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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The ''Mysterious'' Death of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz

Unrelenting: Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, centre, breaks down after the man, Sergio Barraza, suspected of killing her daughter Rubi Marisol in 2008 is set free. She was gunned down demanding justice for her daughter.

A mother who waged a two-year battle to bring her daughter's killer to justice was shot to death, possibly by the same man suspected of murdering her teenager.

A security video recording shows masked men pulling up in a car in front of the governor's office in the northern city of Chihuahua.

One appeared to exchange words with anti-crime crusader Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, who was holding a vigil outside.

She tried to flee by running across the street, but the gunman chased her down and shot her in the head late Thursday, said Jorge Gonzalez, special state prosecutor for crime prevention.

Ms Escobedo was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where she died within minutes.
On Friday, a group of demonstrators gathered outside the Interior Department in Mexico City to protest the killing, briefly scuffling with police while chanting 'Not one more death'.

And far to the north in Ciudad Juarez, where Ms Escobedo's 17-year-old daughter's burned and dismembered remains were found in a rubbish bin in June 2009, activists protested outside the state prosecutors office with signs demanding 'Justice for Marisela'.

Thursday's killing 'shows that in Mexico it is the victim who suffers, without protection,' veteran anti-crime activist Alejandro Marti said.

Federal intelligence sources indicated that Sergio Barraza, the main suspect in the death of Marisela Escobedo, belongs to the criminal group known as "Los Zetas", which were instrumental in the escape of Barraza at least twice in Zacatecas.

Ms Escobedo's daughter, Rubi Frayre Escobedo, disappeared in Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas, in 2008.

After the body was discovered last year, the mother launched a campaign pressing for a conviction in the case. Ms Escobedo staged numerous marches, once wearing no clothes, wrapped only in a banner with her daughter's photograph.

'This struggle is not only for my daughter,' Ms Escobedo said through a megaphone at that march, her voice breaking. 'Let's not allow one more young woman to be killed in this city.'

Three days ago, she planted herself in front of the offices of Governor Cesar Duarte and vowed not to move until investigators showed progress in the case.

In an interview with newspapers on Sunday, Ms Escobedo said she had received many death threats from Barraza's family in which they warned that "Los Zetas" do not forgive nor forget, and that failure to abide by their rules would cost her life.

Mr Duarte said state security officials had been assigned to guard Ms Escobedo, although from a distance. He said their failure to protect her Thursday would be investigated.

Mr Duarte had also called on the state's top court to suspend the three judges.
On Friday, court president Javier Ramirez Benitez said they would be suspended pending an investigation.

Ramirez Benitez said an oversight commission found earlier this year that the case was improperly handled.

Prosecutors said Barraza, Frayre's live-in boyfriend, admitted murdering her and led police to the body. But at trial he proclaimed his innocence and claimed he had been tortured into confessing.

Grief: Relatives embrace near Escobedo's coffin before her funeral service in Ciudad Juarez

Marisela Escobedo was laid to rest on Saturday, December 18. Although the funeral was scheduled for Sunday morning, it was allegedly moved forward out of fear of her relatives becoming victims of another attack.

Shortly before Escobedo's burial a commando of at least six men busted into a nearby lumber business, kidnapped a man later identified as Manuel Monge Amparán and set the business on fire.

According to family members, the lumber yard is owned by José Monge, brother of the kidnapping victim and Escobedo's live in boyfriend.

Elements of the municipal police force stated the delinquents, before attacking the lumber yard and kidnapping Monge, had forced their way into various neighboring businesses and ordered employees to call the fire department.

"The fire at the lumber yard and the kidnapping of Manuel Monge was a retaliation by organized crime because Jose Monge refused to pay "dues," said a spokesman for the Prosecutor of Chihuahua, Carlos González.

The official denied that the attack had any connection with the killing of the activist.

Following the incident, the authorities stated the owner of the establishment had been threatened in the past, Gonzalez said.

Manuel Monge Amparán was found dead.

The Attorney General's office announced the victim, 36, was found dumped in a blanket between the streets of Mariano Vega and Ramon Alcazar.

The agency reported that the offical cause of death was asphyxiation.

Yesterday, prosecutors announced that a man's body had been found at 11:00 p.m., but the identity was not confirmed until Sunday.

His hands and feet were bound with gray duct tape and his head had been covered with a plastic bag.

Although people close to Marisela Escobedo confirmed the relationship between her and José Monge Amparán, the authorities indicated that they were no longer partners.

"José Monge Amparán, as far as we can tell from our investigations, had a relationship with Marisela Escobedo, but it was not a current relationship, it was in the past. It (the fire, kidnapping, a murder) has absolutely nothing to do, has no relation to (the murder of ) Mrs. Escobedo," said Carlos Gonzalez.


