious right-wing rhetoric spewed around the States, 'I'm white, I'm right. and YOU are wrong' leave brito's experiences out of it. and Rose, shut your face preachin to the gawdammed choir, here.
    Surprised that La Familia Michoacan has reached, WHERE? Seattle, Hartford, Saskatoon, Chicago, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Cali? wheredaf**k you been for the last ten years? in Chernobyl? here's a newsflash for you,
    I live in Dick Cheney's hometown, deep in the redneck, gun-totin, home-spun state of delusion. and I have known LFM for many years. I will disagree one fine point with you, brito. the local mules can outshoot you in a heartbeat, and the Michoacan's business people can outpower most of the municipal swat teams from Phoenix (obviously, read narcoblog) San Diego and Atlanta, when they are watching what they are doing. these people are on an adrenalin high like no other. not all of them were born south of the border and they sure as hell don't live there now. oh no, no. they're your neighbors in St. Louis, Indianapolis, and NYC
    look at the assasinations that take place 1200 miles north of Juarez, people. you're a bunch of egotistical self-righteous fools to think they can't pick you off as you stick together the pages of your NAMBLA propaganda whilst sitting on your home thrones. lmao, I could do it, but I have better things to do with my time and weapons than to toy with people who ain't smart enough to have the info before they start flapping their lips like a bunch of hens.
    Five years ago, migo opened the back of his car in the foothills by the University of Colorado and comfirmed what you are denying. I ain't too fond of being beaten tortured mutilated decapitated and the swung from the nearest bridge, yet.
    the enemy has never been at the gates, or coming across the border walls. the enemy is unseen, but his puppets gather in D.C. why did Calderon oppose legalization in the U.S.? no skin off his nose if this country sits on it's hands giggling at their t.v.'s. el presidente makes allies with your enemy here. the war on drugs and the drug wars are two completely separate issues, boys. wake up and smell the poppies coming from the land where your enemy has our sons protecting the mainland connections. don't look at the noise they make to distract your attention, look instead past the smoke and mirrors (weed and cola) rise above the influence of doing what you want to do, while our sons are dying (quick and painlessly is not the typical death, either) in a land far away, AGAIN, and for the same capitalistic reasons. you will never get the masses off their asses in this country and right now, we are being made by China, and don't imagine there's not more than a little something in it for the S.A. pals of the ROC.
    impress yourself as you drive your Escalade, support the rape of Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Nigeria, Iraq and Prudhoe Bay some more.
    shop at WalMart,and when you do, look at the aisles of flip flops, consider the amount out for purchase, think of the space in the back of that store taken up by the daily delivery from the distribution centers located across this country like missile silos, decide how many damned cargo ships of those cheapass flip flops that are imported by the corporation which is no longer overseen by Sam Walton, but run by the same people who brought us mortgage flipping and repossession housing, inc. figure the size of the carbon footprints YOU help to create by supporting that one 'super'store. the Chinese, Afghans, African dictatorships, and Halliburton will arm any cartel to keep their profits, be it a Mexican DTO or a San Bernadino street gang.
    ya, like you could get away from the rope your television and refrigerator have tied around your minds. hahahaha

  75. well just by reading the first comment, I can tell how ignorant some falks are, seriously, who can think that cartels will be eliminated from the US just by fighting them with violence? that will be the most stupid way to do it. Let's be smart and research just a little about this people and we can find out cartels are stronger than we think, and there is many powerfull politicians and goverment members from both countries involved plus business people, they know what they are doing, they have many profesionals working for them. If anyone wants to fight them, this is my advice; be smarter than them, and don't even thing you will desintegrate them with gungs, Please!!! use your fucken brain if you got one!!!

  76. You know I like how ther's one random person talking shit about Mexicans on here. You do realize that if all the fucking crack head people living in the U.S. had real working lives the Mexican Narcos would have nothing to live off of? The only reason why they exist is because the U.S. is full of poeple who use their drugs! If all the crack heads and pot smoking teenagers didn't do all the shit they do then we wouldnt have this issue. La familia Michoacana is armed to the teeth as well. I've seen them, Im from Michoacan, and I'll let you know boy, they ain't playing. I don't like the violence going on in Mexico because all the Americans are overhere thinking we're like savages down there killing for no reason. To bad the reason people are killing down there is to be the drug lords for The American Culture... And it's funny to think that they have infultrated into our society, although you say that Police here is great and the cornbread people are gonna mess them up. Who the hell are the cornbreads?


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