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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Former Mexican President Fox Blames Drug Violence on the U.S.

Mexico has had a several challenges for years that have involved border violence, cartel wars and countless murders, but is the U.S. media and America's drug consumption the one to blame for?

According to a recent report on Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox's visit to Houston, Texas he opened up about his thoughts on the drug war with Mexico and the U.S., in where he had a lot to say.
He stated that the violence that gets a lot of airtime in the U.S. and felt the U.S. media is sensationalizing what he labeled as "isolated incidents" and assured everyone he feels completely safe in the country.

Tourism has gone down, because of the negative image that the media has given Mexico. Fox tends to believe that it's an security threat seems to be an overreaction, and the Mexico is a safe place to travel.

But he has other concerns that he wants to resolve, Mexico's most pressing and overlooked troubles - poverty. It is one of the priorities that he dedicated himself to fight since he left the Mexican presidency four years ago.

Since leaving office in 2006, Fox has spent a great deal of time working to end poverty. Fox also had some interesting things to say about the security situation in his country. He dismissed Governor Rick Perry's latest idea, criticized current President Felipe Calderon's tactics and said President Barack Obama isn't doing enough to help his country.

Would resolving the issues of poverty, reduce the violence in Mexico? Seems to be a trickle down effect in where it could, since it is believe that there is so much violence because of poverty.

Do you think Former President Fox is right?

Check out the report:

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  1. Fox is an idiot he did nothing for the Mexican people while in office, no new jobs, no new infrastructure to produce jobs, and did not try to stop crime. Now he always wants to blame someone else to make his lousy time in office look better.

  2. Fox and his party, the PAN, helped get Mexico into the mess it currently is at. Did he point the finger at himself though?


  3. No, I do not agree with Fox. Tell the people of Cd. Mier theirs is an "isolated incident". Tell the people of Michoacan the same, and in Juarez, as well. Truth is truth, and hiding it won't make it disappear.
    Why did he not work on poverty while in office? Or if he did, why was he ineffective? If he feels safe, I assure there is a questionable reason.

  4. I guess what is going on in Tamaulipas is an illusion...Fox needs to STFU and be part of the solution, not the problem.

  5. Ay Fox Por favor!!! Maybe if high officials wouldn't take that oh so filthy money from the bolillos it would stop. Or if it did and used Mitford the benefits of its people...seriously Fox,me caias mas o menos,pero con esto? I hope it was taken out of context

  6. Isolated incidents??? The graphic killings and kidnappings are happening at the rate of dozens per day. The media is reporting only a small fraction of them.

    The U.S. had the same drug consumption rate and the same media outlets in the 80's and 90's without all this cartel violence.

  7. Well,,,,you cannot blame Fox for trying to blame the U.S. and he is right in that the U.S. drug appetite is a major part of the problem. Although to say that the U.S. media is sensationalizing the the threats, he better look at the fact that almost 30,000 people have lost their lives. His past neglect and indifference means he has to share some of the shame.

  8. Isolated incidents?? Does he think we are all stupid? Unless he has something positive to say about Calderon, he should keep his mouth shut. If he feels so safe in Mexico why does he move in convoy?

    One he has right, the US is not doing nearly enough to help. 3 Blackhawks? How about 10? How about choking off every arms and ammunition dealer we can find? Come on Obama make a move.

  9. Of course America is the "cause" of most of the drug consumption. I'll admit it. But so what? Your not going to eliminate America's consumption. Hell, your not even going to be able to reduce it by 10%. So what now? Its not like American drug users are going anywhere, so where are we getting anywhere with all this bitching. The balls in your court Mexico.

  10. Fucking cocksucker. He feels safe in Mexico. Of course he does. He's rich enough to be able to pay someone to go into town to do his shopping. He can afford his own personal army for his defense. Which, I'm sure, he has now for years for protection against kidnapping.

    Therefore, narco crime is just another bump in the road for him. It's fucking killing Mexicans, but he feels safe. Asshole.

  11. Calderon decriminalized hard drugs. Fox wants to legalize them. These pawns of satan are both directly responsible for addicting drug users. Both push illegals into the US to carry contraband (drugs, guns...) and launder drug money. The violence is just weeding out the competition.

