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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sedena: red alert over possible U.S. intervention.

Revista Contralinea
Focos rojos en Sedena ante posible intervención de EU
Autor: Zósimo Camacho

Active duty generals and colonels that occupy operational commands in the Mexican Army express concern over possible U.S. military intervention in Mexico. They are frustrated by the politics of Felipe Calderón, who they see as overly obedient to the Pentagon, and warn that a “scenario” is being constructed that will lead to U.S military intervention in Mexico.

They note that some of the chaos and violence in Mexican cities is induced from outside the country with the consent of the federal government. National security experts agree that conditions are being created to force a "closer cooperation" by the military of both countries.

On June 18th of this year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), in a report titled “The Globalization of Crime” called drug gangs operating in Mexico “transnational organized crime superpowers”. This fact scarcely merited a line in the inside pages of some print media.

However, officers from the G2 Section of the Mexican Army (in charge of military intelligence work) were filled with gloom. They see the arrival of U.S. troops in the country as imminent, a demand from hardliners in the U.S. Department of Defense. The report was seen as another justification for intervention.

Long accustomed to a code of silence with civilians and unwilling to comment on disagreements within the armed forces, military officers are now expressing their unease to the media. They note that some of the violence that has erupted in recent weeks may have been "instigated." And they accuse the government of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa of preparing the "stage" for an open U.S. intervention.

Military Intelligence officers claim to have information that the car bomb attacks (one in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, on July 16, and two more in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, on August 26, 2010) may not be the work of drug gangs. Furthermore, they may not have been perpetrated by Mexicans.

"It is not the modus operandi of the cartels or armed groups with political demands," says one of the divisional officers, seeking his identity be kept private. He adds that in military circles there is concern over the destabilization of the country and the federal government's actions that appear to favor, rather than contain, the insecurity.

The revelations by active duty Army officers to Contralínea reporters serve as a “pressure relief valve” and are a sign of tensions percolating within Mexico’s insular military.

Acccording to Dr. Guillermo Garduño, a specialist in military affairs attached to the Autonomous Metropolitan University and lecturer at the National Defense, the military is desperate because the nation’s civilian leadership "has no idea what the Armed Forces actually are."

Mexico has not created a civilian elite that knows Mexico’s Army, Navy or Air Force in depth.

According to the generals and colonels who requested annonymity, the supposed "strategy" to allow entry of U.S. troops into Mexico with lower social costs would have two components: the intenal, where conditions of degeneration and instability are created so that Mexican society itself demands more "security" regardless of the origin of the "help"; and the external, where other countries consider that the intervention would be "humanitarian" to counter drug cartels that have overwhelmed the Mexican state.

Increasing Pressures

“The Globalization of Crime” study released this year by the UNODC assessed the threat of transnational organized crime, saying the "superpower" of transnational organized crime has generated a new turf war between gangs for territories and trafficking routes, particularly in Mexico. The report also examines how “transnational organized crime and instability amplify each other to create vicious circles in which countries or even subregions may become locked.”

Even before the UNODC report, the United States Armed Forces released in January 2009the now infamous “JOE 2008-Joint Operating Environment: Challenges and Implications for the Future Joint Force” warned that the Mexican government may be unable to maintain stability in the coming years.

“In terms of worst-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico…."

"The Mexican possibility may seem less likely, but the government, its politicians, police, and judicial infrastructure are all under sustained assault and pressure by criminal gangs and drug cartels. How that internal conflict turns out over the next several years will have a major impact on the stability of the Mexican state. Any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American response based on the serious implications for homeland security alone."

U.S. pressures are rising in tone and number as witnessed by confidential U.S. Embassy cables released by WikiLeaks and through statements by leaders such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others.

