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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mexican prisoners in mass jail break near US border

MEXICO CITY - Nearly 150 inmates escaped Friday from a state prison in the northern Mexico border city of Nuevo Laredo, and authorities said the breakout was probably helped by prison employees.

The public safety department of Tamaulipas state, where the prison is located near the border with Laredo, Texas, said 141 inmates got out through a service entrance used by vehicles, "presumably with the assistance of the prison staff."

The department said the prison's director could not be located, adding that he and other officials were under investigation.

Eighty-three of the prisoners were being held for trial or had been convicted of crimes like theft, assault and other state offences, while 58 were being held on federal charges, which include weapons possession and drug trafficking.

Tamaulipas has been plagued by a steady wave of violence tied to turf battles between the Gulf and Zetas drug gangs, but it was unclear whether members of those groups were among the escaped inmates.

States like Tamaulipas have said in the past they are not prepared to handle highly dangerous federal prisoners, and again on Friday the state urged the federal government to take charge of such inmates.

"The state does not have the capacity to prevent them escaping," the department said in a statement.

The federal Interior Department blamed the breakout on local authorities, saying they did not properly guard the facility.

"The absence of effective methods of guarding and control by local authorities is deplorable, and it has caused frequent escapes from prisons that put the public at risk," the department said in a statement.

It called on state authorities to clean up their prison and judicial systems by increased screening and vetting of corrections officers. In past cases, prison guards — often underpaid or under threat from gangs — have been implicated in prison escapes.

Federal police and soldiers were dispatched to patrol the area, and a search for escaped prisoners was begun.

The jail break apparently occurred in the pre-dawn hours Friday.

The escape came on the same day that federal Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna addressed a graduating class of new prison guards, underlining the urgent need to professionalize correctional forces.

"We are making a historic effort to build a new prisons model, that will treat prison staff as efficient public servants," Garcia Luna said.

The new guard recruitment programs, supported in part by the U.S. government, include increased training, screening and vetting of guards.

Associated Press


  1. Send your prisoners up to Arizona, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio will take care of them. And he will detain them a whole lot cheaper than Mexico could do it. lol

  2. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption is mexico's middle name.

  3. I find it very hard to believe that none of these prisoners are affiliated with either the Gulf Cartel or the Zeta's since if they are "Drug" smugglers or weapon smugglers; they
    wouldn't last too long. If they wern't one of those
    two groups I mean comeon; can you imagine an "independent smuggler" in Tamaulipas?? Life
    Expectany; about 1 hour!

  4. great job Mexico...way to go..makes all that blood spilled in catching these guys really pay off

    could some one wake the president...we have a developing situation on our southern border...

    if you can wake him ...tell him that Mexico has a major crime problem and that it is spilling over into the US...

    tell him that armed Mexican bandits are killing civilians and law enforcement personnel along the US / Mexican border..

    no American president will just sit helpless while we are invaded by bandits..

    he did take an oath to defend and preserve the United States ...didn't he ?

    I am sure when he finds out ..there will be hell to pay

  5. Ugh Can US Just Go In To Mexico Already? What Are They Waitingg Foorrrr.

  6. New recruits for the Zetas

  7. Yo don't be blaming obama about not doing better to protect our borders..
    Bush didn't do anything about it when he was president and it was just as bad.

    legalize marijuana!!

  8. @'lito 'brito and @December 18, 2010 11:21 AM and everyone other idiot. Goes to show you know nothing about Mexico. This prison isn't controlled by the federal government (Felipe Calderon)...I've been saying this for the longest time..the governor of Tamaulipas Eugenio Hernández Flores is the true culprit..he has lead this state completely overthrown by the CDG and the zetas...he didn't even ask for federal forces into the territory until this past November even though the war started in February between the two groups. Only when the press found out about the situation in Mier, that when all of the sudden asked for help..what an the way his state has the largest prison outbreaks in all the country this year alone...230 to be extact...hmmmmm i wonder why only his state has this high number???? Doesn't take a person with common sense to find out what he is up too..I thank god his is leaving this year...and being replaced...maybe the next governor has enough balls to stand up to these lowlifes, I mean he has too...what kind of person wouldn't want revenge when they murdered his own brother..

  9. @'lito 'brito
    "...tell him that Mexico has a major crime problem and that it is spilling over into the US..."

    Oh yes lito brito bz we all know you are being woke up by gun fire in the middle of the night. Why dont you STFU...the violence is Tamaulipas, my State, where I currently live. Things have gotten a lot more quiet since the Army and Federal Police arrive. Stop with all your Warmonger statements. Until your state which has an armed convoy of 20 men waking you up, shooting it out with the police, then maybe you have a right to talk to us about violence and your demands...warmongers these days for reals..

  10. @December 18, 2010 11:21 AM

    Yeah you do that, and you will see how quickly the citizens will go from hating the cartels to helping them out. The U.S would seriously have 100 million Mexicans to fight with..NOT A chance your country will be willing to take that risk...were not Afghanistan nor Iraq, where ppl are being oppressed from the give Mexicans the weapons and you will see how quickly your soldiers will fall...Even in a report by the USNORTHCOM said it wouldn't be the best interest to go to war with Mexico. By the way the answer to Mexico's problem is not a military one..its a law enforcement one. The military is not train to patrol the streets nor to investigate crime. So if your suggesting... Can we go into Mexico already by bringing in the FBI or DEA by all means but by military force???...Vietnam will sound like Disneyland compared to the problems you will face down here, in case you would want to invade. No Lie.

  11. @ anon 12:43 one does not negate the fail of the other...Obama is in power now and doing shit. Bush ditto...but live in the now... so silly.

