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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stay Armed and Ready, Beleaguered Mexican Cartel Tells Members


A prominent leader of the La Familia Michoacana drug cartel called Wednesday on his followers to be “ready with the arms” and willing to take on Los Zetas, another criminal organization that is supposedly trying to seize control of areas in western Mexico.

“If they think that in this way they are going to go into Michoacan and Los Zetas are going to occupy our turf or our towns ... How wrong they are! Let’s show them what we’re made of, we’re a family, let’s show unity ... Nobody can abandon any area,” Servando Gomez said.

The drug trafficker confirmed the death on Dec. 8 of Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, reputed leader of La Familia, in a radio message broadcast by Televisa.

“May God take him into His Holy Glory!” Gomez said, calling on La Familia members to not be “easy targets to locate” and to remain armed.

“Everything is going to be the same, don’t worry. God is with us until victory,” Gomez, known as La Tuta, said.

The drug cartel boss expressed regret that the Mexican government did not pay attention to the criminal organization’s Nov. 9 offer to disband if authorities promised to take control of Michoacan state “with firmness and decisiveness.”

“We have a cause, a just social cause, because of how badly they have treated us. They did not want to abide by the pact that we offered for a month so they could take the reins in the matter. And what did they do? Come to attack us, well, all out, what a nice response from the government,” Gomez said.

The offer to disband was made in a letter sent by La Familia Michoacana to media outlets.

Banners containing the missive also were hung in different areas of Michoacan and the letter was posted on telephone booths and slipped under the doors of homes in several towns.

The criminal organization defended its actions since 2005 as a response to the Mexican government’s failure “to provide security to its citizens.”

La Familia Michoacana is a drug cartel infamous for decapitating and dismembering enemies, as well as for mounting attacks on the security forces.

The criminal organization, which also operates in the southern state of Guerrero, is considered the largest trafficker of synthetic drugs in Mexico.

La Familia, according to experts, is one of Mexico’s most powerful drug trafficking organizations, along with the Sinaloa, Tijuana, Gulf, Juarez, Los Zetas and Beltran Leyva mobs.

The cartels are responsible in large part for the violence that has claimed nearly 30,000 lives nationwide in the past four years.


  1. and now is the Mexican gob going to stand by and let the Z take it over...i still think there is something between the gob and the Z

  2. I was born and raised in Morelia and I find lito 'brito's remarks full of ignorance and conspiracy theories without a shred of fact.

    It is this simplistic, uninformed opinion that keeps the situation going in Mexico.

    Is the government in bed with any one cartel? No. Was there a long history of payoffs and turning a blind eye to the actions of the cartel by the PRI for decades? Yes. Does political, police, military corruption still exist? Absolutely.

    But LFM have NEVER been about protecting the public. They are criminals who kill ANYONE who stands in their way, including the public

    Beheadings, murders, kidnapping, extortion. This is how they protect the people?

  3. The Mexican Govt and Zetas are screwed God is backing La Familia!!


  5. @December 17, 2010 12:16 PM
    I completely agree...and 'lito 'brito how about you stop crying about los Z all the time??? And second how about you stop making accusations..and start showing us some proof..every time the government kills a leader from a cartel..All I hear is whining..and start saying oh they are supporting the rival cartel ..what a bunch of BS... like my friend said you are "full of ignorance and conspiracy theories without a shred of fact."

  6. it just seems that all the rest of the cartels are suffering and the Z is spreading right on the heels of the gob crackdown...

    .i have no proof ...and it is theory...and it is what i think/suspect...

    .but the proof is in the pudding...the Z spreads... the rest get hit hard...

    say what you will... it seems that way...and i am not the first to mention it ...
    how to you account for the cancer like spread of the Z? ...

    so if you are there y sabes mucho ..keep us updated on the activity ...

  7. Si senor 'lito 'brito we are going to stop attacking other cartels and go only the Z bz you have a personal vendetta against them...quit crying about the Z gets old...when the time comes..they will get hit also..maybe around your Birthday and it will be a lil present for you haha..

  8. You all do not understand the power of Uncle Sam. These dog shit eating cartels are learning.
    Its the Ameicans who are showing the Mexicans when to shoot and they are doing a fine job pulling the trigger. Its just began- The Monkey and the queer "La Tuta- (I would shoot anyone who called me that) will soon see.
    The tiny , little midget- El Chapo also will soon find out.
    Satan has a boner for them- Hell is a very bad place to go .

    Attention Mexican Law Enforcement- Great job killing these filty dogs. keep it up.....

  9. @ 11:29 AM

    Well said..however while I agree no fed government in "in bed" with cartels, I suspect there may exist a blind eye..especially to Chapo. Secondly, at the state level there is plenty of Gov's sleeping with or in the back pocket of cartels.

    It is wild to think the goverment is allowing Zs to run loose, they have had some big hits this year as well. However, they sieze the moment and opportunity when a rival DTO has taken a hit.

    Largely, this strategy the gov has of going after the leaders I feel is ineffective and causes greater violence and chaos. The older capos are more for business first and violence a means...the younger bastards are blood thirsty, violence comes first, video games in the real. They are not organized in the same manner as the older capos, uncontrolled in their approach, and having no boundaries, that is why this year has been so violent.

    I can visualize a situation that 4 cartels ban together to eliminate the Zs...they can do this, the gov cannot easily target cartels their enemy has many faces, territories, countries. More of a defensive than offensive action. They wrongly think killing a capo is a great victory, in some cases it is just the opposite, doing a huge favor to a rival cartel. Cartel Operations now in CA every major cartel has a solid presence of operation there Zs have done so for almost 3 yrs, in Guatemala...Sinaloa in Costa Rica etc

    LFM ...was no friend to the people, however the people those of the 51%+ living in abject poverty are grateful for/to the hand that offers help, oblivious to the means by which it was earned. But don't be fooled, those demonstrators I suspect were paid well for their protest, in Mx nothing is quite as it seems on face value

  10. i am not on any cheering squad for any cartel...they all suck ass ..

    but it seems like there is some selective targeting going on...

    thats all i am saying...i mean which one has went from being a tool being a major player....

    you tell me ?

    and el chapo...who is that? ..a narco?...hmmm never heard of him..

    PS... welcome back B....awww.... we all missed ya

  11. Thanks Brito...but amigo you kept the home fires burrrning!!! You an E1 are quite a team but now he seems to have softened until he threw the mexicans in his trunk I thought he had changed...but for reals...why would he encourage entry to such a horrible dig it? amazing...

    My surgery must wait for 2 months, the pnuemonia is brutal and for reals this time I cannot sneak out or anything. Its all good all the posadas for my kids were this pass week 7 in mx and cali. ..a total of 850 happy kiddos.

    about the Zs i know what you mean and know you do not support any, but it is not so simplistic, right? I mean look where we are, since the battle against the DTOs and the failure of stratwgy of going after capos causing chaois...should of had a plan B..

    seriously I highly recommend the book THE LAST NARCO...about chapo it is amazing, begins at his beginning, his poverty, illteracy, not to suggest he had excuses simply his total truth. His prison time and break out will have your mouth hanging open.

    tell your wife thats what you want for christmas...jaja she will think you have gone over the edge..

  12. @December 18, 2010 10:36 PM
    Buela you should read los senores del narco...supposedly its a good book filled with a lot of gossip...I would like to read it but my Spanish isn't too good lol

  13. The government is NOT helping out los zetas. Why? They are f******* broke!!!

  14. This was released today ...plan of action to put the lid on HP Auto weapons sold along the border..


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