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Friday, December 31, 2010

La Pelirroja Found Dead in Monterrey

Monterrey, NL.- A woman who was found dead this morning as her body was hung from an overpass that intersects with Gonzalitos avenue in colonia Mitras Norte. The corpse had a message that was written acroos her back and torso that read "Yair."

She was identified as Gabriela Elizabeth Muñiz Tamez, nicknamed “La Pelirroja”, who was abducted this past Monday by memebrs of organized crime, she herself was accused of being part of a ring of kidnappers.
Reports began to come in around 7:00 am this Friday morning by witnesses who saw a body hanging from said place. Investigators for the state arrived quickly to the scene.

Innitial reports had cast doubt this was“La Pelirroja”, because the although the victim had a similar hairstyle, it was dyed blond.

However, after further investigation it has been confirmed that it was indeed the body of Gabriela Elizabeth.
Three employees of the state have been detained for questioning into the extent of their involvement with the disappearance of "La Pelirroja."

From Borderland Beat
On a side note, this story and the happening in Monterrey were being closely monitored by the staff here on Borderland Beat. Before this story broke, we were directed to comments and tweets from several well known Narco Blogs that indicated that there may be a split within "The Federation" of the Sinaloa, La Familia, and Gulf Cartels.

The specific letter mentioned that the people of this "New Federation" did not agree with the policies of the old guard, whom they saw no difference between them and depravity of los Zetas. The chilling effect was the fact that the comments seemed to predict that "La Pelirroja's" body would soon be found:

"A partir de este momento LA NUEVA FEDERACION controla al estado de Nuevo León.

Estamos limpiando la Plaza. De toda la ezzzcoria…

La muerte de los distribuidores de droga, fue para mandar un mensaje para que se alinen con la nueva.

Pueblo desgraciadamente la mayoría de los distribuidores de droga son puros niños con alma de sicario. No se asuste… (Pinches z lavándoles el cerebro a nuestros niños.)

El chavito Luis Rodríguez de 15 años (el pony) era un distribuidor de los Z, desgraciadamente no comprendió el mensaje y tuvo que ser victimado.

La liberación de la Peliroja, la muy pendeja se creyó que la íbamos a liberar… (je) solo fue un ajuste de cuentas, pronto daremos la ubicación de su cuerpesito… (Solo le hicimos justicia al pueblo.)

Los ataques que se llevaron a las corporaciones de NL y policías victimados el día de hoy. (29 de Diciembre) son para que se alinen con la nueva."

As for the liberation of La Pelirroja, the stupid bitch actually thought we were there to liberate her (ha) it was only a settling of accounts, you will soon find her corpse (we were only bringing justice to the city).

* You can read the message in its entirety in the first comment on this BB article

Sources: El Universal, Milenio, Borderland Beat Staff.

Graphic Pictures: Viewer Discretion Advised:


  1. If You want to Dance , You have to pay the Band !

  2. This certainly is not good. I was hoping it was not true! This whole revelation gives credence to the comments by an anonymous name Nueva who posted in a Narco blog about their splinter away from the CDG and the "Carteles Unidos," forming anew group La Nueva Federación. When he wrote this, they already had this lady in their custody and were going to kill her.

    What does this mean?

    More bloodshed in Taumalipas and Nuevo Leon coming in to the New Year, 2011

  3. Seems like the carteles unidos strategy didn't work. The only people that truly work to make Mexico a better place is Ejercito y Marina. It was pretty obvious chapo turned in nacho, tormenta and chayo. So maybe these people don't want to be the next to take a hit while chapo and mayo remain untouchable.

  4. Could someone translate "Yair" please? I'm guessing it's slang or rooted in a native language?

  5. Yair from the name Yair Klein (Hebrew: also known as Jair Klein) is an Israeli terrorist and a former lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army, who established a private mercenary company called Spearhead Ltd.

    Through Spearhead Ltd, Klein provided arms and training to armed forces in South America, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone.

    Klein and his company have been accused of training the death-squads of drug traffickers and right-wing militias in Colombia in the 1980s.

    Klein was convicted by judicial authorities in Colombia for training several members of Colombian paramilitary groups and the militias of drug traffickers such as Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha and Pablo Escobar Gaviria in 1987.

    Klein was convicted in 2001 by a Colombian court, and the Colombian government made unsuccessful attempts to obtain his extradition from Israel. In a 2007 interview with Caracol TV, Klein claimed that he was sent to Colombia by request of the National Police in order to train its members, and stated that he was willing to go back and help destroy the FARC guerrillas.

