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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mexican Security Forces Search for “Boy Gunman”

Federal Police officers and army troops are searching for a boy suspected of working as a hired killer for the South Pacific drug cartel in the central state of Morelos, the press reported.

The 12-year-old boy, known as “El Ponchis,” was detained and released recently by army troops.

“Based on videos posted by the CPS (South Pacific cartel) on Youtube, soldiers found a ‘safe house’ belonging to the cartel on Oct. 24 in the city of Jiutepec, where they arrested six suspects, who confessed that they were the authors of the majority of the ‘executions’ perpetrated recently in Cuernavaca,” the La Jornada newspaper reported Saturday.

Soldiers “let a minor go, but the six suspects said in their statements that he was the bloodiest hitman in the group, in charge of cutting off the heads and genitals of his victims,” La Jornada said.

Morelos Gov. Marco Antonio Adame confirmed that the security forces are searching for the boy, the newspaper said.

State Attorney General Pedro Luis Benitez discussed the case, but he refused to mention either the boy’s name or nickname in response to a question from a Radio Formula reporter.

“Have you arrested this boy?” the attorney general was asked.

“One of them, yes, the other one, no, and we also have a (15-year-old) girl (who is) pregnant, in fact, who is also under arrest,” Benitez said.

The reporter posed a follow-up question about “this boy of 12,” but the state AG refused to go into details.

“There are more, there is information that we cannot provide because it’s an ongoing investigation,” Benitez said.

The children were apparently working under the orders of a man identified as Julio Radilla.

Morelos, which is close to Mexico City, has been caught up in a turf war between rival drug cartels.

Beltran Leyva cartel leader Arturo Beltran Leyva was killed in a shootout with marines in Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos and main bastion of that criminal organization, in December 2009.

Prosecutors in the northern state of Chihuahua, meanwhile, said Saturday that four high school students were being sent for psychological treatment after terrorizing a city with a “joke that was in poor taste.”

Federal Police officers found a message last Thursday written on the front of a bank building that warned of a coming massacre in Ciudad Aldama, a city near Chihuahua city, the state capital.

“Attention: tomorrow Friday there will be general death at noon,” the message said.

Officials deployed 30 Federal Police officers and Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office agents to guard the approaches to Ciudad Aldama, where business owners urged employees to stay home.

Chihuahua, bordering Texas, has registered nearly 2,800 murders so far this year.

The four girls were detained after one of them, a 14-year-old, told her mother that she had taken part in the prank.

The students’ families immediately notified authorities of their involvement in the prank.

“We are the most embarrassed ones and are willing to let them face the consequences for their actions, whatever they are,” the mother of one of the students said.

The four teenagers were questioned by prosecutors, who determined that they needed counseling.

“They are good girls, but they need a specialist to guide them,” a spokesman for the AG’s office said.


  1. That's "funny", now the Atty general is aacting as if the WHOLE organized crime deal is this kid's fault. By targetting him, they want people to think that they are doing their job. pft!

    They've probably trained him, and the police probably impregnated that teen girl too.

    The "authority" in Mexico disgust m

  2. I wish I could get my hands on that little bastard. A 15 year old girl pregnant? All those bastards probably took turns with her and she probably don't even know who the father is! Sad

  3. Maybe they are not part of any cartels and they don't use drugs. their parents did the right thing. Those girls are kids and kids do stupid stuff. This is a chance for them to learn an important life lesson.

  4. The Mexican Security forces search for this kid, so it means they do not know where he lives, well, they need not waste their time on this kid, they KNOW where El Chapo lives, why don't they just arrest him?!-Oh right, he's is too much of an affluent human being, probably paying their salary, so they try to appease the public by going after a child, typical of mexican authorities...the kid is probably dead already and they are saying he got away...pft!

    And the actual "authorities" are the ones making these children perpetrate such heinous acts, the corrupt police officers intimidate and force these children into criminal activities, and the ones getting paid are the "police" what a shame...

