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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Acapulco Massacre:
25 People Killed, 15 Decapitated

Acapulco.- The world famous tourist destination that is known for its beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, saw its first massacre of 2011. Early this Saturday morning, 25 people were found dead, 14 of which were decapitated and another was semi-disemboweled in one particular incident.

15 bodies were dumped on the sidewalk of the commercial center; Plaza Sendero.

Investigators also found three messages with references to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán.

The bodies were reported to the local police around 12:35 a.m. by an anonymous tip phoned into the emergency hotline (066).

The 15 bodies that were dumped on the sidewalk were also covered in dirt and sand, presumably they were killed at another location before being dumped in front of the Plaza Sendero.

Witnesses told MILENIO that at least 8 vehicles with armed men drove up and set up roadblocks along the Cayaco and Puerto Marqués streets. The commandos then began to threaten bystanders, local shopkeepers and the customers inside, "telling them to shutdown their businesses and for everyone to clear the street or they would be shot."

The siege lasted about 15 minutes and it closed the busy avenue to the local transit services and other public service vehicles. During this time, police officers did not make their presence known, and authorities didn't respond to the scene until well after the assailants had fled.

In a statement released by the Guerrero SSP, "elements of the Municipal, Ministerial, State and the Federal police, aided by the Army, have today reinforced security in the port city of Acapulco”.

He also revealed that the municipal police had not interfered with the response “they left as soon as they arrived, almost immediately" waiting only long enough for the Army and Federal police to arrive and secure the crime scene.

Over a stretch of 20 meters along the sidewalk of the commercial center, lay the bodies of 15 men who had been brutally murdered. One of them had been partially decapitated, all the victims were between the ages of 16 and 30 years old.

The bloodstained lamp posts and crimson water in the fountain at the center of the commercial zone indicated the killers tried to wash their hands of the crime they committed before making their escape.

Three bodies had messages attatched to them that made references to the cartel of el Chapo Guzmán.
The first two read:

This will happen to all those trying to take over this plaza, Atentamente El Cártel Pesado. Chapo Guzmán”.

To all citizens, no more cuotas. Atentamente El Chapo Guzmán”.

It is not clear if these are addressed to, or from, the Sinaloa cartel.

In another incident that also occurred early Saturday morning in colonia La Cima, a body was found in a late model Volkswagen with several gunshot wounds suffered from an AK-47.

6 more bodies were later discovered inside a taxi (2 in the trunk) along theVicente Guerrero blvd, and another 2 were found dumped in a canal near the crime scene. A few hours later a man was gunned down on Chopin street, in a small colonia only one kilometer away from the scene of the massacre of Plaza Sendero.

This leaves a total of 25 people dead in less than 24 hours.

Original article
by Javier Trujillo for Milenio
Graphic Content: Viewer Discretion Advised


  1. and AFTER it was all over there was a massive police presence.....let me emphasize ..AFTER

    was it chapos boys

    was it la leytra

    maybe the zetas have run up against the malo pinche madres realamente at last...

    maybe the Z is gonna take sinaloa

    will calderonz send in the marinas to clear out sinaloa for his petz

    like he did to the CDG y LFM

    stay tuned as the estomacha turns

  2. As we said earlier...Way under reported. In addition to this, 2 government investigators were assassinated in front of a popular tourist mall on the main tourist avenue in front of many people.

  3. How heroic of Chapito Guzman and his men to rid Acapulco of criminals terrorizing the beautiful port city. WTF? Who is he to decide these men's fate? Is he Jesus's long lost brother? The one we've all been waiting for. Jesus himself. Something is terribly wrong with that man. If he wants to contribute to society he should start by shooting himself. He really thinks he's Batman! If anything turn these guys over to the govt and let them deal with them. By govt I mean the one's that are not gonna let them go as soon as the check clears.

