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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wikileaks: Zetas control Monterrey, El Lazca stays there


Los Zetas left Tamaulipas to seek refuge in Monterrey, where they control the local police, according to a U.S. consulate communication in the capital of Nuevo León. The Wikileaks cable also says that in addition to this, the consulate of the U.S. does not believe governor Rodrigo Medina when he says that the escalation of violence if due to the security measures implemented by the state government.

A new Wikileaks cable reveals the the U.S. government didn't believe the authorities in Nuevo León when they tried to claim a series of grenade attacks against police stations were the result of the effective government strategy to control organized crime.

The classified information had was numbered 10MONTERREY66 and was sent on the 28th, this past February from the U.S. consulate in Monterrey, a day after narcos attacked 5 police stations in the state of Nuevo León.

The situation was characterized in the cable as "Nuevo León is out of control," and despite the assurances of the press secretary of the Medina administration, Javier Treviño Cantú, that all this was the criminal response to the major successes of the anti-crime initiative, the communication read "this explanation is not persuasive and for that matter, in most cases the new programs targeting organized crime are part of the federal response, not the state's."

It would appear that the U.S. consulate doesn't believe the government of Rodrigo Medina.

It goes further to state that despite an announcement of joint operations between state and federal authorities in Monterrey and other municipalities, the most likely cause for attack was due to the penetration of los Zetas in the area, and it was a message from the Gulf cartel to the local police, a signal they should stop supporting the Z and get back in line the CDG.

According to the communication, other explanations could be that the attacks were an attempt to "calentar la plaza" or loosely translated, 'heat up the area;' a term that means to attack lucrative enemy drug retail and smuggling areas in order to attract the attention of authorities and bring a crackdown on rival cartels, without regard for the lives of innocents.

However, the exact words of the cable read: " None (the explanations) of them involve a response by organized crime due to the 'effectiveness' of the forces of the state government.

It goes on to say that it was after this attack that the public of Monterrey began to fear a level of violence that had not yet been seen on the frontier.

"The citizens have halted trips to the countryside and buses have canceled routes through certain areas of the state. Those who are brave enough travel between Monterrey and Saltillo, Coahuila, the violence between the cartels and the army have augmented daily life"

Also in the cable was a record of confidential sources who reported that sicarios arrived by car to the city, firing automatic guns from the windows. They entered Monterrey by highways connected to Reynosa. The DEA confirmed there was an incread in the confrontations between the miliatary and los Zetas that began on Feb 27th of this year in the northern and southern municipalities of Monterrey.

Another part stated that other sources revealed incidents that people had seen or heard, but not reported.

For instance, there is information that the leader of Los Zetas, Miguel Hieriberto Lazcano "el Lazca", hid in Monterrey and planned a major portion of his organizations counterattack on the Gulf cartel in Tamaulipas. The same information said that los Zetas also consider Saltillo, Coahuila as safe haven.

A recent security conference has considered the possiblity that the CDG continues to attack police departments loyal to the Z in Monterrey and the surrounding areas, including Santa Catarina..

It could be said that the U.S. government is entertaining the idea that los Zetas control the police in Monterrey.



  1. The US government is too damn much! Not only do they want to force Mexico to wage a crazy made-in-USA pretend 'war on drugs', but they want to micro-manage it through the PAN puppets most allied with the USA. That's what's behind this crap against PRI governor, Rodrigo Medina.

    Get the Hell out of Mexico, Pentagon! You're fucking things up like you have done in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan! ...and many another spot around the globe!

    Trying to play one group of rateros against another is standard US government crap. These idiots in Washington can barely speak English yet still they want to micro-manage other peoples' countries for them! Sicko...


  2. Whenever I see this dude has posted, I'm always disappointed it's not someone else. You say the same thing over and over again, we get it man. It's tiresome.

    Anyway, if Lazca was in Monterrery at some point, I doubt he's there now, with all the Central American stuff lately, I'd think he was down there, managing operations, or maybe it's too dangerous, and he's in the US. I hope the Z's lose Monterrey, and the rest of Nuevo Leon.

  3. Excuse me Ernest1, but the US has nothing to do with our country going to shit! Typical bullshit of trying to blame the US for everything instead of taking responsibility for our corruption at the municipal, state and national levels.

    For those of us that live and work in Monterrey, it is clear that Medina is incompetent at the least. And if you are so in love with the PRI, who the hell do you think sat by for decades with their hands out selling off the plazas to the drug trade....oh, yeah that was the PRI!