    He also criticized the demobilization of the paramilitaries, saying it was "stupid" to do so while the guerrillas remained a threat.

    Yair Klein spent 16 months in a Sierra Leone prison between 1999 and 2000 on charges that he was smuggling arms to rebels from the Revolutionary United Front (RUF).


  7. I don't think this is a new group. It's hard to think that a new group could match the Z's firepower. Only the Army or another established cartel can.

    My bet is that this is the work of a band, (maybe locals, maybe turncoat Z) allied with the Sinaloa cartel.

    Don't believe anything about the previous messages on BDN, it's just the same old propaganda that any group uses against rivals.
    No more cobros de piso or secuestros?? really.
    I'll bet anything that el Pony's narcotienda is still there, being run by this new group.

    Recently the Army general in charge of the military zone covering Sinaloa was transferred to comand the military zone in Monterrey. A coincidence?

  8. That aint no slang or native whatever, nobody knows what it means yet.

  9. Gerardo the facts do not suppport your assertion. First how do you explain the comment by this group La Nueva Federación on Peliroja the follwing day she was freed and the day before her body was left hanging on a bridge. How can you possibly say all that without any facts to the contrary? Here is part of the comments posted by BB:

    "La liberación de la Peliroja, la muy pendeja se creyó que la íbamos a liberar… (je) solo fue un ajuste de cuentas, pronto daremos la ubicación de su cuerpesito… (Solo le hicimos justicia al pueblo.)"

    The problem with the Zetas is they are too fragmented, spread thin and not well organized, you are giving the "Z" too much credit. I travel extensively to Monterrey from Texas (at least four times a month) and the Zetas have no real presence there, just renegade thugs from the lowest level of the human structure.

    This new group also said they were going to heat up things in Nuevo Leon (to include the Zetapolis) and BB just finished reporting the chaos in Monterrey, what 4 police killed and 1 doctor working for the police? The comment happened before heated up in Monterrey:

    "Pueblo, La mayoría de los Policiazzz trabajan para los z. (Ya sabemos que esto no es noticia.)
    Este mensaje va también dirigido al gobierno de Nuevo León, dejen de ser los títeres de los "Z"."

    What more evidence do you need, it's all here in the same blog you write on.

    The army sometimes wins an ocasional battle, but with thousand in Nevo Leon has the violence stopped? No it increased. One thing I do agree with you, is that this group is no friend of the Mexican people an dthey are not doing anyone any favors.

    But then again only time wil tell.


  11. Word has it, it's the main segment of the CDG forming their own group and leaving CDG and the old Federacion. If they are able to forge alliances with the other members, that remain to be seen. Just wondering who is leading this group?

  12. Well, that looks like we have a new player on the chess board. Yair is definitively Semitic but could it be an acronym as well? Is this a reference to Klein's group as Anon 11:29 says or something else? We have an interesting development to follow here. We had the good old boys moving loads,then the opportunistic bloody parasites, then what?
    A cleaning team? Sponsored by who? There are some legit business interests harmed by this mess, would that be a paramilitary organization coming out?
    We had the Misteriosos Desaparecedores and now the nueva federacion. What's next?

  13. Amazing! One day BB reports that she was 'rescued' by her own gang and 2 days later they report that she was found murdered. Seems like she was not 'rescued' at all, but simply tricked into being executed by some death squad or other. Or forced to go to her own execution and torture, too?

    Her body was found hanging from an overpass in Monterrey. The police might have themselves been behind supposedly releasing her so that they could then murder her? Or perhaps it was the Mexican military itself? I find it amazing that nobody at BB seems to have the imagination to even think about these MOST obvious possibilities.

    Of course, it is also true that many of you have been cheering and hoping for these types of extra-judicial executions of accused criminals, has that not been the case? Many of you most esteemed readers want to have it being done often and always, it seems?

    Does it look so pretty when you see exactly what is involved in supporting death squads like the one that murdered her with official complicity here? Does it look so pretty when not done in just your imaginary and abstract fantasies? You want this type of thing to become generalized and made possible by criminals like the mayor of Garza Garcia who openly brags to the press of his connections to death squads of 'cleaners' without any punishment from the Mexican Federal government.

    And where is the US government with these events? Are they not too promoting these tough solutions for tough problems, as these government types ala Dick Cheney see it? Obama has changed very little it seems...


