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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

U.S. Super Intelligence Center Revealed in Mexico

by: Jorge Carrasco A. and J. Jesús Esquivel Proceso

With the approval of Felipe Calderón’s Administration, the U.S. Government finally got what it always wanted: To set up a super spy center in Mexico City. It was the escalation of the drug war in the country what opened the door to all U.S. intelligence agencies, including the military, to operate out of the Federal District without having to disguise their agents as diplomats.

The establishment of the Office of Bi-national Intelligence (OBI) was authorized by Calderon, after negotiations with Washington, which began under the government of his predecessor, Vicente Fox Quesada. The creation of the super spy center was authorized by the director of the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN), Guillermo Valdés Castellanos, without taking into account any objections from the Mexican military.

Through the OBI, Calderon has given the green light to U.S. Intelligence agents to spy on organized crime syndicates and drug cartels. They can also spy on Mexican government agencies, including the Secretariat of National Defense, Navy, and the diplomatic missions in Mexico.

The building headquarters, which includes offices from the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Treasury is located at 265 Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, approximately 250 meters from the U.S. embassy.

The most significant presence at the OBI building is that of the Pentagon, which includes the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and the National Security Agency (NSA). It is followed by the U.S. Department of Justice, also with three agencies: the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

With two services, there is the Department of Homeland Security: Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI) and the Bureau of Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE), while the Treasury Department has officers of the Bureau of Intelligence on Terrorism and Financial Affairs (TFI) .

In addition, the OBI opened two remote offices: one in Ciudad Juarez and one in Tijuana, housing U.S. agents and “task force commanders” who coordinate operations against drug trafficking with the support of Mexican Government personnel.

It is not known how many intelligence agents from the U.S. are operating in Mexico with the authorization of the Mexican Federal Government, since the creation of this center was announced on August 31st. The maintain that the exact number is “classified.”

The building occupied by the OBI in the Federal District is right next to the Mexican Stock Exchange and is part of what the security and intelligence services in Mexico define as a “soft target area” in reference to the possibility of an attack on U.S. interests in Mexico.

At this strategic point for Washington in the Mexican Federal District, there are also facilities for transnational corporations such as Ford, American Airlines, as well as Marriott and Sheraton hotels, among others.

The building where the OBI is located gives the impression of an ordinary business facility, with banks, insurance, telecommunications, commercial offices and private offices. The only thing that stands out is the entry and departure of U.S. citizens.

The building directory lists the names of the occupants all the way up to the 21st floor. However, after the 22nd floor, there are three penthouses that are only listed as “occupied.” And on the roof there is a dozen satellite dishes placed just above the logo of the telecommunications company Axtel.

“It’s the best covert location for the agencies to operate,” said the source that provided the location of the OBI. The ordinary appearance of the building is the way in which the United States often disguise intelligence centers around the world.

The reception and parking are guarded by private security services, while Federal District Police provide outside support.

Furthermore, the city government has installed special surveillance cameras with sirens to observe the movement of pedestrians and vehicles outside the building.

The scope and power of the OBI in Mexico is similar to the El Paso Intelligence Center, in Texas (EPIC), which dates back to 1974 and operates exclusively to combat drug trafficking, weapons and money laundering on the border between Mexico and United States.

EPIC has been credited for creating the strategies launched against drug trafficking and organized crime in Mexico. Among the most successful are Operation White Tiger, which was used to investigate the activities of the Hank Rhon family in 1997, the capture and extradition, a year earlier, of Gulf Drug Cartel Leader Juan Garcia Abrego, and the discovery of narco-graves in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, in 1998.


Overrun by drug trafficking, the government of Felipe Calderón agreed to the establishment of the OBI in Mexico a proposal of the then head of National Intelligence in the United States, Admiral Dennis Blair, who last March was accompanied by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, during his working visit to Mexico.

According to the formal agreement, the new U.S. office workers interact with their Mexican counterparts, under the coordination of the State Department and the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

For the Pentagon, the strong presence of its agents in Mexico is intended to merge the intelligence and espionage services of both countries to identify and exploit the vulnerabilities of drug trafficking organizations and organized crime gangs.

