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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CDG Sicario Leader Caught

Martín Armando Briones Muñiz, or Eduardo Flores Borrego, (a)El Negro, leader of CDG in Tamaulipas and responsible for eliminating 32 members of Los Zetas

Mexican authorities have announced the capture of a top Gulf Cartel lieutenant outside a Reynosa restaurant over the weekend.

Eduardo “El Negro” Flores Borrego, 40, was arrested late Friday night by members of Mexico’s Federal Police after a lengthy intelligence operation, according to a press release issued Wednesday.

Authorities also arrested Jose Alfredo “El Arlin” Guerrero Villalpando, 40, and Hector Enrique “El Chisqueado” Zapata Escamilla, the release said.

Police had tracked the three men to a restaurant in the Las Fuentes neighborhood where they were getting ready to get into a black pickup and a small sedan.

Police stormed the area and subdued the three suspects.

A source with firsthand knowledge of criminal activity in Tamaulipas stated that El Negro is the brother of Samuel “Metro-3” Flores Borrego, the right-hand man of Gulf Cartel leader Eduardo “El Cos” Costilla. The source said El Negro was in charge of a Gulf Cartel strike team.

Information released by Mexican Federal Police stated that El Negro was the leader of a group of 32 hitmen who had been tied to numerous confrontations and executions of members of the Zetas criminal organization. El Negro’s group is also accused of various murder-for-hire operations, authorities said.

El Negro and his associates were turned over to Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

During Friday’s confrontation, police also reported seizing two AK-47 assault rifles, one M-4 assault rifle, one grenade, a white Nissan Sentra, a Black Ford Lobo, more than a dozen ammunition magazines, about 400 ammunition rounds, and a number of communication devices.


  1. Damn, I thought that Borrego was a familiar name, that's M3's brother? Hope he kept him at distance, CDG doesn't need to take anymore major losses right now. These guys just don't move carefully enough, it's not 1995 anymore, the impunity isn't what it once was. Although, if it was informants or betrayals, I guess it can't be helped. But, these guys were just roaming around a neighborhood eating dinner with automatic weapons in a truck outside?

  2. So he was arrested because he posed as a threat to the Zetas? I still hardly find newstories about zetas apprehended....what's really goin' on??!

  3. The Chapo/Zeta conspiracy theorists are pretty laughable. All of the cartels are hit, and all of the cartels have their inside guys, and their 'guardian angels'. That's it. Theres no vast conspiracy. El Negro is apparently, M3's brother, which makes him a very viable target, as well as a heavy CDG operator.

    Also, the Zeta's are much more disorganized and spread out, they don't operate like CDS/CDG, with lateral structure and territories, they are like gypsies spread around Mexico in little pockets.

  4. @December 22, 2010 10:28 PM

    "So he was arrested because he posed as a threat to the Zetas?"

    No he got arrested bz he was a criminal...

    "I still hardly find newstories about zetas apprehended....what's really goin' on??!"

    Just yesterday BB ran a story and here are other stories about zetas apprehended....

    And the list goes on and on...

    Signed el Z-1

  5. LEt him go if he killed 32 zetas. Give the dude a reward for carying out LOUD!

  6. How was it that this guy could get to Zetas and the police couldn't? I gotta agree with (1:22am), let him continue taking out Zetas, those guys not even their mother likes them! lol...the Barbie's words!!!

    It you take away the Zetas, all the kidnapping, stealing, killing imagrants, etc...would stop. Let the major drug lords run business like before, with peace and control. Now they are just fighting for small change.

  7. yeap the gob is doing a good job against the CDG...

    such a good job that the Z now controls Tamps y Monterrey

    this is just a little feliz navidad.. a todo los zetas..

    and still the z spreads

  8. u so called tough guys, why dont u go and do it your self if you the zetas so u can get fuckd up to haha?


  10. Yeah, im suprised at how strong los zetas have remained. These dirty indios have a lot of tenacity. They are very shrewd.

