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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Leaked cable: Mexican army sees 7-10 year role in drug war, mistrusts other agencies


A leaked U.S. diplomatic cable published Saturday depicts the leader of Mexico's army "lamenting" its lengthy role in the anti-drug offensive, but expecting it to last between seven and 10 more years.

The cable says Mexican Defence Secretary Gen. Guillermo Galvan Galvan mistrusts other Mexican law enforcement agencies and prefers to work separately, because corrupt officials had leaked information in the past.

The copy of the Oct. 26, 2009 cable describes a meeting between Mexico's top soldier and former U.S. national intelligence director Dennis Blair.

Mexico's Defence Department "runs the risk of losing public prestige and being criticized on human rights issues as its mandate is extended," the cable quotes the general as saying, "but he (Galvan Galvan) nevertheless expects the military to maintain its current role for the next 7 to 10 years. Galvan did suggest that increased U.S. intelligence assistance could shorten that time frame."

The cable published Saturday by The New York Times also quotes the general as saying that Mexico's army "would be willing to accept any training the U.S. (government) can offer," and noted that two Mexican army officers had been posted to the El Paso, Texas Intelligence Center, to speed the sharing of information.

Galvan Galvan is quoted in the cable as saying Mexican authorities are pursuing fugitive drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, but noted the capo moves between 10 to 15 locations to avoid arrest and has a security detail of up to 300 men.

The Mexican president's office was not immediately available for comment on the cable's release. Contacted about another cable earlier, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman Lawrence Payne said the agency cannot comment about the WikiLeaks cable, because such cables are considered classified.

In a joint statement Saturday, the Defence Department and civilian law enforcement agencies said they were pursuing Guzman's Sinaloa cartel "equally intensely and systematically" as any of Mexico's other four major drug cartels.

More than 30,000 people have been killed in drug violence in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched a crackdown against powerful cartels in late 2006.


  1. This is ironic as the army at the 24th zona militar in Cuernavaca stole several thousand dollars worth of things from me and my neighbor while conducting a raid on Nov 5 in another apartment to try to capture "El Negro" a CPS sicario jefe. This raid was covered in the local papers in Cuernavaca.

  2. With all the technology they have available today it is joke to say these cartel members have managed to stay out of jail this long. If Chapo lived in the U.S he would have been captured or killed hours after his escape from prison. FECAL fears Chapo more than he loves his country. Chapo should be shot and photographed like a trophy. Colombia did it to Escobar. Make an example out of him. O que le faltan huevos a Felipe? FECAL must like getting dickedd down by Chapo while the rest of the world watches. After all Chapo is the cause of most of the problems and the money he supposedly pays the govt. can't be enough to put a whole country at risk for total collapse.


  3. there will be no end in sight for the end of any drug war as long as the govt.s make drug war there is the coming of the amero the new currency of the amero.right now our govt. is working on a new bill which will be counterfeit proof and that would be used on amero notes.the state forces people to do what they wish not to do and brand us criminals free the people of all nation from the oppression of overpaid and corrupt politicians and the manipulations of powerhungry individuals the laws should be made by the people for the people to benefit the whole not the upper crust snobbery.there will always be wars and rumours of wars prepare that you may know your brothers and sisters in Christ and put your trust in the One who sent His Son.

  4. Hey Obsidian.....
    The AMERO? Really? HAHAHAHAHAHA. I think Rand Paul still has some openings on his campaign team.

  5. Anonymous said:
    "Chapo should be shot and photographed like a trophy. Colombia did it to Escobar."

    There is a strong point to be made that much of the push to kill Escobar and the individuals responsible were of rival Colombian cartels, working through the government.
    One guy is not the problem in Mexico, and when one is taken down there is a good chance another cartel's influence was behind it, while the government then gets to claim progress.

    The soldiers and law enforcement of the government at federal and local levels are used as cartel hitmen against other cartels as often as cartels use their own hitmen.
    The individuals doing the raids however often won't even know that the reason they are targeting one group over the other is someone up the chain of command is working with the targeted group's enemy.


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