    And if you don't think every country does intelligence analyses of what is going on around their embassies and consulates, then you are either naive or an idiot. Take your pick.

  4. Egad! It's just like here in the US... Say something negative about the Democratic Party and gliberals will say... you're cheerleading for The Reptilicans! I hate you, Ernest! But this one I loved!......

    'Excuse me Ernest1, but the US has nothing to do with our country (Mexico) going to shit!'

    Well, you know, Anonymous? The Latin Americans who are privileged enough to be dumping out against their own countries in English language blogs based in the US, are certainly the types that are always blaming their own patrias, now aren't they? Your opinion is a dime a dozen in your social set, Dude.

    You nice Regio upper crusters dream of when your Mexican cities will all be like San Antonio, Miami, or the likes we have all over the dump in the USA side of Duh Border. No street vendors allowed. Safe shopping malls. Paid in dollars and not just pesos. Sick Flags Over Texas!

    'For those of us that live and work in Monterrey, it is clear that Medina is incompetent at the least.'

    YEAH.... Another I LOVE the USA PANista in Monterrey! Whoop-tee-du- Dandy! You PANista guys are so out of it that you don't even realize that PRI Zedillo gave the dedazo to your man Fox biggie PAN crook when he did. The USA made PRI do it! Oh thank you, thank you, USA! DC was getting embarrassed being close with your rich daddies, Anonymous!

    You still haven't figured it out though! Maybe by next century perhaps???? You'll still beat the gringoes figuring it out by at least a millenium or two though. So I'm not really being harsh with you, Anonymous.


  5. The military needs to conduct a operation to kill and capture as many zetas as possible. I truly doubt that lazcano is in Nuevo Leon.

    Your comments seem to favor terrorism in any way, shape, or form. How is the U.S involved in this besides consuming most of the drugs that the world has to offer?

  6. E1,
    You're being Stretch Armstrong trying to drag the U.S. foreign policy into this discussion. You can't just shoe-horn a topic in.

    I think the real story here is the disconnect between the federal and state governments and the fact that the U.S. Consulate sees the Medina administration as corrupt and largely inefficient.


    Yeah Guatemala would be a good guess, I think most of the capos would do best to keep moving. Guatemala seems like an easy place to control if you have enough money and firepower, but then again most Central American govs are incredibly corrupt, even by Mexico's standards

  7. btw E1, I don't think having an embassy or a consulate's office mean the U.S. is trying to "micro manage" anything, it part of being a government in the 21rst century to have diplomats.

  8. I think Ernesto has a hard on for the US because for the most part we live in a peaceful country.

    Mexican police is under control of the Zetas, I have a relative who has been a police for over 20yrs and has been ranked for some time now. Recently his sister visited us here in Houston and she mentioned a very touching story.

    She said that (I will call me relative Pepe), Pepe’s bestfriend that he was in the academy with had became a Zeta. Both still police in Monterrey, he called Pepe and told him that he too needed to work the Zetas. Pepe told him, I love you like a bother but I will not become one of them. He told his friend that he will keep that conversation between them. His friend told him that he will not be able to protect him or his family if the Zetas decide to kill him.

    My aunt told us not to visit anytime soon. She fears that any day the Zetas could attack Pepe and family members. She doen’t visit him nor she don’t want anyone around him for fear of something happening. She said that many police are under the control of the Zetas in Monterrey. Pepe told her while the Zetas are in control, they have CDG making movements from the border into Monterrey and El Chapo will be making a power move coming from central Mexico. Soon they will lose control of Monterrey. That is why Zetas are trying to control Guatemala, there are slowly losing ground. Monterrey is a huge ground to lose!


  9. Let's just hope that El Chapo recognizes now his earlier mistake and won't try to take on CDG turf after the Zetas leave the plaza. That's what started this war, before Calderon came to power. Peace is good for the business.

    The move of Zs to GCA is the balloon effect:
    Squeezing a balloon in one place makes it expand in another. Eliminate a safe haven in one place and another one comes up. It happened when the route was cut in South Florida, it just moved to MX. That's why the war on drugs is futile. It just need policing.

    And in regard to our Chavista friend Ernesto666, I will just quote Barney Frank when he had to deal with an obtuse tea bagger: "Trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table"

    End of the conversation.


