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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Carlos Montemayor Captured

Carlos Montemayor González was detained last night, after an operation in Santa Fe. He has been presented as the person responsible for the abduction and murder of 20 tourists from the state of Michoacan, who disappeared in Acapulco, Guerrero, earlier this year (Covered here on Borderland Beat.) This information was given by Ramón Eduardo Pequeño García, head of the anti-drug agency within the Federal Police department.

México City.- Federal Police have confirmed that Carlos Montemayor González, alias El Charro, and operator for Édgar Valdez Villarreal, La Barbie, is in their custody at this time. They also believe he ordered the initial abduction of the 20 missing tourists from the neighboring state of Michoacan who were found buried in a shallow grave, earlier this month in Acapulco, Guerrero.

At the press conference, Ramón Eduardo Pequeño García, head of the anti-drug agency within the Federal Police department, informed members of the media that Montemayor González was indeed the father-in-law to Édgar Valdez Villarreal, alias La Barbie.

According to Pequeño García, El Charro presented himself as a business man, but in reality he was the one in charge of leading La Barbie's criminal organization .

"Carlos Montemayor González assumed the leadership role within the organization, this was ordered and indicated to us by La Barbie himself. We have uncovered evidence that a relationship was forged through the marriage of one of El Charro's daughter's to Valdez Villarreal," explained Pequeño García.

Information gathered from the investigation reveals that Montemayor González started his criminal career back in 2003 when Sergio Villarreal Barragán (a) El Grande, at the time a friend and business associate of Édgar Valdez Villarreal, introduced the two men during a family get-together.

Shortly afterwords, Valdez Villarreal was married at the Acapulco port to one of Montemayor González's daughters. This situation favored the fledgling cartel because the merger that would increase the productivity of their organizations.

Pequeño García confirmed that Montemayor González (who also used the name Alejandro García Treviño,) confessed that the abduction of the 20 Michoacan tourists in Acapulco had been a mistake; they thought the men were members of La Familia Michoacana, who were there to take over the plaza.

In his declaration, Montemayor González said that he personally knew Arturo Beltrán Leyva, and his brother Alfredoas well as José Jorge Balderas Garza, El JJ, who is wanted for the murder of professional soccer player Salvador Cabañas.

Montemayor also stated that Valdez Villarreal gave him control of the criminal organization the moment he was arrested on August 30th of this year.

Also arrest with La Barbie's father-in-law; David Garza González, 34 years old, and Alex González Martínez, age 45, who were helping Montemayor in his illicit activities.

Last might Federal Police conducted an operation in Santa Fe (Federal District), and Carlos Montemayor was apprehended along with five of his sicarios.

The incident happened yesterday around 20:00 hours at Hotel Distrito Capital, which is located on Juan Salvador avenue, in the area of Álvaro Obregón.

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  1. I read in another article that C Montemayor was the leader of CIDA(Cartel Independiente de Acapulco), but yet it was CIDA that was leaving narco-mensajes saying this is what will happen to those who are associated with C Montemayor! Now I am really confused, was there internal fighting in La Barbie's organization?

  2. Get a rope. We gone have ourselves a hanging party. Invite the wives and kids. They gotta see this.

  3. El "JJ" is not wanted for the murder of Salvador Cabañas because he didn't kill him. He did shoot Salvador in the head.

  4. Hang him upside down by his ankles and break out the CHAINSAW.

  5. Only a matter of time for this guy, Beltran's wanted him out, Zeta's want him out, La Familia wanted him out, and the C.I.D.A, rag tag crew that it is. All fighting over Acapulco, not even a border city.

  6. Capo

    When CM took over, there was a faction of La Barbie's cartel that didn't side with him. They have been leaving him messages on bodies:

    "This happened to us because we killed innocent people on the orders of Carlos Monte Mayor, Tilde Toribo, El Erizo and all those other bastards. ATTE El Cida p.s. This is going to happen to all the municipal police who support Carlos Montemayor, EL Erizo and Los Calentanos ATTE - C.I.D.A."

    There was some coverage here on the recent violence in Aca

  7. "All fighting over Acapulco, not even a border city"

    but a port you dummy!

  8. Carlos Montemayor is from Nuevo Laredo, and soon after Barbie's Capture, he and Brandon Balderrama "El Brandon" from Laredo Texas took over La Barbie's Gang but ended splitting up weeks later and ended up as rivals. This is what I was told from a very reliable source in Mexico City

  9. Replies
    1. Thats so sad. I grew up with Branden. We would walk from elementary school together. He was precious! And he was so nice! And so cute. He came from a very good family. This completely breaks my heart that he chose this path.

  10. Is Brandon dead? ??

    1. Brandon was a thief and a rat who got what he deserved. Sorry to say it. Knew him as a kid also. A rat is a rat is a rat.

  11. My office and a few colleagues are interested in you assisting in the arrangement of an informal discussion with a media producer/staff with invitations to La Luz Del Mundo CHURCH ministers, in particular Apostle Samuel J Flores and Pastor Carlos "Bennie" Montemayor, related to allegations of organized criminal activity associated with what some authorities call a cult located in almost every state and 48 countries.

    With only months left before the expected demise of the current leader, Samuel Joaquin Flores, there are growing concerns over the future of the church, along with God's much anticipated appointment of His fifteenth Apostle, and the third choice from the Mexican Flores family. While Flores' and Montemayor's acceptance of a public discussion may be in doubt, they and several others within LLDM deserve the recognition and public exposure.

    A recent U.S. Federal District Court Deportation hearing transcript (see link below) reveals La Luz Del Mundo CHURCH supplied falsified U.S. immigration documents for members travelling to its Guadalajara Church Capital's "Lord's Supper". Annual attendance and donations are required for church followers while LLDM leader Samuel Joaquin Flores and family own houses in Beverly Hills, and worldwide. In Seguin, Texas, the church purchased a 232 acre ranch in 1999, and later individually transferred title to six of Samuel's nine children.

    The church has spread to nearly every state and is reportedly involved in human trafficking, sexual molestation of its members' children, fraudulent real estate transfers, money laundering, along with reported "wife swapping" in some California chapters. The current leader Samuel and his father enjoy the title "Apostles" ending a 2000 year void from God's first twelve. Joaquin's son, Uzziel, is expected to soon become God's 15th Apostleship appointment due to Samuel's terminal health condition.

    Enforcement of the church's practices has been hampered for years due to lack of state and federal funding, few victims willing to speak out, repercussions by the church itself, along with PRI political party favoritism LLDM enjoys in its native Mexico.

    Please encourage whoever is in charge for additional funding to the FBI and DHS for investigation of this organized religious criminal syndicate.

  12. La Luz Del Mundo's Pastor Carlos Montemayor's Court Ordered Deposition


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