  14. Ernest1, we try to stay away from speculations but we did post what we know, but I did not call out to debate your "possiblities."

    Are you going to send an excerpt of a liner or two to include in the New Year post of the reflections of BB? Need it soon dude!

    Send it:

  15. The Zetas has been the dominant organization in Monterrey and the rest of Nuevo Leon since they went to war with the Beltranes Leyva cells in Monterrey and won.(Then formed an alliance) Anonymous 11:37, if the Zetas aren't strong in Monterrey then why a lot of Guadalupe, Escobedo, Santa Catarina's, Apodaca, San Nicolas police is aligned with the Zetas. Remember the stand off between the state police and federal police in the municipal of Guadalupe where the state police were providing security for 3 Zetas(got arrested by federal police). The state police commander of that area was arrested for being the allegedly head security for the Zetas in that area of Monterrey.

  16. I agree Zetas are still controlling most of NL, CDG is mostly taken out by military

  17. Dang're one tough hombre to please!!

    here's some wood for your do bring up a good point about how the raw justice we all say we want might have the adverse affect of numbing us all to hell least thats what i take from it..

    I know i am guilty for wanting the same kind of justice alot of times...its only upon focused reflection later that i find i wouldn't have the heart to do do it to them.

  18. @ Mantanzas...

    Well the Yair thing confused the heck out of me.. I let my imgination get the best of me..and in short fashion I wondered if Yair Klein was behind the new "LNF" group..since his release from prison last spring I have not heard of his where abouts, supposedly Israel. There were rumors that he was training and traffiking weapons to Mx cartel. which I guessed were Zetas..but maybe not...maybe this group? and again maybe not either. I am stumped. But Klein did trained the nica contras (in honduras), medellin among others. A friend who lives in Mty told me that the name Yair is fairly common there, which surprised me, being a Hebrew name I would think it be more common in DF...many of Jews in DF..Mty has many of mid eastern (arab) or so i thought..the Yair thing i am curious about.

    The statement above that there is a split with sinaloa/gulfo/lfm is a no shit sherlock..I have been predicting sinaloa would back off all agreements and 2011 would seek to gain many border territories, they really do not need the weaken la fam & gulfo and probably consider them useless and problematic to their goals.

    just my dos centavos

  19. I too wonder what YAIR means. I'll have to admit, the first thing I thought of was Yair Klein and Eiten Koren, Israeili mercenaries that trained drug gangs and drug gang/anticommunist paramilitaries in Colombia. With that in mind I wonder if "YAIR" is some type of code? An announcement maybe? Paramilitary limpieza social has come to town?
    Or does it say RIAY. Stay tuned for more dead people with things written on them.

  20. New Year's resolution? To stop reading Ernulfo's posts. Seriously, who can tell me which war was ever won without violence? You sit there in your lazy-boy while real men take to the front-lines. Believe me I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon of this possible vigilante group but to come in here to flap your gums about your supposed righteousness at the expense of people who have real comments?? GTFOH! BB keep up the good work and happy new year.

  21. who ever picked her up .. waz not the police... they tricked her proberly... we like to blame everything on the zeees.. but their not behind everything

  22. Yeah, I am lost at this point too. I don't get from what has been posted that Sinaloa/CDG broke the agreement, not that I think it's unlikely. Seems like another breakaway group, might not last long, like the Contras Independent De Acapulco, or Cartel De La Sierra. Made headlines and vanished. I guess to get a better idea, we wou;d have to know who Peliroja worked for, was it confirmed Zeta's?

  23. According to El Norte "La Pelirroja" was the wife of a man identified only as Victor, nicknamed "El Tiznado", who allegedly worked for the Zetas and then deserted. A police source revealed that "El Tiznado" was executed in Tamaulipas.

  24. The ambulance driver and some ministeriales(undercover cops)elements were the ones allegedly that released her, they are being under investigation now. The reason she got out of prison was because she had some allegedly stomach problems so some cops took her to the nearest hospital to treat her. Then some Zetas rescued her on her way to the hospital that's what the ministeriales and paramedics told the media. I don't think this "La Nueva Federation" is a new group, it's probably a new Gulf Cartel cell that has been organizing themselves for months now. The Gulf Cartel has been killing police,robbing banks,killing domestic distributors etc. these past months in Monterrey now according to wikileaks.

  25. I Googled "yair" and wikipedia indicates it's a Hebrew name which means "he will enlighten".

    This is interesting because it could mean someone is going to make an announcement of significant importance in 2011.