Under this directive, issued on 18 March by Gen. Victor Eugene Renuart, then head of Northern Command (NORTHCOM), Mexico has carried out several operations against drug traffickers.

Since then, among some of the actions taken the drug lords have been the killing of Arturo Beltran Leyva, (aka El Barbas), Ignacio “Nacho” Coronel, and Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen (aka Tony Tormenta), in addition to the arrests of other drug lords, such as Edgar ‘Barbie’ Valdez Villarreal.

Since the killing of Beltran Leyva in December of 2009, U.S. intelligence services, mainly the DEA, have mentioned their participation in various operations, against the very Arturo Beltran Leyva, Barbie Valdez, Teodoro Garcia Simental (aka El Teo), Jose Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez (aka El Indio or El Chayán), operator of the Beltran Leyva organization and Carlos Ramon Castro, a drug dealer who worked for several organizations.

As part of the Mexican government’s need to justify the militarization of the fight against drug trafficking, the Pentagon has strengthened its cooperation with the Mexican military. In early 2009, just as the Department of State and the Mexican Exterior Relations Secretariat (SRE) fine-tuned the details for the establishment of the OBI, the U.S. Department of Defense stepped up military training for Mexicans in Mexico and in several U.S. military bases.

The training has been an unprecedented event in the history of military relations between the two countries. For the first time, the Pentagon has brought counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism expertise from Iraq and Afghanistan to their offices in central Mexico.

In the case of Mexico, the training courses are developed and run by the Defense Department, and are focused on intelligence and tactical operations against drug trafficking, terrorism and the implementation of counterinsurgency tactics.

In addition to the courses offered in Mexico, the Mexican military has significantly increased the number of special forces troops in the Army, Air Force and the Navy to attend specialized intelligence training in U.S. military bases.


The main example of this cooperation is the presence -for the first time in the bilateral relationship- a member of the Mexican Army as a “liaison” between the Mexican military (Central Command) and the Northern Command in Colorado (NORTHCOM), according to a military source who spoke to the Mexican magazine Proceso.

On Wednesday 10, The Washington Post published on its front page a note informing that the liaison will also serve as deputy commander of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere at Fort Benning, Georgia. From the sixties to the eighties, these facilities housed in the so-called School of the Americas, which went down in history as a supplying center for Latin American dictators, which are characterized by the systematic violation of human rights.

A U.S. official, who told the Post on condition of anonymity, said that given the seriousness of the drug violence in Mexico, “we have received direct instruction from the President (Barack Obama) and the highest levels in government, to really examine what more can be done in this counter-narcotics cooperation with Mexico.”

The establishment of the Office of Bi-national Intelligence (OBI) implies that for the first time in the history of Mexico, surveillance, supervision and qualification of work against organized crime between federal government agencies, including the military, rests in part on foreign officials.

According to the document unveiled by the White House on March 25, 2009 on the establishment of the OBI, the office is also responsible for overseeing the proper use of resources that Washington provides the Calderon administration in combating drug trafficking through the ‘Merida Initiative.’

“We will be coordinating our efforts with the government of Mexico through high-level contacts, which in part are related to the new intelligence services responsible for overseeing the implementation of Merida Initiative,” according to the document released by the White House (published by Proceso).

A year later, on March 23, 2010, Hillary Clinton announced during her working visit to the Federal District, in the context of the implementation of Plan Merida, the establishment of two “pilot programs” in the Tijuana-San Diego and Ciudad Juárez-El Paso corridors.

The two governments declared in a joint statement, that in the case of Ciudad Juárez, the program considers the development of “a model for the Mexican Government to collect and analyze tactical intelligence” as well as to “take action against drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and other criminal activities.”

However, the actual operations of the OBI in security and intelligence services, Mexicans will be subordinates of the U.S.. Agencies of the U.S. Government will play the role as experts in intelligence work, apart from previous advisory roles in order to increase Mexico’s ability to use information resources against drug cartel operations.


  1. All done with the best of intentions I'm sure. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    We will all be sorry they let those gringos set up. Once you get the US federal govt in your life you will never get rid of them. Pretty soon they want to tell everybody what to do and how to do it. Bad call, Felipe.


