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Friday, October 1, 2010

U.S. Citizen Shot on Texas Border

By Lynn Brezosky - San Antonio Express-News/CBS

Church in the partially submerged old colonial town of Guerrero Viejo that is a common sightseeing destination on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake on the South Texas-Mexico border. A U.S. couple was returning from the site Thursday afternoon when they were intercepted by gunmen on the lake. The husband was reportedly shot, his fate is unknown.

Gunmen presumed to be Mexican drug operatives opened fire today on a couple riding water skis on the binational Falcon Lake reservoir Thursday afternoon, possibly killing the husband and sending the woman fleeing frantically to the U.S. side.

Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez said the couple, believed to be from McAllen, Texas, had crossed to the Mexican side when they came under a spray of bullets by two boatloads of men. The man, 30, was shot in the head and his wife said she fears he is dead.

According to unconfirmed reports, the woman circled back to get her husband but the gunmen continued shooting, even after she crossed back to the U.S. side. They saw them approaching and started revving it up back to the U.S. side,” Gonzalez said. “The guys just started shooting at them from behind.”

Gonzalez said the couple never spoke to the gunmen. He said the couple had ridden over to Mexico for sightseeing and to take photos of a famous church in Old Guerrero.

Gonzalez said he had contacted the Mexican consulate for help finding the husband. As of late Thursday afternoon, he was tracing down leads with the FBI, said Mary Pulido, a dispatcher fielding a barrage of press calls.

“I do know that it happened on the Mexican side, that's what's making the investigation very difficult,” she said.

However, one of the boats may have crossed to the U.S. side of the lake to fire at the woman, said Mike Cox, a spokesman for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. The shooting follows reports in May that boaters in the famed bass fishing oasis were at risk of being shaken down by “pirates” lurking on the Mexican side.

The 60-mile long Rio Grande reservoir is shared by the United States and Mexico, and due to its location along sparsely populated Starr and Zapata counties is believed to be a favorite location for trafficking drugs.

U.S. Rep. Aaron Peña, D-Edinburg, who along with state Rep. Ryan Guillen, D-Rio Grande City, recently traveled to the area for a briefing by the Texas Department of Public Safety on Falcon Lake dangers said that any gunfire that took place on the U.S. side of the lake , in some places demarcated by floating markers, would represent a serious step over the line for a drug war that's “getting out of hand.”

“These guys are getting very aggressive,” he said. “It's a significant incident, but it has international ramifications if the shots continued into our side. This was just a couple of people having a good time.”

Thursday's reported shooting comes during what may be the most deadly and prolonged streak of Mexican drug cartel violence in memory.

In May, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported several incidents of pirates shaking down U.S. boaters. The robbers in at least one case posed as Mexican federal law enforcement, searching fishing boats for guns and drugs and then demanding cash at gunpoint.

The DPS issued a statement warning people not to cross to the Mexican side of the lake. Boaters were encouraged to file a float plan with family members.

“The robbers are believed to be members of a drug trafficking organization or members of an enforcer group linked to a drug trafficking organization who are using AK-47s or AR-15 rifles to threaten their victims,” it said. “They appear to be using local Mexican fishermen to operate the boats to get close to American fishermen.”

Falcon Lake was formed by a dam in 1953 to conserve water for agriculture and control downstream flooding.

More news from the Texas border:

$3.1 million seized at McAllen border crossing.

By Lynn Brezosky - San Antonio Express-News
Houston Chronicle Staff Writer Dane Schiller

The bus passengers thought they were making a quick few thousand dollars just for carrying bags on a bus across the Texas-Mexico border. One was recruited in an Atlanta coin laundry, another at a nightclub and one more handed a bag from a stranger in Charlotte, N.C. Almost all knew they likely were carrying something illicit.

But although each of the 14 bus passengers nabbed in the largest Mexican border cash seizure this year had a different story, there was one thing in common:

Each of the passenger's bags contained a deflated Coleman air mattress rolled up around hundreds of thousands of dollars. All totaled, Customs and Border Protection nabbed $3.1 million, officials announced Wednesday.

It was a banner moment for the feds, who've been putting more and more resources into tracking what leaves the country as well as what enters.

The aim is to make it harder to get guns and illicit cash back to the cartel bosses waging an increasingly violent war over drug corridors through Mexico.