  1. I'm wondering who is the second person that runs up to her when she is lying in the street, runs right beside her and keeps going. Almost looks like a second gunman putting another shot in her head to "make sure".

    As for her boyfriend having his business burned and his brother killed the same day she was buried, sorry I'm not buying that as an unrelated coincidence.

  2. This is really the depths of depravity. Can't there be some fucking justice for this remarkable mom? At least the government could make an exception in this case and go after the MFer even if it's just to "appear" that they care.

  3. sad story , what a fricken mess , where is the justice on this , if the government cant help who will , so the guys that killed her are zetas? what a barstars but if u kiil by the sword die by the sword , or machete por machete

  4. Why don't the Zetas take him out? He's causing them a lot of trouble. Better yet, he should just kill himself.

  5. and there is almost no chance that the killers or the ones who paid them will ever be captured...very sad

  6. Wow, this woman had great courage. It's very sad to read this article. The only good thing I can say is at least she is with her daughter in a better place and at rest. I hope the gunmen who killed her burn in hell. RIP Ms. Escobedo

  7. To me, the picture of marisela in complete anguish, just breaks my heart and pisses the hell out of me. I try to detach myself sometimes but in this case, it is impossible for me not to be heartbroken and angry. All the good people are leaving us. One by one, they are getting taken out. If everyone in mexico expressed half of this woman's courage and determination, the cartels and the mexican government would'nt stand a chance.

  8. lilo brito what do you mean being captured?He was captured and released by the judges.Do they have the :can't be tried twice law in Mexico like the states?:What a mess.

  9. @ Ovemex-Buggs

    Thanks for running this story, I looked each day for it.. as it is worthy and important. When I posted my little comment and link yesterday I was hoping you would run the story complete story. I am thinking collusion with cartel-governor to eliminate the "problem" She WAS NOT going away.

    Impunity has run a muck in Mx with the new confusion of procecutorial burden of proof. Either they are confused...or intentional. I man confesses AND TAKES THEM TO THE FUCKING BODY, and he is let free from lack of evidence.

    this photo should win the pulitzer prize. When I first saw it...I was stunned, as a mother felt her pain as real as though I knew them both. That is what a foto is supposed to do in the media...tell the story, this one told the story, is painful each time I see it and tells the story smore than all the words in the text.

    it reminds me of the Vietnam photo of Nick Ut thechild running trough the streets after a Napalm attack, it has that same ability to reach into your hearts & minds and stays forever.

    here is that did win a pulitizer prize

  10. "The fire at the lumber yard and the kidnapping of Manuel Monge was a retaliation by organized crime because Jose Monge refused to pay "dues," said a spokesman for the Prosecutor of Chihuahua, Carlos González. (aka spokesman for the Zetas)

    The official denied that the attack had any connection with the killing of the activist. THIS PROVES HE'S A LIAR and in cohorts with the Zetas.

    NOW the governor suspends the kangaroo court judges? Only after caught videotaping Marisela's execution? Should Carlos Gonzalez, Chief Prosecutor be the prime suspect? How about the governor? They are covered with blood and shame.

    The Government + Cartels => Rubi's murder + Marisela's murder + Don Alejo's murder

  11. Very sad story and tough to stomach the injustice. May god rest her soul and she is in a special place alongside her daughter. For all who think the Zetas haven't infiltrated Chihuahua theres enough proof. People I know who live there have been telling me for 3 years now that the scum of the Z's has reached even their city Chihuahua, Chih. They lay low and pray on the businesses and go about doing petty crimes. This has probably been one of the fewer times they have drawn this much attention. They will get theirs, I look for Gente Nueva to hunt him down and wipe him out along side some of the other Z's. It will be good PR for them. The Z's sure are a different breed, it's sad to see innocent women get killed. These cowards don't have any remorce and aren't considered men when taking out innocent women. Que les den con un cochillo afilado....

  12. Ok buela how the hell is this "collusion with cartel-governor to eliminate the "problem" She WAS NOT going away."....this is nothing more then a mom seeking justice just like Isabel Miranda de Wallace was seeking justice over her murdered son. No different.

    And second this wasnt "Los Zetas." I dont know if Borderland Beat threw that in there so they can say they are Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War or it was done by the other idiots who covered this story wrongly. But whatever the case, this was done by Sergio Barraza, the main suspect in the death of Marisela Escobedo and her daughter Rubi...thats all maybe if yall could read some spanish and read some newspapers from Mexico you would know that...No Zetas no nothing...even tho I hate them with a passion,.....he's not no Zeta....with all due respect get your reporting right plz.

    @Jerry, No they don't have can't be tried twice law in Mexico like the states? The mother got the another set of judges to appeal the prior decision and sentence Sergio Barraza to 50 years in prison but by that time he was long gone. So they sentence him without him even being there, its just a matter of finding him haha...good day Sir.