  2. Since corruption seems to be part of mexico's culture. It won't be long before the U.S. is training inteligence experts for the drug cartels.

  3. No mamen pendejos,
    what a slap to Mexican sovereignity.

  4. "Pretty soon they want to tell everybody what to do and how to do it"

    well evidently someone doesn't know how to do it...if they did then the mexican people wouldn't be living in fear they wouldn't be soo persistant to cross the border...sometimes you have to accept a lil help to get to where you want to be

  5. What did you think it was going to take before US intelligence was in Mexico. Obviously when your police forces and government are in the hands of the Cartels its time to cleanse the place. Mexico has had plenty of time to take care of this and they have chosen corruption now the US will secure the residences of Mexico. And if one of these agents is killed you might just see Mexico turn into Iraq where are military took care of Al quieda in Iraq which is far more complicated than 7 cartels.

  6. Now the US doesn't have to work from the borders, they can control the cartels internally. Hiring mercenaries to stirr shit up won't be as hard.

  7. You guys really believe this report? (not a bad shot at BB)...I will not go into great detail but the USA has had spies in Mexico way long ago. Coming out publicly with a report only makes it official and known. Baja Calif., Sinaloa, Nuevoleon/Tamps has had them. since the early 90's.....

  8. "They can also spy on Mexican government agencies, including the Secretariat of National Defense, Navy, and the diplomatic missions in Mexico." - That's a start. Let's see how far up the chain the corruption goes. I have a feeling there will be some topes on this road. The Mexican government needs to clean its own house. Corrupt police leads to anarchy in the streets. Too many innocent civilians have been killed in this greed based war.

  9. i am not sure espionage is the correct word here..

    it is commonly defined thusly


    : the practice of spying or using spies to obtain information about the plans and activities especially of a foreign government or a competing company

    in this case the "spy center" is working FOR AND IN COOPERATION WITH the government of Mexico

    the intentional misuse of this word is classic "yellow journalism" intended to arouse and inflame passions

    maybe it is accidental due to translation

    but either way...for better or worse Mexico has made a deal with the devil here

  10. How about a big THANK YOU that US dollars are trying to help the great soverign nation of Mexico gain some legitamacy. The only thing soverign in Mexico is crime and outlaws the government is pathetic. Most Mexicans have nationalistic pride??? Don't you think its about time to actually have something to be proud of, clean the place up . Being poor is no excuse for being a worthless blight,no excuse to destroy responsible society,hell I can see that Mexicans have adopted US political BS ITs the Govts fault, I'm black, I'm poor, Mommy didn"t love me???

  11. here is a link to a new survey pertaining to hidden US involvement in Mexico's drug war

    the survey consists of ten yes or no answers plus a comments box

    this survey will cover 100 respondents primarily from BB readers

    here is the link

  12. Gosh! I wonder if these were the guys speaking English into their shoulder/radios in the recent "takedown" in Matamoros? They were just "observing" to see how well the training was "sticking". They don't talk alot when asked questions, turn their backs and walk off. Now that We have "moscas", can rockets be far behind?

  13. "No mamen pendejos,
    what a slap to Mexican sovereignity."

    But what is going on now is ok? Mexico is about to break into some pretty serious shit....and as a Mexican your complaining? strange

    Your family must be involved in corruption as well...
    you rather see hell then deal with a slap in the face?
    having a 3rd party (USA) is going to clean the corruption of the Mexican Government, especially the Mexicans of power who need to keep the Mexican Poor they will benefit

    Clean the shit up

    go after them financially

    then, start with education

    pay your police forces pay that keeps them straight

    and then we won't be reading about all this misery that has ruined out country

    Viva Mexico con Tio Sam!

  14. This is good news, hopefully the ZETAS start falling. Get them before the people get pissed off and start doing it

  15. Whats next Occupation?
    you think a bunch of goat ropers in the middle east bloodied you noses?

  16. That's pretty pathetic to lose all control to the point that you need a foreign government to spy on your entire government and military to keep them in check.

  17. Calderon forgot the Lesson of Santa Anna.
    once you let these bolillos in, they never leave.
    its beginning to look like Gaza.