  10. Oh, now I die! I've been fatally wounded by the words of Barney Frank!

    'And in regard to our Chavista friend Ernesto666, I will just quote BarneyFrank when he had to deal with an obtuse tea bagger: "Trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table"

    Of course, Barney and his Merry Gang of Democratic Party hacks are always hugging up and kissing the Republicans, are they not? Not I, MFG. These two parties that Frank cavorts with all his live long days are in it totally together, despite his wagging of his little pinky at 'tea baggers'. He's sucking the Repubs down below though.

    It always really gets me the lengths of emotional bullshit twisting around and verbal contorting that Americans will go to to try to deny that the US government is messing inside other countries, intervening in them in ways that are totally illegal if foreigners were to be caught doing the exact same stuff inside the US.

    Gringolandia! See no evil! Hear no evil! Smell no evil! Even as we wade up to our chests in the rotten shit of our failing society of the rich running the poorer off mainly into the army and jail. Fat, stupid, and like cattle... or is it sheeple we have mostly become?

    Chavista Ernest1

  11. Go to another forum. You only want to discuss US/Mexico politics. Look at the comments in this article, and then your own. You are talking to yourself.

    Back to the topic, I hope CDG/Sinaloa can push Z's out of Monterrey, but my concern is turning the city and surrounding areas into a war zone. If they try to starve them out like Beltran Leyva's in Sonoroa, then the citizens suffer too. No easy win here.

  12. Ernest,

    What exactly is your solution(s) to the issues facing Mexico? I'm not trying to make a snide remark against you, just want your opinion on it.

    I can see that you are calling "Bullshit" on alot of things which you are right about some(alot even) of it...but has America done anything right at all in your eyes?

    And again I do not promote..see no evil..hear no evil...what I am promoting is the "self-mastery" of oneself..I really feel its something not only Mexico but the whole world is in dire need of.

  13. As long as you guys bite on every ernesto post he's going to keep at it. He's a fucking troll. Ignore him.

  14. Kevin, the solution is to simply stop the US from running the rest of the world through our government's constant threat of using military force against any country that does not obey D.C.'s dictates.

    'What exactly is your solution(s) to the issues facing Mexico? I'm not trying to make a snide remark against you, just want your opinion on it.'

    Yeah, fair enough, Kevin....but like it or not, Mexico is simply one other country caught up in a generalized war situation world wide of the US government's making. The issue is not drugs alone, terrorism alone, or even poverty alone. It is that the US government butts it's way into regional conflicts everywhere and makes them ALL so much worse! It's about CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL to D.C.

    So what can Mexico do about its problems? To deal with any of them INDEPENDENTLY, it first must break away from the chains the US rich impose on the country. No easy task. This 'drug war' stuff is not a national conflict but an international one that the US feeds its militarism into as fuel.

    What does what I'm saying have anything to do with Monterrey though, the richie richers posting here from Mexico might ask me? The answer to them is simple....

    You post from Mexico like you think that you are real big shots, speaking in the language of The Empire like daddy's money bought you the education to do some. But for everyone of you regio monied uh..gents.. there are another 10,000 plus of lost souls in Monterrey who can't come onto this BB forum and tell their own POV in English worth a shit. Who speaks for them? You don't.

    US folk thinking that this rather monied few posting from Northern Mexico on BB might be representative of anything much real about Mexico... YOU ARE WRONG. They are your shadow and partial reflection in the mirror, and that's about it.

    Jay says to me...

    'J said... Go to another forum. You only want to discuss US/Mexico politics. Look at the comments in this article, and then your own. You are talking to yourself.'

    Jay, might I ask you? Just what in the world do you think that this 'drug war' stuff is all about, if not US and Mexican politics? I really don't know what you might see it as? It seems obvious to me though, that lacking any knowledge of US and Mexican politics both hinders most US and Mexican citizens alike, in getting a handle on understanding what's going on in their worlds. That's just my opinion now, Jay


  15. Ernest 1, what government would you say is more corrupt, Americas or Mexicos?

  16. What I find most offensive is Ernesto's fundamental focus of ragging on rich people and considering them to be power hungry, one world government, wanna be dictators of American elitism. If it weren't for the rich (i.e. productive citizens who generate income, provide employment, and pay taxes) this country would still be accessed sea to shining sea via horse and buggy.

    And just because you are an educated citizen, whether American, Mexican or whatever, doesn't mean you are either rich or an elitist. It just means you chose to get educated so you could think for yourself and make rational decisions. And judgements. And money--legally.

    Many poor people cannot help their circumstance but for everyone of them who tries--to the best of their ability--to rise from their state and produce what they can, they will succeed in changing their circumstance.