  12. Chingate a los bolillos Fox.

  13. well , what can i say , but to lagalize it , in mexico and , well eliminate some of the problem ,

  14. Oh yea, it's all the US fault? Yes, the US does have a huge drug market. So does the rest of Europe , Asia, and Africa. But Fox, your country doesn't either? Laughable. There are no openly operated "tienditas" in the US like there is in Mex. The US has state sponsored rehab programs, and they are not left vulnerable to mass excecutions. No towns or cities being vacated because of marauding murdering narco terrorists. Isolated incidents? Bullshit, they are everywhere and getting expodentially worse by the month. So how about the rampant kiddnappings, extortions, asssasinations, genocidle femicides, corruption, unsolved- even uninvestigated homicides that happen everywhere, etc. etc. etc. At the very least, in the US we know a cop is a cop, and stands for justice, in Mex nobody knows which are the real cops. Do you think you can blame the US when your own country can't even bring international investment because of the security situation. Justice and rule of law are now a distant memory to its own citizens. Sad and horrific, but God Bless Calderon for at least trying to make it better, rather than ceding all of Mex to the criminals. He is the best hope you got. And thank God for our media reporting it, because your media cannot anymore either out of fear or death. Both peoples' desperately want current information. Tourism is another fond memory and so is safe travel. Fox, let us see you drive your own car from Tijuana to Juarez, to Tamaulipas, to Meir without security. They took one of your former legislators, many mayors, and they can take you. Maybe you do feel safe, but your fellow citizens absolutely do not. I commend you for wanting to make a difference poverty wise but what the hell did you ever do when you had the power to really make a difference? Where is justice for your own citizens? If the US leaglizes all drugs and shuts off the flow of all weapons to Mex, do you really think the criminals would just stop being criminals? The cops and government officials stop being corrrupt? Hell no. You have to look inside to yourself and clean house... There are many poor but just nations in this world, that don't put the blame on all of their problems on another nation. By doing so you put yourself in the same context as Chavez, Kim Jong Il, etc., it only makes you look, well, like a dumbass. Yea, poverty is bad and getting worse, but whose fault is it really? True something drastic needs to be done. Sounds like Mex needs to hire some hard working Mexicans to try and get the job done right! And if Mex really hates the US immigration policy, then why does its own immigration policy mimick the US for all of the Central Americans trying to pass through Mex on your southern border? You have built a fence too. Take stalk of your own self before pointing a finger at the US Fox.

  15. remember fox took over after 72 years of one party rule. He started the change. Reforming the afi mexico's fbi and the pfp. If you think one man or government can repair 72 years of bad government in 6 years.His predecessors stold the curtains and towels from the presidental residence.Then their was 911. He had a plan that was shot down because of security issues.Yes the united states and other countries are guilty. I also blame Oliver North , the banks on the southern boarder that laundered the money, Then we open our boarders to trade without a security system to stop the flow of drugs. Money makes the world go round and their were more than drug loards profiting, They all suck that tit.all things appear simple. Have you ever been shot at ? I have while hunting in northern california we were shot at by pot growers who are cartel people. The police did nothing ! I had the chance to speak with a famous drug dealer (freeway rick ross)at black male. He said "do you know a ni-er with a ship or plane" . Air america&cia funded the iran contra war with coke- then sold the plane with know hours logged that fell from the air. . LOOK at the big picture. They all benefited Police got more guns and money, Congress got more money for pork and less personel rights- bank had cash,a win win situation for all the rats only the working Joe pays the big price when the crack hit the streets in L.A nothing happened until white kids got shot in the cross fire . I am ex law enforcement and i saw who made big bucks .

  16. great... an ex presidente reinforcing the non productive habit of blaming others for you problems...what is that old saw...when you point the finger ...there are three fingers pointing back at you..

  17. I think he has a point in that the U.S. is part of the problem. It is known to everyone that the U.S. has the biggest market for drugs. Well if a poor farmer can make a few millions supplying the demand of course he is going to take that chance. The U.S. never looks at itself while its the country with the most devilish people in the government and the most dumb ass people (sheeple) that believe everything the media says. Ofcourse I have to say Mexico messes it up for themselves to but still. Americans always act like they are so clean and innocent but behind closed doors they do everything that god has forbidden.


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