  18. Was it really necessary to publish the address? Now the lives and work of the agency will be at risk? Considering that this was set up with the blessing of the Mexican government, the reporters undermine the work that is being done.

    And as for it being "a slap in the face of Mexican sovereignty" that is ludicrous. They were invited in. At least Calderon had the balls to admit that Mexico needs help to stop the Cartels. The corruption is endemic because the PRI made deals for decades while they lined their own pockets.

    Whatever it takes to stop the crime and corruption should be welcomed. The reporters just gave more power to the cartels by publishing these details.


  20. @ lito brito

    Thanks for the comment and let me first assure you that I was in no way attempting to be "amarillista" with the title of this post. The truth is I was doubting the title, and found it difficult to find the correct wording.

    Yes, espionage is a noun: es·pi·o·nage (sp--näzh, -nj)
    The act or practice of spying or of using spies to obtain secret information, as about another government or a business competitor.

    If you have a more accurate title, please let me know and I will change the post asap..

    Again, thank you for your comment.

  21. U.S.A you will never win this war!!!!You lose in Afghanistan,in Irak,in Somalia...Your economy will fall and China in the near future will kick your butt!!!!The only things you bring is injustice and violence like china and mexico will do with you!!!

  22. No one Remembers the Lessons of "Operation Condor"?

  23. The authors of this article seem to understand only 1/2 of who in Mexico agreed to this sell out?

    'With the approval of Felipe Calderón’s Administration, the U.S. Government finally got what it always wanted: To set up a super spy center in Mexico City.'

    The other group of Mexico's elite politicians, the PRI, is also in on this surrender of Mexican sovereignty to the US. Have no doubt about this at all. They will be running this US counterinsurgency war in about 2 years when the Mexican people throw out PAN from office at last. That's when political office will be returned back to the Democrats...uh sorry, the PRI by the rich big shots and their international friends North of the Border.

    One pendejo wrote this in to BB... 'Viva Mexico con Tio Sam!'

    It's just absolutely pathetic to watch the Latin American Middle Class and Upper Class buffoons selling their souls to Uncle, is it not? They're always ready to sell out heir patria in a heartbeat and lust for being in exactly a country just like the sick ol' USA. Sadly, the USA is only going to bring bloodshed and war to you though.

    Read carefully all that was in this article....

    'In addition, the OBI opened two remote offices: one in Ciudad Juarez and one in Tijuana, housing U.S. agents and “task force commanders” who coordinate operations against drug trafficking with the support of Mexican Government personnel.'

    Once you let the US military in via a crack (like training Mexican military officers in Fort Benning, Georgia, it is just a short while before US soldiers and spies are running around your entire country like jack rabbits. BEWARE, Mexico! The time is getting late.


  24. This is just sickening news.
    Calderon, PRI, PAN toda la bola de Culeros
    sold out.
    How would you pendejos saying its a good thing
    like it if the Chinese Government opened up a nice spy center in DC with Satellite
    offices in Houston, DC, Vegas etc.
    ni madres pendejos.

  25. very nice thats the help that the mexican goverment needed , and im gladd they are there and problably been there for quite some time , i have not visit mexico for about 10 years do to the corruption and stuff , lost time was there i was not happy with the situation, i problably had more education then the municipal police , what does that tell tell you , lets just hope for the best , im gladd they finally stept in and help about time , thank you , for a free mexico and free of corruption and shit ,

  26. wow a lot of hatred here...some of you think china is a benevolent country..jajjjajjaaaa...

    why don't you emigrate

    @ ovemex...
    you have a is kind of a hard one to label... mebbe (bilateral intelligence gathering center)...i wasn't trying to get on your case....just that ,a word has a lot of you well know being a journalist

    from the american non hater of mexico point of view...i dread my country becoming entangled in ANY foreign adventure

    especially in view of comments made by ernest1, and some other anonymous haters

    conspiracy theorys are a dime a dozen and so is political ignorance....who can say in truth what is happening

    but one thing is certain...the people of Mexico are hurting, my wife crys from fear sometimes, and something needs to be done

    maybe ernest1 and his American hater club can get the chinese to come help, that is if they have time after Tibet and Taiwan

    personally for me to support an American military presence in Mexico , it would take a hand written , certified letter from every person in Mexico , to even get me to consider it

    and for you haters who want to challenge the US army or ridicule their performance in the middle east...usually this sort of pendejo hides behind the crowd when they toss their stones

    fortunately the US army is ran by cool headed people , who ignore impotent taunting and blustering cowards

    as for the insults to "right wingers ...most of them only want to secure our borders and leave Mexico to it's fate

    funny this coincides with what some of the "gringo haters" want

    if what Mexicans want is for the USA to turn the back to them, i am sure that would please lots of Americans

  27. some American idiots hate their own country,,,they need to travel more...go to Mier, tamps, MX...and set up shop...