On March 10, 2009, the former director of U.S. National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, said that Mexico did not control its entire territory. By July of that year, the report “Mexico's Narco-Insurgency and U.S. Counterdrug Policy”, released by the Institute for Strategic Studies-U.S. Army War College, argued that Mexico was experiencing "a transition from traditional gangsterism of murderers for hire to a terrorist paramilitary employing guerrilla tactics."

In addition, on November 17th of this year Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, declared that the Mexican Army had failed in its fight against drug trafficking in the border city of Ciudad Juárez.

During the second half of 2010, U.S. authorities and the UN has been increasingly blunt: Mexico is unable to control drug trafficking organizations, and their inefficiency is a threat to security in several regions, including the U.S..

"Everything is falling into place"

Ambassador Henry A. Crumpton, a veteran covert CIA officer who ran the CIA's campaign in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks and former Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the State Department, acknowledged in an interview with the Wall Street Journal in early September that Mexico has a "narcoinsurgency." Crumpton added this concept is "particularly incendiary" to the Mexicans due to their fear that the U.S. military will sieze control of the fight against drugs.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on September 8th of this year, sparked anger in Mexico by comparing its drug-related violence to an insurgency.

“This is a really tough challenge. And these drug cartels are now showing more and more indices of insurgency. All of a sudden car bombs show up that weren’t there before. So it’s becoming – it’s looking more and more like Colombia looked 20 years ago where the narco traffickers controlled certain parts of the country,” responded Clinton to a question asked after a speech to the Council of Foreign Affairs.

"Everything is falling into place," says one general interviewed by Contralínea requested his name be kept private. Calling drug trafficking “a superpower” is to regard Mexico's armed forces as insufficient to fight a "global threat." The danger of an intervention is real, he adds.

Indeed, U.S. officials consulted by Wall Street Journal explained that "the Mexican government is growing increasingly open to greater cooperation, because the security situation is getting worse." In remarks published on September 10th of this year, the Mexican ambassador to Washington, Arturo Sarukhan, said "We have encouraged the United States improve and deepen cooperation with Mexico."

Soft intervention

Experts say that since the Mexican Revolution the country has not been on the verge of a U.S. military intervention until now. All agree that the more destabilized the country becomes, the greater the chance that U.S. Marines will "collaborate" in Mexico.

"The intervention is the main theme discussed in intelligence circles in Mexico," said Abelardo Rodriguez Sumano, a researcher at the Center for North American Studies at the University of Guadalajara.

The specialist in national security issues in Mexico and the United States said that the basis for U.S. intervention would be the “void” left by the Mexican authorities.

"There is no consensus in the national security structure in terms of the relationship with the United States. We are disjointed in terms of 'collaboration'. Some sectors, such as the Marina (Mexico’s Marines under Naval command) want it. And others, like the Army, are resisting. And as these disagreements generate strategic gaps, the Americans are going to occupy them. They are sure of what they want for us."

For Dr. Guillermo Garduño, intervention is not an immediate risk, "it's already happening." He adds that the Americans themselves believe their troops are not needed at this point in time.

"It's their war, but as with most of America’s wars throughout its history, it’s being fought outside their territory. They are already here. Already involved, but those that give their lives are Mexicans," he said.

Finally, he concedes, "When the Mexican institutions are exhausted, then the Americans will have to respond directly. It's going to happen."

To Jorge Luis Sierra, a specialist in national security and the armed forces, the concern of the Mexican military to a possible U.S. intervention is not new. The graduate of the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies at the National Defense University in Washington, DC explains that after the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001, Mexican military intelligence warned that the U.S. wanted to set up military bases in Mexico.

The warning is reflected in the minutes of a meeting in 2003 on national security attended by elite Mexican Army and Naval staff officers.

For Senator Rene Arce, a member of the Bicameral Commission on National Security, the U.S. has always been involved in Mexican intelligence matters. Arce adds, "Now they (the Mexican armed forces) want to look very patriotic and stand firm, when what has really upset them is being told that they violate human rights, that is the problem. The American military and intelligence people are here, but it's very discreet."

