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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

La Compañía cell taken down in Veracruz

Rubén Mosso / Milenio

Ciudad de México.- Federal Police in Veracruz have liberated four people and detained seven presumed kidnappers who were working for La Compañía, a criminal group that operates under the direction of Los Zetas. The group is known to dismember and incinerate their victims.

According to the federal Secretary of Public Security (SSP), Roberto Sibaja Rodríguez, El Gaspar, was a nieghborhood leader of La Compañía in the municipalities of Agua Dulce and Las Choapas. He was captured during a police operation on Sunday.

Intelligence reports made by authorities stated that this cell of La Compañía “Violently carried out extortion rackets and in some cases, used kidnapping and mutilation as a means to get payment. To dispose of bodies, they would incinerate them at security houses in Veracruz.”

On 12/19/10 in the municipality of Agua Dulce, Federal Police located a ranch called El Búfalo, and arrested Roberto Sibaja, who was the logistics coordinator of kidnapping and extortion for the group. In addition to that, he was also responsible for ordering the deaths of several people during the operation of drug distribution in the area.

In the same place, police found four people who were handcuffed and chained within the property.

According to the authorities, El Gaspar had ordered that the kidnapped people be incinerated only moments before Federal Police arrived.

“It is said that his particular group burned the bodies of their victims, often with diesel, after they had dismembered them. They used a chainsaw to accomplish this”, said a spokesman for the Federal Police.

Along with their leader the following people were arrested: Juan Xicoténcatl Montoya Torres, El Xico; Luis Alberto López Ramírez, El Shoker; Carlos Mora Nuñez, El Chizo; Jonathan “N." Age16 and under were; Erick Román López, El Lobo, and Santos López Pacheco, El Lagrimita.

At the time of the arrest they were found to be in possession of: one 9mm handgun with a spent round; three sets of handcuffs four vehicles, five cell phones, a two way radio, and a power saw.

The custody of the suspects was remanded by the Sub-Prosecutor Against Organized Crime (SIEDO).



  1. Great job of getting these scumbags. Here you have it, the government IS NOT protecting the zeta scumbags. La compania is a cell of the zetas, same as la resistencia is a cell of la familia. They should be tortured in order to give up z40 and lazcano.

  2. these have got to be the ugliest criminals i've ever seen. they look like a bunch of neanderthals. los zetas, you guys have to give your new recruits requirements on appearance before you hire them. they are setting a bad example for you. no mames!

  3. lol these dirty lil criminals don't know where those guys are, they have probably never even spoke to them on a nextel, much less met them.

    I'd guess Z40 and Lazca are in Central America, or the US. Either way, these are the worst kind of criminals, kidnappers and extortionists, no respect for them, or their organization.

  4. Hey, now just wait a minute. These look like really good people. They all seem like loving fun, caring fellows. I would trust anyone of them to watch my house and family if i were not home.
    Give me a break- these are good desent god loving young men!!
    They could date my daughter and stay out late and i would not worry abit!!!

  5. Wow look 'lito 'brito!!! There's a story you've been crying about haha... I'm shock he's not taking out his Cheerleading pom poms cuz we all know he's always crying about the Zetas all the time, look lito brito they caught some Zetas....where are you so you can stop whining and crying all the time about the Zetas, and the government protecting them haha..

    Here is other stories lito brito I want you to read:

    And the list goes on and what do you have to say about that pendejo haha....but I will leave you with your words

    "all the rest of the cartels are suffering and the Z is spreading right on the heels of the gob crackdown"

    Yeah with these articles it sure looks like they are spreading right??? hmmmmm seems otherwise

    ".i have no proof ...and it is theory...and it is what i think/suspect..."

    And that is right you have no proof..your just full of BS and full of ignorance and conspiracy theories without a shred of fact.

    It is this simplistic, uninformed opinion that keeps the situation going in Mexico.

    And I end my case....

    Signed el Z-1 haha...freakin pendejo...

  6. great job of getting these scumbags. here you have it, the government IS protecting the zeta scumbags. La compania is a cell of the zetas, same as la resistencia is a cell of la familia. They should be tortured in order to give up z40 and lazcano.

    All the awesome commando maneuvers, pick ups, and executions are carried out by trained mercenaries from Mexico and the USA whose "GI'S" need something to do after iraq and afganistan.Well guess what, they've found it. It's just a matter of time before the first "American Blonde Sicario" is discovered.

    btw z40 is in houston, Laz is in Dallas, I know because I deduced it.

  7. I mean look at these guys, really they're nothing more than tough looking, one is really weird looking, fall guys.

  8. Why waste time!!! Don't waste any time!!! Execute them....fusilenlos, 1 x 1 a matar todas esas cucarachas...

  9. funny thing is these guys make michoacan sicarios look like telenovela actors.