“The seizure of $3.1 million in undeclared currency and 14 arrests, the largest currency seizure by CBP in fiscal year 2010, is a magnificent achievement and serves as validation of our enhanced outbound enforcement effort,” CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin said.

A Justice Department spokeswoman said it would be speculative to say whether the cash, which showed up Sunday as odd shapes in X-ray scans at the Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge, had a common origin or destination.

The case differs from several large seizures on tour buses because the cash was dispersed and defendants claimed the bags. In previous cases, cash seizures have been reported without immediate reports of arrests.

Seven of the arrested passengers were U.S. citizens age 18 to 22; the other seven were from Mexico and age 40 to 51.

Bianca Tapia-Pineda, 20, said she and a friend earned $1,000 each and were to earn $7,000 more after traveling to Charlotte to pick up one bag each from an unidentified man. Her bag contained $234,940. But the friend, 50-year-old Mexican citizen Margarita Jones, carrying $229,000, said she made a deal with a woman she met while shopping.

Gabriella Hernandez, 18, said her brother enlisted her to take a bag she knew contained “something bad, maybe drugs,” to Mexico. She and her brother each pocketed several hundred dollars before boarding the bus with expectations of thousands of dollars more. The bag she claimed contained $220,160. Her brother, Jobanni Hernandez, had a bag containing $220,140.

Maria Urieta, a 48-year-old Mexican citizen, said a stranger approached her at an Atlanta laundry and offered her $700 to transport a bag. She told a special agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement she thought the bag contained used clothing. It contained $230,000.

Alejandro Camacho, 22, said a man at the Rumba Club in Atlanta paid him $500 to carry a bag with clothes and an air mattress, though “he figured it was money.”

They and the others were charged Wednesday with conspiring to evade currency transaction reporting requirements following an ICE investigation into the matter.

It's illegal to carry more than $10,000 in or out of the United States without making a declaration.

A detention hearing is set Friday in federal court in McAllen.

The passengers were on an Autobuses Tierra Caliente coach, which appears to be based near Dallas, but made stops there as well as in Atlanta, North Carolina, Austin, San Marcos and Laredo.

Those arrested still are in custody. The bus was not seized and the driver wasn't charged. The company is not accused of wrongdoing.

It is unclear why all the couriers were on the same bus and why CBP and ICE inspectors decided to examine it.

Mike Vigil, a retired ranking Drug Enforcement Administration agent, now the executive director of ManTech International, a global logistics and information technology firm, said it was absurd to smuggle this way.

“I would never, ever put all my eggs in the same basket,” he said. “Whoever hired them and whoever gave them instructions, were probably neophytes.

“An organization that has been doing this for a long time is not going to put 14 individuals, all carrying money, on the same bus.”

Said John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement: “This seizure puts smugglers on notice.

“ICE and CBP are working shoulder to shoulder to deny criminal organizations money they use to further their illicit activities and threaten public safety.”

The fourteen passengers arrested and charged are:‪

U.S. Citizens:
Bianca Tapia-Pineda
Jobanni Hernandez
Gabriella Hernandez
Alejandro Camacho
Elizabeth Cornejo
Leticia Urieta-Aguirre
Jonathan Nathan Gaona

Mexican Citizens:
Rene Fernando Espinoza-Borjas
Maria Urieta
Marcial Santana-Aleman
Pedro Sanchez Aviles
Jacinto Magadan Cuevas
Margarita Patricia Jones
Irma Echeverria-Vega


  1. I've read a few stories about incidents at that lake, I think boaters are making an error in judgment playing around out there, but thats still a terrible thing to have happen. I've read speculation and reports that these are Zeta's, but honestly, as much as I'd believe it, it could just be some local scumbags desperate for dollars.

    Strange about that money, why would they be on same bus? Doesn't seem like coincidence, but I can't think of a good explanation. Decoy? Sort of doubtful with 3 million on the line, thats a big load to use for anyone, thats like the profit on 500 ki's.

