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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mexican Judge Hands Down Country’s 1st Life Sentence

A judge in the northern state of Chihuahua imposed Mexico’s first sentence of life in prison, the state Attorney General’s Office said.
Alfredo Cruz Guzman, 18, found guilty of kidnapping and auto theft, was sentenced in accord with recent revisions to the state penal code.

He was a member of a recently dismantled kidnapping gang that operated in Ciudad Juarez, a violent metropolis just across the border from El Paso, Texas, the Chihuahua AG’s office said.

State Gov. Cesar Duarte hailed the harsh sentence, pointing out during a visit to Juarez that Cruz tortured and mutilated his captives.

“I want to make it clear that, even with the approval of the Federal Anti-kidnapping Law, the state is ready to exercise its sovereignty, enforce the law and the life sentence,” the Chihuahua governor said here Tuesday.

Duarte was referring to a vote last month in the Mexican Senate to establish a maximum prison term of 70 years for kidnappers who kill their captives.

Chihuahua accounts for more than a third of the 30,000-plus drug-war deaths reported in Mexico over the last four years, while Juarez is the country’s murder capital, with 3,100 homicides this year.

In October, the state legislature passed a bill mandating life in prison for kidnappers, extortionists, killers of journalists and police and multiple-murderers.

Like Spain and most other Latin American nations, Mexico has traditionally limited to 30 years the amount of time anyone can be held behind bars.


  1. Wow. I cannot believe there has never been a life sentence for anything in Mexico. On a particularly shallow note, this guy is perhaps the ugliest person I have ever seen. Bad gene pool!

    1. dude, most mexicans have a bad gene pool in general. Even the women.

  2. Damn ! He should have gotten a life sentence just for being that ugly !

  3. Bet he will be let go on appeals.

  4. Is it just me or this past couple of days...with the zetas arrested yesterday and looking at this asshole...they are getting uglier and uglier by the day...

  5. JAJAJAJA I thought the same thing!!

  6. now this vato has a reason to take up a life of crime...what else could he ever do...sell food, or anything else way..

  7. Mexico needs a quick death peanlty for these socio-pathic narcos because if they will probably be freed by other narcos and prison guards.

  8. How can you ever confuse this guy with anyone else...La Barbie is right, not even their mothers like them! lol...

    Anyone looking like this should be around up...

  9. The face only a mother could love.

  10. Grasias a Dios la primera sentecia de cadena perpetua. It is about time to show people if you do the crime you will do the time.

  11. can you imagine getting killed by this guy and his face being the last thing you ever see before you die? i guess god sneezed when he made this igor-looking dude. no mames!

  12. Aye!!! That has to be the ugliest dude ever...looks like Jay Z. whose mama drank while pregnant and got subjected to radiation.

    Them zetas really know how to pick 'em...

  13. have a heart borderland beat! could'nt you guys have given us poor readers a warning label before you subjugated us to this horrific photo?

  14. Jay Z comment had me cracking up. Good one, Anon. 9:21pm

  15. No doubt about it this guy is one ugly SOB. Better refered to as a nickle bred or pasture bred.

  16. is it a suprise that the first life sentence is given to a man who looks like he is mentally retarted. Mexico should be ashamed. This man is probably poor, uneducated, and that is why he was an easy scapegoat. Meanwhile, el vicentillo gets charges dropped!

  17. JAJA, there is a way they get round that no life rule. Mexican prison sentence can = death without any problem. This is exactly the kind of guy who will run a block until he he has no use then:
    "Sir, there musta been a glitch in the software to allow those relatives of his last victims in while he was taking a shower"
    He won't serve that sentence.


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