  13. Sadly, less than 5% of crimes in Mexico are investigated and about 3% of those result in a conviction. So he has about 1 in 700 chance of being convicted for his crimes. No wonder these culeros do what they do - they have almost no chance of paying for their crimes.

    And if they do go to jail, don't worry. The warden and guards will just let you escape for a few pesos.

    Sadly, the corruption in my beloved Mexico is so entrenched and so endemic to everyday life that I see no hope for a resolution. And can you believe that some are turning back to the political party that allowed this to occur for decades? The PRI openly allowed the cartels to operate, even sold off the plazas like franchises. But because violence has increased since Calderon declared war on this scourge, many ignorant people want to return to the past.

    That is so typical of my people. Bury your head in the sand and the problem will go away.

  14. Judges are corrupted. DTO 1 GOVT 0.
    Prison wardens are corrupted. DTO 1 GOVT 0.
    Cops are corrupted. DTO 1 GOVT 0.
    Governors are corrupted. DTO 1 GOVT 0.
    Journalists are corrupted. DTO 1 GOVT 0.
    And so on...
    GOVT will never win at this game.

    Its silver or lead, Marisela chose the latter, like Don Alejo. But few people do that, by fear for their families if not themselves. I can't blame them. Only the desperate ones will take the lead route. The population will soon be affected by the Stockholm syndrome, and ask the DTOs for protection. Then, there will be no more GOVT. Failed state, unacceptable on the US border.

    Next election will be pivotal. Fighting this proxy war the Bush-Calderon's way did not work so far, and will not be successful by 2012. Everyone knows that truth on both sides of the border and in DTOs and GOVT circles. What's next:

    Alliance GOVT-DTOs against thugs and thieves, social cleansing of the streets by the selected DTOs' sicarios, and let the US and EU deal with their drug problem in their own countries; The Iraqi strategy.

    Or a coup d'etat by the military, etat de siege in the country, military tribunals for serious crimes and death penalty immediately applied at sentencing. The Turkish strategy.

    First restore order and confidence, then reform in depth the social fabric to promote development: good education, fair taxation, justice and law enforcement.

    It will be more bloody in Mx for some time and for the good of the country. Just wait for 2012. Who's betting? Iraqi or Turkish?

  15. @Dic 20 10:20 am Anonymous

    "And second this wasnt "Los Zetas." I dont know if Borderland Beat threw that in there so they can say they are Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War or it was done by the other idiots who covered this story wrongly. But whatever the case, this was done by Sergio Barraza, the main suspect in the death of Marisela Escobedo and her daughter Rubi...thats all maybe if yall could read some spanish and read some newspapers from Mexico you would know that...No Zetas no nothing...even tho I hate them with a passion,.....he's not no Zeta....with all due respect get your reporting right plz.""

    I do read Spanish and news from Mexico. The possible connection to Zetas was taken from various newspapers (one the links was included in the post..You can find links in posts by looking for words written and underlined in the color BLUE..)

    now, on the other hand, nobody has CONFIRMED any connection with Zetas.

  16. Mantanzas;

    Right on mijo..

  17. @ Anon 9:30

    Whoooooooa who got your shorts in a bundle? Ck facts before you speak.

    Thanks Ovemex..for posting links and saving me having to, obviously the "ANON" does not keep up with the news in Mx. say how is this going to help?
    are you serious, or just ignorant?

    she was a powerhouse and turning up at some very inconvient places where the gov was, such as the place she was killed his palace. She was effective, with drama (reinactments) and was an embarassement to the gov, she had to be dead to be stopped, press coverage was huge, so further irritating to the intended targets. Cartels are in collusion with state and municipal governments...a favor is easy to come by...and life means little..

    don't you know ANYTHING?
    you must be from NY for sure not living in Mx

  18. The Lady exposed corruption in the Judiciary, and now she is dead.It may be a long time before the people forget what happens to the people who crusade for judicial reform.This is the crux of the problem, it is never acknowledged, and, until there is real Judicial reform for the whole country, this war on drugs will never be won.

  19. @9:06 pm

    hey you pompous annoying anonymous prick with your stupid (ppl) abbreviations. just cause you live in mexico does'nt justify your ignorant comments and your nasty temper. ernest1 is an instagator but you are just a loudmouth dumb fool who has no respect for anyone. so i say to you, "KISS MY MEXICAN-AMERICAN ASS!". show some respect and stop being a lil' whining jerk. ask me if i care if you live in mexico?

    buela, i know lately this idiot(i don't even know if this anonymous thing is a man or a woman?) has been attacking you but i got your back.

