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Friday, November 5, 2010

CDG Crippled and Bleeding

Today the CDG was dealt a crippling blow.

It was inevitable considering all the heat that Matamoros had attracted over this past year. The Zetas finally achieved their goal, "calentar la plaza" so much that the government was eventually forced to deploy military units to police the failed state of Tamaulipas.

Over the past 2 months Tormenta was pushing his luck too much still roaming border town Matamoros despite all the attention that was brought on him by the governments. The moment that the US posted up bulletin boards in Brownsville asking for his head, he should of known better.

The Mexican government was under too much pressure as it was, and we all know that the Cartel wars only happen because the US government allows them to happen.

The moment the US puts its foot down, shit will cool off, but it hasn't because there is interest in the trade. What happened with RJR Nabisco? And who owned Nabisco? Nabisco was shut down because of so much shit, one of them being ties to Latin American cartels and money laundry.

Some of you guys laugh at the "fictional" idea of the US government being involved in the Cartel Wars in any way, but for all the skeptics out there, read up on RJR Nabisco and the US history. Because after all, History does repeat itself, doesn't it?

Today the CDG lost not only Tormenta, but also Metro 3, two very important figures in this war. I've been informed on other important figures but nothing concrete yet. I only hope that Cos has some good replacements to fill up those very big shoes, otherwise he's gona be in trouble. As I've always stated, Tormenta was never head of the Cartel.

Costilla was left in charge since all this started, the only thing bonding Tony to Costilla was mutual respect, Tony was given special privileges and powers because of who he was and the knowledge he had acquired over the years.

The CDG must mobilize if they don't want Matamoros overrun by Zetas again, as it is they already occupy Matamoros, hiding like roaches. I hope they know the game they're playing is Chess, not checkers, at this point it's either go all in and try to protect Matamoros or accept it's been lost.

If they do manage to lose Matamoros, it will be the second nail in their coffin. I fear for the people I know who roam that beautiful place. The way it was, you had to worry about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but speaking from experience and knowledge, the ones who where kidnapping people and hijacking cars where the few Zetas that would once in a while stir shit up.

I prey for my people, this has got to stop, something needs to be done. What? I don't know, but it preys on my heart that so many people are caught in the crossfire. I understand that this trade will never stop and that the government is behind a lot of it, but why can't they respect the innocent people, or get rid of them once and for all..

Stop playing games Calderon, throw some of your own dogs on the fire and calm shit down already, that's all it's going to take. Stop being greedy and let people do what they gota do, just implement a code of ethic, and don't try to soften the blow by covering it up with "war against drugs".. If people haven't figured it out right now, this isn't a war against drugs, and if you keep believing in that fucking fairy tale, then there's no hope for you.

I'm sorry I didn't have time to post up some pictures and try to make it attractive, that wasn't my goal. For those of you who managed to get through all my uneducated poor grammar, I will try to maintain a steady flow of postings again.

God bless you all..



  1. Damn straight this made up war is a War for Commerce! and i dont mean illegal commerce.
    Mexico was given a nice bribe of future global
    multinational investments, to get the nose candy away from the Bolillos.
    but Bolillos being who they are, entitled by God and constitutionally given the freedom to get stoned
    and BAAAD Mexicans are selling it durt cheap and purer.
    so as we applaud the Mexican Military and mourn the decapitated. no one notices the Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.
    Mexico is being primed and made ready to receive trillions of Investment.

  2. Wow.. I am a bit impressed..

    I agree with some of what you said, just like the Federal Reserve inflates the dollar, exports it, waits for the markets to crash and burn to buy them for cheap. I didn't really want to bring all that information in the table because a lot of people would get confused, but what you just said is very possible and I have thought about it.

    Burn Mexico so bad that their economy goes even lower, getting it ready for a huge investment, which has already happened to Mexico in the past, but as I've always said..

    Change of Dictators.

  3. Excellent Post, truthfull and knowledgeable, not to mention completely correct.
    Thanks RiseMakaveli

    ps;You didn´t mention the shootings last night here in the Colonia Jardin??

  4. I Disagree in one respect, even with the Narco wars Mexican economy is outperforming the U.S. Economy by a factor of 3 times.
    Mexico is being primed through war into a Country of Laws and a much more robust Judicial system, first comes the shock of destabilisation
    then implementation of the "New" ideals
    "Policia Unica" being the first implementation
    followed by a stonger military with newer death toys at its disposal.
    i believe Mexico is being primed to receive the
    influx of wealth that will be redistributed
    into the Country once the U.S. debt becomes unmanageable. dont think for a minute that Multinational conglomerates are waiting to see what happens. and taking a wait and see attitude.