  4. Could someone be so kind as to clear a few things up for me?

    CocaCola and Pepsi are direct competitors yet never murder one another. Both, Coke and Pepsi can find enough customers to survive quite nicely. Why would the major drug cartels be so intent on being the only ones? Are these wars just over the right to locally extort? If not, I don't see why everyone feels it necessary to kill his competitor. You can also increase market share by selling your skunk at a cheaper price. What's wrong with having weekly pot specials? How about 2 for 1 bindles of brown Mexican heroine? Haven't these people ever heard of marketing? Exactly what drives these gruesome murders?

  5. This is horrific. No other words. But, did the gunmen raid a rival cartel safehouse, kill the victims, then decapitate them, then leave the notes and leave the scene? Is that the story? That has to be at least 45 min, not that I blame, non corrupt police, they are outgunned and outmanned, showing up is a death sentence. Like that scene in the movie 'The Town', for those that saw it.

    As far as the cartels, we are going to need the experts on this one, I've read that Sinaloa had a stake in Guerrero, but I rarely see them make their presence known, with messages, etc,. Is this a shift in tactics from Sinaloa, or is this Beltran Leyva drawing the lines in the sand? Or are the smaller groups trying to make a statement?

    This doesn't seem like Sinaloa's style, because of the brutality, when is the last time Sinaloa left bodies for anyone with notes, or even headless? Acapulco isn't Juarez status yet, but it seems like it's edging towards it.

  6. Allison It is more like Highlander the movie "Their can be only One"
    as border fences go up and more boots on the ground the US is actually tightening the corridors used to transport drugs people guns and money. Like a road hog nobody as important as they think they are is willing to share the road.

  7. Well, it's more complicated then this, but they are fighting for the same plaza, to import drugs, and more importantly, (as the groups have gotten poorer and lack resources for larger scale trafficking) is the domestic drug distribution, the retail sales, which is a departure from the past. Think, controlling 1/4 of the cities drug sales, operating peacefully isn't going to bring the guys the revenue they need to fund the group, and keep operations going. Simply put, too many hands in the pie. Also, the reason for extortion and kidnapping, to pick up the slack of the lessened drug sales.

  8. Allison. That's exactly how I feel. There is enough for everybody. The problem is Sr. Guzman and his "puppets" the Mexican Government have to put a show for the rest of the world. While the govt claims to combat the drug trade as a whole it's pretty obvious they favor the Sinaloa group. So they attack the other cartels and the other cartels are forced to defend themselves not only from rivals but from the govt also. As a result the population takes a beating and are forced to pay quotas on their taco stands or whatever to fund the cartels war with each other. Things should back to the cat and mouse battle that was raging for decades. The govt chases the dealers and catches some. And later they are back out running business as usual.

  9. Im thinking these r Z's n El Chapo warned them. Them Zetas terrorizing Mexico . PURO JALISCO CABRONES

  10. This week I saw Geraldo Rivera, who presents himself as an informed person with respect tho Messico's DTOs, say that the drug violence is only in three states...further, and quite amazingly, stated the resort cities are safe and free of violence..then proceeds to name them; Cabo...Acapulco, and cancun. I will give him Cabo, though I believe that is about to change, and Cancun has had some violence but realatively ok...but Acapulco? I thought what an idiot, like the others , American media is always right on top of YESTERDAYS news.

    Can you imagine being in Acapulco, afterall Geraldo the big expert on DTO violence says it has none...then seeing these pics on the news?

    FOX CNN or whatever really needs knowledgable people providing them with complete and current news...such as Ovemex, Smurf, Buggs or Gerardo..

    is that the name of the colonia? or a street?
    not that it matters, I am just a curious Buela.

    I will say this...not much keeps me tossing and turning anymore as far as pics...used to, especially since these things happen where I am and where I go..but the big ol head on the sidewalk ...I shuttered..

  11. The Cartels are not smart..Genocide is only weakening Mexico. The US is standing back letting all this happen...Only to take over Mexico and all its land..Thats exactly whats going to happen. Mexico will be taken over by default..The US will not be looked upon a bully in this case. It will just happen by default. Then what..