Abelardo Rodriguez points out that for hardliners in the U.S. Defense Department, American Marines should have deployed to Mexico months ago.

"It is historically true that once United States forces are installed in a country, it is very difficult for them to leave," he warns.

Further reading:

'The JOE 2008 – The Joint Operating Environment: Challenges and Implications for the Future Joint Force'
• Mexico in a U.S. Military Assessment Study

“The Globalization of Crime – a transnational organized crime threat assessment”

Mexico's Narco-Insurgency and U.S. Counterdrug Policy



  2. Why do you think all these high ranking cartel members have been killed or arrested in the past few months. We have set intelligence spots throughout Mexico. Now the next thing is getting people to take these guys out. US only shares information with a few people because they cannot trust the police,army,marines SSP,

  3. Interesting. One part of the Mexican military is now resisting greater US MILITARY intervention into Mexico. And good for them. This is the patriotic wing of the Mexican military but unfortunately much of Mexico's military has been sold already into slavery to the US and its Pentagon by Mexico's corrupt and US-bought, political hierarchy.

    And how many, too, of these sad lot of US bred HISPANIC cheerleaders of US foreign policy have been pushing for this sort of political and military intervention into Mexico's own institutions, many right here commenting on BB with their 'Let's Go USA' mindset? Others more out there throughout the US in its political offices, all pretending to have Mexico's better interests in mind... How many indeed will sell their pocho souls to D.C.? Latin America everywhere knows about these, shall we put it nicely???? .... dollar made zombie putas, who strut around representing themselves as Hispanics in the US, yet have nothing real of Latin America left in their own hearts.

    This soulless sickness extends too into Northern Mexico deep and hard, as the Mexican military patriots point out. Gerardo mentions here that....

    'According to the generals and colonels who requested annonymity, the supposed "strategy" to allow entry of U.S. troops into Mexico with lower social costs would have two components: the intenal, where conditions of degeneration and instability are created so that Mexican society itself demands more "security" regardless of the origin of the "help"'

    Yes, indeed. The US government and its military is building up a propaganda game to be used against the Mexican people, using some of the Mexican people themselves as spears against the main body of the Mexican population. Blood will run into the streets more and more if this strategy succeeds, as it certainly seems to be happening. A sad day for Mexico ahead unless the buildup for 'war' is not stopped.


  4. If they do go in its gonna be ugly. With all these cartel members running around in camoflage gear pretending to be soldiers. It leaves open the possibility of u.s troops killing actual mexican soldiers or marina by accident. I wonder what kind of static that would cause between the countries. Just to think all this could have been avoided if these a-holes could just learn to share and understood that if all their shipments got here it still wouldn't be enough to fill the appetite of the us. That's just being real! But who knows maybe Calderon will pull his finger out his ass and give the u.s chapo's,lazca's,mayo's,40's,carrillo's heads on a platter to avoid all this.

  5. Correction- Autor: Zósimo Camacho wrote what I had earlier attributed to Gerardo in my comments...


  6. The United States government should stay the fuck out of Mexico. Once the U.S government enters a country they never leave and set bases in said country. I don't want U.S armed forces patrolling my city. I'm also very suspicious of Calderon's legitimacy and PAN party overall.

  7. That sounds so much like the Bush's doctrine of crate a problem and convince everybody you are the only one with the solution. There is something very scary about this, the fact is that if the go along with this, Mexico's future will have sunken into absolute chaos because the U.S. Military will make sure the troubles never end by means of false flag attacks in an effort to perpetrate the occupation, as it is commonly seen in the Iraqi and Afghan theaters. Anybody that has any knowledge of global security and strategies knows that China knows (like pretty much everybody else) that one of the ways to destroy the U.S. Military and economy is to deprived the U.S. of oil. Currently the U.S. and its European allies have been kicked out of pretty much of all the African oil by means of bribery. That is to say that countries with corrupt leaders are a potential target for the Chinese. It has also become clear, at the very least, that U.S. foreign policy is neck-deep involved in the troubles in Mexico. Moreover, it is is also evident that the United States is at war with the Chinese and one of the battles is being fought on Mexican soil.