  2. The other 38 buses made it safely across that day :-)

  3. ok you are sowing the wind....and you are gonna reap the whirlwind.....when the US army comes after you are goddamn bastards think you are real tough ...firing on unarmed stupid s.o.b's are gonna feel the heat...more and more every day Americans are getting fed up with your smirky asses....and there is a rising tide toward solving the "mexican problem" motherfuckers down there better get your shit together , pronto ...or you are gonna be on the wrong end of the gun...all you illegal culeros are gonna be sent back , permanently , and the border is gonna be secured, even if it takes occupying the south side of the fuckin river...despierta think you are safe ...that is a fuckin joke...anytime we want ....we can roll in and do whatever we want...FEEL IT ...TU HIJOS DE PUTAS


  5. These people are lying to hell and back. There is no way they were given bags from strangers with 200,000 an the criminals did not know who they were who their family is BS. How many trips have these people made in the last 6 mos. As for Falcon Decoy boats with snipers give some Marines a thrill. Why is it that nobody does anything to create respect/fear in these ignorant savages the US is dropping the ball on this one.

  6. One can be proud of these American citizens they have brought the Mexican culture to downtown USA.

  7. I dream of the days when political correctness did not dominate politics,so forget any response from the fed but why not Texas the Rangers made their bones killing Mexican bandits,its time to do it again. Its a hell of a note that our US govt is no longer willing to protect our people, I truly believe that courting the Latino vote is more important than the safety of people living on the border the fed is dominated by vote whores.

  8. The US government will never go into Mexico because american politicians (democrats)are pussies

  9. You all have it WRONG. They crossed into mexidope illeagally on their jetskies and boats. I think we should do the same when they cross into the USA.

    Funny how the mexicants are outraged when a CBP shoots some scum in self defence but they don't have any outrage when someone from the USA is shot for having a good time.

    This is how we should treat undocumented border crossers.

  10. Sad story... first of all I am pretty sure they were. They are zetas, they are the same scumbags that rape pillage everything they see. Those guys need to be gone pronte. Only zetas are stupid enough to shoot across the border, the level of ignorance in them is just huge. CDG knows about the repurcussions of messing with the US (osiel cardenas). Second why would you use jetskis and go over to mexico (or stick to in the US side) in one of the most dangerous borders in the world? This is like the hikers that went hiking in the iran iraq border. You know the border is one dangerous place, especially one that ran by these savages (zetas). I am from el paso, but currently going to a lawschool in the midwest. And I know that juarez is a big NO... anyways sad story, I just hope the US starts doing something, most american border towns are havens for cartel members...

  11. Hope they got lots of money upfront and weren't carrying it with them or spent it, 'cause whatever they got up front probably won't pay their bail, much less a down payment for an attorney. They'll be way poorer than before. That, plus probably their new found friends are now their soon to be angry enemies.
    And that makes seven young adults with their records besmirched, so that their "career choices" are now narrowed even more. I have a feeling this won't be the last time we read those seven names on a "police report".

  12. question for anyone in the know: In Laredo the past 2 mornings around 8ish, I have been hearing jets flying southward, two yesterday, one today. I am not in a flypath. are these the promised drones or what?

  13. Probably Mexican Drones from Isreal.

  14. Ok, first off guys why would you want to invade a country who has a military that can defend their own country? The problem is that their government leaders are as lame as ours and they cant act to cleanse the country at a 100% capacity. If and only if we were to occupy Mexico, people wouldnt take us kindly after a while of been there (the same as afghanistan and irak). The U.S is loosing control of the Americas already, why piss of the people of another country and even worst our neighboring country, its as easy as they allowing alqaeda to pass through Mexico(not the government but the cartels).
    I suggest that if you guys want to form militias to protect the Texas citizens, go ahead and begin protecting them. But also begin to hunt down our corrupted officials working for the Police, lawers, judges and working Federal. Also i would recommend to start by tracking down dealers, dopers, and other cartel related workers.
    If that was to happen I would gladly support the militias. other wise no

  15. we need to be killin these cocksuckers where they stand....the mexy gob ain't gonna do it ....are we gonna wait and fight this one on our side...most border mexicans would be happy to see the US marines ...these fuckn Z bastards have completly destroyed any economy for the common peoples along this stretch of the border..forget going to don cuco's in Mier and havin a pair of boots made ...or goin to chivo de oro in M Aleman for more fishn an campin in Nuevo Guerro...sooner or later we are gonna have to do it ...why wait more innocent people are killed...

