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Monday, November 29, 2010

16 Zetas Arrested, Guanajuato

Guanajuato, Gto - A group of “Zetas” installed in Guanajuato who undid their kidnapped victims in acid where arrested. Among the 16 arrested, a federal police agent and a former elite soldier with training in anti-cartel tactics. The group was responsible for several kidnappings in the surrounding areas.

Their most recent victim, kidnapped by two women who put sleeping pills in his beer allowing them to transport him to a safe house in Salamanca. Because of an overdose, the victim was accidentally killed, which didn't stop the group from establishing contact with the victims family and asking for a ransom.

The agreed payment took place in Puebla, Israel where Omar Sanchez Romero a Federal Police, collected the ransom.

Immediately following the arrest, seven Zetas with tactical weapons and uniforms were captured in a safe house in Salamanca. At their safe house, authorities found videos were victims were pressured to tell their relatives to pay the ransom. Upon searching the house a hole was found with remains of an apparent victim who had been put in a bucket with acid.

Another group of 7 more Zetas who worked in agenda with the already captured group where arrested, two days later in Celaya.

In total, 8 safe houses in Guanajuato used by this group where discovered. High powered weapons and three vehicles were also confiscated.

People Arrested

María Guadalupe Morales Moya “La Lupe” de 44 años, de Celaya
Onofre Gómez Flores “El Azucarado” de 38 años, de Valle de Santiago
Omar Israel Romero Sánchez “El Flaco” de 33 años, del Distrito Federal
Francisco Javier Méndez Castañeda “El Paco o el Jotito” de 32 años, Valle de Santiago
Federico Aguilar Lara “El Pancho” de 35 años, de Celaya
José Antonio Jiménez Jaso “Don Toño” de 55 años (Considerado el líder de la banda), de Valle de Santiago
Margarita García Reyes “La Mago” de 47 años, de Salamanca
Alberto Iván Escandón Martínez “El Iván” de 33 años, de Tamaulipas
José Arturo Alfaro González “El Arturo” de 26 años de Coahuila.
Juan Carlos Don Diego Martínez “El Chaparro” de 34 años de Celaya
Ulises Valdez Chávez “El Chino” de 26 años de Celaya.
Jonathan Uriel Zapata Picasso “El Doker” de 18 años
Cristo Herbey de la Cerda Hernández “El Nano” de 23 años de Coahuila.
Hugo Ocampo Ortiz “El Gafe” de 24 años de Celaya que fue militar.
Liliana Quezada Espinoza “La Lily” de 28 años de Celaya.

In the last couple of months, the Zetas have been taking some major blows to their organization, I'm wondering if they finally lost some power behind it. This group in particular had 8 safe houses, something you don't acquire in a week or two.


  1. jajajajaja! This Beast eats it's young...remember that puto zetas... you are already dead, count on it...

  2. It seems like everyday I log into BB or Blogdelnarco I see a Zeta getting killed, decapitated, or captured.. I think the Mexican Army and DEA are cooperating against these guys... They suffered tremendous losses this past week, which I am glad. There is no other group in the Mexican Drug War as bad and horrible as this one. La Linea is a far away second...

  3. Yes... It's true, these boys were like Al CIAda, we made them, therefor we end up having to cut their throats... It's ok, all you Mexicans who love their "soveren" nation, we've had "agents" on your side since the fucking 60's, I mean, what country could be easier for us to infiltrate? Yes, we made this "cleaning of house" war happen, through political pressure, weapons and money in the "right" peoples hands, and a boiling pot of Supply and Demand! If there is anything USA understands, it's commerce. Commerce controls EVERYTHING. Good night Nurse, please dump the bedpans before you go.

  4. Yeah, thats the scummy stuff that Los Teo's had perfected in Tijuana, the kidnapping/drugging/using women, awful stuff. I tell anyone who will listen not to go to Tijuana strip clubs/bars/whorehouses, because it's a whole network of people working together, probably just like in this case.

    Also, like everyone saying, good to see the Z's taking these hits, hopefully they are severely weakened by the middle of next year, probably wishful thinking, those guys are integrated in the slums.

  5. I say it is the OBS office in Mexico, hard at work that we are seeing more and more direct hits on these hienahs.


  6. hell yeah baby they killed like 15 of them yesterday and now they bust 16 hell yeah mexico
    ojala que los mayen a todos los zetas

  7. Reminds me of the US military body counts done in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Instead of 'communists', 'insurgents', 'terrorists', we now have 'ZETAS'. Whoopee!!!! shout all the USA Today dummies...

    When all is said and done, we probably will eventually find out that the Mexican government is not only copying the US military propaganda styles but also the US funded, Colombian army strategy of just killing ordinary civilians and then labeling them all FARC to pad their counts.

    The US sure is set out to turn Mexico into yet another one of its US made hellholes. What to wait for? The US and Mexican government already have begun a scorched earth policy in Tamaulipas, it seems? Seen that already. What next with Plan Mierda?


  8. Que siga la limpieza, no paren.

  9. Do what they did to the victoms to them, they wont act like hardasses no more

  10. Everytime I see such antrocities and I look in the faces of people who have done it-I wonder who ever could imagin that those peaple are able to commit such horrible crimes.Mexicans sicarios are like Nazis in Poland in II war.They are not humans-they are beasts without conscience.Even my dog knows that she (her name is Sara) can't hurt people.

  11. Why is everyone so upset with the US stepping in and helping out? I'm from the boarder(US side) and I can tell you that Mexico really needs it. It's not a US conspiracy to take over Mexico. The US can care less Mexico does not have much to take once all the drug money is gone. As you can tell Mexico is doing a really good job stopping the Drug lords on there own. Right? I mean if you like wars happening on your streets, your family getting kiddnaped, children getting caught in the cross fire, and police being just as crooked as the cartel, then by all means send the US home. We have our own problems we can use all that money for.

  12. 'Why is everyone so upset with the US stepping in and helping out?'

    It is upsetting because it was 'the US stepping in and helping out' that began this violence in the first place. It was just that you were totally ignorant of that happening back then and now think that this 'stepping in' has just begun or might just begin, if guys like you push for it.

    'I'm from the boarder(US side) and I can tell you that Mexico really needs it.'

    Mexico does not need the US running their own country. In fact it has been Mexican elites copying gringo elites orders that has led to the mess that Mexico is now in economically and politically.


  13. It's sad because the US can't even teach the Mexican military any meaningful tactics because of the chance the soldiers may dissert the military and go on to work for a cartel. They get useful information and training and then leave with that training to serve the cartel.

  14. The Zetas have taken blows to their hierarchy but it boggles me that they are expanding real fast. These guys were just a hit squad of Los Zetas, they were probably trying to influence their power to the local and state authorities or trying to get ground which they have.


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