  8. I somehow dont thing they will be greeted as liberators.
    Green GoHome!!!

  9. To EarniesWorld I agree we should stay out of yours and yours should pack up and leave the US and go home. Stay Out

  10. Bien jodidos pero bien orgullosos.

  11. Ernest1 you are 100% Correct.
    in my day we called them "Coconuts"
    but "Dollar made zombie putas"
    has a better ring to it.

  12. The people are begging for US intervention. Cartels are harrasing and destroying a beautiful country. Por favor vengan a ayudarnos, los politicos y los militares estan a cargo de las drogas. Come and help the people.

  13. are these the same guys who have let a gang of crooks take control of their country?, apparently they can;t stick their fingers in their own corrupt incompetent asses...but they can join in the paso tiempo nacional de Mexico of blaming the USA...

    to hell with becoming involved in the mess in Mexico

    Americans have been guiled into becoming the sword of the internationalists

    to hell with ANY foreign entanglements,,,bring all our soldiers home...

    work on solving OUR own drug problem con the drug addicted culeros in the ghettos

    enact a sane immigration policy

    guard our borders

    Mexico for the Mexicans..including their problems

    as much as i love Mexico becoming involved is a big mistake , hell they are still not over the Mexican, American war...imagine the enmity resulting from a US intercession, I am sure the guilty would only be protected by some of these generales anyway

    and i can imagine the fodder for American haters

    I personally would not support such a move unless there was a hand written ,notarized letter from EVERY citizen of Mexico

    hell no we wont go

  14. Lito brito, who cares what you support, last time I checked you were not a senator or congressman....What I am saying is: The inevitable is coming and you and I as tax payers cannot do anything about it - Irak, Afghanistan and soon Mexico, North Korea and Iran are strategies to weaken this country/military - If the American military enters Mexico, it will get ugly


  15. @ vanux

    i am with you about the chinese...they have no good intentions toward the USA...and our stupid assed "leaders sold us out to them with the most favored nation status bullshit

    the international money men are using their standard tactic in Mexico ...

    create the problem...sell the ammunition to solve it

    little quiz...

    where will you find this statement?

    we will abuse them with such violence that they will be glad to accept us as masters as long as along with it comes peace

    in this legendary ,controversial document you will find the source of many of the problems in the world today

    our government is owned and controlled by the financiers of wars and reconstructions

    the old saw that you can always employ one half of the poor to make war on the other half for the benefit of the wealthy is true

    besides the drug market has gotten profitable enough to be taken in Panama y Noriega

    these same money men control the media in the USA that has cultivated the drug problem in the USA through their various propaganda machines such as MTV, and so called Liberal , left wing politics y the cultural revolution of the 60's

    they have us chasing shadows while they pick our pockets and loot the world

    to lay blame on the American people or even our government is la mismo as blaming guns for murder, and excusing the hand that holds it

    most Americans are well intentioned but misguided, and are being led by the nose into death and slaughter, while our own garden is growing up in weeds

    to hate our country and our people is as ignorant of reality as to support invasions of otra paises

    pointless yapping about our government is to see the trees but not the forest

    in poly sci 101 we learn that it is the nature of government to expand, and that it is the business of ALL governments/bureaucracies to acrue and solidify power, this combined with the nature of man to be greedy and covetous dictates expansionism...this is the slope that the money men use to push nations downward into disaster, and rebuilding...