  5. i have to say this: he was old enough to DECAPITATE people! He should be old enough to stand trial and take his punishment if he is in such a hurry to "be a man" i really don't think u can excuse this type of heinous criminal acts as simply someone who was 'put on the wrong path' by older people around him

    I say bullshit, this kid made his choices, just watch the video he put out on YouTube. He is mature enough to ive with the repercussions. Valid points though that the authos are focusing on a 12 yaer old but cant seem to put the same time and effort

  6. Why dont guy guys get Bin Laden first, then throw stones about arresting him and her or whoever?

  7. Smurf...

    I could not agree more that this lil bastard should be prosecuted as an adult. There are no excuses for this life style choice. Period.

    What I want to know is; where is the mom? family? What is the story here, they are culpable as well.

    @ 9 AM

    searching for one does not preclude another, they can search to bring to justice many at the same time. They did have Chapo, remember? and do you remember the life he had in prison? and his laundry bin escape w/help from the prisons guards? This is Mx, there is corruption rampant. It is what keeps Mx from becomming the economic sucess.

    I have worked in Mx for years with thousands of children, beutiful, loving children..but this lil fucker? I could pull the execution switch myself and sleep like a baby that night. I am harden, true, but come with me, see first hand what is happening.. what you think you know is but a drop in the bucket

  8. Damn Buela... show us! I live for the raw journalisim here!

  9. this is the reason children act that way, because grown ups just wont admit to the part they had in raising and creating a monster, directly or long as the elite live well, they worry not about children like him, and are quick to blame the child. A child's character is built by the age of 6 and if all that he has witnessed and endured has been crime and disregard of other's, and to him, drugs and power strugles, than guess what? That is what he will become. You should thank God that he gave you good parents who HELPED you to make good choices, and were loving enough to discipline you but not hurt you...Yes what he does/did is definitely wrong, he is one of the victims of corruption of abusive authority, and he is choosing to be the inflicter of such, it is a vicious cycle.

    Kids in the USA have it all and they turn out criminals, what can be expected in Mexico, where everything has a price.

    In mexico you have to be old enough for everything once you are "taken". If you are raped, you are old enough to be prostituted, if you are an orphan, you are old enough to get a job and support yourself, or go out and decapite people.

    the difference is, that is much easier to punish a child than an adult

  10. if bin laden was running around inside the usa making videos for you tube i think we would have him...besides bin ladin was killed in tora bora

    and amen on prosecuting this little 12 year old monster as an adult...

    he knows what he is doing

    do you think he can be rehabilitated? is not the same as some of the african children who were kidnapped and forced to fight

    ....this little turd made a free choice, and you can try to excuse it by saying he had a bad life ...yeah right...wanna hear my sad story....didn't think so

    check out this survey

    ...Should the USA intervene in Mexico's drug war

    it is ten yes or no questions

    pretty interesting results

  11. @buela

    dang buela ..and i thought you was a softy...this kaka in Mexico has turned me from a basically liberal easygoing type to a hard ass also...maybe i love mexico too much...but this situation has really pissed me off...i don't give a shit if there is some crime is always there , in any society, but the way these culeros do business, and that goes for the corrupt policia as well, is out of bounds, my wifes abuelito was robbed for his whole paycheck a few days past , by a hihos de putas monterrey policia municipal ...all 1000. 00 he was walking home from working all day ....this kind of shit makes me want to personally garrote some of these chupando de verga culeros ...pardon my french...but ...anyway i don't care if i am called a ramboso..whatever...this shit happening to the people makes my blood boil, and brings out the ..i don;t give a shit what their social conditions are ...there is NO excuse ,,,these fuckwads need exterminated

  12. what is the difference between affluent , and effluent in Mexico,,,scum floats to the top ...

    if you have ever had any dealings with the rich arrogant upper class "white mexican" elites , you would have a greater understanding of the basis of many of the problems facing Mexico...

    most of these pricks, DON;T GIVE A SHIT what happens to the average mexican, as long as they are safe , and their wealth is safe

    they will literally run over you crossing the street...whump whump...and go right on

    it goes like this, the taller and whiter you are , the more money you have, the more power you can exert..and so on and so on

    the shorter and darker you are , the less money you have , and less power,, and so on

    that is why some of the narcos are looked at as robin hoods, they pay for some social services, schools ,,,some charity, etc

    it is easy to look good compared against an upper class who does nothing but take

    in reality the narcos are takers, the elites are takers....maybe shoot them all is the solution

  13. anon 1:43

    I respect that you mean well and have a big heart for these street kids, but do you think the excuse you offered for this child's actions would be sufficient to the ears of the family members of his victims?

