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Saturday, November 27, 2010

CPS Leader Escapes Arrest Attempt

Milenio/David Monroy

Jiutepec, Morelos.- Eight people have been detained after an operation by elements of the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA). In their possession; firearms, ammunition, and several luxury vehicles. The aim of the operation was to arrest Jesús Radilla (a) EL Negro, leader of sicarios for the South Pacific Cartel (CPS), a man who has been accused of planning over 250 executions and kidnappings. He narrowly escaped as he drank and entertained women at a bar, along with three known sicarios. One of the men captured is considered to be his right hand man.

Around 4 a.m, members of SEDENA arrived to the place where Jesús Radilla was drinking whiskey with his bodyguards, several women and patrons of El Fantasy and another nearby bar called 40 grados; when a members of the CPS saw the military approaching. They opened fire and provided cover for Radilla to escape,. This is the third time the sicario boss for the CPS has escaped arrest during an armed confrontation.

According to SEDENA, an anonymous phone call gave authorities the location of Radilla, who is known to to visit local nightclubs in Jiutepec, considered to be his base of operations. The arrest of Radilla was imminent, however it was personnel from El Fantasy who warned him of the military's presence. His table was already located to give him quick access the security exit, which he used to escape.

Despite the loss of Radilla and his driver, authorities detained two of his closest collaborators, one of them considered to be the right hand man. Gabriel Francisco Chueco Vázquez “El Chaparro,” who is accused of planning 100 murders. Eduardo Morales Cruz “El Lalo” is mainly responsible for planning kidnappings, were arrested.

Others detained were Israel García Saldívar “El Chiquisflais” a sicario working for Radilla and two women, both girlfriends of “El Lalo.”

SEDENA officers found one large caliber rifle, two handguns, dozens of ammunition clips, and five late model trucks that the group left abandoned at the scene of the confrontation.

Among those arrest were the managers of El Fantasy and the neighboring establishment 40 Grados. José Luis Oliva and Joaquín Estrella Castillo, respectively, were partying with the sicarios at the time of the operation.

After the ordeal, the waiters at El Fantasy and the women were released.

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  1. Good story. I wonder how long CPS will last, are they solely in the Morelos/Mexico City/Cuernavaca area? Because in Acapulco the Beltran Leyva's don't use the CPS name, are they like La Linea? The dirtier version of the Juarez cartel?


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