    today in Mexico there are Mexican citizens who are calling for the USA to send soldiers to restore order...that in itself stands as proof of the effectivness of the strategy...this dosen't make these people bad, just desperate , and it dosent' make the Americans who hear them bad either, just deceived

    we are not the enemy...they are not the enemy...the real enemys are the hidden moneylenders who preach divisionism and push us into conflict

    listen for the clink of coins behind the curtain and you will find the guilty

    i didn't mean to write a book here , but some times i get carried away

    maybe i will write one and have it printed in china..jaja

  16. Every month is a article "Mexico loosing war on crime" every day ,murder in the street, police,mayors,political canidates,judges, lawyers,killed, YES Mexican law and order IS in its infancy by civilized nations standards.The idea that there is FEAR that the US would intervene in a agressive way, O My God, Mexico just might lift itsself out of the grip of the medieval timewarp of present circumstance that must be uacceptable??

  17. @ Tapatio

    well ...i care ..,and i don't care if you do or not

    but i agree that there is not much i can do about it ...

    other than move to another country..and Americans are not granted refugee status very easily...even in Mexico...ever try to get a work permit in Mexico..or be there illegally....

    1-2-3- jail -fine- deportment

    not much sympathy from Mexicans for a broke ass gringo,

  18. Well no shit Sherlock. From the border mayors to the banking barons, the US has sat back and made a profit while knowingly watching Mexico destabilize. The DOD has had people active in Mexico for some time they just don't paste it all over the evening news. Ever wonder why Washington has not had more discussion about the so called drug war? Its because too many people are profiting off of it and they have been waiting for the right time to launch a full out effort to move in. We ALLOWED Noriega to remain in power in Panama until we felt he was a liability. The US government would rather use the immigration issue in their shell game to deflect the focus while the situation festered to the point that they "had" to intervene. 3 people die in Iraq and its on CNN, 300 die in Mexico and nobody hears a word about it, ever wonder why? 21st century colonialism is all it is people, sad part is most people are just too damned stupid to realize it. People in the US could not give a shit as long as they have some guy to do the landscaping and buy cheap trips to Cancun. Let us not ignore the fact that Mexico has brought this reckoning upon themselves, between the corrupt government and the ignorance of the cartels they had it coming sooner or later. There are rules of war declared or not and for the people in Mexico to think it could go on forever is just ignorance. Sometimes the stakes of "la mordida" are higher than any alligator boot wearing punk could ever imagine and the game has been elevated. I can't say I feel sorry for Mexico because the people have allowed this to happen with their short sighted greed and sense of entitlement. The story of La Barbie was telling in many ways, in his mind he thought Ralph Lauren clothing was some sort of status symbol, a smart man would have been demanding Armani.

  19. You know i don't comment much but this I have got to get off my chest! If Mexico is so damn proud of themselves and don't want ANY help from the US military since they all say it would make things worse, SCEW EM ALL! Shut the border, stop ALL aid to the country, EVERYTHING, and let the "high and mighty" egos of Mexico fend for themselves! Only the fittest will survive and when it's the cartels and they cross the river, blow the living shit out of them! Shoot first, ask questions later! If they don't want our help let's forget that country exsist and secure ours!! And I say this with a fiance' that was originally from Mexico. I'm not prejiduce but am SICK and TIRED of my county be blamed for everything bad happening in Mexico and hearing it will be worse if we help out! Not that's just my opinion!!!! I'm sure I'll read a lot of shit about it but oh well!!!!!!

  20. What the hell is this raro gato putting into his Christmas champurrado?

    ''lito 'brito said... 'these same money men control the media in the USA that has cultivated the drug problem in the USA through their various propaganda machines such as MTV, and so called Liberal , left wing politics y the cultural revolution of the 60's they have us chasing shadows while they pick our pockets and loot the world''

    Or is it that he has just overdosed on Right Wing kool aid? Whatever it might be, 'lito 'brito needs some sort of intervention himself.