  5. Can someone explain more about the RJR Nabisco? Please, I googled it and couldnt find anything...

  6. Awesome, well said, everyone's "falling" except the zetas, this war against drugs is a sham.
    Those other ones "captured" accused of kidnappings are most likely scapegoats for the real kidnappers -those in the "law enforcement" department, they figured the cat's out of the bag, so they had to come up with some petty criminals to pin their criminal activity on. Dan asco los "operativos" que se estan llevando a cabo para culpar a terceros

  7. Metro 3 was killed too? Damn, that's bad. CDG seems to be faltering, in the battle with Zeta's, and for all the damn banners Sinaloa and LFM don't seem to be pulling their weight, but maybe Tamaulpias is the Gulfo's territory/problem. This could be the beginning of a CAF like breakdown of the Gulf, I'm thinking. They lost one leader, and another powerful underboss. All these guys going down all year, and they can't get one Zeta above a plaza leader?

    Keep us updated Rise. Thanks.

  8. Pura neta Maka, ya era tiempo....


  9. The U.S. debt has been unmanageable..
    And when you say that Mexico has been outperforming the U.S. Economy, it's not very hard the way the cookie's been crumbling.. Even if you mean Illegal or Legal, Industrial Manufacturing in Mexico is a big business, taking into effect the low pay and the small amount of money it takes to hire people in Mexico. Did you know that while the world is crumbling the Industry that is blooming is construction? Regardless of the busineses only staying open for 1 month or 1 year, construction is required, none the less.

    I don't know about "Policia Unica", the US has had hand in Mexican soil for some time now, but times change, and with it dictators. New people are getting implemented, and just how the US is training its Citizens for slavery with all the new implementations, patriot act, body scans, etc.. They're moving in for the complete kill.
    Anyways, although the pot is being stirred by a bigger foe, the ingredients do have a say in all, it just takes determination and organization.

    Problem is that whoever doesn't play ball, gets shredded to pieces, IE Los Zetas...
    Another example is Saddam Hussein, it got to the point where he started making his own decisions and it went against the US's best interest.. What happened? They tried to seduce him into debt, didn't work.. Tried getting assassins through his personal security.. Did not work.. The very last resort was taken to end his reign.

    With the implementation of new laws and stronger military police, the citizens better brace themselves to lose a lot of freedoms, or at least remain stupidly hypnotized by the media into believing they are still free (just like us)

    It is a smart move though..
    Scare the citizens so much to the point that when they start to see small change, they won't question their government or even put up a fight to any new legislation they wana pass, not knowing that just because it's called the "Mexican Government" does not mean that it is entirely run by Mexicans.

  10. @J

    That's correct, Tamaulipas is handled by CDG, even though they do have a coalition, they don't let the "Allys" get too deep in fear of betrayal.

  11. With all the deaths in Matamoros, how can one not believe that Tormenta is dead. In the past the media said things and weren't true. I'll believe it when i see pictures of his body. I haven't heard anything about El Metro so who knows. It would be hard to replace him (metro) because EVERYONE loved and RESPECTED him for how he conducted business. I'm sure they'll find replacements for these guys and it will be business as usual. I think all cartels are bad but those Z's are pieces of CRAP. Like the author said... the Z's achieved their goal in making Matamoros HOT and got the desired result. Its a chess game... CDG... what's your move?

  12. i fear the problem is letting that back stabber el chapo in on any plans. everytime someone has let that guy in their confidences, hes screwed them. i hope he didnt "allow" law enforcement to triangulate TT 's location by giving them his cell numbers. Also why in the hell would TT still be in matamoros? it was waaaaaaaaay too hot for him. why couldnt he be like lascano and not even be heard or seen. (Lasca and 40 are probably watching tv safe on some remote safe ranch in coahuila somewhere). He was stupid for staying in matamoros and fighting. Hope they didnt get M3 also. El Coss and R1 hopefully can get the troops ready because the zetas are gonna full-on attack the plaza in matamoros and reynosa.

  13. I'm a Canadian trying to better understand the conflict between the different groups.I have a few questions if someone could answer for me. Is there a lessor of two evils here?? Does any group have respect for the innocent or is anyone fair game? A war of this magnitude cant be good for business, so why perpetuate it?? What was the initial spark to kick the war off??