  26. Now I am not so sure it even says YAIR.
    looking closely it sure looks like XIR
    the X having a smear...see here...pic 3 or 4..can't remember which

  27. Have to agree with Anonymous 5:28pm, Jar Klein or any other Israeli mercenary trainer would not want to put the heat on themselves by etching "Yair" on the lifeless body.
    Most likely it's a bell weather or sign that more of the same will be coming.
    Time will only tell, if this splinter group survives the backlash that will follow.

  28. yair could be a name of a kidnapping victim.

    ya ir- "go already?" - "go now?"

    who knows i guess we just sit back n watch the show...

  29. Doesn't matter, one more year and the life on earth will end.

  30. For those whose spanish is as rusty as mine, here is the translation of the message from La Nueva Federación:

    Second Message to the People of Nuevo León.
    You people deserve the truth!
    Some time ago we believed the words of Sinaloan Cartel, Gulf Cartel and La Familia Michoacana.
    Therefore we decided to join efforts to create an alliance called "Carteles Unidos" (United Cartels),
    "La Nueva Federación" (The New Federacion), etc.
    Over time these people were disappointed by their behavior and ideologies. We realized that remain the same slag, Los Z's (The Zetas).
    As from this moment we disclaim C.D.G., C.D.S. and L.F.M and decided to form our own group called: La Nueva Federación (The New Federacion), an organization focused only on the transfer of drugs.
    Our ideology is: zero kidnapping charges, zero collection of tax, zero extortions, zero shit. We want to live in peace without the Z's.
    We're up to the mother of all this, that Mexico is not what we want.
    Our proposal started this December 24
    At this moment, La Nueve Federacion controls the state of Nuevo León. We are cleaning the Plaza of all the Z scum.
    The death of the drug dealers was to send a message to be aligned with the new.
    Unfortunately most distributors of drugs are children sicarios. The pinche Z's are brainwashing our children.
    This little kid, Luis Rodriguez (el pony), 15 years old, was a seller for the Z's. Unfortunately he did not understand the message and had to be victimized.
    The liberation of "Peliroja" (The Redhead), the dumb bitch actually believed that we were going to release her (Ha!) but it was really a settling of scores. We will soon give the location of your corpse. (Only we did justice to the people)
    The attacks that took place on the corporations in NL and victimized police today, December 29, are to be aligned with the new.
    All of you in the plaza alligned with the Z's shit yourself already.
    People, your Chief of Police works for the Z's. (We know that this is not news).
    This message is also directed to the government of Nuevo León, stop being the puppets of the Z's.
    Government, are in the sights… Cámbiale… no se le frunza… Of life by Nuevo Leon
    This message is for everyone of those who walk crooked from today we will not tolerate such behavior.
    All the Z scum that is created all that aligns, aligns.
    The z-hearted snakes, lookouts, erres, cobras, puntos, workers, kabiles, pizza, fisherman and all the shit that lack .... balls to grab. Because the new federation and the company has already arrived and broken them.
    We will go now, Regards to all those honest, good and visionary people.
    Help us to recover before Nueva Leon....
    If you know a drug spot, zetilla etc. report it to
    People from Nuevo León, Beware and be careful of your own situation these days.
    Merry Christmas! And we want a happy new year.... without the Z's!
    This is no joke, so we started all this day Ledesma.
    Until Next message
    La Nueva Federación
    For a Better Life

  31. "Buela said...
    Now I am not so sure it even says YAIR.
    looking closely it sure looks like XIR
    the X having a smear...see here...pic 3 or 4..can't remember which"

    Buelas you need a password to view the picture, I am sure you know that, can you post the picture so we can see?

  32. Who ever translated that, we need you in our ranks to help us translate articles and post them for people to be informed!

    send us a shout!

  33. We still don't have any coherent explanation that I have seen of how we got from this reporting below... we were also then told that the '4 (police!) guards' were being held by the police for questioning???

    'Four guards were taking Gabriela Elizabeth Muñiz Tamez, known as "La Pelirroja" (The Redhead), from Topo Chico prison to Monterrey's University Hospital when they were intercepted on the road by some of the prisoner's associates, who managed to free her without firing a shot.'

    to this later report we read here now that claims that....

    'She was identified as Gabriela Elizabeth Muñiz Tamez, nicknamed “La Pelirroja”, who was abducted this past Monday by memebrs of organized crime...'

