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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nayarit Governor: Police now under military command.

Nayarit Governor Ney Gonzalez and military officers during ceremonies commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

Nayarit state preventive police exhibit their skills for the Centennial parade

New security measures were announced by Nayarit Governor Ney Gonzalez at the end of the parade in the state capitol of Tepic to commemorate the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution this past Saturday, and after the execution of two state police commanders that occurred Saturday morning.

The small state of Nayarit, and especially the state capitol Tepic, has been the victim of an unrelenting wave of violence and insecurity since the death of the drug lord Arturo Beltran Leyva in December, 2009 left a void in the control of organized criminal operations in the state that continues to be disputed among various rival groups.

According to the Governor, state preventive police will operate jointly with the Tepic municipal police force in an anti-organized crime operation that will be led and coordinated by the Mexican Army.

At the conclusion of the parade Ney Gonzalez announced to the crowd attending the festivities that the citizens own the streets of Nayarit and celebrated their courage, "I was pleased to see that with all the bad news this year in terms of security, today the people have accepted the challange"

He also announced that all state preventive police who participated in the parade, which were about 400, will be concentrated in the capitol.

"We will make arrangements with the military to be under military coordination and for a large force to take control of access routes and roads of Tepic”

The execution of the two commanders of the State Preventive Police and State Investigative Agency occurred Saturday morning in the heart of this city, one hour before the start of the Revolution Centennial parade.

The two police commanders, Germán Núñez and Francisco Javier Vargas Stivalet, were murdered by gunmen while having breakfast at a café in front of the University of Nueva Galicia on Avenida Juarez at 9:00 AM, one block from the parade route.

Both regularly attended the private University as students working towards a law degree.

Sunday morning, the violence sweeping Nayarit continued with the discovery of five execution victims on a dirt road in the municipality of Compostela.

According to the Nayarit state prosecutor’s office the bodies of two males, both decapitaded, were found in the trunk of a gold Chrysler 300 sedan with Colorado license plates.

The bodies of two other men and one women were found in the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee parked nearby. One of the men in the Jeep was also decapitad and the other male in the same vehicle was marked with the letter Z.

A clash between gunmen and joint military and police patrols leave a toll of five suspects dead and two soldiers wounded Sunday night.

On Sunday night the first positive results of the joint military and police security operations occurred during a shootout with gunmen in the Nayarit capitol.

Starting at 9:00 pm, gunfire was heard that lasted over one hour in at least four points in the east side of the city after residents reported the abduction of one person driving a Ford pickup with U.S. plates that was later found abandoned.

Minutes after the abduction was reported, a military patrol began a pursuit pursuit of vehicles carrying heavily armed men along Insurgentes and Universidad avenues and Calle San Luis.

Later, the soldiers and police surrounded a safehouse located in the colonia Valle de Matatipac Valley across from the Technological Institute of Tepic and a strong confrontation ensued. Reports of gunfire continued for more than an hour and ended after the occupants of the the safehouse were overwhelmed.

Five gunmen were reported killed and one was taken into custody during the night’s actions. Three vehicles and seven assault weapons were recovered.

Two soldiers entered the city hospital, one with gunshot wounds in the leg and another with wounds to the face and shoulder.


  1. I have been preaching for this to happen for many months. However I would not have join forces I would have REPLACED forces. The weak in the military will be prey. They should have booted the mun policia OUT. here and ever border state..take over and impose martial law...for now

    For the naysayers live in Mx then talk, not "my family, my spouces family, my friends live there" until you are there, really there you can not impose your life exp and make a judgement. I learned this frst hand. I thought I knew Mx pretty well, having family and friends in 1/3 the states..but no I knew shit of the reality that exists. I have studied sometimes through the night trying to get a grasp on the reality, I know what I think would work and it never can be fighting and killing the cartels alone.

    AND if you think it is ALL about Mx...I have been preaching for months it is abou CENTRAL AMERICA and the US is in great errror not giving money and advisors to CA NOW they are so fraiglile and the MX cartel prensence is huge there soon it will not matter if Mx border is sealed because new routes are formulating. around and in.PC Atl and Gulf waterways. Canada has been finding tunnels for 5 years. My friend is in Guatemala for Uncle Sam Under cover an assumed identity...his father says it is even faurther advance than one would think.

  2. I feel this strategy will not work, so much corruption in the military as well, but I guess they have no where else to go and no other choices. I wish they would let the US intervene and help.

  3. how come no one mention much about the us plates the chrysler had colorado plates and the f150 also us plates .. who where they registered to?

  4. Hi Buela,
    you're so damned right in your anger.
    Martial law in northern states could help, but it won't happen in this dysfunctional, hopeless society. The system is meant to bribe authority and corrupt the youth.
    So, what do we do? Politicos won't do anything. It can only be a folks' uprising, like in East Germany in the late 80's. It was fun and very efficient. Got pans and spoons? Then get on the street, bang them loudly day after night and get politicians' sorry asses out of office.
    Then legalize drugs all over Central America and there will be no more kill in this bloody proxy war for the selfish US/EU. What does CA get out of it? The complete destruction of a generation???
    BTW, I admire you for what you've done for the folks in Tamps. That takes guts.


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