  14. This guys are not stupid..
    They sometimes might be conceded or arrogant, but this guys are not stupid. If he stayed in Matamoros for so long it was because he was fooled into thinking he was safe and had his back watched to some extent. I could say this might of been collateral damage, but the moment i saw that this guy was posted up in Brownsville, I knew something was up.

    Like someone brought it up, you can't be sure until you see it, but I was told this information by reliable sources.. But.. you can never be 100% sure.

    It's sad.. I mean, we try to picture every drug dealer or person behind a kilo of cocaine as monsters, but this is human nature. Where there is room for power, it is in us to want more, we never know what our limits are until we've passed them. I knew the guy, he was no demon, you felt no shadow or black pressence upon meeting him, he was just a guy, one of the bunch.. Sometimes destiny just takes you in different paths. We are all victims of our own ignorance, we should know better...

    Until we stand up to this current "Order" we wont get far.

  15. I get the impression he was really macho, and just one of those general types like Stanley Mccrytsal, the guy that made those Obama remarks, fighting in the trenches with the troops, thats the only way I can make sense of it. Even if he felt his back was watched, why roll around doing the heavy lifting? I guess he was that dedciated to getting Zeta's out of Matamoros. Anyway, I forgot about R1, he's another Metro 3 type right? This is pretty discouraging for me, I live in Southern California, for you that have a stake in this, it must be pretty bad.

    Again with the Chapo conspiracy theories, I don't see it, rarely do I even consider the possibility.

  16. Were was the news that Metro 3 was killed?I havent heard anything about that. Also who was the leader/big fish that the government captured?They supposedly sent him on a plane to mexico city.

  17. Azo, you humanist, genuine good Canadian.
    This is hell, and you can choose your demon. Won't do any good for you. They'll eat you alive anyway.
    Now, when you mention business, you have to know drug's a 40-50 billions USD business. Lot of it is reinvested in MX. So yeah, it is good for the country. But not when it takes 30k lives in 4 year and all the bad advertising with beheading. What's the point in investing in resorts, clubs etc, when tourists and retirees are scared? They just have a damned PR problem. If they all could just calm down and go back to business as usual, it would be great for everybody.

  18. while theres no real good guys in the narco world, the cdg seem to be the best of the bunch in terms of respecting innocent people who are not involved in their business. I recall living in brownsville in 1991-1993 even in wake of the mark kilroy saga a couple years earlier...we used to party in matamoros, walking down to blanca whites, and that 10 dollar all you can drink place next to garcias. It was a blast and I never heard or saw anything resembling cartels or shootings. Those days are long gone. I pray cdg can exterminate the zetas and restore the frontera to what it was. I recently had to pay 1500 bucks for a crown on a tooth at a mcallen dentist when it used to cost me 300 at a dentist in mexico. Im bummed. I had the passport application ready but tore it up because of fear. Hello! Risk killed or kidnapped for a damn tooth! im divorced so if they kidnap me, my ex-wife would just hang up the phone and wait for the life insurance money. The zetas will be surely coming full force to take reynosa and matamoros' plazas. if they succeed, mexico and the cdg are done. What the cdg need is strategic planning. They need to read The Art of War.

  19. Thanks for answering, your peoples struggle has really grabbed my attention lately. I understand the drug game all to well living in Vancouver, seen alot myself but a meer shadow of what happens there. A "drug/gang" war here is 100 murders over a decade. (we thought that was bad) I remember vacationing in Cancun when I first heard of the war and was surprised at the public extreme violence. I have no hesitation in coming back to visit BTW, I luv MX. Tell me this, why kill woman and the young?? Is this to shock there rivals? Is there one group that wont do this?

  20. The zetas by creating a guerrilla warfare are doing exactly what the vietnamese did to us in the vietnam war and handed our ass to us. the cdg need a business organizational strategy and create a better infrastructure. Ive seen a loosely organization. Tormenta had NO BUSINESS even being in matamoros! hes a high priority asset that needs to be protected waaaay better than that. if he was smart, hed be far away from the fighting. the type of work is for the soldiers. even the commanders like r1 and metro 3 should be better taken care of. the zetas seem to have a tighter structure. z40 and lascano are nowhere to be found. they are high priority assets. the cdg need to get their act together. when they reached out to el chapo and la familia, that showed fear. now those two organizations know that there is weakness and fear and theyll simply wait to pick up the pieces.