  21. @ guero

    i am not sure there sherlock

    do you mean the US as in the American citizen...

    or the folks who hold the markers on the US national debt

    who are most likely stationed in the "cite of london "financial district

    the people you can see and identify are just getting the crumbs

    the Baron is never mentioned

    either way you are getting close

    maybe it is just semantics

    sooo..... thanks for the concurrence...

    i think? ...

    and who said this?...what care do i have what puppet they put on the throne as long as i control the money supply

  22. i love it when i am quoted...laughing!!!!

    sorry i can't return the favor...

    so... just what were you doing in central y south America all that time?

  23. let me get this straight...

    because am against American meddling in foreign affairs, IE, military bases all over the world, propping up non democratic regimes......

    advocate fiscal responsibility, as living within our means and paying off the national debt....

    oppose so called free trade , especially with repressive countrys such as China...

    think we need to address our drug problem, through legalization and regulation, ..

    am for a sane immigration policy making it easier for Mexicans to enter the USA legally...

    support freedom of speech even when it enables the opposition to have an equal voice...

    am non racist...i believe in the rights of ALL people ....

    decry the injustices done by ALL governments to ALL people ANYWHERE...

    detest fat ass bigmouths like rush limbough..warmonger idiots like G bush...

    believe in rational social programs,,, free health care , education , and nutrition.... and so on and so on

    and you disagree with me?

    so where does that put you?

  24. Of course.
    The Mexican people are just so stupid.
    They can't be trusted to know what is going on in their own country.
    They can't properly assess their day-to-day experiences living in Mexico.

    My friends in Monterrey who have ALL, every single one, been kidnapped at least once within the past year don't know anything.

    Half of my family from Reynosa who have abandoned their houses and are now living with the other half of my family in McAllen??
    What the hell do they know?

    My elderly uncle who has left his ranch near Nuevo Progreso?
    Well, what does he know?
    I'm sure it was a decision he made on a whim considering that the ranch belonged to his father, my great grandfather.

    All of these people are such idiots.

    Everything was just fine.
    Then, some secret American agents plant a couple of dinky ass bombs and they just throw their hands in the air before rolling into helpless balls on the floor, crying out to the Americans to come save them.

    If any Mexican people express their lack of faith in their government to fix this problem and if they want any kind of assistance from the United States, they must all be total morons who have fallen for the staged "violence that has erupted in recent weeks."

    Recent weeks?
    Dear god!

  25. I just read this paper from an ABC station in TX,

    It is difficult (for me at least) to make up one's mind about an US intervention in MX: this is a humanitarian disaster unfolding there, it's fueled by drug trafficking but it's not only drugs. Extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, ... You see all the scourges of a culturally anarchic and socially messed-up country. We are just missing a plague.

    I hear the leftist Cassandra defending MX national pride against the mean culero yanki waiting north of the border for the kill with a knife between his teeth; I hear the isolationist arguing the US have already enough wars to end and no more cash and blood to give away.
    Sure the Chinese have interest in having some control in the "devil's excrement" in MX. Sure again that the military-industrial complex in the US (yes, the same one Eisenhower was talking about, they are still here) is drooling about another destroy/loot/rebuild operation since the one in Iraq backfired.
    And yes, MX is fighting a civil war (let's call it for what it really is) as a proxy for the US who are unable to control their gluttony on drugs.

    I just don't know. When it happened in Congo or Liberia or ... (long list indeed), it was far enough not to smell or hear. But now, it's in my backyard and I can't stop the wind carrying foul odors and cries.

    Part of me says that drugs should be decriminalized and we should let ol'Darwin taking charge of eliminating the unfit here in the US (why should I care about a druggie overdosing or running under a bus? Good riddance.)
    Part of me says that you fight terrorism with terror and maybe some good guys in MX should contaminate some northbound drug shipments with lethal substances. That's a firefighting method: when you have a forest fire, you cut trees to make a trench in the forest and the fire will extinguish itself, thus saving the forest.
    Part of me says we build the Chinese wall on the border and stop all movement of people and goods until it calms down. That's the Israeli method.
    Part of me says that my parents were very happy to see the GIs coming in their country in 1944 to kill the Nazi sicarios and let my parents bring back their beloved society.
    Part of me ... Why don't you shut up, pinche "part of me".