    So what came of the questioning of the 4 police guards by the police themselves?!!! How did they just happen to turn this woman over to her own (police????) executioners so easily? The police and Mexican government seem to think that they can endlessly lie to the world about their blatant extra judicial executions through sleight of hand stuff like this, it seems. All this official explanation should appear to questioning people utterly bogus I would think, from what we have seen presented to us so far.


  34. Sorry I did not know one needed a password! Thanks for telling was sent by a friend to me and I just opened it without a password. Let me see if BB can post it..


  35. How the hell is LFM part of la nueva federation? They extort, rob, kill, and kidnap innocents. It makes no sense at all that they would be part of this.

  36. Check the El Norte link for a better look at the word. Which I guess is Yair but also looks kinda like Vair?

    Maybe Yair is a last name or a nickname.

    As Buggs stated, her husband was a Zeta deserter... I guess the question is who has the problem with him? which cartel did he currently work for? One must work this puzzle backwards to try and figure out who is splitting from whom.

    Perhaps the local crime syndicates are tired of taking their orders from, and sending taxes to, Sinaloa, and this talk of justice and promises of cleaning up corruption are just convenient excuses to try and wrestle control of the market and routes from their masters further south.

  37. This makes no sense. If you research la nueva federation you come up with the supposed LFM, CDS, and CDG union. The original federacion was CDS, Juarez, and milenio against Tijuana and CDG. This was before all the splits and when LFM and the beltranes didn't have their own groups. This new info sounds very fishy and not credible.

  38. I uploaded a picture, it might be an X, if so it will be XIR

  39. You can also see signs of torture, a personal thing for sure!

  40. Is that really her or will they say it is her so she can be marked off the list?

  41. Buggs-Smurf...
    Thanks! don't know why my link didn't work without password...but I am sticking with what I said in my comment above...I see XIR...
    see the little smudge in the center where the X would be? I really think that makes the most sense. as for the torture..well in the other pics from el norte I thought there was obvious torture but in the close ups the marks look more from soil, or paint smudges...not sure and I am sure she was tortured but...also I did not see any signs of bleeding..what was the cause of her death?

  42. to me it looks like VAIR (va ir) and you can see from the picture that she crapped in her pants. they say when you die, your body releases excrement. i don't know why BB does'nt release the other pictures of her hanging. like the close up of her face or the other pics. you can clearly see that she was probably beat with a bat. this is bad but i don't feal any sympathy for her, even if she is a woman. this is the consequence of playing with the devil.

    she was happy when she thought that they had rescued her then quickly realized what was about to happen. a serious torture session. poor lil' pelirroja. she probably got a lil' taste of her own action. r.i.p.

  43. It was just reported her official cause of death was asphyxiation by hanging...YES she was alive when they threw her body from the bridge.

    As for torture, I don't know. I did see bruises on her arms and some on her was reported she had injuries that seem to have been caused by dragging her..maybe dragging her up onto the bridge??

    The doctor who authorized her translation to the university hospital said he was threatened with death, no word on exactly by who.

    I have looked all over the net in english and spanish, and forums..seems nobody knows what the JAIR, XIR, or VAIR means.

    This gal came from what is considered "a good" family. Her father has a decent buisness, she didn't fall into this shit out of "necessity". She also had a little boy said to be around 10.

    I still do not see the big connection in HER. Yes, she was part of a kidnapping ring, but if someone wanted to make an example out kidnappers, there seem to be alot worse to pick from in the N.L. prisons.

    There seems to be something very personal involved. It has been rumored she was the girlfriend/lover of a pretty heavy hitter..It has also been said she screwed over some guy who was in charge of receiving narco money from the U.S...

    Don't know how much is true, I guess only time will tell.

    Don't know how much is true

  44. @ ovemex

    thanx for the research, that is some valuable information to know. her body does show signs of bruises all over her upper torso, arms especially her elbows and hands. the same places where they repeatedly hit miguel with a bat(from the torture video you posted earlier). crazy stuff.

  45. She had contusions all over her body consistent with a blunt instrument.

    They also wrote something on the front of her body using the same writing instrument, but we are not certain what it said. They did not say if she was sexually assaulted, it appears not, Otherwise they would have mentioned it on their autopsy report (and perhaps not). Also she dyed her hair blond, might be she was attempting to conceal her identity, might a hint that she did not know of her demise until the last moments, when she got beat and even perhaps fought back from getting the rope on her neck and thrown over the bridge.