  21. Mexico's economy has never been better. Look at the Bolsa, it's smoking.
    But Maka you can't have it both ways. You object whenever the US send troops to another country like Iraq but now you want the US to squash the cartels and stop the killing in Tamaulipas. With good reason, Mexico will never allow US forces on Mexican territory again.


  22. While I am usually impressed by Borderlands Beat's reporting and opinion the above article by Rise displays a woeful ignorance of the Mexican economy and it's relation to that of the United States economy.

  23. Según reportes de inteligencia, Tony Tormenta tuvo fricciones con su antiguo jefe Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, El Coss, quien se independizó del cártel del Golfo y se alió con Los Zetas, cuyo poder se ha incrementado hasta el grado de rebasar a la organización criminal fundada por Osiel Cárdenas.


    if this is true then CDG better start heading for the hills. its gonna be a slaughter, wholesale.

  24. By a factor of 3, not in GDP but in percentages.

  25. The conspiracy theories on this webpage are hilarious. You guys are funny.

  26. How can you say that the Mexican economy is stronger than the American economy? Every comparison I see shows the US economy being MUCH stronger. Just look at the GDP, there is no comparison. Also, why are some of the posts sad that this guy is dead? Ridiculous.

  27. TT was never the leader. In fact, before the split between cdg and zetas, he was demoted as plaza boss by z-40. his boss was actually z-40. el coss is the true leader. im curious to see who will rise to the occasion and lead the gulf cartel to victory over their adversaries.


    Rest in Peace Tony Tormenta.
    Un gran Hombre respetado por el pueblo de matamoros.

    We cannot lose this war to the Z.

    My best wishes to CDG.

  29. Según reportes de inteligencia, Tony Tormenta tuvo fricciones con su antiguo jefe Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, El Coss, quien se independizó del cártel del Golfo y se alió con Los Zetas, cuyo poder se ha incrementado hasta el grado de rebasar a la organización criminal fundada por Osiel Cárdenas.


    Just a rumor. I highly doubt this is true.

  30. I agree with comandate DR about CDG reading the art of war since they are just sitting back for the most part, advancing little by little and letting the Z's come in and cause chaos. I don't agree about the chapo, LF theory though. They all have something in common and are fighting the Z's in their collective territories as well.

    Anon wrote that 40 demoted Tormenta from plaza boss but this is inaccurate since 40 is a Z and Tormenta is or was GULF. Cos is the boss and CDG better get on top of things. This war is going to last for years and hopefully CDG can outlast the guys they created.

  31. Based on GDP U.S. Economy is still larger by and far, but based on Economic growth the U.S. Economy is growing at a rate of 2.1% while Mexicos is growing at 6.5%. U.S. Debt is over 13 Trillion Dollars while Mexican debt is 204 Billion,
    as of October 2010 the Debt stood at 13.7 Trillion dollars and stands at almost 60% of GDP
    forecasters predict 90% of GDP by 2020
    and the interest being almost 1 Trillion per year.

  32. Author RiseMakaveli's ridiculous conjecturing and macho posturing make this about the most dim witted article I have yet to see published on BB.

    'The moment the US puts its foot down, shit will cool off, but it hasn't because there is interest in the trade.'

    Totally vacuous bs. And what is this?

    ... 'the only thing bonding Tony to Costilla was mutual respect, Tony was given special privileges and powers because of who he was and the knowledge he had acquired over the years. The CDG must mobilize if they don't want Matamoros overrun by Zetas again, as it is they already occupy Matamoros, hiding like roaches.'

    Does RiseMakaveli think that he's some sort of counsellor for the Gulf Cartels' 'generals'? What a ridiculous commentary by the guy. A lot of puff, bluff, and crap.


  33. "Author RiseMakaveli's ridiculous conjecturing and macho posturing make this about the most dim witted article I have yet to see published on BB.

    Totally agreed. I guess some are impressed by the arrogance but he makes up shit that contradicts itself. Consider the two statements.

    "Stop playing games Calderon, throw some of your own dogs on the fire and calm shit down already, that's all it's going to take. "

    "we all know that the Cartel wars only happen because the US government allows them to happen.
    The moment the US puts its foot down, shit will cool off"

    So which is it, Maka?

  34. "Based on GDP U.S. Economy is still larger by and far, but based on Economic growth the U.S. Economy is growing at a rate of 2.1% while Mexicos is growing at 6.5%"

    Percentage means nothing when comparing vastly disparate economies. Percentage will always be greater when coming from nowhere while established economies are more stable in growth.

