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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Extortion of Teachers in Chihuahua

Threats against professors, their families and their students have been posted recently. The extortionists want 50% of the tuition fee or they will hurt or kill anyone who doesn't adhere to their demands.

CHIHUAHUA, 11 of November.- Hundreds of teachers for the state are being extorted by criminals who demand 50% of their tuition and threaten to hurt or kill faculty,students and family members of the alumni unless they pay a Cuota.

The threats have been issued against the schools of least 10 municipalities in the region, including those in ciudad de Chihuahua and Ciudad Juárez.

Banners began to appear about a week ago around schools in Ciudad Juárez and in a neighborhood where a lot of the local teachers reside in, near the capital.

Some of the schools have been forced to close their doors because of a lack of students. The low attendance rates were exacerbated when parents began withdrawing their children recently after these threats started to appear in the form of banners and scrawled across the outside walls and inside the school hallways.

Since this past Monday, threats have been issued against schools in colonia Olivia Espinoza and colonia Frida Kahlo.

That same day in the neighborhood of Riberas del Valle, a specific threat was hung by unknown perpetrators against the teachers of Sección 42 del SNTE, reminding them they had until the 30th of November to pay up or face the consequences.

On Tuesday, Ciudad Juárez mayor, Héctor Murguía announced that a special operation to protect the teachers and find the extortionists would take place that would involve "vigilant schemes" but refused to elaborate on the point.

Governor of Chihuahua, César Duarte Jáquez, said he would not permit this type of criminal acts against the teachers of the state and spoke directly at the extortionists in his statements, letting them know they would be found and punished for their deplorable and despicable actions.

“It hurts me that hear that these criminal organizations have decided to take advantage of the current situation. This ends right now. We of the Chihuahua government will not tolerate threats or any attempts to hurt students or their families, we will use all of our energy and resources to stop any actions against the safety of the teachers, the faculty and we will protect their families."

The General Secretary for the state, Graciela Ortíz, said this morning that she had spoken with the faculty at sección 42, who expressed their fear in reguards to these threats. She announced that the state government was staying on top of the situation. "When these things happen it is important to denounce them immediately and we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated because that is exactly what these people want: to terrorize the public."

Security Measures.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Zenaida Murguía left her house to attend a PTA meeting at her daughters' school. She said she was worried for the life of her child, but she listened to the teachers who had been briefed about locking doors and not allowing any strangers on campus and that all the parents would agree on a time to pick up their kids to avoid these situations.

School director Efraín Morales, said that if the parents of the students decided not to let their child attend, it was entirely their decision. However, it was the faculties obligation to keep the school open, despite the fear and threats that continue to plague the area.

The Education Secretary commented that her office had established security measures for the teachers, to minimize their exposure to risk. Eva Trujillo said that the institution would see to it that not a single teacher would receive their pay at the school (a common practice in Mexico), instead there would be a series of checks and bank deposits and in a further effort to complicate extortion attempts, the dates and times for teacher payday's would be random and kept secret from the public.


  1. Like Afghanistan. The Mexican government has lost all control.

  2. So this is what the Mexican government has to show for its total participation in the US government mandated 'drug war' in Chihuahua after decades now? A narco tax on education?

    It really hurts to be so well integrated in the international ring of US corruption, does it not? Constant US warfare in the region breeds this sort of thing. Mexico's time now.

    To liberate itself from this violence, the entire region has to break away from US supported dictatorships that pretend to be democracies and the Pentagon's constant counter insurgency against anything throughout LA not under total US control. Just like with Colombia and Central America, drugs, gangs, and warfare against Leftists rebels begins to blend into one big mash that traps the people in the violence actually fed most by US organized, funded, and politically supported militaries.


  3. I agree, it is pathetic. I have been going to Piedras Negras for near 40 years, never had a problem, or anybody even look at me funny. Been to almost every bar there by myself. Had a lot of good freinds down there. I just hope that they and their family are safe.

    The last time I was there Restaurant Moderno was remodeling the Bar area, and was looking forward to going back. Next I heard that the Moderno had been closed down. That was a sad day indeed.

    I hope there is a way for everything to return to normal, but I just can't see that happening. I'am building a new home and was looking forward to going to Piedras or Monclova to purchase some furniture, guess I'll just have to buy something imported.

    I miss the Mexico that I once knew.

  4. Can you say Failed State.

  5. Marc

    There is no vestige of legitimacy in this failed country. It has become a fiefdom of unconscionable narco-war lords. This is terror of the worst kind plain and simple. what will the sicarios do when they eat themselves out of any source of ill gotten gain... they'll cross the river to Frontera cities and towns in U.S. and start the process self-destruction all over again. Mexico has seized to be a legitimate country anymore.