  16. where is bigmouth calderon an that fuckn criminal moriera now?... viva la nueva ley de arizona!!!! ..mexico don't give a fuck how many americans are killed ...they just want the money...greedy fuckn assholes

  17. I hate to say it, but I wonder if this guy had a large insurance policy. Think about it, the perfect crime. Go into Mex waters and kill your spouse and blame it on the Mexican bad guys. Reminds me of the story where the guy in Brownsville killed his wife and then put her in the car and drove to Matamoros and then claimed that gunmen assaulted them and his wife was shot. That dumbass got convicted of murdering his own wife.


    wait and see,when the price is right, the USA will sell security to Mexico, like most big "businesses" do...the USA wont do anything for free, they have bills to pay are making it seem like "all illegal immigrants" are cartel members, shooting innocent people, do you think illegals wont risk being arrested and get beaten by CBP rather than live in the situation these Cartels make in their home country? It takes real guts to decide to move illegaly to a country where you know you are not wanted, and are blamed for everything that goes wrong, but most illegals do it because it's a better trade than staying in Mexico, or Central America, or South America, or Europe, like I imagine your illegal ancestors came from also fleeing persecution and searching for freedom. Not all of them were evil Europeans, but not all of them were goodie-two shoes either...

  19. POR LA RAZA AMERICANO...RECUERDE GOLIAD TX 400 muerto ....RECUERDE ALAMO TX 200 muerto...RECUERDE FALCON TX solo uno ...but are we gonna wait for more to die...the war has begun...they are killing our citizens , on our side ...what does it take...we need sharpshooters on the water, snipers on land, choppers in the air...kill kill kill til these fuckn bastards are afraid to breathe...they only understand one thing , force, send them to their santa muerte, quickly

  20. U.S. Citizen shot on Texas border?

    Stupid hurts.

    The shooters need to get some lead poisoning, but I mean, what the hell? Why the hell would you go screwing around in a war zone? Dummies.

  21. The US is not gonna do a thing. Whenever you have a weak president, expect stuff like this to go on without repercussions. Look at Carter, Ford, and the infamous Barack (Sadam) Hussein Obama (bin laden). Would this not be considered an international incident? Where is Hilary? Where is CNN and why no demonstrations? Barring the gringos getting their heads out of their butts and voting in some Regan types, expect more of this.

  22. I'm a hell of a shot with my 25.06. Any Texas militia out there need a gun for hire? I'll plug away at these Mexican thugs and laugh about it. Kill my fellow countrymen? FUCK YOU CARTELS and the horse you rode in on! (or boat) It's time to take our borders back!!!!!!!!!!

  23. still not a word about this on cnn...why?...who controls the mass media? a search on this question....the results will amaze you

  24. A lot of folks are getting bent out of shape about the Falcon Lake shooting, and it is tragic. But you have to realize the murder happened in Mexico so it's not the international incident some posters are making it out to be. This couple was taking pictures of a submerged village that happens to be in an area known for drug trafficking, not the best place to be waving a camera around.

  25. And if the US invaded Mexico, would it pay for the action with debt? More than the US Govt already owes. I wonder if the Chinese would be OK with that, since they're the only ones who have the cash these days to buy the bonds/treasure notes.
    No, its not like it was way back when the Americans were the ones who kept the border wild.

  26. Where is the war on terror? The US refuses to recognize this as terrorism when in all reality it is. They dont want to label it that because then we'd be force to do something; so for now we will call it Cartel wars.

    On another note - from what I understand, that money seized in Hidalgo was lower bill denominations so it was probably straight profits from the streets.

    On a separate note as well: There was a rumor that Zeta 3 was not backing Zeta 40 with war against the CDG. Lazcano was supposively in Central America somewhere, waiting it out. You guys should look into this cause all stories of the Zeta safehouses point that only Zeta 40 men and other hired hands are the ones fighting.

  27. @12:10

    you must watch forensic files..seriously, my thought was SOMETHING VERY FISHY HERE, and it ain't the bass from Lake Falcon. I would be stunned to hear it was Zetas, there is no reason, and like it or not they always have a conscience motive, money, drugs. territory...not target practice. Especially at that location. The woman gets away? know I am just not buying her story. Sorry.. I know it is fierce to say I am not feeling it at this point, the migrants from central america now that weighed heavy in my heart...this one? Not so much.

