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Thursday, December 9, 2010

All we are saying is give peace a chance…

Estemos Unidos Mexico is a national non-violent, anti-crime citizen’s movement that advocates social unity and participation against the violence and terror generated by organized criminal groups. One way that EUM raises awareness is by using the same tactic favored by criminals: the use of banners in public locations to communicate messages.

Recently the group also unveiled plans to promote “Comités de Vigilancia Ciudadana”, a neighborhood watch program. The program will begin in Mexico City where authorities have pledged their support, and have stopped the practice of taking down EUM banners from public areas immidiately after they are hung.

On Tuesday evening, December 7th, EUM supporters belonging to a group known as Alianza Eco placed two banners over a heavily traveled road in Culiacan, the capitol city of Sinaloa, one of Mexico’s most violent states.

Municipal police and state investigative authorities arrived on the scene and after confering on site, and perhaps in a gesture of support and solidarity with the people of Culiacan, left the scene with the banners intact and in place for the citizens to observe.

Estemos Unidos Mexicanos


A group of our supporters, on Tuesday placed a banner on the Puente Negro Bridge in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa. The bravery of Culiacan’s civil society is beyond doubt.

The determination and courage of this group of citizens is a great example for Mexicans around the country.

Mexico awaken! Join the movement and help us summon more people, so that together we can protect our families.

Send chain e-mails, hang banners, distribute flyers, talk to your neighbors. Nothing can stop us.

Mexico unite! This is our country and we are taking it back.

Banner at private residence, Puebla Mx.

Banner in Paris, France.

Banner at the monument to Benito Juarez at Bryant park, Manhattan, New York,

Banner in Estadio Azteca, Mexico City


  1. Yeh and what the hell is going to change?? a bunch of people saying "reunite!!!" lame.

  2. This will never happen, peace! Please, Mexicans are to stubborn and hard-headed to even grasp the concept.

  3. A great jesture,what I never understood is why the police had routinley removed banners advocating public unity against crime. The mobilization of the public should be of utmost importance to overthrow the ghetto influence in Mexico.Little by little day by day Mexico can rise out of the gutter,Hope the momentum can increase in the new year,we are all pulling for you Mexico!!


  5. Words are noble and nice, but can never replace action. The organizers of this "movement" are nowhere to be seen because they are too afraid for their lives. This is the same problem that plagues the country as a whole. Everyone talks a good game, but is unwilling to get involved.

    We all sit back and complain and yet we wait for others to come forward. Sometimes you have to stand up against evil and be willing to stick your neck out and say "stop!! no more!!" But we Mexicans are lazy. It is someone else's problem. I can do nothing!

    As long as these attitudes prevail, the cartels win.

  6. This reminds me of when Kanye West called out Bush. Bush later admitted he was upset about it. I hope when they say "organized crime" this includes the corrupt govt. They created these monsters by letting them operate for so long.

  7. "Give peace a chance" sounds good if we can just all sit around and pass a joint around and be happy. This is not the solution for Mexico's problem.
    Nothing short of killing all of the people involved in this violence will solve the problem. The savage acts that we see daily (beheadinds, mutilations, etc.) are being done by incorrigable individuals who need to be killed. True, the only solution to this violence is actually more violence AGAINST the barbarians. Mexico cannot survive with these people alive; they must die. The USA also is faced with the prospect of these animals (the cartel animals) coming across the border and plying their evil trade here. KILL THEM ALL is the only strategy against the barbarians. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE is a pipe dream.

  8. No way Jose.......Too much money and greed.....The cartels have a lot of cash-Just wait and see who gets their heads chopped off....."SNITCHING ,GIVES YOU STICHES!!"

  9. Peace sounds nice, but sometimes you need to bleed for peace... I think people overrate the teachings of Ghandi. If Ghandi would have done that to the Germans, him and his followers would have been dead by now. If peace won't come to you, you take it by force, you take that peace with the edge of a knife... different adversaries call for different tactics, the bristish in the time of ghandi, yes a peace movement works, but in WW2, hell no. Just like here, not till people start lynching and degrading the life's of drug dealers, will peace come. Oh yeah, and that means going after every corrupt politician too.