    Are you familiar with the concept of natural law? It basically means that almost everyone is born with a sense of right and wrong, no matter which culture you grow up in. This kid wanted to drive fast cars, wear expensive clothes, and carry guns. To achieve this he was willing to participate in brutal atrocities. THIS ISN'T YOUR AVERAGE TROUBLED KID! Again look at the pics and tell me he wasn't a willing participant.

    Child soldiers in Africa are kidnapped, forced to march and carry a gun, kill people under the influence of heroin and the reason they can't leave this lifestyle is because they live in the jungle or some desert environment that leaves them completely at the mercy of their platoon leaders. This isn't the case with this kid. He WANTED to be a badass narco.

    If he did this to someone you knew, that bleeding liberal heart would turn to stone with the quickness.

    Good parents or not, we all know the difference from right and wrong. I know people with Godawful parents who were drug dealers, thieves and just downlow scum. Their kids turned out to be well rounded people DESPITE these setbacks.

    I just don't buy the sob story "my parents never hugged me" as an excuse to cut off another person's head for money.

  14. He looks way older than 12 years old. I think he is at least 15 or 16 years old. When he speaks in the video his voice has already changed from puberty.. He is a rotten little fucker!
    I don't care how he grew up or how poor he is.
    When someone lacks empathy and cuts off someones head and tortures he should be killed.
    Hope another cartel gets his little ass and cuts his head off so he can experience the fear and pain of his victims

  15. He is probably at least 15-16, this is a lot more common then is reported I'm guessing. Get these kids full of coke, give them guns, and assignments....truly low, on the parts of their employers, CPS/Beltran Leyva. Someone swore to me that this kid had killed 500 people, pretty ridiculous, when the death total for CPS/Beltran Leyva vs. everyone is about 500/600, according to that recent article.

  16. "Smurf"i thought about your comment about "if he did this to someone you loved" as i hit the "post comment" button, and no, i would not like it one bit, i do not even want to think about the feelings that would go through my heart...the only thing i can think to do is pray that i wont ever have to feel that. Nevertheless, you speak of the children in Uganda, who, yes, at 5 are forced to first kill their own mother, and then are forced to join them "in their jungle" do you not think that Mexico itself has become its own jungle? Where you have to be CHIGON o se te bañan los demas.

    he is not your average troubled kid, because he most likely did not grow up in anything being average.

    the one point that i am trying to make is that this could have been prevented, had society focused on stopping it from becoming a problem rather letting it happen, while watching from afar as they lived comfortably, and then punishing those who barely have a voice and in that essence make their voice heard loud and clear by these atrocious actions. By no means am i excusing his actions, they are horrific and I only hope that the Mexican government takes heed of this and focuses on implementing better ways to prevent children from choosing this life style by providing support to them instead of damnation, because not all children need the same amount of attention, or support, but they need at least some. My brothers and I are complete opposites, we were raised by the same single mother, but them being boys, were always harrased by older boys. We grew up in Matamoros on a very, very low income. i dont remember where you grew up, but in Matamoros everyone belittles everyone else and ridicules their style, their shoes, their 'house' and my brothers were bullied daily-you'd have to be really sure of yourself not to let this stuff get to you, how? by having reassuring parents. Being the youngest of seven and a girl, i could get the reassuring love from my mother, but if my brothers dared to "accept" any type of affection from mom, they were classified as 'jotos'

    children like this get involved in the wrong situations for the wrong reasons...

    those people you say you know who turned out "good" probably had enough to eat in their plate and a right to further education, thanks to drug dealing parents they had, and probably because of their parents, those people you say turned out "good" were respected or feared, so nobody bullied them...

    sorry for writing so much!


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