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Monday, January 24, 2011

C.I.D.A. leader caught in Acapulco, Banners Allege Police Corruption

When the BBC article mentions the "Acapulco cartel" they mean Contras Independientes de Acapulco (CIDA), a faction of the group that was lead by Edgar Valdez Villarreal La Barbie, which now maintains an ongoing feud with the sicarios working for Carlos Montemayor (La Barbie's father-in-law). Both Villarreal and Montemayor have been arrested and are awaiting trial.


BBC - Police in Mexico have arrested a man they say is responsible for the killing of 22 people in the beach resort of Acapulco earlier this month.

Jose Lozano Martinez is believed to be the leader of a local drugs gang, the Independent Acapulco Cartel.

He has also been linked to the disappearance of 20 men from the neighbouring state of Michoacan.

Mr Lozano, 21, was arrested along with six other alleged gang members after a car chase in Acapulco.

The Independent Acapulco Cartel is known for its extreme violence.

Many of the men believed to have been murdered by the cartel had also been mutilated and beheaded, their severed heads dumped next to them outside a shopping centre.

Gang rivalry

Public security officials said Mr Lozano was also wanted in connection with the case of 20 men from Michoacan, who were seized during a weekend trip to Acapulco.

The families of the men, many of whom were related, said most of them were mechanics who saved up money to take a vacation together each year.

Eighteen of their bodies were later recovered from a mass grave near Acapulco. Two men are still missing.

Police say another suspected drugs baron, who was captured in November, has revealed that the 20 were the victims of mistaken identity.

Police quoted him as saying a faction of his gang had mistaken the Mexican tourists for members of a rival cartel.

Acapulco is at the center of a violent battle between rival gangs for control of the city.

Narco Banners Appear In The City

REFORMA - México City 1/24/11 - Four banners that accuse the federal SSP of protecting a certain criminal group was hung at different points and bridges in the city.

The messages were found at 6:00 a.m. near the commercial zone of Miguel Alemán avenue, another in Colonia 20 de Noviembre, another on Farallón avenue, and one more on the Bicentenario bridge which overlooks Cuauhtémoc avenue.

"Sr. Presidente Felipe Calderón... we ask that you review the following members of the Federal Preventative Police whose patrol numbers are # 12530, 10943, 12360, 12377, 12363, 19462, 19974. These officers receive their orders from: Commandante Luis Cárdenas Palominos, Víctor Galiana Pineda (a), "El Gordo", and Cristian Hdez. Tarin (a) "El Cris" (a) "el Chaky jr", who is the son of Arturo Hdez. (a) "el Chaky" (detained). El Chaky had ties to "el cartel d´ Juárez" through his connections with Víctor Galiana pineda and his friend el cmdte. De la P.F.P (Luis Cárdenas Palominos)

"These uniformed officers present themselves as fighting the peopel previously mentioned, however the officers actually serve as the armed wing of this criminal groups. Among their ranks: Jesús Ricardo Tapia López, (a) "El Chuy", or "La Chuchis", who is a former intelligence officer for the Acapulco police. The officers also support Eder Yair Sosa Carbajal (a) "El cremas", or "El metro", who is in charge of most of the city: Rena, Zapata and Coloso y Cristian Hdez. (a) "el Chaki" rule the Puerto Marques area, 3 palos, La Poza and the Acapulco airport. Víctor Galiana stays in México City and is the source of weapons and drugs for the criminal group.

In the message signed by "The Citizens of Acapulco, Gro.", pleads the president to intercede on their behalf.

"We ask for justice and that YOU acknowledge these problems with organized crime that plague our city"

All the banners were hastily removed by every available authority, from municipal, state and federal police to the Mexican Army, they all participated in pulling down the messages and pictures of the banners have yet to surface.


  1. So, does this make all of us who doubted Chapo's involvement in that massacre right? Was he/them trying to get on Chapos good side/good graces? I wonder, but doubt that worked. Those guys he had killed were probably Beltran Leyva (H's people. But, damn, this guy was 21, and doing this kind of stuff? Just shows how bad things are in Acapulco, as well as what kind of organization CIDA is. A half a cell, masquerading as a cartel. Those banners scream desperate and dirty too. Crying about corrupt cops and asking the government to help? Juarez cartel? Please.

  2. El Metro is the one who they spelled out in intestines a month or so ago, are these Beltran Leyva people, or Montemayors? I'd be surprised if the remnants of Barbies crew were still holding a lot of power in the city.

  3. Oh wow, I guess this 'mistaken identity' is the main reason why innocent people keep dying in Mexico, huh. I guess these cartels are full of idiots when they can't even seem to properly identify their right targets/enemies...
    What retards...