    It's the same way in business. Upstarts that are successful (Google, Amazon, Microsoft) see sales and revenue percentages grow dramatically, then stabilize as they mature.

    Borderland Beat is probably seeing viewership rise by much higher percentages than the Associated Press, but it would be ludicrous to suggest that BB's finances are stronger than AP's.

    Mexico's economy is artificially propped up by "free money" - remesas (money wired from Mexican nationals from US to Mexico) and drug money. Take away those two and it collapses. On top of that, oil production is in decline.

  35. Some people are questioning and even shocked that some members are "sad" or concerned that the CDG has been dealt such a blow. The reason why citizens are concerned is that even though we do not condone or support drug trafficking and the illegal activities that terrorize communities and society, The Gulf Cartel was the lesser evil.

    I grew up in the Brownsville/Matamoros area and never really feared walking the streets of Moros until the Zetas broke flank. Whether we like it or not, the Gulf Cartel was an important asset in exterminating and keeping the Zetas at bay, relatively speaking. Without a strong CDG presence, Los Zetas will increase their reign of terror and presence in the plaza.

  36. thiz doesn't mean anything... sumone will step up and take hiz place

  37. WOW, if only US could see all the murder that happens daily in MX. If main stream media only showed half of what goes on people would come up with a plan.

  38. I'm sorry some of you guys disagree with the stuff I say, and perhaps sometimes I do show too much anger or passion for shit, but I never make anything up, if I stated that Metro 3 was killed was because I was notified of the occurred.

    As for the counselor comment, I think I can very well express my opinions and speculations considering I grew up and still surround myself with shady characters. It's not something you choose, just the fact that you grow up around certain people, you're introduced to it at a very young age. I know how things work, I know that every leader works with impunity because they're allowed to. It's not really fair you criticize my opinions when you're not really bringing anything to the table.

  39. RiseMakaveli I for one, as many others do, appreciate you contribution and you seem to nail everything right on, if anyone think otherwise, give us the facts! You were the first to report on Mtero 3, because you have the inside information, not like many others who are outside looking in.

    I am glad you are back and I welcome you style, to the point, on your face, inside insight!

  40. RiseMakaveli, I appreciate your reporting.

    While not the most "professional" you are reporting from the front lines so it's going to get messy at times, understandable.

    Some people just like stuff wrapped up in a neat little box and spoon fed to them, especially some in the U.S. Unfortunately, when it comes to the drug war , facts do contradict themselves and there is never a clear answer to questions posed. It's a shady world.

  41. RiseMakaveli rules. Keep up the good work

  42. So RiseMakaveli is metro 3 killed or what? Ive been looking all over the internet and have heard shit?? So was he killed and where can I find the source??? Thank you anything helps

  43. Rise, I appreciate your insights and commentary. Though I as most viewers live away from the chaos, we still feel for the violence that envelopes the area. I sincerely hope that this war comes to an end. That end can ONLY be met when the zetas are exterminated. I used to think the zetas were cool....but they stopped being armed informers and just simply terrorists. I hope el coos can stand strong. I noticed on belong del narco they sent in some pics of them decapitating zetas. I feel this tactic is for shock and perhaps shows some desperation to a classy organization. I pray R1, Metro 3, if he's not killed or arrested can get the troops reorganized. they need a better organizational skills and tactical planning. The scorpions, lobos and rojos need a leader. Capos and commandants are not and should not be taking part in assaults. Sue rte mis amigos....el sur de tejas los apoya

    Commandante DR

  44. ....Zero in job growth...FDI down 52% in 2009...1/3 pop in poverty...12M starving..
    etc etc etc ...oh yeah baby! I am crossing the Rio at nightfall INTO Mx the land of op and greater economy..calling my coyote as we speak

  45. I had originally heard of the morning shootings only, that same day at night I received a call on my nextel and was told that TT had fallen along with Metro 3 and a few others, I have been reading though that somebody was captured and taken to the airport. I don't have any actual links to where I can show you guys and say, I read it here, because I didn't.. I was directly informed.

    Now as always guys, I trust my sources, but even though this guy works with them, information gets crossed and mixed up. I thought about holding out on that piece of information because some of you guys really are harsh in judging and criticizing, but I felt it important to inform you guys on everything. SO, when it does get published in other places, just remember, you read it here first ;)

  46. @ 12:45
    Kudos on breaking it down perfectly, 100% of nothing is still nothing. too dependant on US wires, drug money, FDI has crashed..and trickle down is in effect with 28% of GDP is thru exports to US,,where we go so do Mx. WHen your country has 1/3 of its citizens living in poverty and 12-15% have economic chaois. World economic advisors say if Mx wins the "war" and drug money goes away the Mx economy goes down the toilet.

