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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bodies of 2 U.S. citizens found in Palomas mass grave

2 Deming, New Mexico men among 20 victims found in mass grave
by Maggie Ybarra \ El Paso Times

Two Deming, New Mexico men reported missing in October were among the 20 victims unearthed at a grave site on the outskirts of Palomas, Chihuahua.

But the mother of one of the men said her son is not among those killed.

Mexican authorities found the New Mexico driver's license and U.S. passport card of Lorenzo Rentería, 27, buried in or near one of the 11 4-foot-deep graves. Initially, Mexican authorities reported that they had found a woman's identification, but they later confirmed that it belonged to Rentería.

The other Deming man, who was reported missing by his family in October, was also found among the dead, said officials with the Luna County Sheriff's Office. He was identified as Camerino F. Corral, 31, officials said.

Family members told sheriff's officials that Corral was in Juárez the last time they heard from him, said Capt. Arturo Baeza of the Luna County Sheriff's Office.
Rentería's mother, Esther Rentería, said she went to the morgue in Juárez on Wednesday to see whether she could identify her son. She said Mexican authorities have the wrong man.

"I don't think it was my son. First of all, this body they showed me looked very different," she said. "A mother can tell when it is not her son. Only if the DNA tests positive will I accept it. Right now, to me, my son is alive."

Esther Rentería said she believes it's possible that someone took his New Mexico license and U.S. passport card and buried it with the bodies. She said she would go to the Chihuahua state attorney general's office on Friday to seek a DNA test.

The last time Esther Rentería heard from her son, he was headed to Ascensión, also in Chihuahua, to see his wife.

"I told him call me when you arrive. At 8:32 p.m., he called me from Palomas saying, 'Mom, they have just stopped me. I will call you in a little bit. I love you,' I told him, I love you too," she said. "I thought he would call me later, but he never did. He did not tell me who stopped him."

Lorenzo Rentería was born in Deming, she said.

The Mexican army discovered the victims' bodies early Sunday.

Relative of Deming, New Mexico victim accuses Mexican authorities of murder

Mexican Army soldiers and Ascension municipal police are accused of murdering several of the victims found in the Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua clandestine mass grave.

Relatives of three missing persons whose bodies were found in the mass graves charged that soldiers and police are responsible for the deaths of at least two Mexican citizens and a U.S. citizen.

The three victims found among the 20 bodies that have been exhumed were identified as Daniel Flores Saucedo, 22, and Efrain Aguilar, 20, both Mexican citizens, and Camerino Corral Franco, 32, a U.S. citizen from Deming, New Mexico.

According to the relatives of the victims, they asked for help from Mexican authorities after U.S. police, using global positioning system signals to locate the phones of the disappeared men, determined they were at an Army base located in the area.

The relatives of the victims unveiled this evidence to the Mexican press after leaving the Semefo morgue, where they identified the remains of their murdered relatives. After identification of the three bodies, relatives said they have evidence to prove serious crimes were committed by the military and police.


  1. ...
    "Mexican Army soldiers and Ascension municipal police are accused of murdering several of the victims found in the Puerto Palomas"...

    Are you saying that public authorities operating under the aegis of the Mexican Government murdered American citizens?

    That is a rather provocative accusation.
    Can you substantiate it?

  2. If this is sustantiated wouldn't that be enough cause for the US to officially go into Mexico to get this shit under control?

  3. You guys are missing the point, I doubt these guys were clean.. Alot of US citizens are going over there and commiting atrocities, and coming back to the US to sleep nice and safe.. Someone that I know was kidnapped 4 months ago, husband was shot in front of her, and she remembers pretty well how the captors communicated with each other in english.

  4. They're hispanics.. The government really doesn't mind..

  5. Seriously, who do you think is behind the most brutal attacks here? US born Latin blood Americans... I admit, if I could speak spanish well, and had a nice dark skin tone, I'd prolly go make a fortune real quick too, but not with kidnapping, just a fast sicario clean up, one safe house could fund your lifestyle for a year...

  6. I live here in Columbus and travel over to Palomas every day as my job is in cross border support and relief work...the people of Palomas are missing their disappeared and really would like condolences instead of flak from you all...nice people, bad times...

  7. fuck mexico. Lorenzo was not into all that stupid bullshit he was a honest hard worker he would never hurt any one. I never thought Mexican army and police would do that. QUE ONDA CON LOS SOLDADOS PINCHIES MUERTOS DE AMBRE CUANTO LES PAGAN LOS NARCOS. QUE DIOS LOS PERDONE. NO SEAN CORUPTOS O QUE DIOS NO LES DIO HUEVOS. CULEROS

  8. Borderlandbeat should update this story as the message is not being processed properly. Stopped for driving with American plates, and then the id is found in a mass grave. The most common question posted on BB, "is it safe to drive to Mexico"? Obviously not with American license plates!

  9. OnTas puerca, te busca anna o algien que vella esto qien conosca a el puerca, que antes trabajaba con lencho y toqueras, y pos lo queremos localisar la anna weda de washington con evon

    1. El Lencho y toqueras de puerto palomas ,y el panzón de la puerca , k honda !!


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