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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Confirmed: Bodies exhumed from narcofosa are Michoacan Tourists

After days of investigation, the Guerrero Secretary of Public Safety, confirmed that the 18 corpses recently exhumed from a clandestine grave outside of Acapulco, have been positively identified as the Michoacan tourists that went missing on September 30.

At this time, the family members, who identified the victims, have claimed the bodies and are awaiting their release for transport back to their native city of Morelia.

The four women who arrived yesterday decided, for security reasons, to remain at the headquarters of the regional prosecutor of the Attorney General of Guerrero, a place guarded by policemen from the three levels of government.

acapulco 3

The twenty missing men from Morelia were reportedly abducted by gunmen while looking for a place to stay in the resort town of Acapulco.

The men were among a group of 22 tourist who arrived in Acapulco from the neighboring state of Michoacan in four cars on September 30, investigators said.

Two of the men told authorities they avoided being kidnapped because they had separated from the group to search for a place to stay in the popular tourist destination. Later, they reported their friends' disappearance to investigators.

At around 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 2, police found four vehicles abandoned believed to belong to the missing tourists. Only shoes and clothing were left inside the vehicles, according to the Guerrero state police.

The missing men were identified as Eugenio Calderón Melgarejo, Antonio Ortiz Chávez, Octaviano Ortiz Chávez, Eleuterio Servín Cortés, Efraín Cortés Rangel, Juan Jesús Chávez Ortiz, Héctor Calderón Pintor, Rigoberto Ortiz Chávez, Víctor Manuel Corona Mora, Juan Pablo Calderón Ortiz, Eduardo Ortiz Chávez, Pedro Casimiro Arévalo, Javier, aka, “N,” Juan Serrano Ortiz, Celso Rafael Zambrano Ramos, Fernando Antonio Ortiz, Sergio Zambrano Ramos, Alejandro Zambrano Ramos, Jonathan Sánchez García, Felipe Arriola Godínez, Adrián Pérez Sánchez and Pedro Cancino Arreola.

Police were alerted to the grave by an anonymous call and a video. In the video uploaded on YouTube, two unidentified men accused the cartel “La Familia Michoacana” of adding to the escalation of violence in the city, and admit to participating in the abduction and murder of 20-25 tourists who were from the neighboring state of Michoacán.

Only one minute and nine seconds in duration, it was uploaded under the screen “Brazorojo,” and voice of is heard off camera that doesn’t deviate from the question: “Who ordered the kidnapping and killing of the Michoacanos?”

The 2 men that appear on the video were executed and their bodies abandoned at the site of narcofosa .


acapulco 1

At this time, two men are still considered missing as only 18 bodies were found in the mass grave located in the town of Tunzingo.


  1. Why would La Familia (Michoacanos) kill there own people from Michoacan? Did I understand this right? If so, doesn't make any sense.

  2. They didn't it was La Barbies old crew, now called 'Cartel Indepente De Acapulco', trying to keep LFM out of their plaza, and Hector Beltran's group kidnapped those who did it, and unraveled this whole thing for reasons unknown, probably sway public opinion to CPS/Beltran Leyva.


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