    Never apologize for having an opinion or being passionate about same. But...don't discount the BB reader, some of us live/work in Mx, more than you probably would guess, but with respect to those who do not..that in of itself does not preclude a person who is not in Mx from bringing something to the table worth discussion. If Mx problems are to be solved only by those in Mx...well Houston we gots a huge problem.

    Granted, while living in Mx in everyday happenstance or by design interaction with the "shady characters" is unavoidable. & it is hard for others on the outside to understand that many of these people lead a double life, one is the life that committs horrible atrocity...yet, one that hits the norm in everyway. so the interaction of the honest hard working soul and the bad people exist thru everyday things such as friendships of the children, spouse, church whatever everyday stuff. BUT to go further than that is not an act of nature, it is a CHOICE. To "surround" oneself by them is also a CHOICE. It is not accidental, it is by design. WHen my foundation was offered "help" I politely refused, it was a CHOICE I made.

    I have met and interacted with many interesting persons in Mx from all walks of life, but no one has more respect and love from me than those who reject the narco life. Sometimes I look at their situation and wonder "would I be so strong, so brave, so honorable in the same cirumstance?" e.g. The family living in an abandon bus, no running water, no electricity, making plaster of paris curios to sell downtown...that is my the face of great adversity chose not to surround himself with those "shady characters.

  47. I followed this since around 10:00 am Friday and YES, it was originally reported that Gulf and Z's were having it out and the military came in. TT was detained during a confrontation and all hell break loose while they were trying to transfer him to the airport and onto DF..Many reported the Mata airport was crawling with wall to wall soldiers, marines, etc.

    Like I said, these rumors were out around 10-10:30 am...As the day moved on, more confrontations, bloqueos, etc. Then rumors started that El Tyson/M3 tried to rescue him and was also detained.

    A link was included: (this is NOT the original link, but it is the same exact story)..People went nuts all over Twitter, forums etc saying not only was TT caught, but M3; however, the link proved to be from September 17th.

    Oddly enough, it wasn't until around 7:00 that it was confirmed TT was dead, later reports state he was killed around 5-6 pm. So was he holed up for 8 hours before the marines killed him, or was someone detained earlier and in route to the airport? Was M3 involved, detained or killed? There are many questions (as usual) which remain unanswered.

  48. @ Rise

    WHen you gave BB the scoop on M3 you were firmly behind your "sources" and "there are others but not concrete" implying other deaths but you were waiting for confirmation. Why is it you did not wait for confirmation on M3? You are the only one saying he was also taken.All I find thru the net is this indentical scenario reported to be true ..then retracted...same scenario same players same everything EXCEPT the date...the date was sept 17!!! I am going to put it out there that this perhaps was your source?

    From your descriptions of knowing leaders and inside stuff etc it does not jive with what I know the reality to be in Mx having lived there for almost 10 yrs in the hoteest of hot spots...more fiction than fact. Conjecture is fine with me, just do not call it fact. Don't try to be a hero just spreading the word. It is absurd to say capos go around like like regular guys, part of the bunch is such a myth. I have seen them stop mid day plaza traffic 3 lanes across so a couple of boys can exit get ice cream and take in back to the caravan...we all know...we say nothing nor dare pass the vehicles. To declare there is no shadow is 100% false in all things large and small. In ther comfort of their homes a greater normalcy is established BUT The pic you paint does not exist.

  49. I agree with ERNEST 1November 7, 2010 at 6:56 AM

    Hell Has Frozen Over I agree w/ERNEST 1

    I follow BB for two reason, professionalism and passion by its reporters my fave: OVEMEX..but all get thumbs up. It is the best I have found on the net that caters to EFL. That aside...
    I was taken aback by this post of Rise and his style of writing. I think this could written by anyone creating a post of fiction any where in the world. The first hand knowledge and insight is not there, that would be present had he really lived in Mx and "was connected with sources" this would not be as transparent to those outside of Mx as it is to us that are. Bad grammar etc is a non-issue but for me truth & integrity is. Sorry, Mx is too important to me to keep my mouth closed when I smell something bad. where logistically do you live? Brownsville? McAllen? or are you sticking to your story? Be fair to the people of Mx & I respectfully ask you to be true to their story.