  46. Very confusing. The back torso pic shows "XIR", as you would naturally write a "X" between the shoulder blades, making the "X" twice as big as the other letters.
    Now, if you look at the front picture of her torso (I guess you BB guys can't publish a pic with tits, LOL) you will see that what could be a "X" is clearly broken down in 2 letters, unless the writer was really sloppy. And the lower letter is a "A" with the bar at the bottom.
    Usually, narco messages are crystal clear, often childish; so what's the purpose of this hermetic message? Something very personal? If there is a splinter group, we will see more executions. If not, well it might just be a personal revenge. Spectacular but insignificant in the bigger picture.
    Good year to all.

  47. And BTW just looking at comments from Buggs and ajulio, yes she did get a beating. On the pic of her face you can see a clear fracture bruise at the base of the nose, a broken lip and blood from inside her mouth.
    Why would they beat the crap out of her if it is only show up? That looks like personal revenge. IMO.

  48. It is being said witnesses from the nearby bus stop reported seeing men taking out of a truck and carrying up the stairs to the pedestrian bridge a "bulto", or some type of mass, package..meaning she had perhaps been knocked unconscious before being thrown over??

  49. BUELA say have compassionJanuary 2, 2011 at 6:22 AM

    @ Ajulio
    I want to give you some food for thought. I do not like to see these displays of corpses. It is so wrong no matter how bad the person may be,( tho I am not seeing that in this case she was guilty of heinous acts) For those killed the suffering ends when the heart stops...correct? But as a mother, my thoughts are drawn to hers, or her father, or child....imagine seeing your child/parent like that? Your life is forever changed and your suffering continues until YOUR heart stops.
    I know this. My only brother was murdered when he was 25. During the trial pic of his dead body was all over the news, as it lay in an open field where it was dumped. It changed my parents forever. I was 21, Anthony and I were very close. I went with my father to identify my brother because my mother was in a state of shock. It was the first time I saw my strong-no-matter-what father crumble into sobs. I was stunned by it all. My folks we different people forever. It never got better for them. Those who killed my brother killed 3 people that day.

    As for her...the witnesses called it a package not a live person, tho as Ovemex says she could have been unconscious.
    and the XIR I see...that is what I have seen all day. but maybe we will discover the why and maybe it is one of those narco mysteries. I do know this...If the New Fed killed this person, who as far as I know never killed anyone then they are as bad as Zs and we are in for blood flowing in the streets.

  50. @ buela

    The suffering ends when the heart stops. Very poetic but sad and true. The story of your only brother deserves its own chapter. Just another intricate layer of your fascinating life. I am a man of compassion but really, do you think that this woman was innocent or good? There is no way too compare this woman with her cartel nickname of "la pelirroja" to your big bro(r.i.p.). Not even close.

    This lady went to prison for kidnapping people. They showed the guns she used and the other suspects who assisted her. She was also with a former zetas member most possibly. Then they devise an immediate and intricate ambush kidnapping of her and 2 days later, we see her topless body dangling with an esoteric message painted on both sides of were body with many signs of torture. This was very personal and pelirroja was not just some chick. She was most likely involved in some serious stuff. She knew things. I would bet a million that she was very bad.

    But of course I will never disrespect a mother's aching heart. I do feel for her family. They didn't teach her to do these horrible things and they will suffer until they both die. True. Her poor son too. But pelirroja knew what she was doing. She wasn't set up and she is most responsible for her families' pain.

    I do understand your p.o.v. though. No love is stronger than a mother's love. Women understand love better than men. Robin williams said that if women ruled the world, we would never have wars, just intense negotiations every twenty-eight days.

    But if im wrong, and she was innocent and set up, may god forgive me....but I highly doubt it.

  51. it looks more like VA- IR to me

  52. @ AJULIO...

    DOn't get me wrong..she most likely is a bad person and clearly was married to one, that I will give you. But my point is hanging her body, and decapitations displays do nothing more than to terrorize good people, and assassinate the spirit of the the loved ones of the murdered. I understand she has a son. and good is a terrible thing. One can argue that the cartels do these things to put fear into their enemies but clear minded people know this ain't so...right? For the enemies do not react in fear but plan an even greater atrocity, and it goes on and on...I say if that were my beautiful daughter hanging there for whatever reason, one would have to make room for two in her grave. SO my little point was not if she was guilty/innocent just another view from my experience and from a mothers perspective.