  12. Nombre, mira como los dejaron a esos cagados con el culo para arriba. Que pinche desmadre a toda madre. Blood In Blood Out ese. Like my pappy used to say, killing is in our blood Jr. We Mexicans don't give a fuck bout killin shit. But this, well this scares the caca out of me. This is going too far. Pobrecitos.


  13. Chapo is cleaning up, watch the violence decline over the next 4 months. To Buela, Cabo will never have a problem like elsewhere. The structure is not there and it is too easy to skip Cabo for TJ where it matters on Baja.

  14. @ Anon 4:21
    True, if one takes in account how things are today...that will change...I have a theory...that includes the PC route.. we will see but the key elements depend on Guate, & Oaxaca among others

  15. @ Buelo

    Jeeze your last name Villa?

  16. In durango, 2guys were beat up for robbing houses.There with CDS, The guys who beat them up was cds. One of the guys is my cousins compadre. Zetas would beat there members for not kidnapping enough people im guessing. Less of the evils

  17. Well, I guess we can stop replying seriously to her posts. Jews and CIA. lol.

    So, is the consensus here that Sinaloa did this? The big brother stepping into the ring, to show the lil brothers who's the one in control? Showing their hand after all this time? Pretty gruesome for Sinaloa, is that trying to set a tone with the enemy?

    Could the messages be directed at Sinaloa? Does that work? Or am I looking for confusion where there is none?

  18. @ J What do you mean the groups are getting poorer?? Do you have a source where it states this or is this just your personal assumption. From what my point of view is that some cartels are getting weaker and splintering into smaller groups(CPS) while others are getting stronger from the result of this (Sinaloa Cartel, Los Zetas for example). What other groups are going to replace the Mexican Cartels in the future??

  19. OMG, I guess I can say at least their faces weren't skinned....and that's beeing sarcastic....terrible things, agree with the post about El Chapo shooting himself if he's really concerned about criminal activity...

  20. Acapulco:

    The surf, the sun, the sand, the severed heads...

  21. Ernesto have you renamed yourself??

    I do question 'bout cartels gettin poorer. What about the reports that some are connecting with Afghanistan criminals for international distribution of heroin etc. Seems this would make them richer and more powerful?

    I do agree that with some of their shit getting confiscated, border being reinforced, and capos being arrested who were veterans in the trade, the idea of them gettin poorer makes some sense... Except maybe Sinaloa

    Hey brito--
    stop putting so much space in between each sentence--makes for too much scrolling when you get long winded. Anyone agree? I am being nice about it though.

  22. The way I see it, that whole area is now small splintered groups of cartels and some of the bigger players are moving in to clean house and capture the territory...Just my opinion. All I know is after spending an enormous amount of time in Acapulco, I'm not comfortable going there anymore and going to little hole in the wall bars in the neighborhoods and wandering around picking up hot local chicks is a thing of the past. Behind the main avenue, SUV's roll around and if they feel like messing with you, there is nothing to stop them. Many friends have been held at gun point for no reason. At least these guys have their pants on.....I often wonder why all of these guys are found with their pants down.

    Gives a whole new meaning to the slogan I lost my head in Acapulco

  23. this many bad guys? i bet you a majority of them were innocentes who were need for props.. theres no way this many bad guys just hang around waiting to get pwned.

    Some one send in Chuck Norris already.


  24. that aint even long winded ...and i just do it for poetic cadence...

    besides if the moderators don't like it they will say so...

    and yer right B... that big"ol head is too much...ehrrrr!!! ..and for herr aldo...jajjja what an ass ...i stopped taking him seriously after he orchestrated the fight between the black racists and the nazis ...and got his nose broke ...and then blamed it all on the nazis...even though the big ol black dude was strangling the nazi , and started the fight...jerr aldo was entertainment ,like jerry springer ...but a serious journalist , don;t think so

    so who dunnit... chapo or the Z?

  25. @ Allison

    I'm not going to print your crazy rants on Jews Allison, this is the 3rd comment I've erased without even publishing. You can stop now, I know it takes a while to write 3 paragraphs of hate, but save yourself the effort and find a neo-nazi website that is sympathetic to your agenda: There is no place for racism on BB; Jews have nothing to do with this topic, the only reason I was THINKING about publishing your last rant that I just erased, is so that everyone can see (as J put it) "we can stop replying seriously to her posts. Jews and CIA. lol."