  50. @Buela

    "If Mx problems are to be solved only by those in Mx...well Houston we gots a huge problem. "

    Then who will fix their problems the United States? Yeah cuz we all know that the United States is doing such a good job in Iraq and Afghanistan huh? Even their own ppl would prefer there own Totalitarian governments back compared to the corrupt, puppet, inefficient governments they have. Wow.

  51. Wow, you guys accuse me as if anything in the past I've said has been made up. Go ahead and search my posts, I don't recall lying about anything, besides trying to state facts followed by some of my own personal opinions.. I see nothing wrong with that.. About it being written by anyone in the world, lol..
    I was told that "El Negro" was left in control of la Plaza in Matamoros and that Tyson was another person left dead in the shootouts.

    About that other posting back in September or whatever, I had never seen that before, haha I posted what I posted because I was told it happened, I didn't read it anywhere, the only thing I did read was that somebody was supposedly taken to the airport, that I don't know anything about.

    Is that all loyal readers?

    Oh that's right, about the other guy who lived in Mexico for 10 years hahaha..
    Tony was the owner of a club in Matamoros called "El Cherrys", the nightclub was closed a while back and Tormenta went there a lot, I met him there twice, personally. I didn't leave that big of an impression because I was just there with a friend of mine, but my friend knew him really well, we actually stayed at the club after hours and they where all singing in the karaoke machine. At the time he would always arrive with his group which at the time I really didn't know anything about his escolta, this is years back, after Ociel was already in prison but before all this conflicts. He would always be acompannied by this guy who they called him "El Negro". To be honest with you I don't think that's the guy who currently was lef tin charge of la Plaza, or so I was told, but that guy was really an asshole. I saw him slap a couple of people for no fucking reason, he was a real nut job.
    But tony at that time was a really decent guy or so he appeared to be, I mean I never saw him being a dick or pushing people around, that is the reason I made the statements I made, now just because I made that statement about him, I don't mean to say that all of them are decent people, haha obviously they're not. I met Ociel when I was a lot younger when he was just starting and he seemed alright, then I learned about some shit he did and I would of never known by how he talked and acted all respectful and shit.

    There's really nothing wrong with you guys questioning me, It's ok. I mean after all if you guys didn't demand the truth where would we be, right? But don't try to accuse me just because you think you hate the fact that I have first hand knowledge and you are all having a bad day, lol. Question me all you want, but don't try to hurt my image here in BB accusing me of making shit up and "fictional" writings.

    I was told that Metro 3 was murdered in the shootouts, it's like everything, before it's actually posted in the media or pictures taken you only have what is flowing around the radios and chit chat from low level members of the cartels, up to right now I believe it and I stand by it , but hey if it turns out not to be true it'll be I believe the first thing I've ever said here that didn't come true no?

    I think I've gone well further than I should of by answering all your interrogations and accusations. At the end of the day you guys either believe it or not, if you guys don't like me for some reason then don't read what i write , but keep reading the article of my fellow partners, they're a lot more professional than I am :)

  52. Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous the way people were responding to what you wrote in here. It's street level information, sometimes the best, sometimes the worst, these guys in here are attacking you personally for different reasons it seems. I appreciate what you write, and the information you provide. It seems there hasn't been a real conclusive story on the events of Friday, it's still pretty murky. I think there is a chance Metro 3 is alive, but we'll see this week probably.

    Also, I understand exactly what you mean regarding Tormenta and his demeanor, these guys want to demonize everyone for the life they chose, and rightfully so in some cases, but these guys aren't pure evil, things aren't black and white, like movies.

  53. Rise,

    Ive followed you as a reader for a long time, and saw that emotion carried this article. I for one find it interesting since i am too from a war torn area in el triangulo dorado. I to cringe at the thought of never again to my town. The article is great and that inside scoop is pretty good, i to had the luck/misfortune of knowing or running into certain lower level bosses. Also from what i heard the Mccallen area is getting a lot of spill over crime is that true? i was there a couple of years ago and thought i might retire there but with things the way they are i have to reconsider. As ive always silently said if they have their business let them handle it as they have for years, its just a shame they do it in public and with innocent people getting killed. Kudos to BB for creating such great stories by all the writers, it is great to see that is not only a certain few yearn for the past....

  54. @Rise

    If I may...
    I think you got your feelings hurt & I am sorry about that. As a reporter you are held to a higher standard than us blog posters, so it is valid to voice objection/opinion/challenge. People challenge my views at times and I view it as an opportunity may not agree at the end, but a mindful discussion is healthy & wise.

