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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recent Military Ops

Military personnel assigned to the 15 / a. Military Zone, said in the municipality of Amacueca, jal. Nine people, allegedly involved in the killing of military personnel, carrying firearms, magazines, ammunition, drugs, cash and vehicles.

Zapopan, Jal., To September 12, 2010, The Ministry of National Defense, through the V Military Region and the Fifteenth Military Zone, reports that in the context of the ongoing campaign against drug trafficking, implementation of Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Law against Organized Crime, military personnel belonging to 9 / o. Infantry Battalion (Sayula, Jal.), In response to a citizen complaint which mentioned the presence of armed persons, to arrest nine males, who were assured weapons, boots, cartridges drugs, vehicles and cash in Mpio. of Amacueca, Jal., as follows:

* 1 (a) rifle cal. 7.62x39 mm, unmarked, without model, registration TG3930.
* One (1) AK-47 rifle, cal. 7.62X39 mm, unmarked, registration 8702794.
* One (1) AK-47 rifle, cal. 7.62X39 mm, unmarked and without registration.
* One (1) AK-47 rifle, cal. 7.62X39 mm, unmarked, enrolls 405 609.
* One (1) AK-47 rifle, cal. 7.62X39 mm Norinco brand, model, Mag-90, registration 43 636.
* 1 (a) HK 91 rifle, cal. 0308 ", unbranded and unmarked.
* 1 (a) AR-15 rifle, cal. 0223, marks centurion, registration 1483.
* 1 (a) AR-15 rifle, cal. 0223 ", unbranded and unmarked.
* 1 (a) AR-15 rifle, cal. 0223 "Winchester brand, model, star-15, registration G3538.
* 1 (a) AR-15 rifle, cal. 0223, marks colt, FP1 model, registration 8702794.
* 1 (a) AR-15 rifle cal. 0223, no brand, model SP1.
* 1 (a) rifle cal. 0.30-30 ", marks Glenfield, Model 30, registration 19,132,420.
* 1 (one) gun cal. 12, Winchester brand, model 120, registration number L1869475.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 5.7x28 mm, Herstal brand, not model, enrolls 386 105 568.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 5.7x28 mm, brand Herstal, without model, without registration.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 9 mm pietro beretta brand, model 92FS, registration BER092874Z.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 9 mm pietro beretta brand, model 92FS, registration H35417Z.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 9 mm Taurus, model 99AF, registration TXG00166.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 9 mm Browning brand, registration T277665.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 9 mm pietro beretta brand, model 92FF, registration BER02403Z.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 9 mm pietro beretta brand, model 92FF, registration EO2403Z.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 0.45, colt brand, model MK-IV Type Commander, registration FC29191.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 0.45 ", brand colt, national model match, tuition-NM 34 773.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 0.40 ", brand glock, model 23, registration KKC440.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 0.40 "Tactical brand, model XD-40 US415439 registration.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 0.38 "super, colt mark without model, without registration.
* 1 (one) pistol cal. 0.38 "super, unbranded, without model, tuition 179 424, with engraving on the entire car receiver and detailed in gold, handle with golden cobra logo on both sides.

* 29 (twenty) chargers for lime. 0223, with a capacity of 30 (thirty) rounds.
* 16 (sixteen) chargers for lime. 7.62X39 mm, with 30 (thirty) rounds.
* 10 (ten) chargers for pistol cal. 9 mm.
* 6 (six) chargers for pistol cal. 5.7x28 mm.
* 5 (five) chargers for pistol cal. 0.38 "super.
* 5 (five) chargers for pistol cal. 0.45 ".
* 3 (three) chargers for lime. 7.62X39 mm, with a capacity of 40 (forty) rounds.
* 2 (two) magazines for cal. 0.40 ".
* 2 (two) chargers for gun cal. 0.40 ".
* 1 (a) Double circular charger lime. 0223, with a capacity of 200 cartridges.
* One (1) charger lime. 0223, with a capacity of 30 (thirty) rounds.
* One (1) charger pistol cal. 0.45 "off-label and without a model.
* One (1) charger pistol cal. 9 mm. with capacity of 30 cartridges.
* One (1) charger lime. 7.62x39 mm. up to 30 cartridges.
* One (1) Charger for AR-15 rifle.
* One (1) Charger for HK-91 rifle, cal. 0308.

* 625 (six hundred twenty five) cartridges cal. 0223.
* 362 (three hundred sixty-two) 7.62x39 mm caliber cartridges.
* 188 (one hundred eighty-eight) cartridges cal. 9 mm.
* 95 (ninety five) cartridges cal. 5.7x28 mm.
* 90 (ninety) cartridges cal. 0.22.
* 48 (forty eight) shotgun cartridges, cal. 12.
* 40 (forty) cartridges cal. 0.30 to 30. "
* 39 (thirty nine) .40 caliber cartridges. "
* 38 (thirty-eight) .38 caliber cartridges "super.
* 34 (thirty four) .45 caliber cartridges. "
* 10 (ten) Cartridges cal. 0308.

* $ 29,200.00 (twenty-nine pesos in 1200 M / N)


  1. I know this is off topic, but look at the officer on the right in the second pic from the top. Not paying attention to nothing but the money on the table. lol.

  2. Gracias, muy bueno. As we have been saying for many years, most of the Cartels guns are not from the EU. You cannot buy AK's without serial numbers, hand grenades, and most other military ordinance in the US.