    Back ON TOPIC


    I can't really tell if the messages were written to, or they are from the CDS. Most of the time Atte(insert name here) means the person is signing off is the culprit who murdered said victim. But the messages were short and vague, its not really clear to me who wrote them. Either way, we all know Chapo has been SOOOO good about keeping corruption and cuotas to minimum in his territories (cough, cough---bs)


    Is this E1? Anyways, CPS, the CIDA and the Montemayor group were all once under the collective umbrella of the Beltran Leyva cartel. Now they have splinteered and everyone from the Z to Sinaloa wants a piece of the Aca pie. Simple as that: no one is in charge, hence the brutality.


    Thanks for the vote of confidence, I can tell you that for all the shit Geraldo gets, I've actually heard him make very intelligent points before. But inevitably he gets wrapped up in sensationalism and every once in a while he gets caught talking out of the deep recesses of his ass.

    Aca is in a pretty bad spot right now, so to hear ANYONE say otherwise makes me question their level of research. Any journalist covering central and south America better be on top of the Mexican drug war, or they risk doing a disservice to the readers and themselves when they make foolish statements, like Geraldo did.

  26. @ Smurf..
    Dang you are good! You are like this reporter-researcher-pit bull-playground monitor...all in one.. Anyway I have nominated myself as the official president of the Smurf Fan Club..forever

    @ Briiiiito

    I know everyone is saying Chapo...but I can't wrap my head completely around that..I am wondering if it was Zs..

    Too much happening at once, logistics are now just about anywhere in Messico..I am still on El Tomate ad his arrest last Tuesday, I like things to be tidy in my head...jaja tidy? after looking at these pics..anything but tidy. and El Tomate is there a greater Narco Whore? & former TJs finest, Jeeze...and his bro to give him up like that? dead man walking.

  27. @ Layla

    Dang I do the space thing also!! Sorry bout that, I will try to remember, when I am pounding the keys I am on auto pilot..

  28. Agree with Dbgh...and yes, send Chuck Norris!

  29. To all those that are confused, Ernest1 and ErniesWorld are two entirely separate people.

    My posts comparing this Acapulco massacre to the shootings in Phoenix that killed 6 people and wounded a dozen have not been been seen fit to print by BB so far. The violence that militaristic approaches to manipulating society can be seen in places like Juarez, Acapulco, Phoenix, and Fort Hood, where a psych counsellor suddenly become gunman. There are real connections to be seen here in the violence that afflicts both Mexico and the US. Both countries have governments that are not meeting peoples' needs and that results in anger then violence.


  30. I'll let you get away with this one in particular E1 since you seem so adamant to connect the dots between Guerrero and Arizona (and its a lot shorter than your previous attempts).

    Without getting into the whole Arizona incident (or sounding too snot-nosed about it myself), I can understand why you think there could be a comparison E1, but the congresswoman got shot for completely different reasons that have nothing to do with the Aca killings.

    Its really apples and oranges my friend.

    Those U.S. killings you described are lone-wolf gunmen who went on shooting rampages. Most, including the Fort hood shooter (who was indoctrinated into a Muslim fundamentalist by the American cleric living in Yemen "Al-Amraki" I think)suffered from mental problems. Most had Delusions of Grandeur and displayed narcissistic tendencies. Or in the case of Nidal Hasan, they committed their crimes because God told them to do it.

    The Aca killings were committed by several organizations who are fighting for the control of drug routes and profits. Some elements of the local and state police are also usually in on the whole thing before it even goes down.

    You're looking for a right-wing conspiracy where there is none.

    But lets leave it at that, I don't want this to get way off topic.

  31. @ Everyone here, I'm not this Ernesto guy. I'm a new poster here and I think this site is one of the best for the drug wars in Mexico but I also think you guys need more journalists that can help you guys out and inform a bit more to the public. Anyways now that it's all clear that I'm not this Ernesto guy, I want to give a shout to all BB journalists for their great work.(I'm SahidMarquez poster sometimes because for so some reason it logs on my other Google account).

