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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Video of Members of La Resistencia Confess to Crimes

Video by: Blog del Narco
In the video uploaded by "Blog del Narco" you can see the interrogation of Coronado Eduardo Sanchez, "El 27", accompanied by another man.

The two subjects appear in a green colored room, sitting on white plastic chairs and are just wearing their underwear, next to them are four armed men dressed in black.

Coronado Sanchez says that he and Lupe Vega are responsible for the murder of a man who appeared without ears and without eyes.

He also says that Lupe Vega and his brothers were responsible for the execution of the police commander Chuy Gonzalez, because he had been responsible for investigating them.

He also confessed that the El J and El Chaparro kidnapped a woman nicknamed Nina or Gyna, and because the situation got complicated, El Papirrín ordered her execution.

At the beginning and at end there appears a message signed by El Cartel de Jalisco.

After 1 minute Coronado Eduardo Sanchez reappears, now accompanied by three men who confess their participation in La Resistencia, they are in the same room, and there are four men dressed in black with their guns .50 caliber aimed at them making them confess.

The four men who appear in their underwear admit that belong to La Resistencia, and admit being responsible in murdering and dismembering people, they make note that they have support from the police.

In the video that lasts for nearly seven minutes, the captives disclose the names of various commanders in Jalisco, that includes Mireles and Velazquez, who are available to La Resistencia and they assist them in committing their crimes. They also mention that an admiral in the Navy in Manzanillo work with them.

They describe some people of Colombian origins that were abducted when they were in a restaurant, and after extorting money from them, their bodies were burned by order of the Papirrín.

Among the events that they describe, they highlight the kidnapping and murder of a woman named Sandra Berenice.

They also admit being responsible for kidnapping several PFP agents.

In another portion of the interrogation, the men reveal that Jose Cruz Vazquez, who is a reporter for Channel 6 of Megacable works for La Resistencia and they say he is responsible for making the narco-banners and uploading videos to the Internet.

In the material one can also hear two recordings with the voice of the reporter of Megacable, receiving reports and indications by members of La Resistencia, making clear his link to them.

The recording is Signed by El Cartel de Jalisco and accompanied by photographs and names of different people.

After the recording was completed the four men were beheaded and mutilated.

On September 30, 2010 the four men were found decapitated on the side of the road Guadalajara-Chapala in Ixtlahuacán de Los Membrillos. They were identified as Daniel Alejandro Astorga Ching 20, Jorge Antonio Chávez Arana 24, Ricardo Ornelas Galaviz 20 and José Eduardo Coronado Sánchez 24.

The human remains were scattered in eight bags and covered with black plastic bags. They had a card with a narco message similar to the ones left by known criminal groups.


  1. Didnt they argue that they were not like those mutilators? Now they do the samethings.. These guys are pretty ridiculous. They kill someone and excuse mutilation by arguing that they were mutilators, but they are not, they are just cleaning the trash.... This eye for eye is not working, by the end of the war we are going to have an army of Jeffrey Dahmers who think cutting people into pieces is just normal.. I remember hearing about Daniel Pearl and his beheading back in 2002. I asked myself what kind of animal would do that? People made a big deal about it back then, now beheadings are a common thing in mexico.. These guys have no ethics, no moral, nothing!!

  2. what's that one eye for an eye leaves everyone blind?...all this back n forth butchery...and for what? the attainment of wealth? of power? of ego? meanwhile in other news, we're all space-farers on a self-contained ship called "Earth" hurling through the vastness of space and time. And yet here we are butchering each other for something (wealth,power,ego) that we gave value to as a culture but actually has no other value in nature.

    mexico and everyone else involved on this planet(including me) needs a universal mind awakening.

  3. One of the cardinal principles of Objectivism is that "no man may INITIATE the use of force against another." He may only use force against those who use force against him. Man, men, women--same thing.

    In a civilized society, we must institute and or keep the moral principles that society accepts and lives by. In a CIVILIZED society, no man would decapitate and mutilate another human being. He would have too much respect for life.

    The people who commit this carnage are not humans--they are worse than the most vicious animal on our planet. All the money, power, ego, and vastness of wealth will not change that fact.

    How did human society become so demoralized as to hate its own life? Now, we are getting to the bottom of the question..

  4. Exactly the rules or should I say custom of conflict "Law Of Armed Conflict" says that the objective is to win the war not to kill as many of the others. The Geneva Conventions categorized mutilations of body as grave breaches and they were right.. if you don't want to take POW just kill them there don't play with them like this... these animals have to go, the funny part is that the cartel bosses are going to get rid of them once the war is over. Prince Machiavelli clearly stated that one shouldn't keep an army of mercenaries when no war is going on... they are a liability to the truce and the carteles.. they take pride in their work they. Don't realize they are nothing but mere pawns in the war.. which explains why a lot them are paid the first month or so, bc the bosses know they are going to slaughterhouse anyways...

  5. "The people who commit this carnage are not humans--they are worse than the most vicious animal on our planet. All the money, power, ego, and vastness of wealth will not change that fact."

    You're being unfair to vicious animals.

  6. You are right. I am being unfair...animals have an innate nature to kill for (food) their own survival. It is programed into their DNA and they cannot act against their own nature.

    Man, however, has the capacity to REASON, i.e. to think, and this capacity separate him from all other animals. This reasoning capacity enables him to establish a moral code by which he and others (a society of men, women, whatever) live by. He has no need to kill other humans. That he does, is a testimant to his CHOICE to become inhuman. And we should treat him accordingly.

  7. They are no "animals", they are humans. And they are not different from you. It's way too easy to dismiss these people away from the humanity you belong to. Think about that when you shave/make up tomorrow morning looking in the mirror, in a quaint house in main-street USA. Think about a lawless and primitive world, where there is no law nor justice. Think about waking up in the morning with only brute force as a skill. Because you haven't got any other skills, or because they can't feed you. This is a return to the primitive human behavior, killing and showing to scare the enemy. Remember how Vlad the Impaler scared the hell out of the Ottomans? Nothing new under the same old sun.
    Now think about how you can make civilization returning back to Mx. Yes for prop. 19.

  8. When do they start eating their prey?

  9. That color green is used in hospitals because it turns a darker color green, when it is soaked in blood, that is indistinguishable from when it is simply wet. It's been used in torture chambers for decades for this reason.


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