  28. Ohh, mind you that the Zetas where created in Fort Benning, Ga....enough said

  29. Just because people don't take what their government tells them at face value or agrees with what their government is doing, does'nt mean that they hate their country ! Disention is very patriotic. It's very American. That's part of the freedom your ancestors fought for ! People question the US's intentions because there is precedence. They have a long history of spying on their "Friends" including Mexico.

    And as far a corruption is concerned, yes Mexico has a very serious problem with corruption and President Calderon is trying to legitimately address this problem. Does anyone on this blog really think that corruption does not exist withing the U.S.? Please, we hear about it all the time. The U.S. is the largest consumer of drugs in the world and has weapons flowing south of the border thats helping to fuel this drug business. Instead of critisizing Mexico all the time, lob some critisizm at the U.S. for failing to curb the American appetite for drugs. There are members of the American congress including Obama who sponser and pass bills to reduce prison sentences for Crack Cocaine possession. Is this how seriously the U.S. combats its part of this drug war ? Shameful !

  30. I think the word is Intelligence Center
    or Super Intelligence center if you will...which can
    translate to spy but used in place of

  31. i have no problem with dissent...believe me i do think it is the duty of every patriotic American to keep an eye on our government , a close eye...

    but spouting sophomoric bullshit does nothing...

    we have all watched youtube...loose change the protocols of the learned elders ..etc...spent many nights talking about every conceivable conspiracy ...

    but when people are dying by the primera cosa es basta el violencia...

    and then we can all yap about world domination conspiracys...while we have a beer, in a nice safe Mexico

  32. Fighting crime and corruption in Mexico is like fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan; you’ll NEVER win.

  33. Right, Basta "El" Violencia while occupying onother country.

  34. Note: Title of Post changed to :U.S. Super Intelligence Center revealed in Mexico..

    Here is a very interesting fact document from the U.S. Department of Justice. It gives a little more insight about who is where in Mexico.

    Fact Sheet: Department of Justice Efforts to Combat Mexican Drug Cartels

  35. Fighting the Taliban/Al Qaeda is NOTHING similiar fighting drug cartels. Muslims extremists fight for their "faith" not money and greed. When the money and corruption is gone so are the cartels.

  36. U.S.A you will never win this war!!!!You lose in Afghanistan,in Irak,in Somalia...Your economy will fall and China in the near future will kick your butt!!!!The only things you bring is injustice and violence like china and mexico will do with you!!!
    November 17, 2010 10:50

    Your kidding right we won in Iraq fighting Al quieda and now we are killing them everyday in Pakistan and Afghanistan.Unlike other countries in Europe that run from a fight and will not help us we fight our wars with our lives. China would never win a war with us and your talking about one attack in Somalia why don't you talk about what has happened to the people that bombed our ship? Because they are dead or imprisoned. You should be thankful that people from another country will come and risk there lives to cure your problems. Your country has lost the war 28,000 dead in three years. We have not lost but 5900 cleaning up two countries. You my friend have given in to lawless idea you think turning the cheek and watching people kill innocent men,women and children is okay to live with. Your wrong!

  37. Giving the address to the location is the worst journalism mistake ever seen.

  38. We have not lost but 5900 cleaning up two countries

    you mean invading 2 countries, paid for in Chinese yuan.

  39. I for one think that it is good that the US is coming out in Mexico. I grew up in Brownsville/Matamoros and I can tell you for a fact that the CIA/FBI/DEA have been in Matamoros at least since at least the early 90's. When the PGR took down Juan Garcia Abrego in the 90's the FBI/CIA were at my friends house all the time talking to his PGR father. This is a necessary step in taking down any cartel leaders. We share info with each other. I don't think the U.S is going to send in troops like Iraq but they will do what they did in Colombia and that seemed to work pretty well.

