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Monday, January 3, 2011

Gen. Barry McCaffrey Interview: "Violence in Juarez like that of Afganistan"

“The United States has proportioned only a modest amount of support to the Mexican Government."

Doris Gómora for El Universal - The former Drug Czar of the United States, General Barry McCaffrey, has given an analysis of the situation in regards to the violence that has plagued his country's southern neighbor. His diagnosis doesn't seem very optimistic.

The distinguished military officer who was the head of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), says that ending the narco war in México within the next two years would be painful and difficult to achieve.

He said that establishing a unified police force that is both strong and honest is an essential part of creating a state that respects human rights across the board, but the process would take way more than three years.

McCaffrey, age 68, who has a military career that goes back over 40 years, was cognizant of the criticism of the U.S. and demanded that his government and the international community support the struggle in Mexico against organized crime.

“México should expect and should demand, total cooperation and support from the U.S. government and the international community. This is not simply a problem that México is creating; it is a problem that the U.S. is contributing to heavily, with the flush supply of automatic weapons to the money that buys drugs, Mexico should expect to have the international support it needs."

In his opinion, the general says that the 1.6 billion over three years USD México receives from the U.S. by way of the Merida Initiative (1/4 split goes to the Carribean nations and Panama), it is actually very little when compared to the amount of money the U.S. provides to the cartels by way of retail drug sales (over 12 billion USD annually estimated).

To this respect he said: “The U.S. has proportioned only a modest amount of support to the Mexican government of México”

“The truth is México is in desperate need of serious support; both politically and economically to confront the cartels. But at this time, México is not a failed state."

And yet, at the end of the day, “The future of México will be decided by the anger of the political leadership; it will be decided by the Armed Forces, by the police. But it will not be decided by the United Nations or the United States"

In the exclusive interview with EL UNIVERSAL, McCaffrey says that he feels “horrified by the level of violence” in México and while it is inappropriate to compare México to Afganistán, "the level of violence in Mexico, in places like Juarez for example is comparable to the violence in Kabul, in Baghdad, or Bogotá."

The retired general says that he, like other specialists who are analyzing the narcoterrorism in Mexico, "Understand the differences between Afganistán and México, but it is difficult to imagine the situation in places like Juárez."

“México must create a national police force and this might be the salvation of the state, but it would take at least another 15 years."

“A national police force with national standards, along with the proper training and medical/life insurance would take at least 15 years to accomplish. However, this is the only way forward," expressed the former general.

For now, despite the level of narco terrorism that the people of Mexico live in: "It is impossible to imagine that the federal forces of Mexico can be intimidated by these activities. It is equally impossible to imagine a place where the cartels can confront the Army of Mexico and actually win."

McCaffrey said that his main concern was “for the soldiers, the marines, the police who have lost their lives" in the struggle for re-establishing the power of the state and the control of the people.

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  1. santiagosrn@yahoo.comJanuary 3, 2011 at 8:31 PM

    hopefully this would leak through the U.S Government and hopefully they will send troops down there

  2. I don't think the General is addressing both sides of the equation. Yes you need military and police fire power to combat the heavily armed cartel cells, but none of this matters without proper tribunals.

    There has to be a strong, revamped court system put in place at the same time. Otherwise, what is to happen to the captured criminals? How do you process and prosecute them--and get them off the streets!

    And how do you insure honesty and justice? These are political processes that America or the international community can share ideas on--but the implementation is up to Mexico. I think the people of Mexico need to bring pressure to bear on the next political election.

    I think it is also foolish to think that pouring billions of dollars on the problem will somehow cure it. Mexico should have developed a strong Military years ago and now they see how necessary it is to prevent chaos in their own country. Corruption and impunity cannot be repaired with money. The General is right though, it will take time.

