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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zetas strike in Sinaloa

Sinaloa, the traditional home and stronghold of the Sinaloa cartel, reportedly the oldest and most powerful drug cartel in Mexico, has seen a frightening increase in the level of violence in 2010. Rival criminal bands associated with other cartels have been active in the northern and southern areas of the state.

Criminal bands such as los Mazatlecos and Isidro “Chapito” Meza Flores who are loyal to Alfredo Beltran Leyva “el Mochomo”, under arrest since 2008, and hostile to “el Chapo Guzman” continue to control parts of northern Sinaloa.

In the south around Mazatlan, other bands loyal to the Carrillo Fuentes family are in conflict with the Sinaloa cartel. Among these are Zeta and La Linea cells that are in a permanent state of disrupting Sinaloa cartel territory, “calentando la plaza”.

Even Culiacan has seen “narco” banners hung by La Linea. Sinaloa may no longer be the comfortable home base that the Sinaloa cartel took for granted. Los Zetas are active in parts of Jalisco and Durango, two states that border Sinaloa.

Recently, a Los Zetas group has been particularly active in the port and tourist city of Mazatlan, considered the most dangerous municipality in Sinaloa.

A state of terror has been imposed on the city in recent days by actions that authorities have attributed to Los Zetas,

On Monday evening, November 29th at 6:40 PM, The head investigator for the state prosecutor’s office in the southern sector of Sinaloa, María Guadalupe Guzman Ramirez, was shot dead as she drove on Avenida de los deportes in Mazatlan by two gunmen aboard a motorcycle.

According to what officials at the scene, Guzmán Ramírez, had just left work and was travelling alone, without bodyguards, in a Ford pickup.

The state prosecutor’s staff (PGJE) in Mazatlan took this murder as an ultimatum from the criminal gangs that have taken hold in southern Sinaloa. In a document they conveyed to the state Attorney General, they stated that law enforcement lacks the proper security and conditions due to the power of organized crime.

"Many public servants have fallen because they have fulfilled their duty without the minimal conditions of security, and knowing that different areas of the Attorney General’s Office have been infiltrated and that knowledge of who is involved in various investigations is known to organized crime."

Among the investigations that Guzman Ramirez was heading was the murder of 28 Zeta inmates at the Mazatlan federal prison at the hands of a rival organized crime group.

The executions aimed at authorities continued the next morning.

On Tuesday, November 30th, at 1:30AM approximately twenty gunmen opened fire on the policemen as they arrived at the Soriana Santa Rosa center, shooting hundreds of rounds from assault rifles including a Barrett .50cal rifle.

The two police were answering an alarm tripped by the gunmen who were attempting to steal 3 ATM machines from the shopping center

The two police officers were identified as Jesús Hernández Aguirre, 36, and Héctor Hugo Guerrero Durán, 42.

Then on Sunday night, December 5th, two men were shot dead by an armed group inside a Juanelos beer distributership located on the Avenida Insurgentes. Killed in the attack were Daniel Villa Edson Hernández and Alejandro Martinez Alvarez.

The gunmen arrived at 8:30 PM immidiately after musicians had left the establishment and opened fire on both men and fled afterwards in two vehicles.

Before they left the threw two human heads, a leg and an eye of the sidewalk in front of the building. Witnesses reported the heads had the letter Z carved on their foreheads. Four “narco” banners signed by Los Zetas were placed at the scene.

The identity of the two beheaded victims remains unknown.

More Zeta attacks are expected in Mazatlan.

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  1. This is really interesting if it is true? Taking the fight to the Federation on there own ground, and I completely forgot that Beltran Leyva's still have strong holds in Sinaloa.

  2. Banners hung asking citizens to unite against violence in CULIACÁN the capital of sinaloa
    CULIACÁN-Three canvases with messages that repudiates violence, appeared in a surprising way two emblematic points of the city, places was attended by the Public Ministry.
    The authority registered the first finding 17: 20 hours yesterday, when alerted the authorities of the presence of blankets with messages written on the black bridge.
    Place moved items from various corporations, and arriving realized that it was two white about meter canvases and medium long by two wide, which was moored the ends to the structure of the metal bridge.
    One of them called upon citizens to be United and claimed a country free from violence; the other, referred the same, but with an open-ended question of why not joined citizenship. The Alliance ECO sentence was written in both missives.
    Almost simultaneously, another canvas appeared in the crib the monumento Álvaro Obregón next kiosk protection Cathedral. In this case, the text was much shorter, only said "Not one more".
    In all three cases were present authorities, which see that it was not something illicit withdrew leaving messages in place.

  3. the ONLY answer is for the people to take the power...they have the numbers ..all they need is the resources, and that can is like one of those movies like the Magnificent 7...where just when it looks like it is all over look up and see all the guys on top of the buildings ....that is what needs to happen ...ALL the men and women need to unite against the Z and all the rest as well...recuerdo DON ALEJO GARZA..stand and fight ...many will die..but what is the option..let it go on?

