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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Los Aztecas Leader Caught

México City.-
Federal Police detained Arturo Gallegos Castrellón, alias “El Farmero”, a presumed leader of Los Aztecas (street gang with ties to La Linea and the Juarez cartel) and considered to be one of the most active sicarios operating in Ciudad Juarez. He is accused of ordering the murder of 14 youths in Villas de Salvárcar and 5 federal agents, among other cases.

Spokesman for the Regional Division Security Chief of Federal Police, Luis Cárdenas, said “Gallegos Castrellón is the leader for Los Aztecas in the Paseos del Bosque nieghborhood”

'El Farmero' was arrested along with two other people.

Carlos Rodríguez Ramírez (a) “El 67” was also apprehended. He was in charge of drug smuggling operations into El Paso. Gisela Ornelas Núñez (a) “La Maestra," helped transport guns and drugs for the group.

The spokesman said “El Farmero” also ordered the deaths of two student council members on March 14th.

In regard to the 14 youths killed in Villas de Salvárcar, Gallegos Castrellón said he had received false information that the teenagers were members of a rival gang Los Artistas Asesinos, a group with links to El Chapo and the Sinaloa cartel. But according to 'El Farmero': “ By the time we were there and realized it was a case of mistaken identity, "we had no choice and wasted them anyway."

He also confessed to helping plan the hit on the wife of another man who was detained, Jesús Ernesto Chávez Castillo. The reason given for her murder was that she had revealed information about the gang to authorities.

In their possession was several large and mall caliber weapons, 228 ammunition clips. 3 ounces of marijuana and 4 vehicles, one of them an armored pick up truck.



  1. The Juarez group at least seems to have some good strategy with these Aztecas, to insulate themselves from being arrested/killed by the military/Federal Police, because they rarely get anyone from La Linea, or the Juarez operators. My feeling is La Linea acts as enforcers, and also as a bridge to Las Aztecas, shielding Juarez cartel upper management. This may be an obvious conclusion, but looking at the arrests from this year, there was maybe 1 or 2 from Juarez/La Linea, and at least a dozen from Aztecas.

    All that said, this isn't the guy they really want, Eduardo Ravela on the top 10 most wanted list.

  2. They will probaly be released soon just like so many other who have been arrested. Mexico is quickly becoming a failed state. With a failed court, justice and police system the corruption and killings will continue. Mexico drug cartels will finally force the U.S. to enforce it's immigration laws.

  3. Although comments left on this blog can sometimes sound Childish and immature i find that this site seems to be a good site for getting out information in English that is very important to the national security of Both Mexico and the United States. Since i have "Discovered" this site, i tell everyone i can about it. For several weeks now i have been promoting this site in different ways.
    Many officers of the Dallas Police Department read this blog and are also spreading the word about it. I find that as hard core as it can be., its the reality on our Southern Borders and we Americans need to pay attention to whats going on. This site is a good way for many to start to understand the madness that is the Drug wars and how it affects us all.
    Good Job.

  4. I agree! This site is very informative! I check it every morning to see what's really going on! I don't think it's controlled by any cartel or US media and that's why we get more accurate information!


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