    Here's my issue. First you do not know me likewise me/you. I read your piece several times thinking I was missing something & concluded that what bothers me is your inuendo of conspiracys; US involved in Cartel wars; war against drugs fairy tale;training citizens for slavery etc. I am put off by that only because they are open ended talking points; the type of radical rantings extremist uses. Do you understand what I am saying? I am not put off by you use of them only that you use those points but that you leave us your therory with facts, hard facts hold yourself to the higher standard. That is my point. A poster will reply with those enuendos no facts, but me personally would like a deeper understanding of your thought.

    I live/work in Mx from the north border to the very tip where one can stand with 1 ft in Chiapas the other in Guatemala..then from the pacific Baja to the gulf. Half the hot spots are my place of employment. I have seen it all and been among the people of all walks of life..yes even those people, BUT when given a choice I choose NO. Always & forever. These guys are not "just regular guys" they made a pack with the devil, and though on a human level I can feel sorrow for their choice and compassion for their parents, their love ones when they are killed, I do not mourn for their death AT ALL. I celebrate it. I see what those bastards have done to our people, as one wrote in an email I rec today "HEMOS SIDO ESCLAVIZADOS POR LA VIOLENCIA" ( we have been enslaved by violence) Those, your regular guys are the true slave masters, not the US, those who you say you surround yourself with, without a choice. I hate those regular guys with all that is in me to hate. You know what the huge price this Narco violence has created? the unspoken collateral damage? Its children. An entire gerneration of humans damaged perhaps beyond repair, being in constant exposure to horrific atrocities and violence at a time of character, emotional, and moral development. Seeing a 9 year ol child at he scene of a decapitated head perched on a car hood, and he does not cry, run, scream as any normal child would he is taking a fucking foto with his mothers cell phone! You tell me how in the hell can these children function in adulthood with a conscience?

    It is personal, so personal with me. Of course you can do your thing anyway you want, but keep in mind who is being effected. and who will take the story and run with it.

    This is my dos centavos whoever sees value in it fine, if not..also fine...I am approaching my 7th decade of life, I am the granddaughter of immigrants, a humanitarian working to create a better world for special needs kids and children living in poverty. My family fears for my life, many of my humanitarian friends now stay north in safety, I don't blame them but I will not be held enslaved by this violence. Or the bastards win.

  55. Come on think Rise is crazy to bring up where there is US govt involvement in the drug trade, but earlier I saw you posting that you believe the drug cartels have worked out a deal with Hezbollah. Are we even worried about Hezbollah in this country?

  56. vive metro 3! era puro pedo que se murio. dicen que lo suvierron hasta lo mas come el coss. y el gordo no es el numero el metro 3. Mi mejor compa es uno de los escorpiones. viva el cdg...

  57. el negro? m3's bro?

  58. @ 10:57

    not true,,,read very slowly what I wrote...I said there was nothing wrong with bringing up anything but as a reporter it should not be a bunch of open ended talking points...state your belief...and tell us how you got there..that was the point. I did not say Hezbollah "worked out a deal" are you nuts? or just a very bad reader? I said I find it difficult to believe myself...but world org crime reports from the last 10 years and the world drug reports say this.

    then there are the videos. the videos of Abudullah Al Nafisi and Anuar al awlaki that state in precise terms what they plan to do at our southern border.

    and it was authenicated my our government last week...keep with the program..challenge me but try to do it with knowledge and intelligence. state your facts Mr. Anon and back it up. I would never throw anything out without some sembalance of research, what is the point in that?

    if you do not like what I write don't read it...when it says Buela move on down the line.
    I always use my name, I do not hide behind anonymous.

  59. will it get posted if i say i smell the hidden hand of the internationalists quote their manual of destruction of humanity..."we will abuse them with such violence that they will be glad to accept us as masters as long as there is peace".. they own most of the world through their banks ...Mexico is being conquered for enslavement to international investors...a taco on every table suv on every patio ...and permanent debt for every family

    nunca olvides... calderonz was the favorite of the USA ...and we all know who owns the USA

  60. the government of the USA ain't taking over shit...the people who own the USA are using the USA to take over everything at the behest of the $$$"s if i actually say the word i wont get posted

    "what do i care what puppet they put on the throne as long as i control the money supply "

    these same pinche madres control most of the worlds drug supply , both legal and illegal....they are taking the business over in Mexico...

    destabalize , restabalize control the crime...make the money


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