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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Arturo Beltran Leyva's Death Anniversery Marked with Flowers and Threats

Cuernavaca.- Three explosives were disarmed by the Mexican army today. The bombs were found in different parts of the city and they had messages attached to them. The incident coincides of the death of Arturo Beltrán Leyva, who died one year ago today during an operation that was conducted by the Mexican marines. Flower were also found at the base of a bridge, the scene where one of the bombs was found.

While the state authorities focused their attention on the former residence of the capo, the place where he lost his life in a battle against the armed forces, other places in the capital city Morelos became the center of attention as the calls came in about supposed bombs that were found. Pictures of the message and flowers have not been published, the authorities have been reluctant to do so.

Around 8 pm Wednesday night, emergency lines got flooded with calls that there were two suspicious packages with timing devices attached. The presumed explosives were found near the IMSS hospital in colonia Flores Magón and Henry Dunan, and another was found in colonia Los Volcanes. The calls generated a huge response by the army and state police.

La Jornada is reporting the message was this:

The land shall be returned to the people who work with their hands”, another one read: “Land and Liberty”.

The two presumed explosives were taken to a military base, although it should remain clear that the nature of the packages have not been positively identified as explosives, testing remains to be done. However, among the recovered items was a message that said “Seasons Greetings!”

Later that day, around 10 am on Thursday, there was another report of a suspicious package, this time in colonia Jiquilpan. Authorities described this particular bomb to be more sophisticated than the two that were previously discovered. It had a watch used as a timing device and various LED lights with control board that had switches and buttons, all of this was wired to dynamite.

On another part of town, municipal police in Cuernavaca confirmed that there was a flower arrangement found with along with a narco banner that made references to the first anniversary fo the death of "El Jefe de Jefes" Arturo Beltrán Leyva, who also received flowers at his death site on Fathers Day, the arrangement was sent by Sergio Valdéz Villarrea, “El Grande”, who himself was recently captured by authorities.



  1. You have to love the Leyva's they went from being the second most powerful Cartel in Mexico to a bunch of scrubs collaberating with Zetas in a matter of years... I guess Barbie (US informant) really played a number on these guys.. Arturo was a monster and its good he is out off the pic, good old American intelligence. Did any of you guys catch that wikileak article from New York times talking about Arturos Death?

  2. I don't know if they were ever the second most powerful cartel in Mexico, after the break with Sinaloa, if they were, I don't think they would have fallen so far, so fast, after Arturo was killed. I think they were in over their heads from the start, breaking up with Sinaloa, they got a few good hits, mostly luck and inside knowledge though, but like you said, they have been reduced to Zeta collaborators and fighting over small plazas in Guerrero for the most part.

    Look at Tijuana, they are probably one of the smaller of the cartels, but look how many hits and years it took to get them that way. Beltrans were finished after Arturo.

  3. @December 16, 2010 7:12 PM

    What ultimately lead to their downfall wasn't bz of American intelligence...basically after his death the internal fighting within the organization was so bad....literally hundreds died within days of Arturo's death...they became so split into so many fractions, they don't even know who is supporting who within the organization. Lesson learn, betrayal is a bitch haha...

    P.S the second most powerful cartel is the Gulf Cartel...get your facts straight...just saying.

  4. cant the CIA do better than go plant those bombs?

  5. What is really left of the Beltran Cartel? I don’t think they are big enough to still be called a cartel. I agree breaking up with the Sinaloa Cartel was there biggest mistake. But like La Barbie said in one of his interviews, when Arturo was on drugs he wanted to kill everybody including La Barbie. Getting high on your supply will do it!

    In order which cartels are the strongest right now? I think the Zetas are just fragments of thieves, I think they have recruited so many nobody that the only way they can pay them is stealing from the poor or kidnapping illegal immigrants for money….


  6. The Message from the narco " the land shall be returned to the people who work with their hands" ?? What in the hell do these narco/criminals know about honest work??

  7. @7:24AM
    Arturo I am sure wasn't the only one sniffing and still isn't the only one snorting escama de Colombia. I think El Barbie may have exagarrated and Arturo may have been in the right to want to off the guy who ultimately snitched off plenty of his folks with intel. Again just spectical. The Beltran Cartel still exists and their hayday was back when they aligned themselves with El Chapo and Mayo but from what they say El Chapo and Mayo also gained power algining themselves but it faltered in the end. I wouldn't say the Beltranes are finished as they still contol zonas in Guerrero for inbound shipments and growth of mota and still have some zonas in Sinaloa and Sonora. Where alot of weight moves from Sonora to AZ with it spreading accross the Southwest and Midwest. That's a huge market, and at times anyone who moves weight from different distributors in the states may end up buying their narcotics. So although the Beltranes have taken severe hits there has been people to replace who has fallen. It may not be the same because you can't replace el Jeje de Jefes, he was the one who held structure to his orginazation and the capture of el Mochomo was a blow as well because he oversaw the whole movement. In the end I think the Beltranes just bit off too much too handle. Full on war with the feds and full on war with CDS henchman and US intel led for the demise of Don Arturo.

  8. Hey 11:58am! You have the best point of all! These culeros know NOTHING about honest work. All they know is to cheat, steal, kill, kidnap and extort. Lazy asses that feel big because of their guns. Without them they are crying little babies

  9. Anyone who wants to know more about this drug capo read this story...its very interesting....

    It talks about his start into the drug business and his involvement with el chapo and el mayo...they make him sound more powerful then both of them haha...

  10. We are glad that hes dead and frying in hell forever!

  11. The Beltran Leyva Cartel isn't done just yet... His brother Hector "El H" Beltran Leyva took over... After a bloody war with "La Barbie" who is now in custody...By the way the new name they took was Cartel Pacifico Del Sur or CPS


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