  32. 'You're looking for a right-wing conspiracy where there is none.'

    No, I do not see any Right Wing conspiracy at all, Smurf. It's just that the generalized level of violence that constant calls to wage constant war do produce a generalized level of violence throughout society, in the US and Mexico both.

    As to the violence being different in Phoenix as compared to Acapulco, that is certainly true. That's certainly the case, and you get no argument from me about that.

    Violence in Iraq is different from violence in Afghanistan is different from violence in Somalia is different from violence in the US, too. Still, let's connect some of the dots on these dotted lines.

    Up to 9/11, the US was very good at containing the general level of violence entering into the US despite having waged multiple wars, invasions, occupations, tortures, 'interventions', and so on. Like in many places, one was in more danger from traffic accidents in the US than from other injuries. But all that is beginning to break down.

    Right now I live not to damn far from Columbine High School located right close by to a huge Lockheed complex. Yes, the two do have some correlation to each other, and so too does Phoenix with Acapulco. Not being just preachy here, but one can definitely see the dotted lines and we need to connect them some.


  33. OK, that's all for now. Got to go and pick up family coming in from Monterrey. There is a blizzard underway and I got to drive 140 miles round trip in it.


  34. ernie ..

    one was motivated by politics ..and the other for money

  35. You know what E1,

    I think you made a real good point right here:

    "Up to 9/11, the US was very good at containing the general level of violence entering into the US despite having waged multiple wars, invasions, occupations, tortures, 'interventions', and so on. Like in many places, one was in more danger from traffic accidents in the US than from other injuries. But all that is beginning to break down."

    Perhaps not so off topic after all. You've changed my mind on this one. I have often thought that the U.S. is headed for a rough landing when our economy takes another hit, all these wars a unsustainable. And everyone sees their economic impact in their hometowns, this could lead to an escalation of violence in our nation.

    touché E1, touché

  36. OMG!!!!..You know what I am talking about...


  38. "EarniesWorld said...
    I also think you guys need more journalists that can help you guys out and inform a bit more to the public."

    We agree, are you volunteering? We could use the help, if you are interested of being a BB reporter send me an email:

  39. The shootings in Arizona were in Tucson not Phoenix.

  40. Chapo Guzman's people definitely did this. I live in Culiacan, have lived for 5 years now, and what I can tell you is that he is a business man... don't get me wrong, I don't justify his actions or admire the guy, but violence in Culiacan is among drug traffickers, snitches and corrupt cops. They don't terrorize the population. There is rarely a kidnapping, and they don't charge businesses for "protection."
    The main war right now is among Zetas and the other cartels. As most of you already know, Zetas used to be the "security" and hit men for the cartel del golfo. When their leader died, Lazcano, the head of the Zetas, tried to take over the entire cartel, but the other family members decided not to let that happen. The Zetas, not being experienced drug traffickers, and being more used to killing, extorting, and torturing, are doing the only thing they know how to do in order to make money, because their "employer" no longer pays them. So they "have to" obtain their funding using other means, which are the kidnappings and charging local businesses for protection, like I mentioned before. And so, what they are doing is trying to get into serious drug trafficking and this is where the other cartels come in. They are trying to eliminate the threat, and they do so using these brutal methods, like beheadings and mutilations. They hope to scare the enemy. Right now, Culiacan has not seen any violence, but the city is full of Chapo's people. They are protecting the city to avoid the entrance of Zetas. The war of the Sinaloa cartel against Zetas happened here between 2006 and 2007, where attacks were directed towards Chapo's people. Remember they killed one of his kids. The reason I know all this is that these people walk among us on a day-to-day basis. Until recently, I was a college professor, and some of my students are known sons and daughters of major drug traffickers. This "Narco" culture is so embedded in our society that we have to "learn" how to cope with it.
    But back to the subject at hand, this wave of violence we are experiencing right now is a fight with no end. It seems that when a cartel member or a Zeta is killed, three more are recruited. Poverty makes people make bad choices, and most of these kids working for Zetas are uneducated and unable to find real work, and with the offer to get "easy money" they usually end up "working" for the bad guys.
    Just so you know, a police officer makes the equivalent to 600 US dollars per month, and the cost of living in Mexico is quite high. Again, this doesn't justify their choices, but it explains a it little bit.
    Hopefully, the authorities (federal or the army) will continue to fight hard, and this problem will diminish. (wishful thinking, I know).

