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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Three Heads Left at City Hall in Zacatecas

Three human heads were left in front of City Hall in the town of Chachihuites, a municipality of the state of Zacatecas. The gruesome delivery also came attached with a message, the bodies were later discovered at a site nearby. These details were confirmed by local prosecutor Arturo Nahle.

The names of the decapitated men came with a message threatening authorities. Their names were Francisco Arce Meza, Lamberto López Sánchez and Fabián López Sánchez. The last two mentioned were brothers.

According to Nahle, the first name mentioned was that of a municipal police officer of Chalchihuites and “he was allied with a person in CERESO de Sombrerete ( a local prison), named Raúl Gaucín Flores, who is serving time for assault and armed robbery."

The two brothers were wanted for a triple homicide at the time they were murdered.

Although the exact content of the message wasn't revealed, Nahle said that it is a threat against specific members of the municipal police of Chalchihuites; “two people in particular, one named Javier and the other was named Fermín."

For the authorities, they say this is a "settling of accounts," and the message stated these killings were revenge for the triple homicide previously mentioned that was attributed to the Flores brothers. It occurred in the community of San José de Abajo, Chalchihuites.

This initial incident happened in the first week of this past September. Three people were abducted from the Poana community, a municipality of Villa Unión, Durango.

“Florentino Serrano Rivera, Ms. Santa Salas Sánchez and her three year old son, Noé Gómez Salas were kidnapped”, said Nahle.

Their bodies were later found one kilometer from the community of San José de Buenavista, which is in the municipality of Chachihuites.

Authorities are confident the two incidents are linked, and this was an act of vengeance.


  1. You;d think this could be stopped butI guess they don't have cameras at every intersection in Mexico like they do in Austin, Texas.

  2. They killed a 3 yr old God.

  3. All of u need to stfu and stop talking trash about my cousins por k ustedes no seven verge


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