  3. Maybe the plan is to not capture and try criminals.

  4. I hope the Mexican military includes in their training a sense of honor so they will not rob innocent people like myself, my neighbors and another family in another part of Cuernavaca. These violations have not been responded to by the 24th zona militar. These criminals operating under the color of authority even stole this ladie's parrots and dogs. See:

  5. I don't believe for a second that this semi- retired US war criminal, Barry McCaffrey is against US military intervention into Mexico like he says that he supposedly is... The man has a long record of being a complete pathological liar when it comes to what he says aloud to the general US public.

    'And yet, at the end of the day, (McCaffrey said that) “The future of México will be decided by the anger of the political leadership; it will be decided by the Armed Forces, by the police. But it will not be decided by the United Nations or the United States"'

    For more about Barry McCaffrey's long list of creepy things he has been involved in, check out wikipedia's entry on him. Also, for info about McCaffrey's most well know war crime, go to Salon's article about him written by Seymour Hersh back in the year 2000.


  6. @ Ernesto 1, this war crime was well reported by the BBC at the time. Their news crew made some damning shots of the burned Iraqi trucks with their load of soldiers. All headed North. I don't remember any coverage in the US. "Victori spolia" I guess. McCaffrey was at least an incompetent if not a bloody savage. So yes, his opinion goes where I usually sit on.

  7. I don't like Gen McCaffrey personally but to say he is a war criminal because he blew up a 5 mile long stretch of Iraqi Tanks is a joke. Salon should not be considered a reliable source because of the far left spin and lie after lie they have been sued over and lost. I served in Iraq for two tours in in the mid 2000's but the people I know that served in the first two Gulf wars had several responsibilities that would of cause this. First there was a cease fire but Iraqi supreme force still continued to fire on Americans all over the country, You had to knock out as much Iraqi hardware or Tanks coming from Kuwait so they would not turn around after we left and head right back to Kuwait and murder,rape and steal like they had just done and the reason we were there in the first place. All there Hardware had to be knocked out so they would not go and kill the Kurds again because they had helped us during the war with intelligence. Remember Saddam and Chemical ali where put to death for using chemical warfare on there own citizens the kurds and killed over a million of them women and children included. I wish some of you conspiracy theorist like Earnest who makes stuff up would take half the time they use posting nonsense and open a book and read before you post lies or call people war criminals. Saddam was the War Criminal know one else he took over another country for its oil ,and killed 1000's of people in Kuwait and the US is a war criminal what a joke.

  8. Yawn, another gung ho US Right Winger upset about my posts.... What else is new here? Mr. Anonymous thinks it is a 'conspiracy' theory when somebody like myself says the US wants to run the entire world! Would it be but true though... Yet the US government DOES think that running the world for the US is their Big Business, do they not, Anonymous?

    'I wish some of you conspiracy theorist like Earnest who makes stuff up would take half the time they use posting nonsense and open a book and read before you post lies or call people war criminals.'

    Since we are now on the subject of drugs, US war criminal General McCaffrey, and the US government's role in spreading the drug trade world wide, let's look some at Afghanistan since the good general brought it all up right here in relation to Juarez....

    'Gen. Barry McCaffrey Interview: "Violence in Juarez like that of Afganistan"'

    Yes, then just what is the exact current record of the US in stopping drug trafficking in Afghanistan, kind General? Here is a commentary in Asia Times today talking about just that....

    'Southwest Asia's robust illicit-narcotics industry is usually associated with Afghanistan, a narco-producing empire responsible for supplying 90% of the global supply of illegal opiates.

    Additionally, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) recently crowned Afghanistan the largest global producer of cannabis resin (hashish) - with overall production ranging between an astounding 1,500 to 3,000 tons of hashish per annum.'

    this article continues at ...

    Read it and weep, Folk.


  9. @ Anon 5:27 PM
    Glad to see you were one of those who destroyed the last dam between Iran's Jihad against our civilization. You must be proud of it. So are the Iranian Ayatollahs. Goooood job cowboy.
    And you want to help in the Mexican civil war? With a friend like you, we don't need enemies.