    I hope this brings a little clarity to the issue of "who did this," and the reasons for this problem.

  41. well Zetas attack and kill anyone, including babies, they collect payments from people who own business, they take ur propertyif they like it, kipnap peopleand immigrants from south america, rape women and little girls, they will do anything to get money, zetas are like cancer cells that won stop growing and even the mexican army can't control them, so el Chapo is the only one who can take control of those z's and eradicate then bfore is too late..make me sick and really sad looking at those Mexican guys who died in the worse manner but they have an opportunity to stay away from trouble but they didnt..keep doing the good job Chapo!

  42. @ jan 9 ...11:31

    600 USD per mo? Jeeze that is double what they make in my Mx city...not a small city at that.
    But doesn't matter Zs make sure they are well paid.

    Who do you think is scared or terrorized by brutal displays such as this? You say it is to scare the enemy? I have to dissagree there, first, hows it working? any DTO scared yet? I say it simply poses a challenge and revenge. Those who are terrorized are the citizens, and politians that what to live in honor.

    They do kill and kidnap citizens in culiacan..perhaps not as much as other cities. I met a young man, popular media guy, young good looking, highly educated. He was left for dead his head so severally bashed/injured he can no longer walk or talk, amazingly he can "speak" with a computer. Do you know who I am speaking of? Pls do not say his name.
    When I asked him where he was from he answered "Culican" I stood speechless thinking it figures...he typed "Culiacan, where they kill chickens.."

    It does happen...I will take your work for it that perhaps it does not happen as much in Culican. and I will take your word for it that is most likely is Chapo

  43. i agree... by whatever means ..the Z has got to go

  44. If Chapo wants to help the people of Mexico he should stop the killings. We all know he's a greedy lil dwarf. He likes other people's goods just as much as the Zetas. Let me name a few JUAREZ, TUJUANA, LAREDO. He' gets a kick out of TAKING by force. All of those places would be better off without him BULLYING his way to complete control of the narco trade. What is he gonna want next? Oil? The Presidency? US? Las nalgas de tu vieja? How can you look up to a rapist? He was rapping staff women left and right in Puente Grande....

  45. Man, 'pulco is getting a straight blitz from the Milenio.......I knew this was going to be bad when my homie said he was going to be "travelling" for 2-3 months, but DAMN........

  46. Agree with Buela, if you have to clean the plaza, clean the plaza, you don't have to dump 20 headless corpses in the street, that just adds to everyones terror, and you think Zeta's, besides the very bottom members are scared by that? They do the same thing, I think simply killing their friends/workers in mass numbers is probably enough, rather then brutal torture/murder. Seems like a sick macho one upmanship thing to me.

  47. The victims were just poor souls, what the chapo guzman is doing is far worse to what Bin Laden has done. Why is Mexico in this by themselves ? The US has numerous allies in their war against terror. Mexico needs to lean on their allies.

  48. Mexico refuses to have foreign troops (read American's) on their soil again. They would rather watch the country fade away and implode that accept help from from the north. Remember, it was not that long ago that the US took Chapultepec from the Mexicans. Although this battle allowed a great legend of personal pride to the Mexican people to be created (Los Ninos), the fact that children threw themselves (or were thrown according to Marine legend)gives the Mexican people something to believe in. This being that there are those who, although small and weak, will fight in the face over-overwhelming odds against stronger forces and ultimately sacrifice themselves for la raza. The issue of what actually happened on those castle walls is not important. What is important to Mexico is finding those same types of people who will be willing to do it again.

  49. hope im not one of them amigos


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