  28. Its wierd how the jets skies had no bullet holes and only the husband was shot...Its very hard to balance yourself on a moving boat ..there is more to the story that isnt being told...You have to ask yourself what role did the wife have in this incident?....Falcon Lake isnt as bad as people think...If you go looking for trouble then you will find it...

  29. There will never be a war against the US and Mexico...You have the number one provider of illegal narcotics (MEX) to the number one consumer of narcotics.(USA)...this is a lost battle that has no light at the end of the tunnel. People can not be blind to the obvious...Wake up!!! only 2% of drugs coming into the US is actually caught..

  30. so now boola chivas

    ,,,the Z needs a reason to need to lay off the sauce... ...why dosen't this bother you?...because they were americans???...
    would you be happy if they were both killed

  31. @ 6:35
    unless I have lost count of days and it is now thanksgiving or christmas eve I have not enjoyed my glass of pinot grigio. Race has zero to do with my judgement here, it never does, I am a proud Mexican American, 2nd generation. Grandparents immigrated 100 years ago to the states. But I was raised to be fair and equal minded about race and religion. It does not even enter my mind when judging that facts. But I look at this and think of the words of Dr. Henry Lee "something is very wrong here" it is illogical to think the only bullet hole was in the guys head. The wife? nada. Doesn't that bother you? Have you been on jet skis? We have 6 we keep at the lake and those suckers throw you in the water at the slightest provacation. and the fact the wife claims instead of going for help she returns like superwoman to save the husband knowing the shooters were still present. does that seem logical???? and the husbands head does she know he was hit in the head? did she stop to examine the wound? Use your good sense, (and I am being nice) not your emotion, then judge. I have not heard anything that leads me to believe this story is as the woman claims. either she is culpable, in collusion, or involved along with her husband in some bad deeds. As for the Zs, they are the most brutal of fuckers, and clearly need to reason to kill, but the fact is they really always have a goal, something to gain, they woould not subject themselves for no reason to the border waters to kill an american. I concede posers gangs may be capable of that, perhaps a robbery gone bad, but I am not feeling it at this point. The media here is not saying much about this, this should be outrage and would be if it was certain the story was true. This story is not tidy enough, just yet anyway. They are being too cautious. It could be true, all I am saying is my sense is there is a lot more to this novela. For the record I am not sure I can answer your last question, if I give them the doubt and they truly were just idiots that went to the lonely lake after the warnings, no I would not be happy if they were both killed or even one I would be outraged. On the other hand if they were in collusion with some bad people I would have to answer differntly.

    Just my dos centavos of course

  32. Here is a photo of the lake couple. In happier times. Something I had not known; they actually have been living in Mexico...Reynosa to be exact until 5 mos back they moved to allen tx but were moving back to co, it did not say what line of work they were doing in Mx or for how long....???
    read this:;contentBody

  33. ok boola

    a motive...


    did they recover the otra jetski? you know what they are worth? claim to own several...robbery is always good motive...and man whatta a cool water horse for a culero with a gun to have...but go ahead and blame the wife...sure...she is lying...she did it....and those fisherman who got robbed before ...they were lying too...

    you want to make a CSI drama here


    scenerio uno

    the lady plans to kill her husband...she lures him into dangerous waters ...then shoots the back of the head ...speeds off...then blames it all on mexican bandits....

    scenerio dos

    they are delivering money/ making a buy goes wrong...they are shot up ...

    hey you are right ...much more dramatic....more fun than the boring possibility that she is telling the truth

    call steven spielberg...i think you have a movie

    hey i bet those 22 guys k'napped in alky poll ko are lying too ...huh?

  34. I have attempted to access more info on the lake story by linking to us side border area news and search colorado the home state to the lake couple and found two interesting facts each however only reported in one meida source. The wife gave an interview to a denver newsource, she stated not only did she circle back to save her husband SHE DOVE IN the water.
    Seocndly that there is a man who saved her on the US side, unidentified male who saw the chase.

    I give up and still am not sure either way

  35. Why the outrage? The US state department has travel advisories about Mexico.
    I for one will not go into Mexico, I suggest that you don't either!
    On a side note lay in a supply of weapons ammo and food supplies.
    Get physically and mentally prepared for all this to get worse before it gets better and it may never.