  10. @ smurf

    this is another great article.

    i agree with the general. juarez is hostile territory that can be compared to afghanistan.

    mexico should expect and should demand total cooperation and support from the U.S. government and the international community. but until the violence spills over to the U.S., not much more will be done. the cartels are too smart to not attack the U.S.. if they did, the U.S. would then step in and take over. the cartels fear that. so instead, the U.S. will cooperate with the merida initiative and will continue giving mexico arms and information but what mexico needs is more training(military, law enforcement, even political). just giving arms to mexico is'nt enough.

    the future of mexico will be decided by the anger of the political leadership. this is exactly what happened with colombia. the colombian government fought back with anger and the help of the U.S. and took their country back from pablo escobar. but mexico's epidemic is much worse. in the end, mexico's leaders are most responsible for mexico's future.

    el diario juarez stated that the worst thing to happen is if the U.S. were to enforce protection in the border cities but i disagree. i still believe that the U.S. should send troops to juarez to help, not occupy. what's wrong with helping our neighbors? they obviously need it. the U.S. should play big brother and help mexico's incompetent government deal with these bullying cartels.

  11. ernest

    salon magazine??? salon magazine is your source?? Seymour Hersch is your author?? I'd be embarrassed. Shit you really are an old beatnik and a pathological liar, creepy communist, subversive sympathizer. You definitely got into the blue cheer and the orange sunshine waaayy too much.

    salon magazine??? jajajajajaja

  12. Matanzas,I hardly think that I personally did any of this...

    'Glad to see you were one of those who destroyed the last dam between Iran's Jihad against our civilization.'

    What on earth are you even talking about here?


  13. @ Ernest 1, were you posting under Anon 5:27? I don't think so. Don't shoot from the hip my friend.

  14. ok now back to Mexico...focus ernie

    but i do agree it is about taking control of the drug trade for the international criminals whose name is to powerful to speak...the red shields

  15. Sorry, Matanzas. I simply read the time wrong for my own post next to the post you were replying to. Time comes last and not first here. Dummy me! I was wondering why you had referred to me by the time of the post instead of my name???? giggle giggle.... I guess I need to get my internet glasses adjusted some...

    Personally I just wish, too, that all these 'Anonymous' folk could simply come up with some sort of e-name for themselves so they are not like just so many nameless ghosts floating around with their Anonymoe comments.. It's not really hard to come up with some sort of name for yourself while basically staying anonymous on BB, is it?

    Might I give out some few suggestions for folks not yet having a name here on BB....

    Bolos de Dinamite
    BB Bomber
    Big Tex
    Oby Juan Gaby
    Tony Tempestad
    El Chingado
    Sarah Paling
    Poodle Perro

    I mean the world is your oyster in picking a name for yourself! No need to stay anonymous to the point of having no identity at all here. Just my 2 cents about that matter...


  16. ok ..say you have three pigs... one red white pig and one black pig...and only one trough...when the white pig is in the trough and getting all the slop, the other two pigs ( red y black) raise hell and say all kinds of bad shit about him....

    then one time the white pig gets pushed out and the red pig gets in...of course the white pig and the black pig talk shit about the red pig...and so on

    ...well right now the USA is the pig in the trough , and all the other pigs are mad about it ...

    and ernie , brother all you are doing is helping the pigs who are out, bitch about the pig who is in...and if you think anything else ...well you are a little simple...

    how about talking some shit about Spain ..the fat pig who robbed Mexico and totally destroyed it and then left it to rot...

    the USA is a johnny come lately pig on the scene, who just happened to root into the trough

    i do agree about our country meddling in foreign 'ol George Washington said is a bad idea

  17. The end of the war in Mexico will only end when the people of Mexico have had enough. Then they will form neighborhood watches, pick the arms of the fallen and use them for social justice...then and only will it be to dangerous to be in a cartel because it will be fashionable to turn in or kill the fat bastards that have been pray on the helpless.



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