  11. Face it...Zs will own Gulfo, or whats left in some point they will merge. Zs are not going anywhere...but they ARE everywhere including on the verge of taking Guatemala City.

    Mx Gov does justice no favor by taking down the capos of Gulfo...non at all, Gulfo weakens as Zs strenghten. I simple fact that taking capos down simply causes disaray and chaois and a golden op for oppostion to gain strength.

    My dos centavos

  12. Briiiito!

    You are so right my friend..the big mistake made is underestimating Zs. They are brutal and focused,,,

    is the game. They ARE well organized and have a presence everywhere, and safeguarded by a huge force of Halcones. These halcones have become a network/security 24/7. THAT set them a part for the other cartels.

    Also they are the greates procurer of ni-ni's in Mx. Targeting those without education or employment ops that dream of
    la vida dulce...concluded a short life with riches is better than long in poverty.

    From the business aspect, they now have investments (legal) in Mx-CA-SA-NA and 20 other countries worldwide.

    they are on the verge of becomming the first DTO to control a country, just imagine that for a minute.

  13. lol you overestimate the Zeta's, they will not own the Gulf, or Sinaloa, or anything like that. They are bottom feeders, and they lack resources and solid trafficking routes into the US, if things were really going well for them do you think they would be kidnapping immigrants for ransom?

    I'm all in favor of realism, but you are giving too much credit.

  14. yeap B

    seems like the gob would really go after the Z..but it dosen't seem that way..the longer it goes on the more they spread...

    we have came a long way since last year when the NF announced they were gonna exterminate them,,,now it looks like they are on top...HOW IS THIS one likes them..everbody hates them , they had no base,, they were up against three big cartels,,,

    someone has to be backing takes a lot of resources to wage a winning war against overwhelming odds....

    so who is behind them,,,,i don't know...but i do know that they have thrived under Calderons drug they control the point of entry ...Guatamala...and it looks like they have the frontera chica as well..and all points in between...

    it seems like anytime a CDG guy pops his head up he gets hit hard..

    if there are so many of them and they are so can they avoid getting hit..

    and i am not talking about some two bit low rank fukers...

    either the gob cannot deal with them...or the gob IS dealing with them

    none of the rest of the cartels are spreading...

    it is proof that even here on BB we have a Z sympathizer..

  15. so that is it big Z uno?...eight stories about the Z getting prove my point..they don't get hit like the rest of the cartels..

    they are acknowledged to be the absolute worst....extortionists, rapists, kidnappers, straight up murderers...preying on some of the most helpless ..CA migrants...

    it is amazing how the total power of the Mexican state is powerless to stop them from spreading

    or is it?

  16. wonder if the Z would have fared as well if the gob had of stayed out of it...i bet not

    and for you Z 1..

    yeah i hate the pinches Z ..i knew some of the CDG guys and they were bad guys ,,but only if you were in the business...and only when necessary...socially they were ok...

    twice i had my life threatened by the fucking z bastards, and twice was robbed by polizetas in Monterrey,

    before they came on the scene Monterrey was pretty safe , even in the more shady places, that all changed in about two months...

    in that short amount of time everything changed for the could feel the fear

    so fuck you ..and fuck los are a stupid piece of shit to be defending them..

  17. @

    strange response...guess you have the inside track in Mx and working there all these years and seeing what the hell has happened first hand...huh J?

    Yeah...whatever...I am sticking to what I said...not only my hypothesis...every narco intelligence expert in the world with any credibilty says the same thing...

    do I think they would kidnap migrants for ransom at 1-4 K a pop? with little or no problema? Yah... como no? ......and quotas/extortion, piracy knock-offs. DTOs really are not DTOs a mislable really they are Organized Crime Inc. Drug business is simply a part of the equasion...try this ..

    in the past two years Los Zetas have stolen 2B of diesel...reselling to Mx companies. In veracruz alone has 70 companies under investagtion of buying their fuel from Los Zetas. and that is ONE STATE and 70 Mx mathematical equasion is at least X2.

    It is ignorant and ill informed to think Zs are "just pockets thruout Mx" and to downplay their significance.