  36. @ Boola
    you make a good point...nothing i read says what happen to the husbands watercraft. We have 2 seedoos 3 seaters apx cost 2 yrs ago 20K each, the smaller yamaha waverunners I think were apx 10K 1 year ago.
    The fanily cancelled a scheduled press conference but she did have the interview with denver post. her story in conflicting. she told one person she dove in saw her husbands brains spilling from his wounds and he was not breathing all this time a gun was pointed at her head..???? however she did not say this to the sherrif. and the witness was not mentioned in the 911, she said she drive toward the homes on US side, the "witness" said he saw the chase and pulled her out the water.

    The other incidents on Falcon I do believe and they were robbed and never hurt. No reason to lie about that. This one may be true, but why change the story everyday and add details? the truth stands patent, it does not change. Who knows what they were connected with in Mx while they lived there. Lots of questions. I have never said this could not be true, I said it may be, but from the info presented, no body, nothing, she gets away, whatever, just not enough to say yes this happened. Illogical at this point..

    What does the 22 in acapulco or even the new kidnapping have to do with this? Are you into the cartels finest? There were winesses. I question this incident and deem the jury out..what if she had her husband murdered and no one asks you think it is better to allow that crime to exist with impunity? Words alone does not make it so. Even if a suspect confesses to a crime, that alone can not charge him with a crime, evidence needed.

  37. dear bwala
    yeah..mebbe you are right ...mebbe she did it...i don;t know...i just hate the fukn narco assholes so much ..i just want it to be them so it adds more fire to their asses...these bastards have destroyed M aleman . Mier y N guerro...used to be three cool lil towns ...i used to go there and also fish the lake ..i just wish americans would finally get mad and start shooting at them...the good people in those pueblas really need the tourist dollars....but the big narcos have ruined it for them...there ant gonna be no tourists there again ever...funny nobody ever mentions salineno ever go there ...don't hang around to long...the things i have seen there ....i better just shut up

  38. little by little, bad mexicans are starting to push the boundaries. twice this year someone from the juarez side has fired shots towards el paso, once hitting a city gov. building. no one knows if they were intentional. they also murdered a U.S. consulate worker and her husband this year, not to mention an american pilot at amadeus strip club in juarez. this will escalate. all the U.S. will do is secure its borders. i believe we should wait for more killings until we have no other choice but to send U.S. military to all mexican border cities. but ONLY border cities...and we should kick some good ol' american ass on these piece of dogshit sicarios and street thugs! this is not a war on mexico but a war on drugs. A9jul

  39. @ Nanny Mouse
    I understand and share you feelings. In my 7 yrs in Mx I have seen a rapid deterioration and a spillover in every facet of society. & the scary part? My foundation kids now feel comfortable speaking of aspirations of becoming narco, or marrying one to be rich, they feel they have no other options, so the next generation of Mexicans have developed this mindset. Therefore, if we cannot get a handle on this "war" now all is lost in the future.

    Two books I recommend to you;

    The Last Narco by Malcom Beith

    Murder City By Charles Bowden..

    In last narco, it will give you shocking insight into the protection and love of Chapo and details his time in prison which is shocking..and the chapo hunt. He is an interesting character, of all of them I would say the most interesting...a waste, brilliant in business orgainization and illiterate.

    As for our lady on the lake. I really think she is involved, but don't know. Her story changed again last night. But keep in mind we want what we claim to be factual, or the world will scoff, not listen, and not react. If this woman has lied and blamed Mexicans, then in some ways she is worse and I want her ass nailed, because she derailed focus. I miss my Mx of a few years back, driving to Monterrey or Saltillo was great joy, I now fly in having to leave my office in Mx into Tx flying backwards to Houston then into wherever, it sucks big time and takes 15 hours. Yes, the rivers and Lakes on the border are the best, but now scary.

    The war in Iraq is over, but remember this, George W Bush, had the war and sent 10X the amount of foot soldiers guarding the border. Obama is simply not up for the task of the border, and is too liberal and scared of public perception to do what is needed. He is fighting for his political life which in a sense renders him useless, though in my opinion he left the gate in that position. Rhetoric can not effectively rule a nation.

    My dos centavos

    I like the exchange of opinion or long as everyone stays on point on not make it personal. Too many of these "Rambosos" here attack the person, immature at best. My name really is Abuela Chivis...thats what children refer to me as in Mx...and Chivis is a nick name since birth.

