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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Modern US Helicopters To Fight Drug-related Violence In Mexico


The United States has provided three state-of-the-art Helicopters to Mexico to help the neighboring country fight drug-related violence.

The Black Hawk UH-60M helicopters that the State Department delivered to Mexico's Federal Police Force (SSP) are among the most modern and effective helicopters in the world.

Valued at $64 million, they mark the first Merida Initiative aviation delivery to the Mexican Federal Police.

It will add to the SSP's current air fleet by expanding law enforcement operations, allowing for rapid response and increased mobility of law enforcement personnel, providing access to remote reach regions, and expanding interdiction operations to target illicit activities.

This delivery exemplifies the joint commitment made at the March 2010 High Level Consultative Group to implement "an ambitious multi-year initiative to broaden and deepen bilateral cooperation against transnational drug trafficking organizations and organized crime," the State Department said in a statement.

Under the Merida Initiative, the United States has so far delivered more than $310 million in equipment and training, with plans to deliver an additional $495 million by the end of 2011, it added.

The Merida Initiative is a historic program of cooperation that acknowledges the shared responsibilities of the United States and Mexico to counter drug-fueled violence that has threatened citizens on both sides of the border.

The massacre of 72 migrants by suspected drug traffickers in a northern Mexican state bordering Texas in August led to the resignation of Mexico's Commissioner of National Migration Institute after she was summoned by the Senate.

On August 24, gunmen from the dreaded Los Zetas drug cartel shot dead migrants from Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador in San Fernando as they were trying to enter the U.S. across the northern border.

Cutting across party lines, the Senators condemned the massacre and acknowledged that Mexico could not "demand respect for its nationals in the United States" when it "does not assure the dignified treatment" of migrants from other countries on its own territory.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's comparison of the neighboring country with Colombia of the 1990's had evoked protests from the Mexican government.

It was followed by President Barack Obama's denial that growing drug-related violence in Mexico was comparable to the situation Colombia experienced two decades ago.

An estimated 28,000 people had died in drug-related violence in Mexico since 2006 despite real progress made by defense and police forces in tackling the drug mafia.


  1. US militarism is what is stoking the horror in Mexico right now. The only supposed solution to anything the US government ever comes up with is war, counter insurgency, and violence. What everywhere gets is blowback, destruction, and mayhem in turn.

    Mexico now has to break out of the US orbit to protect itself. If not, then Mexico will become ever more corrupt, bloody, and unequal in the treatment that its poorer citizens receive. US society itself is now set on automatic self destruct. If Mexico as a nation continues to allow its government to just follow US government instructions, it will not be pretty.


  2. @ ernest 1

    and what do you suggest..other than your tiresome condemnations of anything American,

    we get the picture bro...

    you hate the USA,

    where you are probably sitting safe and sound....

    as you you spew your boring diatribes

    move to China, you will love the personal freedoms enjoyed there

  3. These helicopters are the best as long as there used for legal operations and not for protecting cartel members they should help.

  4. Are you kidding me?!?!?!? All I have to say is that is the most IGNORANT thing I've ever heard. What do you see going on in Mexico???? Don't you see it's sinking? War is a last resort (we don't just jump into it)... You wanna sit down and see if the cartels and the corrupt government want to have a chat and work it out over brunch? And last time I checked here in the US we haven't had war in our streets or cartels/gangs/thugs running our people out of town nor taking over areas. I really can't see things for Mexico getting worse unless the government is completely over thrown. I pray for all the innocents in Mexico and hope the country is returned to what it once was. The US is the last thing you should be worrying about!

  5. That is one of the most hilarious comments I've ever seen. When the sun goes down, Mexicans barricade themselves in their homes to avoid being one of the 50 people viciously slaughtered every day, meanwhile Americans flock to the malls to buy gifts while listening to holiday jingles. And you say that it is American society that is on self destruct?

  6. when me and my wife come to the USA we really enjoy being able to dress up and go out...we can't do that anymore in Monterrey, at least not without being afraid, in the USA i can take my beautiful wife out on the town without fear of being killed , kidnapped , her getting raped,etc.

    people who know whats up really appreciate the USA

    i don't think the USA is gonna ever be like Mexico..muy peligroso

    but i hope Mexico gets a little more like the USA...mas seguro

    the USA can't be all that bad...ask 15 million illegals

  7. 'lito 'brito, you are right. I hate many American's obsessive love of militarism and war.

    You seem to be a nice little Pocho boy, so now you have some sort of conflict when I speak out against this militarism as it bloodies up parts of Mexico you thought before, to be totally safe from Pentagon blowback while you were going back and forth to visit family and doing so many nice consumerist things.

    Even now, due to lack of education you find it absolutely difficult to put the bits and pieces together of what's coming off out there in your USA!, USA! brain. So all you can do is spout out your now canela tinged, and totally copied Anglo Right Winger retorts, to urge me to leave 'your country' for China, this time around!. Pretty idiotic and sadly depressingly funny comment by you, Leetle Burrito.

    'you spew your boring diatribes ..move to China, you will love the personal freedoms enjoyed there'

    You are being boringly stupid, Burrito Man.


  8. now thats constructive...

    just what do you offer as an alternative to fighting back...more blather about the underlying causes ...the social political,and economic reasons Mexico is the way it is...

    but then what....???

    more of your illiterate personal attacks

    other than blaming the USA what solutions do you offer?

  9. Ernesto, you still don't take your meds, do you? You naughty, naughty stalinist boy. You must be a chavista, and that's OK, everyone is free. But really, take your meds as your mom told you. Kindly.