    A handful of US made guns stand out on this list; the Glenfield 30/30 lever action rifle, and the Winchester shotgun, among others. But the overwhelming majority of those guns were either stolen from or provided by the Mexican military, or were imported from some place other than Los Estados.

    Again, many thanks for the COMPLETE report.

  3. 3 classics on the first photo:
    -an Austrian Steyr AUG "bullpup"
    -a "museum piece" German MG-34 WWII era machine gun
    -a "Red Rider" BB gun ??

    (I'll take the BB gun-cheap ammo)

  4. @ October 10, 2010 9:29 AM

    "As we have been saying for many years, most of the Cartels guns are not from the EU" you are the most ignorant and stupidest person ever? Some things are connected with the more general availability of military style assault weapons in the US, (civilian versions of the M16 or the AR-15 and semi-automatic version of the AK-47, semi automatic versions of the .50 caliber BMG and now the FN 5.7 armor piercing pistols, nicknamed 'cop-killers'). Your prob another NRA (National Rifle Association) member who doesn't like the fact that most of the weapons do come from the north. Sad fact is you can get anything you want in the United States these days, it just takes the right connection but your not willing to see it bz ur so blind just like the recent arrest of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics undercover agent Francisco Javier Reyes Luna also reported by Borderlnad Beat on Aug. 13 2010 maybe u should read it. He is facing three counts of federal firearm violations. And by the way I get my information from the ATF and also legit news media sources not some Fox news article who is just looking after the interest of the NRA and doesn't like the bad publicity of having so many weapons end up in criminal hands and the outcry that U.S. is part of the problem. Grow up and take some responsibility United States. Its like making the same argument that most of the drugs don't come from Mexico? Let get serious!!!!

  5. Regalos de tío Hugo.

    Just as the sicaro is the pawn of the capo, the capo is also a pawn.

  6. It looks like you can get whatever guns you want in mexico too. Face it, if they have the network in place to get drugs from central america and meth ingredients from asia, the cartels have the network in place to get whatever weapons they want, from wherever they want. Maybe if the people of mexico were armed they wouldn't have to cower beneath a corrupt government and criminals. Until the people down there are armed you'll keep licking both of their boots.

  7. WHERE IS THE RED RIDER?.The light colored stock in the middle?.

  8. @October 10, 2010 11:37 PM. This is to the idiot who obviously know nothing about shit Sherlock they can get anything they want from whoever they want, but financially and logistically why waist more money when you can buy those weapons from corrupt American Officals like i mentioned earlier. Maybe you should read the ATF reports or see the congressional hearing they have over the violence in Mexico but no you go on with your stupid philosophies. Just another American right winger who doesn't want to face the fact that American guns are killing and creating havoc in Mexico, how about you right wingers or the NRA stop making excuses and man up, but no its so hard when they feel that the second amendment is under threat, but its not, all the mexican government is asking that they ban assault weapons in the U.S. so they can stop coming into the hands of organized crime but i guess it so hard when this violence isn't happening on your side right?? and don't even give me that stupid excuse of we don't have that violence because people have a right to bear arms because that's the most stupidest defense I heard for keeping the assault weapons. Oh so easy for people to say well maybe if people were armed, haven't u ever heard the phrase, an eye for an eye will make the world blind? Well this cycle of violence isn't going to end with more guns and more violence its going to end with education. Education obviously you lack!!! Education we lack and also Americans as well. With all your power and wealth yet you waist it all on getting high?? thinking its so cool, just look at all your ex presidents and even Hollywood stars, recent example Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, what a great role model right????

  9. So I dont understand. If your insisting that most of these guns come from the U.S., why are there so many AK-47's? And why is the AK-47 the most common weapon found? Are you going to tell those are U.S. made AK's? Your argument that they buy the guns in the U.S. because its cheaper doesnt make sense. Where is it cheaper to buy an AK-47, USA or south america?

  10. it's funny how you just blame the US for all your problems. It wasn't the US that had you give money to police to get out of paying a ticket..It wasn't the US that gave safe passage to the trafficers to the US so easy to blame someone else for your problems.Listen, I know you mean well, but blame starts in the mirror....

  11. First of all GUNS don't kill people. People kill People. The US and Mexico band Narcotics, but the people still get them. What makes you think banding weapons will make Mexico or any other country safter. The bad guys will always find a way to get what they want. Linday Lohan and Paris Hilton--role models? They made be hot female models--but that's it. Funny how you would even suggest that. It's seems like your not to happy with this great country of ours that we call the United States of America. While millions of people poor or weathly, educated or not they want to come live in the US for their own personal reason. Yet you like some others talk and regret the US way of life. Take a closer look at were you live. And thank God and this country, and the men and women who protect you while you sleep and talk trash about this great country of ours. Before you say that I don't know what I am talking about. I have been visited over 40 different countries, both work and pleasure. When you see how other people live, that's when you count you blessing. The problem with Mexico--starts at the top--with the federal government. Little by little but it's changing.

  12. So wait... you acknowledge that the cartels can get whatever weapons they want, wherever they want. So even if all weapons from the US magically stopped going to Mexico, you acknowledge they will still get as many weapons as they want just at a slightly higher price from other places. So there will be absoloutely no reduction in violence. Yet you think that an assault weapons ban in the US is a pancea for all your ills. Yes, I'm the uneducated one. Please, keep blaming the US for your problems while your country descends into hell.


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