  20. Theres always one ungrateful person ready to complain... Dont listen to them OVEMEX, just some hater.

  21. @ ajulio @ Smurf @ Ovemex @ gerado @ Buggs
    Say it brother!
    AJULIO..Thank you for the love, I don't get it, it is true you can tell it is the same person by writing style.. I get attacks and totally fair on op, but to take it personal well I do have a issue with E1 doing the same. Imply things about Brito and Me, even calling me a man! JAJA A Man Hussy! El Castro Street" (BRIIITO GETS THAT) why would I hide being a man?

    I think when a person personalizes remarks he takes away, just as I scolded E1 that is the issue more than his Left over Lefties ideology form the 60s.

    But to attack BB...that is pretty shameful. again opinion etc is fine but really to attack a group of folks, OVEMEX, SMURF, GERADO, & BUGGS who are consistantly translating and bringing Narco News to the English language public, WITOUT COMPENSATON...well that is a way to low hit below the belt.

    I know for a fact some of the reporters live in Mx full time, and some of us readers do or work there full time. we known what's up.

    I will be honest and share something...

    When this story broke...I waited for days to see it on BB. I thought there was a cartel connection and everyone in Mx incl Media thought so. I wrote to a couple of the BB reporters saying "whats up?" and I rec a gracious well rec email stating they could not establish a connection yet. As the cartel connection became huge in Mx, Ovemex ran the story finally stastified. As you can see it has developed further and BTW....,BDN ran it also.




    BUELA...........PS...WTF? Where the hell is Rise?

  22. You can't compare ernest1 to this shmuck. Ernest1 has really radical opinions but he's pollitical and knowledgeable. I've learned a few things from him and I disagree with some of the insults he's made towards me, buela, matanzas, lito, the whole bb staff and well...everyone else, I still like hearing ernest1's comments. But this stupid fool is just a mean lil' bastard with no character. He, she, it just uses a filthy mouth and a lot of pplpplplpl's and hahahha's to degrade many intelligent comments made by intelligent people.

    You gotta give credit to bb for the patience and open-mindedness that they show to everyone including the annoying (ppl) ha ha ha. Think i've had too much coffee this morning.

  23. @December 22, 2010 7:01 AM
    @December 22, 2010 8:40 AM
    @December 22, 2010 12:56 AM

    "Theres always one ungrateful person ready to complain... Dont listen to them OVEMEX, just some hater."

    One hater who wants the the facts be told and not some BS...and I thought you ppl were so proud with freedom of speech. I at least give Overmex some credit for debating me and countering my points...but in the end I won bz

    "The fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion."

    And BB obviously cant handle a lil criticism at all, next about you debate me rather then censor whips jaja

  24. @ Ajulio

    Sorry amigo...have to dissagree...they are in the same category to me. E1 had blinders on and resorts to some pretty big personal attacks. Plus he refuses to answer any questions, reasonable Qs. He is a one song sam, lefty left from the lefty 60s. It does not care about Mx or its people. He knows I know and have told him so. which is why he cannot stand me and refuses now to have dialog...silly man.

    I also felt disgusted by him so proudly saying he threw Mexicans in his car trunk as though that is some big act of heroism, so now he is a law breaker, I just can't hang with that, advocate to change what you do not like, help Mx so people will not risk their lives to come here. One person can make a huge difference. I know that first hand.

    E1 calling me shamless, hussy, liar etc is not too cool since he does not know me, all I called him was wrong. I thought i could get a good debate with him, I was wrong, he is boring, redundant and old news, old ideolgy.

    Sorry...I call it like i see it. I have to admit I don't read much of E1 rants any longer, it is a waste of time "been there done that" nothing new to the subject because it is apparent his views are formulated far from Mx and long ago perhaps in the jungles of CA or Cuba.

  25. @ buela

    i got YOUR back. when i say that, i mean it. i did'nt realize that E1 really offended you but looking back at it now i realize that you have good reasons. personal attacks are worse than bad words.

  26. this is only one of thousands of failures in the mexican law those judges should held accountable for their actions its time for the usa to put pressure on mexicoto reform the legal sistem i wish they could invade our country and clean the house our housewich has been taken over by the cartels and corrupt politicians

  27. Now they're killing anyone who wants to demonstrate/protest on Marisela's behalf. A doctor was gunned down while getting into his car to attend a demonstration for her.

  28. For the one that said the death of Ms Escobedo is not related to the drug cartel (covering mouth while laughing) as most of us know it is, all the Mexican media sources are now reporting a connection to Los Zetas, and some included La Linea. Only two things can explain your assessment, naive or living in denial, either way, I suggest you read more, a lot more, then think about giving any reliable opinion!


  30. Wow, no I understand why people want to come here illegally or not. Very say story and my heart goes out to her family..

  31. ajulio im with yu im getting tierd of that anonymous jerk


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