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Friday, October 22, 2010

Texas National Guardsman slain in Ciudad Juarez

El Paso Times
Diario de Juarez

The Texas National Guard today has confirmed that a man murdered in Ciudad Juarez this Wednesday, Jose Gil Hernandez, 22, of El Paso Texas, was an off-duty private first class assigned to the Headquarters Battery 3rd Battalion, 133 Field Artillery.

Gil Hernandez and another man, Rafael Ramirez Reza, 43, were gunned down from a moving vehicle by an unknown group of armed men as they spoke outside of a home in the colonia Revolucion Mexicana in south Juarez. Another man, Manuel Galindo, 19, survived the attack and was hospitalized.

Chihuahua state officials said a crime scene unit investigated the shooting and found 18 empty casings from .45 and .223 caliber weapons.

The Guard prohibits active-duty soldiers from traveling to Mexico, and urges those not on active duty to only cross the border if absolutely necessary. Hernandez was a student when not on duty. The Guard said his death is under investigation by the FBI and the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Division.

In El Paso, regular Army soldiers stationed at Fort Bliss are forbidden to cross the border into Mexico. Juárez and all other Mexican cities have been off-limits to them since 2009.

The last U.S. military serviceman to be killed in Juárez was Staff Sgt. David Booher in November 2009. Gunmen shot Booher, an Air Force medic, at the Amadeus strip club along with five other people. Booher was with the 49th Fighter Wing and stationed at Holloman Air Force Base. He was off-duty when he was killed.

More than 6,700 people have been killed in Juárez during the past two years.
In 2010, more than 2,470 have died in gunbattles, carjackings, executions and other forms of violence.


  1. To my knowledge all Mx border towns are off limits to servicemen. Laughlin AF base has had the ban for 3 years.

    When I heard this yesterday I thought, watch this will be a tiny blip of the news radar, unlike the lady in the lake

  2. So rather than solve the problem in Mx the US makes Mx off limits therefore no problem how soon will it be that Us citizens can not cross the border??

  3. If PFC Hernandez was involved in some shady stuff in CD juarez, so be it. On the other hand, if he was an innocent bystander, its time for some presence of either UN or US soldiers....Hooah

  4. Only our soldiers are being told not to go to Mexico. All others are being told to be careful if "they" chose to go.. .though, if you know that the country is going through hell.. why do you want to go?.. so if it takes them 1 to 20 years.. why are you in a hurry to go?... No one is stopping you from going!! Now, the U.S. can do so much. These citizens are risking to get kill and that is the decision they made. Yes, I understand that our country suppose to protect us anywhere... uhum!!! We are no kids... we know right from wrong.... Just stay in your country!!!!!!!

  5. Time for the U.S. remote controlled preadtor drones, to start droping bombs on any SUV, truck or vehicle convoys in Mexcio

  6. @ 1:23.....duhhhhhhhhhhhh

    A couple of douchebag back-packers get caught in Iran and the media gizzes on itself. An american guardsman eats it in shitwatersville and it's life as usual.

  7. Time for the U.S. remote controlled preadtor drones, to start droping bombs on any SUV, truck or vehicle convoys in Mexcio

    October 22, 2010 2:22 PM ....

    Do you really want to even go there morron?
    the Mexicans have Isrealy Made Drones all over the place.

  8. more like bottle-rocket propelled pinatas w/ septic tank payloads.

  9. google it dumasses.
    Republiturds are holding up funding for the Merida innitiative, so Mexico purchased the Isreali drones as well as French Eurocopters.

  10. Juarez has a bigger heart ache today...a while ago 13 to 15 dead in a mass killing at the Bday of a 15 y/o! 16 injured. Three cars from EL PASO, pulled up and unloaded, all were young people 15-20 years of age. My God why..


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