  10. All hell is breaking loose in Michocan, "La Familia" just took down a blackhawk helicopter from the PFP. They have been going at it for 16 hours stright...

  11. I just heard that, anonymous at 2:22.

    It crashed just outside Apatzingan.

  12. many of you seem to be missing the point. putting up signs and this organization in and of itself won't stop the violence. the point is to inspire and educate. no matter how cynical you are, you can't put a price on that, the rampant cynicism only holds back any progression in the right direction.
    people seem to get pragmatism and cynicism mixed up. either that or their only way of projecting their 'intellgence' is cheap cynical remarks.

  13. "Peace sounds nice, but sometimes you need to bleed for peace"

    Correct. True Peace does not mean the absence of war. Stalin, Hitler, Mao and the cartels all want peace, but the peace they want is not true peace.

    Next the Mexicans need to reclaim THEIR right to bear arms and start defending their families.


  15. all i could find so far is


    Mexicans are anything but lazy pendejo...if you are lazy in Mexico you don't last ...and they sure as hell ain't lazy in the USA

    the banners are a least some people are thinking...any and all things to achieve peace are good things, no matter how insignificant they may seem

  17. i can be accused of saying in the past that spreading banners of peace wouldnt make a difference but now i change my mind. lito is right, this is a good start. even if it does'nt end the war, it still brings the community together. words of encouragement can lift the people's spirits, at least for now. now if calderon can get his head out of his ass and ammend the constitution, some serious changes can be made.


    In spanish, but that is all i found

  19. It is clear that many of BB's US readers prefer using government organized death squads inside Mexico to supposedly combat the cartels, to any and all other strategies that might actually work instead of just increasing the level of all around generalized blood letting . Don't believe it? Then just check out their blood lust in the BB commentary about the growing use of death squads following this article.

    These cheerleaders for the 'tough' approach are precisely the loons who are also cheerleading the bankrupting the US treasury to carry on the constant foregn wars and occupations all over the planet to be fought by DC and its welfare organization for the super rich- the US Pentagon.


  20. @December 9, 2010 5:58 PM

    Im sorry to say this but you sir are an idiot. The crash that supposedly happen was in the state of Michoacan and not in the state of Veracruz, the one you show is the choper as it was transporting prisoners to a prison, which was an accident in the state of Veracruz. All I know its been rumors that it crashed nothing more. A bunch of BS tweets and citizens trying to scare ppl.

  21. The banners read: If crime is organized, why aren't we?

  22. Excellent writing (as usual) on Reynowarrior's blog:
    It's a good summary of the brutal shift occurring in 2005 from a familial illegal activity to the violent narco-terrorism we see now.
    Interestingly enough, this change is pioneered by an American citizen, La Barbie. He is the initiator of the video-recording of violent interrogation and posting it on you tube, beheading, attacks on public places, and more. All these methods have been adopted since by the other cartels, with more or less artistic variations. So, blaming Calderon for the current mess is forgetting the innovative influence of La Barbie, who broke taboos and created hell before Calderon started his war.
    Can't wait to see him back in the US.

  23. We will be posting a story later today to provide concise coverage of the helicopter that was taken down in M. Sorry for the delay, we've been a little busy!

  24. @Ernesto101
    Guess what .... I agree 100% with you. There is no solution in adding more hired guns for more violence. This is childish retaliation.

    Indeed, we are spending more on our Pentagon then the total of military expenditures made by the next 20 countries including China and Russia. And we still have a moronic senator Kyl who refuses to sign START with the Russians.
    Remember what Eisenhower said about the military-industrial complex in the US. Or should I say military-industrial cartel...

  25. Matanzas, I am glad that you are beginning to see this Mexican 'drug war' in the larger international context, unlike most other BB readers who seem to be here more to rap about how they supposedly need to kill kill kill more gang banging cartel people.

    This war being fought just now on Mexican turf is a war MADE in USA. And this warfare is spreading everywhere, because the Pentagon and the rich that run our US government through Pentagon programs that feed the super rich's constant need for government funds, are merciless killers themselves.



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