    As for my brother Anthony. It was all about drugs. He was out the life, but that was his death sentence. Its a long story, maybe someday I can share. I tell you this, sadly, that would be a book all onto its own...drugs...undercover...a hit, a trial..aquital..another hit...prison at last, for the bastard, we did not call them capos back in the day, but that was what he was in So Cal & Tx

    The entire exp kept me far away from drugs or anyone using drugs. Even pot. though I have changed my view on that...

  53. Was there writing on her chest too? Could the letters in the back be continuation to writting on her chest? I don't see an "A" though...weird, maybe they're initials to someone's name..why is her hair blonde? I doubt the people she mingled with had the intelectual ability to know about the Hebrew or Israeli mercenary significance of YAIR...It is not yair

  54. these kinds of images have always existed in mexico. seems like mexicans like their news uncensored. i remember as a kid, my mom would take me to tijuana and i remember at the mercados they had these small magazines that had photos of nothing but dead bodies with every kind of cadaver you could imagine. this kind of trash would never exist at your local supermarket and they were at every mercado we went to in mexico. i dont know if this has any relation to what has happened to mexico but it has always been a part of it's culture. the image of la pelirroja dangling from the bridge is no different. she's just another dead body. it's not right but it's already been accepted by mexican culture. it will never change. it's just now, it's done excessively, with lot's of imagination.

    as far as the tortures, that also bothers me, even if the victim is bad. taking a person's life is enough justice. but we need to understand that in mexico, process of elimination has to exist in the crime world becuase of an incompetent judicial sytem(2% prosecution rate WTF!). these criminals need to eliminate each other off the planet. as long as the victim is a threat to society, i really feel no sympathy. if i did, there is no way i could get on borderland beat.

    it's when an innocent person dies that i get angry or sad. children, mothers, old people, etc. that can really affect my day. like the article on the student girl who died on a dirty sidewalk in monterrey. then my defenses are broken and i give in. but as for pelirroja? all i can say is REST IN PEACE.

  55. "Buggs said...Who ever translated that, we need you in our ranks to help us translate articles and post them for people to be informed!
    send us a shout!"

    In all honesty it's about half me and half google translator. My spanish isn't what it used to be because I don't get alot of chances to use it where i live now.
    But, yeah, if you need the help translating articles I can certainly help out my favorite news source. I'll send you an email later on today.
    Happy New Year BB staff and readers!

  56. I agree with ajulio. The woman was into some bad stuff and probably killed a fair few people herself I mean this is the price you pay eventually for messing around with drugs and cartels.

    1 only good thing I see about this drug war is the cartels are fighting each other which certainly saves the police some work I mean honestly.......when an evil individual is eliminated, when the police or coroners arrive at the scene of the body, what cop is not thinking in their mind "well you made the choice and this is what happens and it saves us some work" of course they would never say it openly.

    Yes when totally innocent women and kids are killed though that is disturbing indeed like when a cartel just randomly snatches some young cute looking girl off the side walk just to rape and kill for their friday night fun, THAT is screwed up. Thankfully though most murders seem to be towards those involved.

  57. @ 9:13 am

    I agree, in juarez the local police and the cartels were known for kidnapping, raping, torturing, and killing many young girls from the maquiladores. Most of them were never indicted.

  58. God 'he will enlighten', the message, was a PERSONAL ONE for her. The color of her hair,[enlightened] the fact being of a head boss for a kiddnapping ring, especially [family members], and if rumor is stating that her son's name was yair, these is totally directed to her, someone who was'nt enlighten, but was about to be enlighten, for she was ON HER WAY to meet her MAKER.

  59. @ rose

    Good comment. The message was stating that they were also cleansing the earth from filth like her. But the ones who really suffer are family.

  60. Her son is 10 or 11..
    I cannot imagine the pain the little guy is in. Seeing his mother hanging half naked, soiled pants. ANd all of his classmates, friends etc heaing about or seeing the pic. some children can be very cruel to other children, bullies, it is so sad for me to think of that. Her parents as well as I have stated, but the child is in that stage of life where this will impact him greatly. I hope he receives the therapy needed...