  10. good...still small time players...their own assholes probably turned them so they wouldn't have to pay them...i agree.. expendable fall guys...a lot of mobs do this ...use some punks to do some dirty jobs , and then throw them to the wolves...i be these are not "made men"..more like evil barney fyfes..a handgun a nd one spent round....jajajaj

    and still the Z spreads

  11. Don't make any mistake here. Taking down this few goons didn't change anything. They are bottom feeders, acting on orders. They can be disposed of and replaced in the same day. And don't judge on their look. Put a USPS uniform on them and they look like the nice postman who brings my mail everyday or the guy who suggest to me Chilean wine at the wine store. Remember Nick Nolte's mug shot? Don't judge. You should see me when I wake up. Even the dogs bark.

    The Z is probably the most efficient cartel, because it did break the old mafia rules from the beginning.
    When they needed to fund their "war of independence" against the remnant of the Gulf Cartel, they started extortion and kidnapping in Tamps.
    When they needed foot soldiers, they forced CA immigrants to enlist.
    When they needed expert soldiers, they enrolled Kaibiles.
    Their sicarios get trained in camps in Guatemala.
    They know when to build alliances and when to break them (Beltran Leyva).
    They don't have to cut deals with GOVT, they own its servants.
    They have a strict military style organization, where the low rank cells don't know who's their boss' bosses.
    The heads, like Lazca, are holed in safe places and keep low profile.
    They don't have to pretend to be the "good bandits", like Sinaola or La Familia. Their PR is just violence. This people don't want to be "loved" by civilians. It's the opposite.

    This guys won't disappear like that.

    If a non-aggression deal could eventually be cut with -let's say- the Sinaloa and the Gulf Cartels, there is no deal possible with the Zs, whose business model is incompatible with a developed country's values.

    The best way to mitigate their nuisance is to impede with their recruitment. This must become a war of attrition:

    For all the DTOs in MX:
    90% of the casualties are criminals, whether from cartels or street gangs, 6% law enforcement and the rest are crime victims or bystanders (source: PRG).
    30,000 casualties officially, which leads to a more realistic figure of 50,000 in 4 years (remember the mass graves, the 50 gallon drums, sodium hydroxide and diesel fuel).
    A low estimate give a minimum of 100,000 active cartel members (all DTOs included).
    Since the lethality of the trade has been growing lately, you can deduct that they will need to recruit a minimum of 15,000 sicarios per year.

    The Mexican unemployment rate is lower than many other OECD countries (Spain has 20%) but the majority of unemployed are young men (16+). By preventing these young men from joining the cartel ranks, by giving them a proper education and social values, by restoring their hope of belonging to a middle class, by feeling that the country is theirs and not only the oligarchy's, etc ..., you cut the supply to the cartels' most precious resource: manpower.

    This is why Calderon has lost his war. Remember his buddy Dubbya? There was no terrorist in Iraq before he went there (or maybe just one, Saddam), then Iraq was exporting terrorists. I can barely understand that Dubbya and the Pentagon clowns didn't know anything about the specifics of the Middle East culture, but I can't understand the same ignorance from the Mexican elite for their own country. Ooops, I just answered my question. Did I say "elite"?


  12. If these clowns don't remind me of "Neanderthals"
    then I don't know what does. I mean take a good
    look at these guy's; they look like they have I.Q.'s
    of 4 and I'm giving them 3 points! These scumbags
    don't deserve to breath the same air as us and everyone in Mexico knows that they won't do much
    time,you do more time in Mexico for robbery than
    murder, with any luck they'll get taken out in Prison by someone whose family was a victem of these

  13. What a dumbass looking bunch these guys are, they probably couldn't find their way to the border to cross illegally, so they hired out to do this shit. I have no sympathy for them. They thought that they were above the law, free to do as they please.

    They will be free, its only a matter of time before the Mexican judicial system turns them loose, to commit the same crimes that they have already done. What a piss poor country.

  14. They look like a real lovely crew.

    98% of all Mexican narcos are released from jail anyways, the Mexican government needs to institute minimum mandatory prison terms for certain offenses so as to remove the possibility of a judge from accepting a bribe.

    Of course, their corrupt congress would never go along with that...

  15. the first guy that left a comment, are u gay?what you would like for them to be cute or wat.and J u say no respect for them but why is that?maybe cuz ur on the internet talkin about it!if you dont like them why dont you join the gulf and not do something about bcuz theyre not doing anything lol?

  16. omg they all look like they just got done smoking half the Zeta's crack stash!!

  17. Pinches indios, que bueno que los jodieron.

  18. xk critikan a la jente sin konoser las toda la jente k los critica neta k se pasan


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