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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guerrero Starts the New Year with 10 Murders

Guerrero.- The start of 2011 left 10 people dead and 5 injured, including a family of 4 and a diplomat to the U.S. who were killed early Saturday morning.

Update 1/2/10 - SSP confirms Sunday morning through Milenio that the same group of armed men that killed a family of 4 are the same who are responsible for the murder of a Mexican diplomat in Guerrero that occurred later that same day.

The Secretary of Public Security (SSP) reported intense criminal activity that began this New Years Eve on Friday evening.

Around 23:30 hours on December 31rst, the SSP received reports of gunfire in the community of Piedra Imán, located in the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán.

Upon arriving to the scene State Police confirmed that the interior of the domicile contained the corpses of Anastasio Ariza Cárdenas, Elever Pineda Ariza, Jesús Ariza Salmerón and Alexis Ariza Pineda of 80, 32, 60 and 17 years of age, respectively.

They were found riddled with bullets.

According to witness accounts, the younger victims had been at a nearby basketball court when a group of gunmen arrived and began shooting large caliber weapons indiscriminately.

It was here that 5 others were injured, all were taken to the emergency room for medical attention.

In the community of “El Naranjo”, also in the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, police were alerted to the presence of a body that later turned out to be 40 year old Jaime Almonte Borja.

The SSP confirmed that he was a diplomat to the U.S. who worked at the consulate office for the embassy of Mexico in Chicago Illinois.

The official had been shot three times; once in both knees, another under his right rib.

According to the state SSP, the incident occurred at 8:45 a.m. as the diplomat was visiting family members in a town called Las Anonas, when he was intercepted by armed men.

The assailants were in a Volkswagen Jetta when they pulled up and sprayed Jaime Almonte Borja with several rounds from large caliber weapons.

Another incident occurred around 4:00 am, in San Marcos, a municipality of Costa Chica. Arturo Barrientos Silva, age 59 was found dead. He had been shot once through the chest.

Local police say the victim stepped outside of his house when he was approached by three youths who opened fire, killing him instantly.

Around 5:00 the General Hospital of Tlapa de Comonfort admitted the corpse of Sico Sánchez Cano, a resident of the community of Tenamazapa, Tlacoapa.

This person died of a head wound caused by a machete that was suffered during a street fight.

At 10:30 a.m. in Acapulco, a corpse was found wrapped in a black garbage bag. The victim was dumped on Águila street, in Colonia Chinameca. Police say he had signs of torture, they were unable to locate his hands, which had been cut off prior to disposal of the body.

At 14:00 on January 1rst, local police in Chilpancingo recieved reports of a body sitting in a taxi parked on Gobernadores avenue, in the neighborhood of “Villa Mayorazgo."

Official statements identify the victim as Edgar Salazar Flores, age 23, whose body was found with his hands tied behind his back. There was a noose that was elaborately attached to his hands and he had been shot several times.

Renacimiento - At 10:14 a.m. Saturday morning, the body of an unidentified 25 year old man was found semi-buried near a hardware store on 4th street in colonia la frontera. It had been stashed there temporarily and the killers were in the process of removing the body when authorities discovered the corpse, which was taken to the Medical examiners office for autopsy.

Rogelio Agustín Esteban for, Adriana Covarrubias for El,

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  1. Well, here we go again. This is terrible, not a good way to start off the new year.

  2. My family is from Guerrero and this state has become more and more like the Cd. Juarez and other towns near the boarder. I wish it was like before 2005. I blame the mexican president Calderon for unleashed hell in mexico with his war against organized crime.

  3. I would agree that Guerrero gets very little attention outside of Mexico and here on BB.

    The level of brutality in Aca and the surrounding areas could only be described as a bloodbath, even when people I talk to who know about the killings in Juarez, they have absolutely NO IDEA that the dreadful murders are also happening in the famous resort towns as well (despite the violence it never even gets a blurb in U.S. media).

    TJ seems to have quieted down a bit, but the war in the Pacific states is raging if anything.

    It would appear to me that Guerrero, more than any other territory (except maybe Tamps) is entirely UP FOR GRABS.

    There are no permanent leaders in that area, they are either quickly arrested or killed in Aca. Quite frankly it would do the region some good if someone finally won that war, at this point it doesn't matter which group it is; so long as said group can keep the other cartels from coming in to "calentar la plaza"


  5. Guerrero is really bad. As a frequent visitor to Aca, I know too many locals that have been followed by SUV's pulled over at gunpoint and harrassed by mistake or even robbed. Recently the biggest tourist nightclub Palladium experienced someone gunned down in the club and it was swept under the rug pretty quick. The wealthy from DF have stopped flocking to go out at night in fear of random shoot outs and kidnappings. You never really hear much about Americans getting caught up, but I reckon it's because Americans rarely go there anymore. The after hour bars are notorious hang outs for Narcos and gunmen drive openly with their guns out in SUV's. It's not as bad on the main drag of Aca, but behind the main drag, it's hell from what I hear. Nobody is immune from it

  6. The question is: Who isn't fighting in the State?

    Juarez, CAF, and CDG is about the only three I can think of that have little to no stake in Guerrero. Sinaloa I think is represented by proxy through LFM. I've heard even the Los Valencia/Milenio cartel is involved.

    El H (Hector Beltran Leyva) is allied with CPS. There is also another group who call themselves the CIDA and they are aligned with LFM (former La Barbie cartel members).

    Another one of La Barbies group was led by his father-in-law Carlos Montemayor until he was recently captured. I'm not sure who is leading the Montemayor faction right now.

    I'm sure all these murders have something to do with the instability between the groups, a lack of clear leadership is probably driving the violence.

  7. Smurf, from my understanding:

    El H's group is CPS, who is at war with

    C.I.D.A, which is half of La Barbie's group, who is at war with

    the Montemayor faction of the fractured Barbie group. And I believe all of them, except CIDA are fighting with La Familia, (one narco message by CIDA stated they had a peace agreement with them).

    It's total mess, and none of the groups is very strong, or they would have cleaned the plaza and kept it moving.

    If I am wrong about the players and their alliances, though, please correct me.

  8. You pretty much got it J, I guess CPS/ EL H can be counted as one group these days.

    "To all citizens of Acapulco, we ask that you stay calm. We do not want to kidnap your children from their schools, we do not want to bring heat to our own house, the people of Costa Chica, Acapulco, and Costa Grande, we are at the service of all citizens. This is the work of Carlos Montemayor, El CHino and EL TIlde. They did this to get the government on our backs and try to finish the job they can't seem to do themselves. It is a complete lie that La Familia Michoacana wants to hurt this community in any way; these people have a peace agreement with us. - ATTE C.I.D.A."

    This is the message from a while back. CIDA (at least at the time) seemed to favor LFM.

    However alliances are made and broken with relative ease in the drug war.

  9. (General info) That means basically the Beltran Leyva cartel splintered into three different groups, each with backed by another major cartel (except Carlos Montemayer, but La Barbie's core group always strives to stay independent, which is part of the reason we have this whole mess in the first place).

  10. God is going to stop all of this !! lookout, for payback is a mother.


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