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Thursday, December 23, 2010

FBI searches for San Marcos, Texas men, Chicago teen missing in Nuevo Laredo

Group had crossed border to shop, official says

FBI officials are continuing to search for four men from San Marcos, Texas and one teenager from Chicago who disappeared in Mexico in November.

Special Agent Erik Vasys with the FBI's San Antonio office said investigators are treating the disappearance of Luis Hernandez, Carlos Ortega, Nicolas Munoz, Ricardo Gomez and 14-year-old Giovanni Gomez as a missing persons case.

The young man in the group, 14-year-old Giovanni Gomez, is from Chicago and had arrived in San Marcos one day before he accompanied his uncles to Laredo.

The men were last seen in a dark green, 2003 Chevrolet Suburban

Vasys said the four men work for a concrete manufacturer in San Marcos, and the 14-year-old is one of their relatives who was visiting from Chicago.

Vasys said that they traveled to Laredo on Nov. 27 to pick up a vehicle related to their business and then decided to cross the border into Mexico to do some shopping.

They were supposed to come home that evening but did not return, and FBI officials have been investigating since Nov. 30.

"There has been no indication of an act of violence, but it's not a far leap of the imagination to think that something of a violent nature could have taken place," Vasys said.

One of the missing men is a U.S. citizen, one is a resident alien, and the immigration status of the other three is unknown, Vasys said.

Vasys said the FBI advises anyone thinking of traveling to Mexico to be aware of the risks by checking with the Texas Department of Public Safety or the U.S. State Department.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the FBI at 210-225-6741.

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  1. This happens every so often in Tijuana too, in 2009 4 teenagers from San Diego were found in Tijuana, tortured and stuffed in a van. They had cocaine in their system, and partied in Tijuana frequently, there was never an explantion, but I always believed they were involved with El Teo's men and it went wrong.

    Three girls from Mexicali disappeared in Tijuana in 2008, and it was later revealed they were strangled and dissolved in acid in a cartel safehouse, after am argument with some of Inge's people.

    Hopefully, that won't be the case here, but it happens, esp. if they party or work with cartel members, even the bottom tier ones.

  2. They should of just hung a banner outside there Chevy Suburban saying "Possible Cartel Rivals." Everyone knows the Suburban and Quads are the Narco vehicle of choice. Add 4 hombres to the mix and you have a deadly combination.

  3. Awwee man im from san antonio, san marcos is only 30 mins away. im pretty sure these guys are dead. like Capo said suburban is a narcos truck of choise

  4. I actually live in Laredo. We don't even think to cross over to Mexico just to go "shopping." Don't be caught in 4-Door F150's, Suburbans, Tahoes or Navigators crossing the border. You're a prime target.

  5. Big , Big Mistake- Crossing the border. I think that real, real bad things have happened to them. Hope that God will watch over them but the realality is that this is a very, very bad place to go. These cities are in the Cartels hands.....for now.
    I wish them well but think that its already over for them. Thats pretty screwed up...

  6. Boys Town - Gold MemberDecember 27, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    I guess those tacos outside of Papa Gallos were not the best idea. They should have stayed in Texas.

  7. them dudes are rich and living it up in sinaloa they met some guys who knew some guys and got connected. they are so plugged in now they are probably head capos by now and rivals to one another. im sure they're fine. and have upgraded to a 2009.

  8. Its so sad, I knew giovanni when he was a kid its so sad how something like this can happen to him he was so young.

  9. Mass held for the family in Chicago last Friday.... It is in God's hands now & we must have faith that they will return safely. I am planning a follow up to this story and keep everyone posted. Please keep these 5 individuals in your prayers. Updates will include Family testimonials, photos of the missing, confirmation from Mexican officials in D.C. & photos of protest in front of Mexican Consulate. Please consider to do a "follow up" to this story when info is available.

    Thank you in advance,
    Windycity Kid

  10. Well I am from the San Marcos Area and i pay attention to what is going on in Mexico. Hoiw can anyone not notice all the drug wars that is going on there. In my opinion the truth of the matter is is that these guys are DEAD. When you know that all these people are disappearing being murdered what do they not understand. But they are hispanics think they have this big chip on their shoulders thinking awww this can't happen to me but it does who goes to Mexico "shopping" knowing this is going on. The stupidity of these men for allowing a 14 year old boy thinking aw they won't do nothing to him but they don't give a crap about nobody. And the parents of this boy why on earth would you allow him to go to Mexico of give permission to relatives to take him there. These people are idiots. Then they want the rest of the world to feel sorry for them because this has happened to them. I am sorry these pople are probably dead but the fact is they had NO BUSINESS over there!!!!!! It's like when the water is flowing rapidly across the road and people seem to think that they can make it and they don't and what happens to them they drown and die. So this is the same thing. What is it that these people don't understand???? What is so important that they have to cross into Mexico that their lives are worth risking????? I don't what is wrong with these people maybe they will learn and not go to Mexico.

  11. JIO our thoughts & Prayers are with u and ur family...

  12. Two of these men are my uncles....they are still missing!!!! Hope someone helps us out cause FBI and Mexican Government are'nt, and if they are dead like mostly all ppl commenting say well at least help us find out!!!!

  13. 16 months after n we r still wainting 4 a miracle,,miss yall

  14. All the people writing that their dead need to shut up


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