  4. Well that sucks because I'm planning on going to Mazatlan in February for the fiestas

  5. Yes stand against the drug cartels all of them! Because we all know that once you destroy all of them NO other cartel its taking its place! I am sorry to say this but this war was winningless since day one. All it's caused so far has been chaos and massive suffering. It went from organized crime dealing with drugs, to organized crime dealing with extortions, kidnapings (of innocent for money), drugs, and mass killings (the immigrants from tamaulipas). The State Dept papers paint a really bad picture of the situation, and now this! Mexico being overrunned by a group of thugs that call themselves Z! These guys are like cancer, they are killing mexico. yes carteles are bad, but they never kidnapped foreign investors, they never asked for protection money. Drugs are always going to be around, always. Just like prostitution, gambling, and other illicit behavior that's been around for centuries. But history shows, the more you fight an ilicit behavior, the more it power it gains. Drugs in America will always be a problem, is it all their fault mexico is going down the drain? Somewhat, but NOT all. Mexico's corruption is the one to blame here. What I am trying to get to is, Calderon's best chance was by taking a different approach. How? Create more jobs, create more oppurtunities, try to end corruption in all levels of government, place requirements in most government jobs (no more padrinaso). But you don't go into battle with an org that has billions, and has millions of poor Mexicans to recruit. I am sorry I went into a tangent, but this war is not going anywhere. I don't see an end to this, all I see is pain and suffer for millions of mexicans for the next decade or so. By the way I wrote from my phone, sorry for the typos.

  6. I thought Culiacan was the most violent city in sinaloa.
    consistantly the most violent. I have a young friend, a news commentator left for dead but survived. However he has lost ability to walk/talk, but uses a voice computer to comunicate. He calls it "the most violent in Mx the place where they kill chickens"

  7. Culiacan has many different cells there and the loyalty can be bought with money or death threats to family members. Los 3 Sinaloenses (the O.G's) gallardo,quintero, and fonseca-When they got arrested their close associates or family members started other cartels. Gallardos hook up became the TJ cartel,Quintero's became the Sonora cartel and Fonseca's newphew became the Juarez one point they were all in on it- Then power,money and greed got in the way......The situation in Sinaloa will never-never-never change. The narco culture is glorified in all aspects of sociaty.

  8. I think one of the first steps is to enact a series of laws to establish harsh penalties for public officials who are tied to the cartels

    When the politicians and police and military face long prison terms and seizure of all their assets and arrest of their family members for profiting from crime, they will start to think twice about getting involved because the consequences will be so severe.

    Once corruption is reduced or eliminated, then the cartels will have no protection on the inside and there will be a better chance of having an effect.

  9. Finally they did it to juarez and tijuana now its theyre turn.if chihuahua wasnt so hot La Linea would be doing better since alot got caught.hahaha

  10. @anon 10:48 The issue I see with the corrupt politicians is the Silver or Lead ultimatum brought on by the cartels...seriously what would you do if it were you? Would you rather be beheaded (along with your family dissapearing) or possibly go to jail for corruption? I'm thinking I might just lean towards the Silver route if i were put into that situation...of course you could also get killed by another cartel cuz you're corrupted towards one...

    @anon 9:51am You make alot of sense and I agree with what you have to say.

    I would like to add along with that....

    1. Enact the Death Penalty (the chinese way) may not deter, but it will definitely mean less scum runnin things from prison..and bleeding the country

    2. Legalize Abortion country wide...we all love babies..but they grow up..and depending on the environment, can turn into heroes or monsters...Let their be less chances for monsters with less unwanted babies around. (i know that sounds harsh...but reality is the 14 year old beheading people next door)

    3. HELP & Nurture the poor and under-privleged, the mentally ill through social programs that encourage self awareness. These things may not be "your" problem personally...but 1 bad apple affects everything around it..and eventually affects you.

  11. Jalisco does NOT border Sinaloa

  12. Anon @ 4:43 PM
    you are correct, Nayarit lies between Sinaloa and Jalisco, I misread one of the source articles that mentioned Z from Jalisco had entered Sinaloa. My sincerest apologies. I know la frontera and el altiplano very well but I'm not familiar with el oeste.
    Su servidor Gerardo

  13. Mazatlan the most dangerous city in Sinaloa? Really? I guess that is why the State Dept. in their latest warden message has Maz as the only city in Sinaloa where driving in an armored vehicle is NOT necessary.

    "The single exception to the requirement to use armored vehicles when traveling in Sinaloa is within the city limits of Mazatlan, where U.S. government personnel are permitted to use non-armored vehicles for travel."

    Culiacan and Navolato are far more dangerous on a day to day basis. I talked to family today in Maz and this all news to them, nothing has changed in their day to day lives. Last year, up to Christmas, there was a surge in violence and then it levels off at X-mas and through January.

  14. The Zetas are there becouse of the beltran traidors not becouse they muscled in. Just like in DGO and other states they are now in.

  15. The zeta$ are all a bunch of coward ass bitchez cuz they like to rape and kill innocent people...i dont know how that could make any body feel like a real man?!!!

  16. Y los antraZZZ apa escondiditos escondiditos

  17. im glad sinaloa entered juarez territory.all la la linea did was rape and kill women.women of juarez.el chapo dont rape and kill innocent women like the juarez cartel and bitch zetas.if theres one cartel that should operate in mexico thats sinaloa

  18. beltrans fucked up letting the zetas in sinaloa.they could make there moves but we know runs the shit.BIG CHAPO AND MAYO



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