  4. "The officers also support Eder Yair Sosa Carbajal (a) "El cremas", or "El metro", who is in charge of most of the city"

    So Yair is el Metro?

  5. There are pics of the banners:

  6. I don't get it.why are they trying to create small cartels,if the power exist in the bigger one?is cida trying to keep the beltran name or start their own thing?I had no idea barbie had a father in law down their.guess its a family thing

  7. Boy oh boy do these kingpins have the so called experts spinning. I doubt that anybody really knows all the clandestine, covert, black ops going on. Maybe if the history from the last 50 years is included the obvious omissions will reveal themselves. In the 1970's for example, the then President Echeverria was linked to organized crime, in Mexico politicians use Criminal organizations to do there dirty work in exchange for protection at a reasonable price.So all of a sudden there is just a "turf war" with no reference to bully enforcers protecting the decades old relationship?President Diaz worked for the CIA before becoming President,germ warfare against CUBA was a priority, but then there was the Bay Of Pigs, and the assasinations of President Kennedy, his brother, and maybe his mistress.
    Just saying! Maybe others can add to the decades old history, the murder of DEA agent Enrique Kiki Camarenas still has some mysteries.

  8. 11;20 am wrote
    "I don't get it.why are they trying to create small cartels,if the power exist in the bigger one?is cida trying to keep the beltran name or start their own thing?I had no idea barbie had a father in law down their.guess its a family thing"

    It gets a little complicated, J can correct me if I'm wrong something.

    So in a nutshell... Beltran Leyva Brothers split from the Sinaloa cartel, Then the Betran organization split again, this time La Barbie struck out on his own (along with his father-in-law Carlos M.), and then LB's group split yet again. This faction calls themselves the C.I.D.A and they fight the Montemayor group. C.I.D.A. is also aligned with La Familia.

    The official Beltran group is currently led by Hector "El H" Beltran Leyva. He has changed the name of his organization to the South Pacific cartel.

    I believe there have also been reports of everyone from the Z to the Colima cartel have made appearances in Aca.

    So to to summarize: these "mini-cartels" are all splinters from the Sinaloa cartel. They all have their own reasons for not wanting to be part of the "bigger organization," I would go into it, but its far too much detail.

  9. El chapo practically announces he's goin for acapulco and a couple of weeks later the top guy in c.I.d.a. is caught. From what I know c.I.d.a. was the cartel that had majority in that city. I guess its probably just a coincidence

  10. lol the conspiracy theories again. Here's something, thats probably more accurate:

    CIDA did this without Chapo's authorization, because they have never even meet the man, or any of his reps, to try and gain favor, and be Sinaloa's 'Teos' in Acapulco, against the Beltran Leyva's

    They are working for Chapo, to clean/clear the plaza, and the guy went down because CIDA is a splinter cell, a group of desperate, brutal killers, who are young, inexperienced, and lack a true leader, who run thru the city creating havoc, and it was only a matter of time before they caught some of them.

    You have to look carefully at things, in this subject, but Acapulco and other complicated plazas specifically.

  11. Wasn't it Gabriela Elizabeth Muñiz Tamez, "La Pelirroja", who was hanged from an overpass with the name "Yair" on her back? Is the name that common in Mexico, or was there some relationship to Eder Yair Sosa Carbajal?

  12. Nothing to do with eachother. Besides the name, I don't even know why people would mention that, this is Guerrero, that was in Tamalupias, this is Beltran Leyva/CIDA/La Barbie/ that was CDG.

  13. To be honest, I was wondering about that myself, whether the name Yair was common in Mex. Before the Pelliroja case, I hadn't heard it before.

  14. Thanks! Just curious!

  15. "J said...

    Nothing to do with eachother. Besides the name, I don't even know why people would mention that, this is Guerrero, that was in Tamalupias, this is Beltran Leyva/CIDA/La Barbie/ that was CDG."

    I mentioned it because the article has Yair written in bold letters as if the author was trying to point it out. Maybe the bold was added by a BB reporter, i don't know.

  16. I did point it out because I wasn't sure if Yair was a common name. As J said, it was two different areas.

    However, the Pelirroja case sparked a huge debate over who Yair is or what it means. Some say its a reference to her husband, others think that its the name of a former military officer who went rogue... I just figured since it was a unique name mentioned in a Narcomanta it was worth putting in bold...

    However it prob threw the discussion off-topic (but worth indulging, none the less).

  17. There is a history of Hebrew speaking Jews (ladino)living in Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado,etc. In Mexico, and New Mexico, you will find the ancient language in Catholic Churches, and I believe in Las Crusas N.M, you find the ancient hebrew language of the ten commandments. Alot of spanish names are linked and found in the Jewish arhives, so it might be possible that these names were preserved thru the spanish inquisition and the people kept their heritage.


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