  26. @ matanzas

    yeap...i am there also..although i oppose the US getting involved in Mexico... but it really hurts me to be my isolationist self and let it go on to hell...

    there are no easy answers...and the questions wont stop

    i still think the best bet is to stop the shit at our borders...cerro la puerto de la gran mercado

    making it so hard to bring the shit into south florida is a lot of the reason it is coming through Mexico...

    it is a real fucked up some body here said ...damned if we do damned if we don't

  27. lil brito,
    I am very familiar with the money trail, from the involvement of Wells Fargo, IBC and other banks to the fact that the CIA has been flying guns, dope and money around for years, I remember the Contra scandal and all the shit that went in and out of the airport in Mena Arkansas and other private airports from Florida to Texas. I know who the Governor of Chihuaua and others have very close relationships with and dig deeper all the time. I also have a notion of what went down with Noriega and who was involved, but no concrete proof. I am capable of being objective enough to agree with things both you and Ernest1 both have to say, I think we are all digging for the same answers while our governments pump sunshine up our asses and the banks get richer. Nations were built on colonialism and the "puppets" are many. Those who sit around with their heads up their asses and allow the media to spin the message are disgusting to me as the puppet masters you allude to. I search out facts in order to prove or disprove my own hunches, that means I remain open to all opinions. A wise man once said "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation".
    I value the opinions of many here and seek their knowledge myself, there are few places like this for people who care about what is going on. For what it's worth I voted for democrats, republicans and independants in November, I carry a gun and despise teabaggers, I don't fit in anyones little box. Keep up the discussion and thanks for your input.

  28. I Want Us to go in to mexico to clean it up. Mexico needs it, its a beautiful place to be getting f****ed up by some idiots that dont care about anything but themselves. I love Mexico, Thankfully i was lucky enough to be born there and now in the US, if it keeps getting worse i wont be able to go and that will suckk!

  29. Tapatio said...

    Lito brito, who cares what you support, last time I checked you were not a senator or congressman....What I am saying is: The inevitable is coming and you and I as tax payers cannot do anything about it - Irak, Afghanistan and soon Mexico, North Korea and Iran are strategies to weaken this country/military - If the American military enters Mexico, it will get ugly
    Yeah, it will get REAL UGLY for those narcos but I doubt they stand up and fight the U.S Military.

  30. Its not the drug dealers destroying the country, its corrupt officials and leaders that sell justice and power to the wealthy, and to the organized crime. evry one has been making money for decades (70 years) after the corrupt party lost the presidency, it beacame caos, bring back the p.r.i.? thats what they want mexicans to beleive. U. S. should occupy mexico and take control.

  31. This is the biggest load of shit I have ever read. Much better to read BB articles and forget the stupid ass comments. Only the morons that post on Blog del Narco are more ignorant. The comments on BDN are good for learning to curse in Spanish but Spanish is too long winded for cursing anyway. I'm outta here!


  32. To me this sounds like the Mexican military trying to get popular support for a coup d'état.
    The Generals are going to sweep in and "save" Mexico from the corrupt government and the big bad Norte Americano gringos.

    There is no way in hell the US would get involved in another military conflict outside our borders.
    With Iraq, Afghanistan and now Korea heating up there is no way Obama would send troops to Mexico. His own party would run him out of Washington.

    Watch your Generals closely over the next few months Mexico, I see a coup on the horizon.

  33. All these minimum wage earning (if that?) folk that think that the US is going to 'clean up' another country should really look at how the US government is messing up the US itself, before they even open their yaps. The US still can't even 'clean up' the mess the government made with New Orleans, let alone anywhere else OUTSIDE its own borders.