    Many of our wealthiest citizens are the most philanthropic of anywhere in the world. And this charity goes to help the less fortunate. So the next time you want to "kill off" all the wealthy capitalist producers, think about what will be left...

    And go invest in a horse and buggy. It may come in handy when there are no more planes or even automobiles to take you from California to New York.

    You see, inventing them took intelligence and thought and the desire to make money. NOT the desire to destroy!

    --from an average, thinking, middle-class, non-wealthy American

    and I agree, Ernesto's blogs are monotonous.

  17. Yes, yes, Yes.... The rich are all lovely folk.

    'Many of our wealthiest citizens are the most philanthropic of anywhere in the world.'

    They are a true blessing and that's the reason we might not have any life forms still alive on the planet in another 200 years or so, other than perhaps cockroaches if they keep loving all the world to death as they do, with their 'philanthropy'.

    Now on to answer the more serious question asked of me...

    Anonymous said...
    'Ernest 1, what government would you say is more corrupt, Americas or Mexicos?'

    Since we are in the world really all linked together in a huge world wide web of corruption these days, the answer can't really be answered too well as one or the other.

    I always tell those in Mexico and other parts of Latin America that the corruption in the US is at a MUCH HIGHER level where most US citizens seem to be unable to see that well that it's going on. But that corruption is there and it is huge, much larger than they could ever imagine, focused as they are almost always on their own rateros.

    Our US forms of corruption though involve robberies from the common citizenry of billions and trillions of dollars, whereas in Mexico much of it is penny ante. Cops and soldiers taking chump change is what hits you there most. What hits you in the US though are all the morons celebrating being ripped off of trillions upon trillions by corporations running all the governments, from federal, state, down to local metro. They even think that that somehow is 'freedom'!

    We're a very sick nation, too. Hard to judge who exactly has the biggest mess of a national society though? I would say that the more the US Pentagon goes in and messes with a country repeatedly, the more of a hell hole it becomes. That's why places like Afghanistan, Somalia, Haiti, Central American spots, etc. are such a damn mess. The Balkans will be much a crap hole for many decades ahead simply because of the Clinton made war there. And poor Iraq???? On another thread somebody was cheering that 'we' had 'won' there all so proudly. Then who lost? I'd say the Iraqis did. They are screwed big time and for a long time to come. How SE Asians ever began to forgive what we did to them, I will never know?


  18. Haha Wikileaks paints it so rosy. (its worse)

  19. ernie ..buddy yer all fucked on this one i sit in Mexico not even safe to look out the is hard to blame the USA for what Mexicans are doing all on their own

  20. "it is hard to blame the USA for what Mexicans are doing all on their own"

    I disagree with that last part of your sentiment Brito

    We are all in this together, there is plenty of blame to go around for both sides. Read Gen McCaffrey's take on it, he had an interview with El Universal where he insists on more U.S. help.

    Things won't get better until both countries can talk about things like this Wikileaks cable openly, and actually do something about it.

    If the U.S. gov believes the Z controls NL, then it is probably so. Personally, I wouldn't doubt it.

  21. @ smurf...

    i was mostly talking about what mexicans are doing to each other in Mexico.. as in i don't see any gringos doing much crime here ...

    i totally agree we are all in this contigo...and the sooner both countrys realize it the better

    it really makes me hate the MTV "gangsta" culture...those fake ass bad asses ..would really shit their pants when up against the real malos in Mexico...but they make a lot of money promoting violencia

    and they are safe from it with their big gold teeth, bentley cars and mansions and tatujes

    while in Mexico people just want to live ...not pretend to be "gangstas"

    the "gangstas" not only are putas but they are the engines that drive the drug cultura in the USA...that makes the money for the real gangsters in Mexico

    fuckn MTV should be shut down and all those assholes shut up for good

  22. @ ernie

    afghanistan has been fucked since alexander the not so great went there

    come on dude ...get real

  23. I don't know what to select if obamacare protection or Rodrigo Medinas protection it's a very dificult desition.

    To die or not to die.

    Peace makers are the most dangerous of them all.

    Obama has the peace Novel and Medina claims to create peace in the state, I thing Calderon, Obama, Medina, Natividad and the Zs are Compradres

  24. rodrigo medina is pasty faced fat assed lying little fuckface ...he looked like he was gonna shit himself at the grito

    he reminds me of those sigma nu little pricks in American universitys..priviliged from cradle to grave

    the "authoritys" need to stay out of it in Monterrey and let the CDG limpia la plaza..they know who to target


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