  40. @ Nanny Nose

    I see the media is now openly questioning the lake story..says it does not pass the smell test due to the fact her story is just about impossible to have happened. The chase was supposedly 5 miles long and jet skis travel 60+ MPH can out race any boat that would be in that lake and the shooter in the boat would be hitting a target during great movement...the thing is there is a witness, unless he was in ins policy found yet, but he is an oil rig worker and standard they have a pretty nice life ins policy if in a union.

  41. Thank you for the book recommendations. I will definitely read them. I have been reading all of your comments for a couple months and agree with many of your opinions. Wether or not foul play was involved, they were stupid to be in that area in the first place. I don't know too much about this incident but the logical story to me, is that she's telling the truth. I guess what would determine this, is if he was shot from close or from long range. I think he was shot from far range though. But you're right, never leave out other possibilities. Interesting story.

  42. I agree with Buela on this one. There's more to this story than we know. It's not all it appears to be either.

  43. i read a comment that this was a drug deal gone bad. that the sheriff's had this couple under surveiliance for a couple weeks. they supposedly were launching regularly from the american side and crossing to the mexican side where the deals were being made at the church in salado. this place has had 5 pirate attacks already. very interesting story.

  44. @ 11:38

    Can you post the link? or is it word on the streets? My first thought since the beginning is drug deal..that is why I proposed the question what work they were in while lvining in Reynosa..other thought she did him in..No reports deal with the missing jetski, they do not sink easily...I hope this is not a hit and vanish story...

  45. Lady on the Lake Mx says: NO WAY JOSE!

    another chaniging fact "witness" says he only saw one jet ski..............

  46. It is amazing you give these thugs this kind of credit, shooting from a boat that must have been traveling at 50+ mph with a high powered rifle and hitting someone in the head on a moving jet ski traveling at least the same speed. Remember that the shooter must have been over a mile away to give the wife time to turn around and try to pick her husband up while the boat is closing in on her. For her to turn around and try to pick him up it had to take at least 90 seconds therefore the boat would have had a very close shot at her. The entire story is BS, a drug deal gone bad.


  48. @Ninny Nose AKA Fanny Noise

    Ok ...your spelling went from bad to worse whereas I cannot understand your message.

    You are spot on...and yes the story is BS...Logical people saw that from the beginning.

  49. ok... boo la noise...aka back fire...

    what is it that you do not understand? your comprehension of english that lacking , that you unable pick up on a little "play on words" and are not cognitive of the humorous aspect?

    ..It is very common among english speakers to play with the language in such a way

    ...ok just for correct spelling

    ....and the plot thickens refers to the story becoming more involved

    ...I guess you have never heard the term "and the plot thickens" used in this context

    ...but now you have , feel free to add it to your vocabulary.

    .I intentionally misspelled Spielberg...another play on words, speelburg = spielburg..I sometimes find phonetic spelling to be entertaining

    I was under the impression, reinforced by your sheer past verbosity , that you were quite literate, you have rectified that mis-impression.

    ..please feel free to respond with any otra preguntas that you may have

    perhaps you should rein in your spleen

    ...have i made myself clear to you now (:

  50. Sometimes I think certain people on these pages attempt to shift blame from the perpetrator to the victim. They do this to try to minimize any negative press that may serve to wake the rest of America up to what is going on along our southern border, sort of spin work for the criminal element involved. They are afraid that when the rest of the country becomes aware of the situation , there will be a major response, and that will not be good for their vested interests.

  51. whats a matter bwala got yer tongue?...did the university student who was just killed make it all up...what was this AMERICN doin in mexico...sounds fishy tu me....


    ZAPATA, Texas - A search for a missing American tourist presumably shot and killed by Mexican pirates on a border lake has been thwarted by threats of an ambush from drug gangs, U.S. officials said Thursday.

    "It's really tough and difficult for the Mexican state police to do a good, thorough job because they are outmanned and outgunned by the cartels," he said. "I know ... we'd hate to see any other family lose a son when they are trying to do a search in which they are outgunned and outmanned."

  53. 14 on one bus was stupid. Even dumber were the Feds for thinking this was the only load going Across that the very moment the bus got busted....... While all resources were focused on one bus.

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