  34. Hopefully a coup does occur. And we definitely dont need u.s. soldiers over here. if they couldnt stop some sheep opiate farmers with ww2 rifles in afganisatan, what makes them think they can stop organized urban crime with weapons just as powerfull as their own military. And you can be assured the violence will spill over into the u.s. No the coup de etat we dont want is the one coming from the u.s. But not to fret, the u.s. has its own revolution coming. their hands will be plenty full.

  35. Its hilarious to think that the United States would be engaging in such antics to win the support of the Mexican people.

    If the US were to seek anyone's support for a military intervention, it would be the support of the American people.
    Believe me, the American people do NOT support any military intervention in Mexico.

    Reports of such extreme violence will only lead more Americans to want to build that great, big, expensive, magic wall along the entire border.

  36. I see we have alot of Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jordan Maxwell fans here with all the conspiracy theories floating around. But yeah I agree with what some of you guys think. Will this happen? Who knows, only time will tell. I bet some of these "capos" are not gonna get a good nights rest after they see this. Shock n Awe Part 2 or bring back Los Pepes and start going after their families and friends. LOL and don't forget 2012!!!!!!

  37. hey ya'll here are the results of a little survey of 99 people ..mostly BB readers about if the USA should become involved in Mejico's drug war

    surprising results...

  38. Like others have said, the drug dealers/drug trafficking organizations are not the problem is the corrupt officials,judges and elitist of Mexico. Money IS power and as long as you have wealth in Mexico you are basically invincible. The elite rich of Mexico are afraid that the poor are gaining power and all this war is all about the rich vs poor. Don't get me confused; I don't support the cartels in any way but I do support equal justice weather you are poor or rich. Mexico is loosing it's middle class...

  39. it would sound more like invasion over a sovereigty country and we can`t do that remember that congress is the only one that can declare war not the DEA I have a brother in Monterrey and I asked him about this and he said that nobody heard such a "Disparate" that things are bad but no like to ask another country for help...! He think that such a thing would be crazy and that this may make things worse and then it may create and scicosis agaist the USA.y que suena bien pero que los Mexicanos tienen tanto orgullo como para pedir ayuda a quien les esta vendiendo parque y las armas a los narcotraficantes.y que hay mucho resentimiento por esto.que si estan peleando las plazas es porque hay muchos miles de pesos and dollars de por medio ya que Mexico paso de ser un pais de ser exportador y transito de drogas a ser un pais consumidor.

  40. Why have the past two administrations in the U.S. allowed our nation to be infiltrated by these drug cartels and millions of illegals (mostly from Mexico). They cause millions of Americans' deaths at the hands of Mexican and other illegal aliens. And they allow all these drugs to come in. Then when a border state hard -hit actually tries to help the feds fight these insurgents, the BO administration sues that state when the proper reaction should have been to support and protect the state. Sounds like a globalization tactic just like the Bushies! The CFR is behind the whole thing and the probably the Commies, too!

  41. lito brito and el guero: you guys are sad! Rambling, conspiracy-filled rants that have no basis in reality. It is uninformed comments like these that perpetuate the world's opinions that Americans are self-centered idiots

    Neo-colonialism? Where is there any evidence to support that? And the US has had countless opportunities in the past to go into Mexico and has never done it.

    There is no media/big business conspiracy to destabilize Mexico. Her problems are all home-grown.

    The US has little to no interest in a country with a crumbling infrastructure, an extreme poverty level, low GDP and terrible productivity. But while they ignored the problems to the south, they now have a serious issue to deal with. And while Mexico's military can only seem to TALK about security, the people cry out for help and will take it from where they can get it.

  42. i say bring the military to the border and let no one in and then watch mexico fall apart....that is the reality with no movement between the borders there would be no cash flow for the cartels and they would be ''dead in the water''.

  43. Obsidian

    What you tend to write is hateful, ignorant, and off topic comments. That is why most of it doesn't get published.


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