  10. I supposedly hate America and and am now a 'stalinist' and a 'chavista' because I, simply, as an American citizen, disagree with having our tax dollars dumped totally into the Pentagon to bloody up all other parts of the world? Bad me... Aptly named Matanzas sez this sort of crapped in menudo with Bad Boy Burrito! Red baiting by idiot Americans never seems to die out, no matter by pocho or not.

    When you get down to it, these Right Wing USA Today clowns that now make up so many of the morally deaf people in the US have absolutely no solutions to any of the problems in the US, let alone the rest of the world, other than to try to kick ass with their guns. They're actually going to shoot off their own private parts doing that, too, since most of them shoot about as good as a Dick Cheney does.

    Burrito wants to know what solutions other than military I might have? How about enforcing some laws against the super rich corporate criminals that run the US and Mexico and their allies everywhere, before picking more on the bubble gum gang crowd, Burrito? You law and order tough guys never are.


  11. Great. Now the Cartels have three Blackhawks to help them sell drugs and carry out their tyranny against the Mexican people.

    Too bad guns are illegal for regular Mexicanos to own...

  12. Ernesto u are one of those people that talk shit and stir the pot instead of coming up with solutions. Get up off your lazy ass and do something if your convictions are is big as your mouth.

  13. @ ernest 1

    dear sweet is touching that you are so upset about the state of affairs of this world...most of us adults already know that the wealthy elites control everything...not everyone is as naive as you must think

    but what i want to point out to you is that it is the same everywhere...every country has a government of the rich , and they do whatever is necessary to preserve and maintain their power....

    but now that primer school is over ...where do we go from that realization..immature statements do nothing to improve the situation of the people most affected

    sure jobs and education help...but what do you do when the people controlling the jobs are criminals , or what do you do when the schools are controlled by the narcos..what do you say as a teacher when the parent of a big narco says give my child a good grade or else
    ...or give this guy the job ..or else..

    in this world unfortunately might makes right...and what is happening in Mexico is that the wrong people are acquiring the might....

    there are good people in the governments , there are good honest policeman...not everyone is bad...or in on the world domination plot...but many are trying to just restore enough order so that kids can go to school, and so that common people can live a more normal life

    I assume that you have been to Mexico, so you know the situation...

    when any person is liable to be killed ,robbed, picked up, extorted ...what do you do ..surrender or fight back

    many of the people who respond here are normal peaceful people who have been driven to their wits end by the rampant lawlessness in Mexico today

    not all the people who advocate a strong violent response to the narcos are bloodthirsty maniacs lusting for blood....

    i think most of us are just fed up with it and are ready to do whatever it takes to stop the spreading evil ...including fighting fire with fire

    if that means waging all out war on these criminals be it

    then we can discuss the intricacies of global government

    as for me when my innocent wife crys from fear of being killed or raped or kidnapped...

    it makes me want to take up the gun,

    and to hell with talking about what made the bad guy turn bad

    what solution do you offer?

    the battle you are fighting was lost in 1917..when woodrow wilson reinstituted the federal reserve bank

    now what ?

  14. '(Ernest1) I assume that you have been to Mexico, so you know the situation...'

    Damn right I know the situation and have known it since way back in the early 80s I traveled throughout Mexico and all of Central America by myself to see what was happening directly. Everywhere I saw big brutish thugs armed by the American Chambers of Commerce and the Pentagon, and they were terrorizing everybody native to the region, except the gangster rich elites they worked with.

    I came back (on the same plane as Guatemala's death squad leader into illegal alien here!) and married a Colombian woman as the US tore the hell out of that country and Peru, its allies being chain saw armed death squads. I watched as the US destroyed Central American peace and left the entire region as a poverty stricken and gang ridden hell hole.

    After a divorce, I ended up marrying a Mexican woman, and now I see a repeat of the same US driven destruction occurring in the home state of Mexico where she is from. Coincidence? NO.

    So I am no 'dear sweet child', but a 60 year old man who has raised two separate groups of kids, and knows exactly where you ignorant bumpkins that support US militarism are really coming from, abuelito cabrito. A state of total and unforgivably willful mindset of ignorance and stupidity. Your childish attempts to be patronizing when confronted with Left Wing views is pathetic. If I was as ignorant and out of it as many of you Right Wingers were I would just blow my own brains out.

    Most sincerely,

  15. @ ernest 1

    and still you don't see fool like an old fool..i wont bore with my qualifications in an attempt to back up my opinion

    everybody knows who owns this world, and all about the world bank(ers)

    but it is humanitys own greed and complacency that have led us to be enslaved to the system....

    it is every ones fault, the state we are in

    to point the finger at one group is to excuse the rest

    i mean how far back in time do you want to travel to place blame

    in Mexico ..the Aztecs were violent exploiters be supplanted and maybe even surpassed by the Spanish

    where was the world when the USA was founded, when the USA was founded murder was going full scale all around the earth, the USA is a very new player on the world stage, in comparison to some of the other empires the American empire is pretty benevolent, i don't hear you kicking anyone else's ass about the havoc they wreaked while they had the power

    and if you want someone to shoot themselves, why are you opposed to shooting criminals who terrorize innocent people

    why aren't you mad at the gunmen who have made a conscious decision to join the dark side, to kill and rob for profit, these are the ones who tomorrow will be the rich criminals, do you reserve your hatred only for the ones who rise to the top..?if so why do you not rail against Chapo...he has billions

    you seem to have a repressed anger Psychosis fixated on the USA

    i find your view to be very narrow, and think that you don't see the bigger picture as applies to the world as a whole

    if you hate the USA so much why don't you live somewhere else..?

    then you wouldn't be participating in a country that you disagree with so vehemently


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