  6. Blame no one but the Mexican Gov't and its corupt Law Enforcement agencies.
    All of the big dog losers are falling because of the Americans and thier honorable law enforcement agencies and its cooperation with the Calderon Administration, the best that Mexico has ever had!!!
    Mexicos citizens need to stand up to those sorry , nasty fility drug dealers and turn them in. Contact the Americans law enforcement and give them names and numbers.
    Collect the rewards offered by both Gov'ts and start enjoying life again.
    Don't let those pigs and thier queer hitmen ruin your country any longer!!!

  7. I am having a real hard time believing this. Teachers get an average 600 pesos a week or apx 50USD. There is no tution until HS and it is minimal and only one time entrance fee..I am speaking public schools which these are. So what is there to gain? These must be small time thugs surely the state police or feds could nip this in the is absurd really. Nothing sacred true, but I just do not see the profit in this type of extortion...

  8. and thanks to ernest 1 for his view from the sofa....

  9. What needs to happen to make Mexicans stand up and fight??? Everything I can Think of has already been done ? Instead Of killing these Bastards, they are heros? What will the narco/criminal element do next,anything they want to steal money,why not? Is there no pride or dignity? What in the hell is wrong with vigalante groups?

  10. Lily Brito (oops) I mean Lito Brito

    Where exactly are you posting from ? Are you in the middle of a running gun battle while typing on your laptop ? I doubt it ! Who are you to critisize anyone ? Ernest 1 hit a nerve with you maybe ? Probably because there's truth to what he says and you cant' stand it, Tough !

  11. yeah that nerve that makes me wince at such a for dodging bullets ...not right now but have been before...been in mier miguel aleman and guerro, roma , falcon lots of times...not there now...

  12. 5:58PM

    Must be new to the blog....otherwise you would not be so cheeky with Brito and so defensive of Ernest 1...or may just a slow learner?

    You silly 1

  13. So many slams against me and my comments and no content to any of them...

    Some people just don't want to admit how the US government and military is messing over all other countries and other peoples and when you point it out to these USA Today dullards they get all offended. How dare you attack my USA! ...they scream and holler.

    They act like a bunch of porristas for some Middle School football team here. But what makes it even worse in discussing Mexico's problems at BB is that there seems to be, also, some of these USA Today wannabe Pocho types posting, who aren't even in the US yet, but only vacation there from time to time out of Mexico Northeast. They sit at their daddy's bought computers and try to lecture others about how they are supposedly sitting right there in the eye of the hurricane It's pretty funny... and very lame.

    My sentiments are much the same as that of this poster who said...

    'Anonymous said...
    I agree, it is pathetic. I have been going to Piedras Negras for near 40 years, never had a problem, or anybody even look at me funny. Been to almost every bar there by myself. Had a lot of good freinds down there. I just hope that they and their family are safe.'

    I too have family in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon and I hope that they can stay safe in the war zone that the US has now created for them. It's not going to be easy for them though to do that. So far luck has stayed fairly well with them.



  14. Ahh... Ernest1,

    At least you use a consistant screen name, for that I thank you and appreciate your enthusiasm to post your opinions on this site.

    However, for all the anti-U.S. rhetoric you go on about I would like to address this comment:

    "Some people just don't want to admit how the US government and military is messing over all other countries and other peoples and when you point it out to these USA Today dullards they get all offended. How dare you attack my USA! ...they scream and holler."

    I would be the first to admit our government done a lot of shitty things to groups of that didn't deserve it, my response would be:

    Name ONE empire in the history on mankind that hasn't! There is no such thing as a benign government and the U.S. is the closest thing to it.

    Its the reason everyone wants to be here, we are the best at combining capitalism with socialism. It ain't perfect, but its the best we got! Its a simple answer but one that works for me.

  15. Ernesto One-Note, why don't you just mail it in vato? Oh, and you live where? Oh, and aside from complaining, do you actually do anything to change the US? Like run for public office or write for a newspaper or bomb govt offices? Why not? Too comfy?

    Because, Ernesto, everybody knows the US screwed up Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan and El Salvador and Guatemala... So do you have anything new or different to say or does it just feel good to cry?

    Oh, and the lack of content of which you accuse others... where is the content in your posts. Oh Keeper of the Truth.

    All this just to say Ernesto you're getting boring. Boooorrring.

    python lee jackson


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