  40. drugs are bad. corruption is bad. anything towards getting rid of either of them good.

  41. Corruption is too engrained into the fabric of our political landscape at all levels. Violence from the cartels is a daily occurrence. For Mexico's corruption & our social insecurity to be eliminated, we need a social and (possibly) a civil revolution to take place. This is an attempt by the US gov't to assist the country in getting to that same conclusion and eventually taking up arms against the corrupt government and the cartels that are bring instability and violence to our daily lives.

  42. 'I don't think the U.S is going to send in troops like Iraq but they will do what they did in Colombia and that seemed to work pretty well.'

    Mr Anonymous of Brownsville? Matamoros, you must be crazy? Colombia is not a US success story in 'helping out', but rather in messing up a country, Dude. And it's not even close to being over in Colombia as the US continues to spread war and misery all over South America. Do you want that for Mexico? Really?

    Look at Central America, too. The US has solved no problems anywhere in Latin America but actually dumps hell on people everywhere. Get some eyes, brother! The US has screwed up and created war and poverty not just across Latin America, but the entire world.


  43. Ok, the only reason the us was in columbia is because those drug dealers were financing radical leftist regimes. As for the us in mexico trying to help, thats all they are there to do is help. What would the us want from a shithole like mexico? Im in the army and im mexican, my csm while i was at fr benning said the next war we would have is gonna most likely be with these drug cartels, i have no problem going over to mexico and taking these monsters out. You stupid ass morons saying the us in Mexico is a bad, seriously? So you just want to let your corrupt government keep letting all this violence and murder of innocent people continue?! As for american lives being i danger because of the publishing of the address, not at all, the cartels arent stupid enough to target that place, they dont want what would come after they attacked an american working there, there would be a shit storm that they couldnt imagine raining down on them, to say the least it would be bad for business. Mexicans that want peace and safety should be very happy that america is helping, and for all the haters, get a fucking brain you ignorant morons!

  44. Much better a Mexican government with its set of problems than a U.S. Puppet Government
    pandering to it in submission.

    Mejor morir de pie, que Vivir Incado.

  45. We have all been lied to and now we are fighting each other which is exactly what the controllers want us to do. Propaganda was used by Hitler to get the people to accept a better plan and to get people hating each other and the Holocaust was the result. It's all part of their plan. They lie to us because they can and then they tell us that whatever they do is good for us and that they want to protect us. In reality, they hope we knock each other off so they won't have to do it and then they can blame someone else. All the while, they laugh at how stupid we are and how intelligent they are. There are many ways to reduce the population than wars. Reducing the population makes it easier to controll the few that remain. They create the problem and then offer the solution (for your protecion, of course). They call it "Order Out of Chaos."

  46. I am so suprised Mexicans would choose "Mexican government with its set of problems" than for America to help thir government root out corruption (in govt. and military).

    Anyone who assumes the US institutes a "puppet government" when it goes in to help a country is sleeping in a leftist ideology bed. Far be it for the American government to be perfect, but I do think it will support and back those in Mexico who emerge in the defense of a government willing to fight against the problems destroying Mexico. And it will work side by side using our intelligence and personnel to help Mexico rid itself of this scourage.

    I think that is why so many capos have been captured or killed recently--the US has shared intelligence. And I also think this is why the cartels ae fighting so hard now to get drugs across at any is tougher and they are trying to flood the market while they still can.

    Mexico can win this war...will it eradicate every cartel and gang? NO. Will it reduce the problem to something mamageable where cartels go deep underground and innocent people are not sacrificed daily? Very possibly. Is it not worth taking that chance? Definitely!

  47. oye gringos, if you would just put the crack pipe down for a minute!

    No Demand for drugs, problems go away. This is not Mexico's problem alone...take some responsiblity gringos! Stop smoking it!

  48. America is quickly becoming the next world target for invasion! Americans can be so gullable and stupid, it's almost humane to put these people down. WW3 can't get here soon enough.



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