  61. Even if she was a kidnapper herself.... its a really sad and f@$ked up way to go. I wouldn't wish it on anybody

  62. yeah a frightning way to go. mexican violence is real. everyone is focusing more on the image though, of this tiny woman dangling topless from a dirty bridge. those pictures are chilling to see but if she were a man dangling, people would'nt care as much. it's true.

    i guess becuase women are not as tough as men are, everyone knows that she was twice as scared as a man would be and as buela mentions, i'm certain her last thoughts before they dropped her were of her little boy. buela understands that. just analyzing that moment alone is kind of heartbreaking...becuase buela describes her sympathy for this woman's family but i know that she also feels sympathy for gabriela as well.

    i imagine her when she kidnapped her own relatives, how violent you have to be to be a kidnapper in mexico and the relation it has with torture. maybe she killed people too. who really knows. i'll drive myself crazy if i ask too many questions. all i know is that she was a bad person who was involved with very serious crimes. kidnappings are psychologically terrifying experiences that stay with the victim forever. the same people who are defending her or who feel some empathy for her are not mentioning much about her victims, becuase they remember the image of her hanging dead. but there are no photos of her victims for us to visualize with so they are not mentioned much.

    @ smurf

    if you come across more info about her past and about the kidnappings, the victims, the prosecution info, i would love to know more. i'm not a good spanish reader and that google translator sucks bad. it could clear up some things.

  63. @ Ajulio

    with respect to feeling sympathy for Gabby, I really don't feel much for her. Actually, i think she is more culpable than most, in the sense from all accounts she came from a good family and a sucessful father. and she chose the life anyway. to me that is worse.

    I only feel for the family, especially her little son. and also for those who witness the hanging. I cannot imagine having that in your memory.

    As for her "crimes" I would like to know more also. No one has ever accused her of the same sentence she was handed. I heard kidnappings, and something about kidnapping her family, but I can't find much.

    Anyone out there know? and can provide links? of her ciminal many victims?

  64. XAIR = Por Asesina Impostora y Rata ????????

  65. I have less sympathy for her family than what I expect the families of her victims have been through. And from what I see and read about these kidnapping cells, they are ruthless and heartless. They commonly toy and play games with the families of their victims and in many cases kill them even after the ransom is paid. Charles Bowden interviewed a scisorio who first hand talked about how they treated the victims and families of the victims. I will spend my energy with concerns about the victims of the innocents', families.

    This is news and the people seeking these quality publishings are here for a reason. That would be to get the most information about a phenomenon that is occurring in Mexico that we all know is horrible. There are photos that I find offensive, and when I do , I scroll on. But news is news and I do not want to be the one who says, "that is where we should draw the line." News about this only comes in bits and pieces. If we read about the 78 South American immigrants that the Zetas murdered but there were no photos, the much needed impact would be so much less that little action would be taken.

    I don't want to seem as though I don't' have concern over your loss, and trauma you experienced because I understand your situation much better than you would think. I am a therapist myself. I have a huge concern for those innocent living in Juarez that walk around bodies in the street and visualize these crimes day in and day out. There will be no less than 2 generations and more than likely three that will directly be affected from these crimes.

    I really suspect that these increase in the viciousness of these crimes is a direct result of these criminals drug of choice changing to amphetamine. Things can get pretty bizarre after a 4 day binge on speed.

    The V and A on her back seem separate on her back in my opinion. The V is more narrow, and slightly darker and the A seems to have been done in a different motion and has more width.


  66. @ T_R_C

    a lot of people never mention the fact that many of these narcos and sicarios are drug addicts themselves. they are usually high on meth or coke when they commit violent crimes. it's very easy to mix drugs with violence. i agree with you.

  67. Zetas Be Controlling Monterey The New Federation Is Gonna End Cuz Theyr A Group Formed By The Cdg And Part Of Sinaloa Cartel To Form The New Federation Cartel To Fight Zetas In Monterrey So Cdg Can Go Back To Reynosa And Sinaloa To Juarez But Zetas From Chiapas And Tabasco Are GOnna Go In To Fight Also Zetas From Guatemala Are Coming Into Tamaulipas & Nuevo leon To Fight The CDG Expect The Worst This Year 2011

  68. Im surprised we dont hear more speculation regarding the most probable reason for a narco war, the consolidation of the drug trade by factions of the US government. Works pretty well to keep drugs illegal and expensive as well, they can say, look at the trouble in Mexico...

  69. There is a comment on Blog del Narco under the alias of CDP that states the following: "Esta ruca era nalga de yair un lugarteniente del CDG" other words she was apparently involved or in a relationship with someone by the name of Yair of the Cartel del Golfo.

  70. I know I'm late with my 2cents but it looks like she pissed her pants hard. Was she terrified? Reports said they hung her alive, or did she piss herself as the result of her being hanged?

  71. You're not only late. You're stupid and mentally ill. Or maybe you're just seven years old.


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