    But I do agree MJ should be legalized.

  12. Isn't this just great? The US government is going to help run Mexican prisons with our US tax dollars!

    'The new guard recruitment programs, supported in part by the U.S. government, include increased training, screening and vetting of guards.'

    And with all the experience the US government has had in running torture chambers in places as diverse as Indonesia, the Philippines, South Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iran, Colombia, Guatemala, and in Africa, too! ... the US will certainly do a good job for the Mexican government.

    Why look at that monstrous pretty little torture chamber at Florence right down the road from where I live right now. No need for prisoners to have contact with anybody at any time what-so-ever. Our government knows how to just torture them people completely crazy! They know how to turn minds into jello soup! Lots of Americans just love that sort of thing!


  13. yeah but we all knew bush was an idiot...obama was supposed to do better...

    he escalated the war in Afghanistan...escalated know sent more soldiers...WRONG MOVE..he said he would get us out of the middle east ..

    how about a little escalation closer to home where Mexican bandits are killing people inside the USA...really coming across and killing people...

    is this normal ..what?..because Mexico "needs our help" or something?

    no other country on earth would tolerate this kind of shit...

    and this country wouldn't tolerate this kind of shit from any other country on earth ...

    what is the problem? Mexico privileged or something...

    why are these bandidos allowed to operate ...

    when these narcoculeros are fighting running gun battles in our streets, it will be a little too late ...

    we need to secure our border with Mexico now...not later

  14. Ah, lito brito, WHO was it that chose a surge in Afghanistan? Hmmm, try Bush first. Sept 2008 saw bush increase troops in Afghanistan. Both McCain and Obama proposed a surge during their campaigns.

    You have such a simplistic view of world politics and dynamics that it is scary. I guess you have found a place to vent your ideals and thankfully you are not the one making the decisions. We can't go into Mexico simply because we want to . Only if invited, unless we want 100 million fighting us. And we haven't been invited.

    World politics and diplomacy is a very complicated thing. Thankfully, people with real skills handle that and not you.

  15. @December 18, 2010 2:55 PM

    Haha, don't make me laugh. Mexico has no tradition of enrolling in the military nor does it have the long history of war experience the way we Americans do which goes back to the Old World. This is not trash-talking, as I know you're not trash-talking either but to suggest that these current illegals could rise up against us is a joke my friend.

    First of all they're not armed, not educated, nor organized, and sure as hell aren't in their home turf. If anything we might be fighting our own corrupt citizens who employ these illegals as it would be in their vested interest to keep them working as slaves but it would be higly unliekely as they know anybody fighitng for the wrong side would be met with a high rope. We do not want to go into Mx. Brito still thinks our military is run by the people which is not, it is run by war profiteers. It is up to us citizens to watch our borders but seeing as everbody's too busy watching the Cowboys I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  16. @December 18, 2010 5:12 PM

    Who said anything about illegals...I was talking in case the US decided to invade inside Mexico..which I seriously doubt but if that were the case..Mexico is such a big country...and its not hard to look at the past and see how the US has been defeated before...the way to beat Americans is armed insurgency and just like in Vietnam..what lost the war wasn't the military it was politics...As the great Sun Tzu one said "If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected." And that my friend is exactly what the Vietnamese did to yall..its only a matter of learning and applying the same strategy.

  17. They were probably executed and it was easy to say they had escaped....

  18. hey sun zoo

    the problem with that is that.. the... USA is RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO MEXICO..

    no long supply lines...patience and insurgency would not work...

    just out of curiosity why are some of you wanting to pick a fight with the USA...i mean are you serious...

    and before you all get to fantasizing about being CHE or something...fantasize this....

    Mexico's whole coast and every port blockaded... 24 hour flyovers and bombings...fantasize this ....hundreds of thousands of American soldiers backed by the very latest death machinery...on every road and highway coming into Mexico from north and south...the cities in rubble...refugee camps..internment camps..thousands of dead and wounded people ..and all this in a month..gringo blitzkrieg ..not a pretty sight ..

    fantasize your picked a fight ass hiding..., tired, dirty scared, hungry, ducking and dodging..sounds romantic don't it ?

    sorry to hurt that proud Spanish ass ..but Mexico's army is in the minor leagues homey

    and this kind of warmongering bullshit talk some of you all are blabbing out , is the very kind of shit that other warmongers look for as an excuse to pick on other countrys

    what the Vietnamese did to yall??????

    what the fuck do you know about Vietnam...just fuck off..

    you needs to worry bout what yalls mouth is gonna do to yalls asses

    when i say we need to guard our borders that does not mean invade Mexico ...


    so just make sense ...or shut the fuck up

  19. these same mexican gangsters that terrorize mexico and rule it's prisons are considered low-lifes and are disrespected in the american prisons. in the U.S. prisons, these mexican prisoners are called border brothers. they are usually looked down on by all the other american prisoners. they usually get last choice including where they hang out in the yard. they usually get the tables that are next to the bathrooms. thats a sign of disrespect.

    they only terrorize and rule mexico becuase mexico's government is weak. in the united states, our government would keep their asses in check.

  20. "these same mexican gangsters that terrorize mexico and rule it's prisons are considered low-lifes and are disrespected in the american prisons"

    Absolutely wrong...those Mexican gangsters actually control the American prisons as well....its called the la EME or the Mexican mafia...whoever controls the prison controls the outside as well....Wow ajulio we establish some learning today haha...

    So I guess our the US government is weak...and doesn't put their asses in check haha....

    My sources:

    Signed el Z-1


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