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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Car bomb explodes in Zuazua, Nuevo leon; Communication threatens 11 more

Uploaded to You Tube by JuarezViolentoo

A car bomb explosion injured three people in front of a police station in the municipality of Zuazua in Nuevo Leon state of northern Mexico on Friday, authorities said.

The explosion took place shortly after 1.00 p.m. local time and damaged a police motorcycle as well as three other vehicles which were parked nearby the police station. The blast also resulted in power outage in the nearby area.

The vehicle which carried out the attack was a white Nissan Tsuru that had been packed with explosives and parked near the police station. The explosion left a female police officer and two male civilians injured.

The two civilians, one of them identified as 48-year-old Pedro Benavides, sustained non-life threatening injuries and were transported to a local hospital for further treatment. Authorities said that no deaths were registered in the apparent drug-related attack.

Police and military forces secured the area after the blast and gathered evidence from the debris.

A letter sent to various local and national media sources stated the the car bomb that exploded outside the police station was in retaliation against corrupt police officers in Nuevo Leon; it also stated 11 more car bombs have been prepared.

The communication which was allegedly signed by the Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels indicated the car bomb was directed towards the "polizetas" of Nuevo Leon.

"THE STATE OF NUEVO LEON does not secure the security of it's citizens: There are more than 1000 kidnappings that have not been reported out of fear of the authorities.

All of us citizens know that the kidnappings are committed by Nuevo Leon police, known as Zeta police.

THE CAR BOMB detonated in ZUAZUA, N.L. is in protest of these kidnappers.

ELEVEN MORE CAR BOMBS await detonation as Justice for those who have disappeared.

The Polizetas and corrupt officials HAVE BEEN WARNED. "

This is the fourth car bomb attack in Mexico so far this year. In August, a car bomb exploded outside the Televisa television station in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas state, causing damage but no casualties.

And on July 16, four people were killed, including two policemen, after an explosives-laden car rammed two police vehicles in Ciudad Juarez, one of Mexico’s most violent cities. The attack occurred after the arrest of Jesus Armando Acosta Guerrero, the alleged leader of the “La Linea” drug cartel.


  1. I don't think cdg or cds would do this. To round up the polizetas and kill them is one thing but car bombs? Seems like lfm is trying to get out of the spotlight. Or maybe the zetas trying to play victim.


  2. I don't know what to make of this, not doubting it was, but car bombs have never been the CDG or Sinaloa's style. Change in strategy? Or losing patience with the Zeta war?

  3. This is being done by el nuevo grupo "mata Zetas" I hope they start killing more of these dirty lil Zetas in days to come. Here is a link if anyone wants to know more about them.

  4. Yep its the workings of salinas de gortari and his team trying to lay out the PRI-sidential elections of 2012 they want it so bad they will resort to terrorism. Maybe even the U.S. is supporting the comeback of the P.R.I.

  5. ^^^Can you show me the link to the article where it says Gortari is behind these bombings?

  6. Aren't 'Mata Zeta's' just the Zeta's like alter ego? Batman/Bruce Wayne? I don't know if I buy the PRI conspiracy, it's very possible CDG/Sinaloa are behind it, I mean no one died, so it's a statement, not like La Linea, where it was an ambush. If it wasn't CDG/CDS I'm sure we will here it from them.

    Speaking of Nuevo Leon, I'm in southern California, and I saw a 5 series bmw with Nuevo Leon plates, and I'm ashamed to admit the first thing I thought of was Zetas/CDG, completely ridiculous, but just shows how much what you read influences you.

  7. it probably was should have took the car..they would do the same for you in Mexico

  8. @December 18, 2010 6:54 PM

    Or rich business men who escaped Nuevo Leon due to the violence this year, Monterrey and Nuevo Leon is one of the richest states in all of Mexico...goes to show how narrow minded lito 'brito is...Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. @J
    No the Mata Zetas are new group formed from civilian, ex police, and ex military going after and killing zetas....its like los Pepes of Colombia in the 90's....

  10. Why would the Mata Zeta's blame CDG, and possibly incur their wrath? Anyway, interesting, we'll see what happens with this new development.

    About that car, it was in my neighborhood, nice, upscale, in front of a apartment complex with mostly college kids and mostly foreign. I kinda doubt any serious cartel operative would drive a car with those plates, but you never know. Probably someones parents.

    Weapons of Mass destruction will change the whole game.

  12. If any of you have served in the armed service you know all these bombs so far are remedial stuff. I mean they have killed two people so far that is not a very good bomb maker there probably using some kind of propane,gas with a little C4 they stole off some demo company with a timer. I mean if these were serious bomb makers and have a real idea what they were doing they could pack any vehicle they have used with real bomb material that would knock out the three buildings next to it and kill or mame 200 people. I have seen it several time in Iraq so we are not dealing with any real Terrorist type its a threat that is it.

  13. rich business men in NL are narcos ..

  14. @lito brito

    I guess I proved my point how narrow minded lito 'brito is...Seriously!!!!!!!!!!! If he knew anything it would be that Monterrey is the second richest city in all of mexico behind Mexico City, and due to the violence some or most ran to the US. Just bz someone is rich doesnt make them a narco...But lito brito wouldnt know anything about, Would you? you moron!!!

  15. Actually, many rich men in Nuevo Leon are just as big a group of killers as the narco crowd is. Brito knows that I believe... And YES, some of them do have their own hands in narco related activities, too. Like in the death squad organizing openly done by the mayor of Garza Garcia.

    What's that about really? Isn't the rich guy organizing his own paid band of killers to go after a group of killers organized by guys not as rich as himself? Anybody who can openly brag to the press about doing this assassination stuff like this rich mayor does shows a level of corruption and criminality equal to where the cartels are at, if not an even worse level of gangsterism since it involves people up to the presidency of Mexico itself.

    Reminds me some of our own US based killers, like Dick Cheney for example. Here is a guy whose company (Halliburton) killed off many of their own workers with their deliberate and careless use of deadly asbestoes, yet this crook was able to gain one of the highest offices in the land instead of being prosecuted for the company's criminality.

    Then he went on to legislate yet more criminality, like invasions, wars, and the use of torture on POWs into twisted 'law'. He'll not get convicted for any of his crimes either.

    Opium flows out of Afghanistan nonstop, so Cheney's activities do, in a sense, involve the spread of narcotics! Even thee country of Nigeria! of all places has tried to bring this rich US crook to justice.... and just like with the mayor of Garza Garcia, many cheer for the guy instead.... Rich men are narcos... Their spread of war and corruption feeds the lower down narco set of criminals with the exact environment they need to flourish in.


  16. Ernest, seriously dude. Yeah I guess it was not the rich corporations. It was just one man who did it all. Get a life guy and let it go.

  17. and when they are in the USA, what is their business?....

  18. @December 19, 2010 8:36 PM

    To be safe with their families and feel free from insecurity....SERIOUSLY your a fuckin dumbass....they still run their corporation from the states.. they want to feel safe from kidnapping that the Zetas/CDG have brought recently to Monterrey...Common sense ppl geez

  19. @8:44pm

    i would rather be a dumbass than a complaining lil' arrogant cocky "anonoymous" prick. i've read your comments. you're an annoying person. and im sick of reading your stupid (ppl) abreviations. you have no reason to talk to people like that. learn some manners! and lito brito is not a fuckin dumbass you ignorant fool. he is a very knowledgeable older man who you should show respect to. did'nt ya mama show you some manners and teach you how to respect your elders? i don't even know if i'm talking to a male or female becuase you don't even reveal yourself. sucker!


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