    Zero of my information and conclusion is derived from "news" I study hard and furious, and I would recommed you do the same before "lol" ing.

    You are never in favor of realism, and question everything that is bigger than the news, but I think you care which is why I bother to answer/address your response or Qs....

    I would recommend "Los Zetas" (george grayson) for a start...NO ONE in the field of intelligence concludes as you do. NO ONE.

    Back to your Q..first I never said Sianloa...why you threw that in is beyond me...but I think Sinaloa is going to have a great year expanding and controlling...and Los Zetas as well and the Mx gov inadvertantly are helping.

    and as for the migrants...lets do this. in the safe houses of Veracruz each home has 30-50 migrants. this is their first stop of extortion. one of 2 or 3. they usually are asked for 1K from relatives in US or lets go low...30X1K 30K for 24 hrs work...and you ask why???? oh J you silly person, thats why.
    I had a christmas project in honor of the 72 murdered...I called it Project 72. it was awesome, and we interviewed the migrants and I got a good insight what the hell they go through. and each one is exorted 2-3 times higher $$ closer to the border. and what can they do about it??? NADA...Mx is very prejudice against CAs and the police are they are sitting ducks. sad but true.


  18. Take it easy, christ. It wasn't an insulting laugh, perhaps it was unnecessary. The Zeta's are set up different from the other cartels, they are like gypsies, they don't control major cities in Tamalupias, from what I read on here, and other sources, they didn't take Matamoros after Tormenta went down, they didn't take Reynosa, etc. They are spread out in smaller pockets in Tamalupias, I'm going off what people like Rise post here.

    I think it goes both ways with the Zeta's, maybe I tend to downplay, thats what the facts look like to me, I think you tend to overplay them, make them out to be this big threat, and massive group, which they are, but I don't think they have the resources you imply they do. Running extortion rackets, and kidnapping migrants is a mark of desperation and lack of finance to me.

    When do you see CDG/CDS operatives engaging in those activities? Their money comes from successful drug trafficking and distribution, not kidnapping migrants.

    We will see in the next 6 months or so, the Zeta's will be around, for a long time, I'm not denying that, but you make them out to be all powerful in Mexico, and I just don't see it that way.

  19. no one seems to be in a hurry to claim Z, and yet there are so prevalent in the north. J is right, the business of kidnapping for profit isnt an integral part od CDS or the core of the CDG, but the Z and La Linea are very open about their abductions, quite frankly it seems like they could give a shit about public opinion. They would rather be feared than respected, the exact opposite of the old guard. They fight like guerrillas more than a real military force that can challange the authority of the state. Remember, just cause things seem crazy, it is a far cry from Afghanistan. The central government is more powerful than the Z; they just cant handle ALL the cartels at the same time.

  20. Alright, this guy actually had 60 some under him. Not 32 as claim. Couple of days after his capture, a rumor has spread through Reynosa that Mexican authorities intercepted a call with a message that the Z had to take the city before 31. The lieutenant was in charge of taking care of this city. With him out of the picture, will they try to take over? Is it possible for the authority to be involved in this? Who knows. Only insiders do.

  21. @j

    i did not say they were the most powerful but they have changed the dto business forever. they are smart and organized. business 101 diversify, u repeat drug business is a fraction of the buz
    i think you overlook the fuel...2B is huge..
    i stand by hard data...perhaps it is the business woman in me...being in 12 countries since 1980...but i look at that first. i examined this cartel inside out...they have investament holdings in more than 40 countries...astounding..

    i guess you choose to ignore guatemala...i don't neither does the us goverment. you seem to think only the mx presence matters... simple is far greater and evolving.

    the usage of troops of halcones was a winning decision for Zs.

  22. What happened to Jose Alfredo Guerrero Villalpando? Im from a border town and i know for a fact he's out of prison. And they call him "arin" .... not Arlin! Supposedly he is presently in charge of Miguel Aleman, tamps. ....
    Just throwing my 2cents worth... se what i scoop up.


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